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Dish Network corporate office headquarters location, phone number, address and feedback

Please find details for the Dish Network corporate office below. We do our best to keep this information current, but if you are aware of any updates to the Dish Network corporate office headquarters information we have, please feel free to submit an update.

Corporate Office Address:
Dish Network Corporation
9601 S. Meridian Blvd.
Englewood, CO 80112
United States

Phone: 303-723-1000
Fax: 303-723-1999

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I called dish at 11:30 pm,7-16-14 after the you lady took all my information she took my Debit card number and without my permission she put a hold on my card for a dollar I told her you should have asked me before you did that so she tells me to hold on why she checks my SS# then leaves me on hold for one hour and 20 minutes then she picks the phone up and hangs up on me so I called back and talked to someone else who was just as rude as she was telling me I connect you to a supervisor mind you in the background all you could hear was laughing so I say what's so funny yall laughing at how you'll keep passing me around to everyone in the office and she say sorry it's loud cause someone just got a promotion so I say so that's what's so funny and that why I was left on hold because yall having a party really so she sends me to yet another idiot who takes all my info and I wrote down all of their names, he tells me you have been qualified for 69:99 promotion that is on special for 39:99 no contract I say we'll I want the 12 month contract so he says oh no this is a better deal for you hers something cheap for 32:99 the lowest price we have I tell him it's on special for 19:99 that's enough you all have passed me back and forth round and round I'm calling corporate office to complain but little did I know that it was ringing back to where they was so they kept hanging up on me so I pushed *69 and asked may I get corporate number lady says I'll send you to customers service who clicked in my face once again well i want yall to know that I have changed a lot what I'm about to do is gonna hurt each and everyone of you I'm going to hold my peace and let the lord fight my battle because he always protect his children touch not my anointed do my prophet know harm when things start going haywire in yall lives think of Angela and another thing if I get any charges on my debit card from out of the blue it's gonna be on yall to lose way more then you could ever they out of my account now how you doing and have a good day.

angthom5 7/17/14 1:02AM

I have noticed all the negative comments, the problem I had was a price agreement in which was not lived up too. When I called, I was informed that I was talking to an official rep, but, in reality talking to an affiliate rep. I now realized that Dish Corp does not live up to any agreements. will not ever go to Dish in the future nor will I be polite to any rep who calls me. OR COMES TO MY DOOR.

loumerlyn 2/17/14 2:11AM

we have been with dish network for about 20 years when we had the big dish. Then we went to the small dish. We have been a very loyal customer,and payed very prompt. We had dvr trouble the other day,they sent a new dvr,but we haven't been able to get the same local channels that we have always had. channel 6 and 12 . They say we can't get those anymore,because we had the dvr replaced. That sure is bad business.

Anonymous 1/22/14 6:33PM

While on December vacation, I called customer Dish to mention that I'm on a two week vacation. Question, how can I reduce my bill? Note, I'm a new customer. REP: replied , place your service on pause & there will be a $5 service fee. What was not mentioned was by agreeing to have my service placed on paused it was grounds to cancel my orginal contract. Thus, jacking-up my monthly rate. After numerous talks to supervisors, I was offered a low ball compensation of $10 for the next 6 months. The offer should have been $20 for 6 month to make this right. Dish Customer is no service. My next correspondance will hopefully the Corporate office.

Mr. Guerrero 1/15/14 6:23PM

Just got a dish network add in the mail. With my mother's name on it. My mother died 7 years ago and never lived at this address. The only time her name was associated with this address was during the finalizing of her estate. Where are they getting this information from? Tried to call and got a major run around. Looked up this site and got a corporate number. Unfortunately its Saturday and it keeps going to the customer service idiots. Monday will start a new day of hell for dish network. I will find someone in this country to string up. I see why people give up and keep services like this, because they can't get what they want. At least I'm not a customer!!

Talakilyn 1/11/14 10:33AM

Last night (Dec 11, 2013) around 8:10 pm I called your customer service (1-888-926-1355) to ask for the cancellation of my account. I cannot remember the name of the customer service representative that time but the lady is really unreliable and being rude. I then told her that I want to cancel my account then she said that she will transfer me to an account specialize then I waited for couple of minutes but I don't get any response. After that I hang-up then called again around 8:20 pm this time I think the customer service representative named Sarah is the same person I talk before, but this time she is friendly and helpful by the tone of her voice, I personally think is just the same person. She then transfer me to an account specialize that is very rude and also unreliable, I told her my concerns and then I ask if she can make arrangement for the delivering of the boxes for the return of the equipment because I am always at work and also I ask how many days it will take to deliver the boxes she said it will be 7 to 10 working days and my account will be cut after 24 hours. Also that person did not explain to me how many days it should be mailed back and what are the equipment that should be in the box or etc. In some point I believe her and think that my cancellation is done already. Then I found out when I called today (Dec 12, 2013) to check on my account it was not process properly, my account is not yet closed. Also when I talk to the account specialize today she then told me there is no call transfer to an account specialize yesterday from my account. I felt that I've been fooled and play around last night by your customer service representatives. This is really unprofessional and really disappointing. I've been with your service for almost 2 years or more already, I've never been this disappointed with your service until yesterday because the way I've been treated by your customer service representatives. Being a customer service representative should not handle the customer like that, helping them with their concerns and especially they should make the customer happy. That's why I make up my mind to cancel it totally because of that incident. If this kind of service you will give to your future customer it will not be much appreciated and also if this continues I will never recommend dish to anyone. I hope even though I'm not part of your service anymore, somehow you will take actions to this incident.

Anonymous 1/3/14 6:12PM

I think dish sucks I have no service..When they installed my service the rent a jerk did not do his job and berry the cable and when the plow came it broke the cable it was no eve in a 1/4 inch deep now I have been fighting to get it fixed .I call and each time they lie about things I think this sucks . if they don't know how to do the job get someone who does .I pay my bill every month ahead of time and this is want I get go figure.

donnacodd 12/17/13 10:25AM

Hi M Name Is Eddie And I Have Only Been A Dish Customerfor A Month Now And Dish Is Now Out To Screwme Out Of My $25.00 Visa Gift Card That I Was Offer Upon Completion Of Activation Of Service I Have In On Today Multiply Times In Regards To This One Issue And I Am Being Told That Dish Does Not Make Offers Of Visa Gift Cards During The Activation Of Service It Is The Authorized Retailer Of Dish That Offer Ts To Thier Potential Customers I Have Been Sent Back And Fort By The Company That Did The Installation And Dish Customer Service They Bothhave Denied That Suh An Offer Were Made To Me One In Saying That They Do Not Offer Any Gift Cards That They Only Does The Installation And Tother Is Saying That They Dont Offer This At All To Thier New Customers So I Guess I Am Making This All Up That Is Not The True Why Dnt They Just Honor Me With The Gift Card That Was Promise To Me That Is All I Want Tis Is To Me Misleading And Deceptive Buisness Practice Brought On By Dish And Thier Authorized Retailers I Am So Upset And Hurt By This I Want Them To Give Me My Gift Card That I Was Promise Or I Want My Service To Be Cancel This Kind Of Behavior By Dish Is Not Acceptable To Me And They Are Not Goin To Get Away With It I Am Holding Them Accountable For Thier Lack Of Action In During The Right Thing I Want To File A Complaint And Have This Escalated Up To The Corporate Office Please Take Me Serious I Am I Want And Expect This Matter To Be Given The Utmost Priority And Handle In The Proper Manner That It Should Be And To My Customer Satisfaction Please Respond Soon Thanks.

JUSTIFIED 11/14/13 11:57AM

Dish Network gives me the red-@ss daily. from my locals package, they cut cbs. o'lady lost the YOUNG & the RESTLESS, CBS Sunday morning, the price is right, NCIS, SEC FOOTBALL!!!, my fav. local news & weather, & many other programs. The bill is way too high, and all & everything and everything & all. a sneak preview of holiday gifts revealed a new outdoor TV antenna, signal booster, pole, cables, etc. my 2 year sentence DISH held me to completed 9/2013. PLEASE join me in hooking up & receiving FREE TV programing via antenna. together we can rub fecal matter in dish/direct providers face!

curley 11/12/13 4:14AM

here we go again dish keeps trying to make us pay a month in advance. I've talked to 3 different people today trying to pay my bill (Oct 1 to Nov 1)they have a amount on bill page for $127.00 I talked to the 1st person it was $115 then next person said it was $127 and last but no least he wanted us to pay $131 today and $99 dollars on the 9th,and keeps saying we missed a payment in April.We have payed our bill on the 1st EVERY MONTH since we have had dish never late. We have changed package to where we're suppose to pay less $90 and still have problem with ya'll getting it right.the bill we recieved was for Nov 1 to Dec 1 this is Nov 1that bill is Due Dec1 !
this has gotten old I might need to check for another service.please note I have been trying to pay the bill all day the right amount that I was told the bill was going to be

Anonymous 11/1/13 1:34PM

We had the new Dish satellite internet service installed yesterday and it is very inferior to our DSL provided by our local phone company. We asked your company to try the higher speed to experience the best they had to offer and it still is slower than our phone companies DSL services. We are notifying your office to come out and remove this unit. We use Skype to communicate over the world and your system doesn't allow this to work well. Our graphics on websites do not load.

Anonymous 10/29/13 9:53AM

Dish has the worst customer service in the world, I have spent numerous days talked to 8 operators and still have not resolved a problem that orginated by dish.

Anonymous 10/28/13 10:34AM

Watch what you purchase, DISH takes away your channels without any regard to what you are paying for. We have been without NBC since Sept 30, 2013 while they are trying to get a better deal. We are paying the same amount but doing without what we are paying for. Not good customer service. They could care less that you are doing without what you are paying for.

Ann 10/18/13 12:27PM

This company claims to record all their messages yet they will not go back to check a message if they do not believe the customer's comment nor will they let you speak with a supervisor or give their name. UNPROFESSIONAL to say the least!

What does it take to get good service????????????????????

As a new retired resident here in Florida from the tri-state
area who worked in the media for twenty-seven years, I do still have contacts that I hope I never have to use.

Dianne 10/17/13 9:20AM

This Comany Is Just Wrong All The Way Around. From Install To Billing. I Wish I Would Have Looked Into This Before I Signed Up. I Dont Understand How This Comany Stays In Business. I Guess Not Enough Complaints To The Better Business Bureau. Beware Of The Cheap Or Low Monthy Rates, There Is A Reson For It..


Filure to Communicate:

No response to Letter of 26 June 2013

No Response to Letter of 20 July 2013

No response to Letter of 16 August sent certified mail

Spoke to Emanuel who gave me email addr:

No response to email of 22 August 2013

No response to email of 27 August 2013

Anonymous 9/20/13 11:55AM

My wife has Cancer and they won't even extend my account for 5 day's knowing that this is all she might have left is to watch TV. I wish I had stayed with Direct TV.
This is so upsetting I just don't understand this kind of service. My Service hasn't been cut off yet...I was trying to avoid that from happening and they still would not do it because it's a prepaid account. I think the American Cancer Society should know about this. This is Just Unreal!

micdim 9/15/13 1:03PM

My girlfriend order dish tv & was told she would receive 2 HD boxes But when the installer came he told her that she had to purchase the second box for 156.00. She went along with it & had him install it & sign the 2 agreement. I came home & saw she was disappointed & informed her to cancel the service. She call the office back to cancel & was told that she would be charge the 480.00 fee to cancel
"We only had the service for 1 hour" & didn't even get what she order... we call the corporate office & was informed the same thing. This is the biggest rip off company around. "BEWARE" "RIP OFF COMPANY"

WILLCHILL 9/6/13 5:14PM

As all the other comments state...Don't go to dish network! There is a reason they make you sign a 2 year contract, because of the way they treat their costomers, most would not stay costomers long without a contract! I have cable with Dish and wanted to add internet for my daughter to do online schooling. I signed up for internet to be installed and they gave me a date, 2 weeks out, for tech to come install. I confirmed the apt 2 times before taking day off work to be home for installation. For the installation day they could only give me a time of between 8am and 5pm, had to stay home and wait all day and was told that I couldn't even put my dogs outside all day because if they come and even see a dog then they will leave!? How can this be possible?. After being promised all day that the tech was on his way, the guy never showed up...then it was up to me to go through a 5 day process of calls and holding to reschedule, held for 1 1/2 hrs on phone....have to now wait another week for installation. I have attempted many times to speak with anyone who cares and there just isnt anyone!!

Stuck with dish....please help!!

Anonymous 8/29/13 10:31AM

STAY AS FAR AWAY FROM DISH NETWORK AS YOU CAN. They are incompetent their installers lie and say they installed and closed account when they didn't. Their supervisors are incompetent.STAY AWAY FROM THEM AT ALL COST. They are not worth the neadaches they cause.

rocky 8/10/13 9:55AM

DISH NETWORK cancelled KBS World without notification today. I 'chatted" with a Customer Service Rep who offered me $10 off for 3 months, and free SHOWTIME. I asked for the Arabic Package as a replacement in the interim while DISH was in negotiation, he xfer's me to a Customer "Loyalty" rep, he too offered me $10 off for 3 mos plus Showtime, and NO he couldn't give me the Arabic Package unless I paid for it ($29.99 per month). I asked for a manager and of course none were available. I called the Corporate offices of DISH NETWORK, followed the phone tree to get the Corp receptionist - got someone speaking Spanish from the get go - explained the situation, he offered me $5.00 off for 3 mos and SHOWTIME. He xfer'd me to yet another customer loyalty rep who wasn't at corporate - even though I called corporate. Not only was she not helpful, she was snarky. She told me that NO DISH was NOT in negotiations with KBS even though the other reps said they were. That DISH had a right to cancel ANY programming, and then offered me $10 off for 10 months and SHOWTIME. I told her that DISH had been pushing SHOWTIME all morning long that if I wanted SHOWTIME I would have just purchased it myself. I wanted an INTERNATIONAL Program to replace the INTERNATIONAL program that was part of my CONTRACT with DISH. That I wanted the Arabic package free to me as part of my package LIKE KBS was, until they replaced KBS. She said no, that she could give me $20 off the $30 package. But that she was not going to give me the package free. I tried to call the DISH corporate offices again and got the same runaround in their phone tree. Since DISH no longer values its contracts or customers I am looking elsewhere.

JW 8/8/13 6:22AM

Dish service is really bad and the people that work for them are liers and cheats...don't use them it may seem good for awhile but they will not back the service or help you.

KD 7/30/13 5:55PM

I have had DISH since 2001 and in 2010 one of my 2 receivers went out. I contacted DISH and was told that the receiver was old and they would send a replacement, once it came I was to send the old one back in the box that the new one came in. I did 3.5 yrs ago and just found out that for those 3.5 yrs DISH has been charging me an additional $7 a month for a 3rd receiver that I never had. Now $7 may not sound like a lot, but if you add it up over 40 semi months that adds up to almost $300 that I was charged for something I never had. I only found out because I called to see why my bill keeps going up higher and higher and they mentioned that, that was one of the charges. I argued, and it was insinuated by two customer service agents that I was not being honest, then when they realized I was telling the truth, I was offered a $14 credit. Ha...I don't think so! Then I was told that I needed to provide proof that I had shipped it off 3.5 yrs ago because they never received the old one. Then I was told that "okay, fine we are only supposed to give you 6mos credit but we'll give you a year" $84. Still not close to the nearly $300 I've been charged. Then I was told that I should have seen the amount and told them to cancel that receiver and since I never cancelled the old one even though it was a replacement, it was my fault. I asked 6 times for a corporate name and number and was told that there was no corporate by one person and the other said there was no number to give out. This company is horrible and is ripping off their customers left and right.

DANN184 6/27/13 9:50PM

I watch one of your advertisements offering high speed internet. The ad stated "Available anywhere you live" so, I placed a call to the phone number listed on the ad. A sales support agent, Kent(id #A9D), informed me it is not available in my area. There is small print on the screen that is not readable. Do you consider it good business to mislead your customers? Is it your ad with false information or your support agent lying? I believe the US Federal Trade Commission and Better Business Bureau should to be contacted or maybe a law suit is in order. I recorded a copy of the ad and will wait a short time for a reply to this message before taking action. Lying to customers is BAD BUSINESS!!!

Marv 6/9/13 4:35PM

Supervisor unwilling to right a wrong lost a customer today! Someone unwilling to take accountability doesn't deserve my service. I contacted dish for a payt arrangement. It was granted to be paid on 5/31. I paid the amount granted on 5/30 but 3 days later my service was interrupted without any notice. I called in stating that it may have been in error bc I satisfied an arrangement I was granted and the rep stated another amount became past due thus the interruption of service. I was perplexed and mentioned the previous reps conversation and stated that information was not disclosed to me and if the rep knew this information, why wasn't the arrangement granted for the total past due? The information had to present in the system.He empathized with me, totally following and understanding what I was saying. He passed me to a supervisor and I thought ok, we're going to get this issue resolved and service restored. Well, the exact opposite happened...she did not take ownership of the information I was given and tried to put the blame on me. I asked her flat out why would I agree to an arrangement just to be cut off in 3 days. Clearly it doesn't make sense. I thought someone in her position was competent enough to take ownership of an error made by the dish network rep and rectify the situation. The only thing she wanted was for me to pay an additional $104.90. I wanted to blow my top but kept it professional and let her know how dissatisfied of the level of customer service provided. It was awful to say the least.. Practices and procedures as well as recruiting competent supervisors should be high on the priority list.

So disappointed :-( 6/2/13 6:09PM

We subscribed in November of 2012 and two of our three months free were used up in one month just a couple weeks apart and then just this month I found where they were charging us for their most expensive package for four months and it wasn't even the package that we had ordered. We have never paid the quoted price but about $30-$40 over quote price and one of the month's while we were on their automatic withdrawal they tried to pull out our full payment twice and put our bank account into the negative and refused to pay us back so we could fix the problem with our bank account. Dish has screwed us over every way possible for them.

pissedoffweare 5/31/13 8:17PM

signed up for service because of the price, gave my bank account number to get a discount and still being charged $40 over quoted price!!! not to mention that i have spent over 53.6 hours on the phone with this stupid company because some on in your "back office doesn't" know what the there doing and kept canceling my instal and charging me for it!!!

pissed off momma 4/25/13 3:06PM

Wow, What a bunch of crap you people put out. I have spent my time and money, $136.00 last month. I have been trying to get my "Service" up to par. Calling your " Dish" offices" is really a joke.I spent one hour and 30 min.
I was passed around to eight people, I assume the reason they hang up is they are not trained in their jobs So they hang up. I asked to speak to a supervisor this morning, After 12 min. I gave up. If there is someone some where in this company that can get things done PLEASE Call Me.

Anonymous 3/22/13 6:20AM

1/2 Hours On The Phone..and N.o.t.h.i.n.g Accomplished. The Reps Were Rude And Uncaring! Rep On 2/6/13 Told Me One Thing And Today They Demanded Another! No Feelings What So Ever. They Do Not Value Their Customers At All. It Is All A Power Struggle. One Rep I Spoke To Today Suppose To Be A Manager Hung Up On Me. The Corporate Office Rep Sasy Ther Is No Way Of Listening To Monitored Calls Or F/up With Emails???really

UN HAPPY CAMPER 2/15/13 7:37AM

Dish is responsible for the increasing fraud in our country, a person used my information to get Dish it is now on my credit report. I got it removed in July and then again in November it was back with another collection agency. It is the only thing hurting me now and keeping me from buying a house. They sould be held accountable for allowing anyone to order service and then not verify the indenity upon instalation. I think we should all go to gether and file a class action suit against the for allowing this and then ruining our credit.

sfish61 2/4/13 6:05PM

Read the fine, fine print of your contract BEFORE you sign. Dish is no better than Direct TV in price raising during a contract period. They can say what they want, their bottom line is their stockholders, of which their employees, who talk to you are a part of. They will raise you and raise you and claim that they are really caring about your bottom line. Yet, they are talking out of the left side of their mouth and laughing all the way to the bank on your dime (and anything else they can get from you).

Brooklynbums 2/4/13 8:32AM

I had Dish for about 10 to 15 days.Had it diconnect and want back to Direct.This was the stupids thing I could of done.I did it to save money .WHAT WAS I THINKING.Yesterday they took 428.00 out of my checking account.I had to hurry up and barowwed the money.I call and they said it was a early cacellion fee.I told them I conceled within 30 days.I had to call them with issues 4 times in that 2 week period.I have 5 children and on a budget.Do they care NO.I was told they would give me my money back if I turn Dish back on.Can you say blackmail.So I would let everybody know they are a rip off.They take the lowincome people money.This is why there rates are low.They get there money for the concelling charge.Stay away from Dish

Patty C 1/12/13 4:20PM

On Nov. 1 2012 cancelled a dish box... at the time asked if they wanted the box back ..told NO....

Now 7 weeks later ,they want the box back and they are going to charge me 100.00 for the box if not returned... now I can not find the box..
In calling corp.resol. all I'm told is you sing a contract.. and it said it was a leased box .. and it there and you have to return.. it...


HARRY 12/28/12 11:21AM

I have been on the phone for several hours today with DISH network. I have also had a service visit to my house. The hopper seems to be defective, at least that is what I was told. It is not possible to get a new hopper and service to my house will not come before the weekend. I have dealt with this issue for several days and have become extremely irritated with the lack of progress in correcting this problem. I ended my day with a supervisor yelling at me and disconnecting my service. After several days of fighting this and 3 1/2 hours on the phone I felt I had been patient but after being yelled st my patience had worn. She said the service rep said my wall plates were bad. Funny how the joey works but not the hopper. The hopper won't even work manually so that doesn't seem logical. I think it was just your company's way to place blame. If this were the case, your technician should not have hooked them up initially. While on hold the many times I listened as you bragged about your wonderful service record. I have not had this great experience that you speak of. I have never been treated this way before by any representative of your business. The lack of professionalism from your staff discredits your business.

Anonymous 12/27/12 6:59PM


NO CHRISTMAS 12/22/12 5:57AM

I have never had such poor one to help resolve a problem,no follow through. I AM HANDICAP SO to go to a post office is difficult. two months ago after a year and a half you notify me that I still had a dish box.i had used your state transfer program. the rep did not pick box up. again, the first of November of 2012 I get a letter charging me 200.00/ I immediately called and they said they would send me a box. IT NEVER CAME.On Dec 3,2012 dish took out UNAUTHORIZED 200.oo from my account.I am on disability and can't afford that, a rep refunded the money but the bank charged 105.00. It took a week to get back in my account. Still NO box.It is now Dec 18,2012 and after calling again,being put on hold and then hung up on,I am writing to you. PLEASE help.still no box.

Anonymous 12/17/12 12:42PM

dish is the worst company i've encountered in a long time. they only care about the almighty dollar and not the customer.

me 12/6/12 7:20AM

Would someone at the main office at Dish Network get in touch with me! My email will be on the address of this email when it arrives at your offices. I have suggestions for you none that are bad you need to realize to keep your customers rather than paying your people to come out and install then send them back out to remove equipment. Long term customers really do make you more money in the long run. Also your customer service? They NEED to be trained to take care of the customers not beat them up. I have Never been treated this poorly by a large corporation as I was by this company. I am trying to help you fix this problem by bringing this to your attention not complain about it! Thank you for reading this IF you did.

Al 11/30/12 5:12PM

Right now Dish is suppose to be in contract talks with Northwest Broadcasting, regarding the Fox 28 channel in Spokane along with other Fox stations in Washington. I spoke with the CEO of Northwest Broadcasting and he stated that Dish has not contacted them about a new contract. Right now in the Spokane area we cannot view Fox 28 which carries the Seahawks football games along ith numerous other shows.
It all comes down to money, Northwest recently settled with Direct TV and the same offer has been made to Dish, but Dish seems to think they are special.
If Dish doesn't do something soon, they will be losing a lot of customers back to Direct. and we may be one of them.
Oh, and since I can't view channel 28, do I get a credit on my bill?

Probably not. So Dish, get off the pot and get this settled!!!!

Campbell 11/30/12 9:51AM

I'm not just disappointed I am livid. I recently moved to a small town and the only option for cable is satellite. A few years ago I had the unfortunate opportunity to be a DISH customer so I switched providers. I thought maybe after all the time and having moved 2000 miles there might be a difference. NOT! My initial order was not correct, the billing was screwed up and after 1 short month the receiver quit working. First call was about my bill, the customer service rep explained to me that the charge of $44.43 was to be credited to my account although this never happened. When I called about not having a DVR I was informed that it would cost me an extra $100 dollars to get one in addition I may be charged for the repair of the faulty receiver but they couldn't determine the end result at the time of the phone call even though I had purchased the equipment protection plan. I told the customer service rep. that I would not pay for the mistakes of DISH and if they wanted to keep me as a customer they'd better come up with something better than charging me. Nothing would do so I stated I was cancelling my account to which I was told I'd be charged for the balance of my service contract no matter I'll deny the charges on my CC as soon as they hit the account. I still have the faulty equipment and will be charged for it's full value if I don't pay $17.00 to have it shipped back. End result Yep! I'll send the equipment back but I do intend to make my experience known in as many places on the internet as possible along with filing complaints with the BBB and the Consumer Protection Agency, I may go as far as filing a complaint with the Attorney General and the FCC......I work hard for my money and will not be pushed around by these large corporations who think they can do no wrong.

Intuit 10/11/12 12:56PM

I have moved from TX to KY and have been trying to get a box to return my equipment for over 3 wks. I have spoken to every representative in Manila and not one of them has helped me. I am very disappointed with this company and your foreign representatives. I will never deal with this foreign company again!

jamie46 10/1/12 5:42PM

In reference to acct.# 8255 9097 6496 7409 - my husband called about a week ago about reducing the monthly charges, we do not need some of the sport channels. We are both retired, husband is homebound and sick, TV is the only fun my husband has.He was promised a reduction of $10.00 yet our new bill has increase by $5.00, I called to inquire about the price increase and the person Mike hang up.
We are deeply disappointed in Dish network.

Claudia 9/19/12 9:56AM

Please tell me how a person can get a list of the Dish Tv CEO or President so I can get a straight answer????
I have sent at least 6 emails will not one response. So I figure I might as well go to the top to get me answer.

Victor 9/19/12 8:31AM

As a disabled person spending much of her time at home watching tv, I"m very disappointed that dish is no longer carrying the BTN. I will not be waiting much longer for this issue with BTN to be resolved. I will be cancelling with Dish and going with DirectTV in the next few days unless I get some kind of response!

elliemae 9/18/12 12:33PM


GEHLEN58 9/16/12 8:02AM

Dish network service is horrible from customer service to professionalism, you cant even get in touch with there corporate office, and there service itself is terrible, they trick you into there contract and give the worst service ever, channels go and I cancelled to of my rooms have not receive the boxes to send them back in and they won't to charge my card for them. Do not get this service. Ive been trying to get a number for corporate and it hasn't happen yet.

ladonna 9/16/12 7:53AM

Glenn Beck Returns to Television With Dish Network Agreement

I find it very disappointing that Dish Network is bringing Glenn Beck back to TV. The man is not only a conspiracy nut, but he is also dangerous to our society.

Anonymous 9/12/12 9:22AM


Anonymous 9/10/12 1:47PM

I am relocating to a new address and have been trying to get my phone and internet transfered for over a 3 week period it still has not been done. All they do is keep you on hold for hours at a time. I will not recommend this company to anyone.

ward0714 9/10/12 1:30PM

this is bull....a person should not have to go a week with out tv because they can not get a tech out..come on guys dont even have a live person to talk to in corp office...that show lack of concern for your people.
I can't wait to go back to comcast.The supervisor on down is rude as hell.

jsherrod 9/1/12 5:55PM

I hate dish network I WILL SHOUT WHEN I go back to direct Tv.

reneas 9/1/12 5:51PM

dish network is full of MESS I would not advise no one in the world to go over to them.

reneas 9/1/12 5:49PM

I opened an account in Puerto Rico for my parents - since, we have had nothing but trouble and no service (Acct. 8255-9095-3630-3198.) My credit card has been charged every month. Today, I called cust. svc. and they have added the Disney Channel to the Acct. for $58 a mo. They claim my mom called them and asked for it. Since we have received nothing but bad service, I want to cancel the account with minimum charges. Please respond or I'll have to take other measures. Please cancel this mess.

Anonymous 9/1/12 8:58AM

this is bull....a person should not have to go a week with out tv because they can not get a tech out..come on guys dont even have a live person to talk to in corp office...that show lack of concern for your patrons...i should have read the reviews befor i became a cust....i prombly would have thought hard about dish..and after talking to 2 tech today i wish i had of....

madden 8/16/12 5:03AM

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