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Chevrolet corporate office headquarters location, phone number, address and feedback

Please find details for the Chevrolet corporate office below. We do our best to keep this information current, but if you are aware of any updates to the Chevrolet corporate office headquarters information we have, please feel free to submit an update.

Corporate Office Address:
300 Renaissance Center
Detroit, MI 48265
United States

Phone: 313-556-5000

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i have a 2002 silverodo diesel 6.6 liter in 2011 i had to replace my injectors i had 175000. miles on them the service rep at jiim hudson told me that my truck would have been made a few months later that i could have gotten them replaced be those had a 200000. mile warrenty BUT mine didnt qualify. so i spent 4800.00 and had guenuine gm parts put in.the service rep. told me now 1 have a 200000. mile warrenty . now here it is less than 3 years later i heard a loud patting noise and smoke started pouring out of the tailpipe took it back to Jim HUdson dealer the same ones who put in my last ones and was then told sorry the fuel injectors needed replaced after only 17,000. miles i told them no problem i was under warrenty now they told me im not .the first rep at JIM HUDson in columbia sc lied to me as you and i both know these should had lasted longer!! less than 3 yrs and i still dont have 200000.miles on my truck .HOW CAN I EVER TRUST CHEVROLET AGAIN the warrenty says 12 months or 12000 miles thats not what i was told but i have no written proof.THEY LIED. Now its 5200.00 to have yalls parts replaced after only 17,000. miles get real how could i ever recommend chevy again or Jijm Hudson. i have been a chevy man all my life and my father before me now im not so sure that we made the right decision.

ranelde 5/4/14 8:33AM

I am selvakumar from india. .Sir i have received one chevrolet message i am selected your lucky winner( 3croces and 35 laks. This is true or false. pls mail me. I am selvakumar s/o ramar.!!r from india. your company good company so please chck. One or two cheeting person used your good name. This is false means please police action, quick. e cheeting persons attached your your certificate with seal. Cheeting persons cellno bank account no in identicard i am collect so no problem. Please your mail id send me extra details i send you. This is rupees cheeting method.

gmrs 5/1/14 7:41PM

I am selvakumar from india..Sir i have received one chevrolet message i am selected your lucky winner( 3croces and 35 laks. This is true or false. pls mail me. I am selvakumar s/o ramar.!!r from india. your company good company so please chck. One or two cheeting person used your good name. This is false means please police action quick. e cheeting persons attached your your certificate with seal. Cheeting persons cellno bank account no in identicard i am collect so no problem.

gmrs 5/1/14 7:35PM

Sir i have received one chevrolet message i am selected your lucky winner( 3croces and 35 laks. This is true or false. pls mail me. I am selvakumar s/o ramar.r from india. your company good company so please chck. One or two cheeting person used your good name.

gmrs 5/1/14 7:22PM

I would like to comment about Chevrolet in Helena, Montana.
It seems that its a bother to ask a question or have your vehicle worked on here! When you walk through the door everyone just sits there & looks at you like your stupid, then after a minute or so they Might "HELP" you. Everything has to be put on a diagnostic machine! A speaker for your stereo with a cracked cover has to be diagnosed! An actual $15.00 part, they want to charge you a diagnostic fee! We called a competitor & the part is on the way! Thank you Helena Motors! We will never take another vehicle there again. This wasn't the worst incident with them, but it is the LAST!

Anna W 4/30/14 6:47PM

Dear Sirs, We purchased a 2014 Tahoe in December, we have enjoyed it. But most of all I'd Like to thank you for the safety of the vehicle. March 16, 2014 I was hit by a drunk driver. The Tahoe was totaled and I came out alive. It truly saved my life. Thank you. Pamala

pamalacarney 3/25/14 12:52PM

I have a 2007 Malibu which I drive back and forth to work everyday on the highway. On Wed. 2/26/14 I felt a pulsing vibration while driving on the highway. A short while later I lost the power steering completely which needless to say was very dangerous trying to get to the side of the highway in heavy traffic with no power steering. I had to have my car towed to my local mechanic who told me that the problem was in the electronic power steering system. The parts were ordered at a cost of $856.54 and the total cost with labor was $1272.07. I have since been on-line and read page after page of problems with the electronic power steering for this year Malibu. I, as well as many others are wondering why this very dangerous problem has not been handled with a recall. Please advise.

Rick 3/6/14 9:13AM

Too CEO.Chevy.I have a 1989 chevy celebrity wagon 1989 that I bought in2002 with 54,000 miles on it and it had set under a tree for several years.It seems all the forieng co's want too brag about thier cars Well so do IIn 2012 I drove it from Florence,Oregon too reading,PA. when I left Florence It had exactly 200,000.1 miles on the OD.the gps got me lost abit so when I got here loaded down I hadmiles on it.everything works great and the Mechanic I took it too when I got here could not believe that this old Marine and the wagon got here nor in what great shape mechanically it is in His name is John Croft 114 Revere Blvd. Reading,PA. phone He is one honest Man.Anyway I am moving too AZ in April AND am driving my beloved chevy wagon Without any thought of it not taking me another 2,400 miles.After that and an oilchange she is going too get a new paint job.You build great cars and at age 73 I would never buy anything but a chevy a used one of course never will afford a new one no need too Thank your employee's for doing great work.John beffa

Captjac 10 2/22/14 12:11PM

Why would you guys bring the elcamino back and take all of the american muscle out of it. I think you guys should go back to the drawing board. Better yet I have an idea in my head of what a 2014 elcamino should look like. Are you guys open to suggestions. I would love to sketch it out and send to you and see what you think.
Thanks from a true Chevy elcamino man

Anonymous 2/21/14 9:12PM

with the chevy volt why not put a generater on the cars back wheels with water proof coated box that should solve the energy proplem right? email me if you think that it would work thank you

Darrellabney196 2/19/14 10:45AM

Dear sir i want a plan purchase new Chevrolet tavera but Mumbai registration not aveleble says so what I do give me idia & give me qout 10seater tavera car plz

Anonymous 2/6/14 11:31PM

Thank you so much for putting our town AKRON on your commercial. We are visiting in Florida and we are from Akron Ohio and when you did that I felt a little better and not so homesick just hearing the word Akron. Now I know why we always buy Chevys. Judy

Judy 12/15/13 12:25PM

Chevrolet Corporations:
I recently purchased a 2012 Chevy Malibu. I purchased this car because some of the awesome features that was shown to me, including the gas mileage. Because I travel thirty minutes to work and back from work I thought that this car would be a good investment and help me save money. For seventeen years all I've ever owned were Chevrolets. My first car was a Chevy Camero. This month marks 2 years that I have had the Malibu and already it has been in your corporation shop more than three times. I'm very displeased and don't have no other alternative but to write you and let you know that I cannot afford to get out of this car or I would be upside down, but I cannot rely on this car because it keeps stopping everywhere I go. This makes it very sad to say but this is my first time being in this situation. I've always held Chevrolet on a high pedal stall and now am displeased and angry. I have Warranty on this car but they cannot seem to find out what's wrong with this car, for me to have to continuously bring it back to your repair men. Please know that they are very nice and have tried to handle this situation to the best of their ability, but I don't think they know what else it could be. The first time I brought it I was out of pocket $250.00, and this is with a warranty. This is very upsetting and I hope that something can be done about this situation.

RC 12/10/13 12:15PM

just wanted to say we do love chevys so much. we might can only afford a ford but our heart is at chevrolet. we have the chevy bow tie lite up in christmas lights on my roof come by and see if you want merry christmas .

Anonymous 12/8/13 9:50PM

If I were you I would not take my Chevy to Huntington beach Chevrolet for service. I have many times, very poor workmanship and they don't stand behind their work.when you have a problem with work they have done, they don't take responsibility for their poor work, stating either they went paid for out.example they replaced the controls on my steering wheel the buttons work but no longer light up.when asked they said they got paid to replace them and them not lighting up is something is have to pay for again. The upper transmission seal they replaced, is leaking again within six months and they want to charge me$75 dollars to rack it and check their work. Its leaking from the same spot. When I pick out up 9 times out of ten its my grey interior is soiled with grease. The service manager offered a free detail that I have not been able to get because there is always some excuse with the detail department, I've spent around 8 thousand dollars there this year and will not give them another penny. Its a scam, they take your money do poor work and don't even stand behind it, chances are when you leave you'll have other problems that you will have to take it back for, problems that never existed before they serviced it. Yours truly a very unhappy one pay customer and a ex customer who took his truck to Chevy and even paid more because its a dealership and you expect more.

don't shop Huntington beach Chev 11/13/13 11:04PM

Back in 2010 I purchased a 2010 silverado the rep was informed by us we need a truck to pull a big travel trailer.guess what it was only a 4.8 not near big enough and strong enough to do the job, we had to upgrade to a 2011 silverado that has a trailering pkg on it or does it have the proper one, who knows, now it's time to go new, since I lost the depreciation on 2 trucks in 2 years plus the trade in value on both should I go new or just go to another company, I have purchased 6 veh from this dealership in 11 years. My loyalty to GM is good but theirs to me is crap, unless I get some compensation for what has happened I will move...

Snugg 10/18/13 1:34PM

It is very difficult for passengers to get in the side door of the Chev 15-passenger vans. There needs to be a retractable (sliding) step for passengers to be able to get inside. A step that can be pulled out to step-on to get inside, then slid back under these vans with foot once inside. Plus, a grip handle on both sides of these double doors to grab. It is dangerous for passengers the way it is currently.

nanniekearns 10/6/13 1:16PM

How do you need to talk to give ideas For the 2015 vehicles

al 9/6/13 8:05AM

I recently purchased a brand new 2012 Chevy Equinox from Irvine Chevrolet.

I have about 17,000 miles on the car and drive it around town for business.

My son and I had washed it for the first time a few weeks ago and my son said mom you have rust all

over your car. I told him it couldn't be rust it's a new car!

I looked closely and indeed there are tiny specks of rust all over the white paint and even the plastic molding. Then on the top are two round circles dead center of the roof that are the size of

quarters and they are rusted as well. So I went on line and started researching these small specks of rust. I found out its called "rail dust".

I purchased the car because I wanted to contribute to the US economy only to find out that my car was manufactured in Canada! And that

the car had been shipped by freight train to Southern California. Then this interesting thing happens. The train tracks are iron and the

train wheels are iron, and they get very hot, and these trains weigh tons, and tiny fragments of iron come off the tracks and they are very hot

as well and they land on these new cars, and imbed into the clear coat of paint. Then in a short time they start to rust!! I took the car back to Irvine Chevrolet and complained

(oh and by the way this isn't the first issue I had two other unrelated problems) with this new car as well.

First they said oh yeah "it's environmental can you believe we breath this!" We can clay bar it out but you will have to have on going maintenance

it will come back over and over again. So I talked to the service manager and he finally admitted it was "rail dust" and they had a (corporate memo on it) and they have never seen a car come back after they "color sanded"

a car, and basically I'm the only one with a problem. So I said, Yeah... I bought the lucky car!! I don't believe that to be true because it really only shows up on white paint, so there are probably millions of poor people

who have the same problem, but unless you hand wash the car yourself, and look closely you wont see it. Then there is another rust issue, there are two quarter sized round rust spots on the roof of the car. They tried to blame me saying I set something up there. But they finally admitted that it was magnets installed in the roof where the light housing is, and they have to actually take the headliner out and take the magnets out, and sand and repaint the roof. Well lets see magnets attract iron so the rail dust clung to those two spots, and caused two round rust spots on the roof as well!! They said well your lucky it hasn't rusted all the way through yet! I told them I wanted a new car! I work hard as a single mother Im straight commission and I saved up to pay all cash for this new car and now Im stuck with a rusty car that needs on going maintenance!! I asked why they don't cover their cars up if there is a "memo" on this! So they asked if I wanted to trade the car in and buy a new one! Of course I said no, they would give me nothing for my car, and put me upside down in another car. I'm positive there are thousands of these cars out there! I think someone needs to expose this to the other poor people who have the same problem!

Please reply and contact me below if you are interested in this story.

dd 7/7/13 9:06AM

We bought a 2007 Chevy Equnaunt all wheel drive, it had miss matched tires on it and I ask the salesman (Bill Craft of Warnick Chevrolet Rockville Ind.) about the miss matched tires, he stated it dosent make adifference. We went on vacation to Branson Mo. and the car was making a grinding noise. We took to a Chevrolet Service they said it was the miss matched tires I put new tires on it and the noise stoped, Now the reading states Service Traction Control and Service Stabiltract, and the owner of the dealership states the tires couldnt cause this problem.

andyandbarb 7/6/13 2:24PM

We bought a new Tahoe in 2011, black with black cloth interior. That is the worst seat fabric ever! I have a 1996 Nissan Maxima with 108,000 miles on it and the seats look better in it than the Tahoe with less than 10,000 miles! We bought some seats from a Silverado to put in a street rod, and they are 100% better than the Tahoe seats. We will have to have them recovered. That sucks!

Sandy 7/6/13 11:25AM

101.000 miles when i got it and the need day had to fill it uo with oil now ever 3000 miles i have to fill it up with oil check eng is on and you can't put gas in it got more warrnty and still couldn't get martin chevy to do anything 2 chevy i had and all kind if stuff going wrongsale guy cory told me to what for warrnty to kick in and they would fix everthing but then i find out that the warrnty doedn't cover any of it truck is still broke and i am on 6 note some one help me with this truck i got rid of the existed warrnty at 1221.600 but i do not think that is what they put so i wouldn't get all warrnty money back would not put the miles on the paper work till i siged it martin a rip off

Dave 6/24/13 10:09AM

I purchased a 2011 Chevy Malibu. I have more problems with this car then I have had with any car in my life. I take it back for them to fix it and they fix something then something else goes wrong. I am sick of it I pay 472.45 a month for this crap. I bought a new car or dependability. I had better luck with buying used cars off of people. I had a 79 mustang I paid 50 dollars and it ran better than this car. If I ever buy another car it will not be a Chevy. they only gave em free oil changes I feel they should take this car back and give me a even trade and deduct the payments I made to this car since 2011.

Tootscoot76 6/14/13 6:11PM

Your Chevy Logo has got to matter how stylish you make your Cars the Chevy Gold logo is outdated and to Bold. It makes more of an Economy Car statement than style. Get rid of the Gold center and just have the Chrome outline keeping it the same size or even making it smaller. Your logo may be the only one out there that is much to simple and lacking a good spirited design. The Gold has got to go.

rick 6/3/13 6:31AM

i bought a 2003 chev cavailier in octof 2004- when i purchased the car it had 20,000 miles - I still have this car 10 yrs later and it now has 311,000 miles,and still runs great never had to fix anything but normal stuff brakes etc. i am now looking to buy another car is chevy willing to give me a deal???????

kelly hamus 6/2/13 10:47PM

A piece of crap that I shouldn't of bought. I have paid almost $2,000 to get car fix for one thing and they still can't find my theft system keeps coming on in my 2003 Mailbu LS.

Anonymous 5/9/13 3:33PM

I have a 2005 Chevy Classic or should I said..2004,2003 because
these all the parts it need 04...brake shoes or pads transmission
Hose,2005 starter....2003 fuel pump why would make a car with
this manydiffernt years my brakes are so loud ..I just don't get it
Not happy at all.

Not happy 4/28/13 8:30AM

I have a 2005 Chevrolet Trailblazer EXT LT staight6 4.2lt engine. It had 10 miles on it when I bought it 54,878 miles and 8 years ago. It has been nothing but a pain Now after 5 blower resistor packs I have been told that the ac selector control panel should have been changed 6 years ago when the first blower resistor pack died. The control selector and plug are completely melted and I was told that it was surprising that it did not catch fire. So if you want to roast hotdogs while driving buy Chevrolet you will definitely be able to.

Idgit 4/18/13 10:18AM

Over My entire life (a forty year period) I purchase Toyotas, Hondas, Mazada, Nissian, etc. never an American car as they were not very trustworthy.
In 2008 I retired as a teacher, and for some reason I deciced to buy an American car.

Just a I always believed,Big mistake!!!! I can not tell you the things that have gone wrong with my chevy aveo.

Today was the last straw! When I turned on my air conditioner
for the first time this year, guess what? no cold air.

Everyone said Oh! your car is so new it probably needs freon.

After taking the car to several services dealers including the Chevy Dealer it became a reality that the entire air conditioning system, compressor,dryer and whatever else is
included in an air conditioning system needs to be replaced,
at a cost of $1,300 to 2,000.

I purchased the car December 31, 2008, so really the car is only been driven for 4 years and few months. At the present time, the car has 31,610 miles, it did not even make it to the
36,000 miles, but it did pass the 3 years, meaning no warranty.

Considering the months an air conditioner is not used due to weather conditions, the air conditioner, was only used for about two years, hardly not enough time for the entire system
needing to be replaced. This will be the last Chevy or American car I ever purchase as my belief that they are not trustworthy is indeed correct. Thanks, but no thanks. I really
believe this car would last for years. Now I have to start all over again, this car is a lemon.

Anonymous 4/17/13 1:45PM

My 86 year old friend has a 08 Equinox with 49,000 miles on it. He just tried to park the car at the grocery store, hit the brakes and the car accelerated into 2 posts. This is the second occurance.The last occurance the car went up on the sidewalk and hit a motorcycle-fortunately no-one was on the bike and my friend was very shaken up but was not hurt. Has there been a recall for this problem?

Anonymous 3/26/13 1:29PM

Who was the engineering genius that decided that plastic components in the tail gate latch was a good idea?I have bought 3 Chev trucks in the past 8 years and am very disappointed with the latch in each one.I live in Winnipeg and they don't work very well when its -40C. Now I have to replace the latch at my expense and put another plastic latch in to replace it.I'm due for another truck this year.Do I want a Chev Again?

Stoney 3/4/13 10:31AM

I am retiring from the Army and one of my Chevrolets is a 1957 3200 which I want to restore. I am looking for some sponsorship in order to get this beautiful vehicle customized as my retirement ride. This truck is has some sentimental value ...I first learn how to drive on one like this and we aquired it seventeen ago, it is like a member of my family. Any suggestion is appreciated.

LTC. Jewel Montgomery

Jewel 3/3/13 10:31AM

I wanted to take the time to comment on the excellent service I received from your employees at Pahrump Valley Auto Plaza in Nevada, particularly Lee Sproul and Brent K. I was an out of state customer and had taken my parents into Vegas for Dr. appts. The next morning when I went out to my car I found that I had a flat tire. I have a 2011 Chevy Traverse and thought I had some kind of warranty on my tires. They did everything they could to help find the information to no avail. They told me I could take my car while they worked on the spare. I received the call that they were able to save my tire and to come to the shop so they could put the tire back on my car. They showed me where the glass had gouged the tire and how they fixed it. I was worried and told them I drive the back desert road to get back home in southern California. They assured me I would be fine. They also put my spare back where it was supposed to go and secured everything back to its proper place. The best thing was I was not charged! I figured being from out of state I could get "hosed"....need a new tire..labor...etc. The tire is still perfect.
This happened a few weeks ago but in these busy times it's hard to sit down and write especially when it's not a complaint.
These guys and the other employees there treated me great and if I ever have any problems with my car while visiting my parents again I will not hesitate to take my car to Pahrump Valley Auto Plaza.
Thanks for the great service.

Mrs. B. 2/15/13 9:28AM

I bought new 2oo7 chevy colorado ,got an exspensive extended warranty,then at 110,000 miles later after the warranty runs out,problems start.truck was idling sitting still,and the engine locks's a 5 cylinder,the same engine thats in a h-3 hummer.what the hell is going on.took it to ron carter in alvin,and 130.00 dollars later they said yes your right,the engine is locked up,but for over 7,500 dollars we can get you a new engine.I have six more months left to pay for a truck that I cannot drive . I found a private mechanic shop in houston that could look at it. they said the valve spring broke letting the valve drop down letting the piston collide thus cracking both the head and the block seeing how both are made of aluminum,making this engine unable to rebuild. so they had to find a usable used engine and rebuild it for about 4,500 dollars. this happened to an engine with the oil changed about every 3,000 miles .this sounds like a defect and the chevy dealer in alvin,tx said this was the first time they saw a chevy colorado 5 cylr. do that ,but offered no help to try to get chevrolet involed to help with a solution being 10,000 miles over a 100,000 mile warranty.I can't help thinking that if this was a toyota pick up if I would be talking about this problem,which I am inclined to say will most assuredly my next pickup.

Anonymous 1/28/13 6:51PM

i purchased my 2011 cruze in august 2012 from Gound Chevrolet in Nacodgoches, Tx. it was a used car and had a few paint scratches on it. before i signed the papers, my car salesman told my mom and dad and myself that he was going to get the paint fixed for me free of charge. i got home and realized there was a dent in the back bumper. i called the salesman and he told me he would get that fixed as well. i made an appointment to get everything fixed. i called him that morning and told him that i was going to drive down there after i got off work between 4-4:30. he told me that he had everything set up. (a replacement car so i wouldnt be stranded) i live an hour and a half away from the dealership, and he knew that. when i got down there at 5:45, no one was in sight. i called the salesman and told him what was going on and he told me that i was supposed to be there before 5. which he failed to mention to me when i had called him earlier that morning. so i went home. i made another appointment and took my car down there again. took off work this day to get there in time. i had made a list of what was wrong with the car and gave it to him. he read off everything that was on it and i went around and pointed everything out that needed to be fixed. he then told me that the latest id have my car back was on Wednesday. plenty of time to get everything fixed. he gave me a replacement car which was the dealerships lender car, an older Chevy Lumna. i was scared to drive home for the sake of breaking down. i almost got in a wreck cause the breaks dont work well. i called him Wednesday morning and he said it still wasnt ready cause it had been raining and the paint wasnt all the way dry. so i called again Thursday morning and he told me it was ready. i told him that i wanted him to lock my keys in my car and put them under the drivers floor mat, i have another set. so after i got off work i drove down there and did what he asked me to do with the lender car. when i got to my car, not only was it unlocked but the driver side back door was not closed all the way. to the point that you can stick your fingers between the crack and open it not even touching the door handle. also, the paint chips he told me he would fix were not fixed. not a drop of paint touched my car. the next day i called the general manager of Gound Chevrolet and told him my story. he said he would talk to the salesman and get to the bottom of it. later that day, the salesman called me and asked what was wrong. i told him about everything and he said that he didnt say that he would fix the paint, just the bumper. and that the whole door would have to be repainted to make it look better. but he failed to tell me on Wednesday, the first time i called, that the paint couldnt be fixed. he told me the paint wasnt dry and kept me out of my car for another day.
i am very displeased with the way i was treated. i would not recommend this dealership for anyone.

Anonymous 1/11/13 2:41PM

I have a 1988 Chevy with over 360 thousand miles on it ..I have just retired the truck and bought a new car ..although the Chevy still has a strong motor the dash board was going out ..I will miss my truck. Ip

debbie 1/8/13 5:51AM

Hello. I am hoping to find someone willing to help us in our financial hardship. We have a 2007 Tahoe that has been very well taken care of. We never have pulled anything with it, or done more than our low commuting to work and school functions. The vehicle is driven a total of a 10 mile commute on the week days. We purchased the vehicle used in December of 2010 for $26,840.95. At that time, I belive it had a little over 50,000 miles on the odometer. Currently, the milage is still only 71,149. Through research I've been told that our 5 year/100k powertrain warranty expired in March of 2012. Two days ago we learned from a mechanic that the rear end is going out and will need immediate rebuild or replacing. My question is can Chevrolet please help us somehow with the costs should we repair the vehicle at an autorized Chevrolet dealer? Being that the vehicle has been very well maintained and used sparingly, along with the fact that we are just outside the powertrain warranty timeline, I would hope you could help us. I will also add that I am 44 years old. My wife is 40. Neither of us have ever owned anything other than a GM vehicle. Her father retired from GM. We were born and raised in Detroit and will die promoting American made vehicles! I hope someone is willing to help us. Thank you. Sincerely, Mr. Al Clendennin

:This was sent to the Chevy customer service website. They responded and said there is a good chance they could possibly help us, but the vehicle would first need to be properly diagnosed by a local Chevy dealer. The next day I took the 2007 Tahoe in to my local Award Chevrolet dealer in Crestview, Florida. This was Saturday, December 8th. 2012. I was told the technicians would have a quote for me on Monday, December 10th., and that the repair would take no more than one day to complete. On Monday just as promised I got the phone call telling me the repair totaled just under $1400.00. The costs were to include fixxing the rear end, and new rear brake pads and rotors that were also found to be needed. I said o.k. to the costs and that I needed to inform Chevy that there was diagnostics completed in my attempt to get some warranty coverage. I then contacted the agent assisting me with the possible warranty coverage, and explained what I had been told from my dealer. She said she would have to contact them to verify the information. That was done and the quote for just under $1400.00 was verified, along with the dealer also telling her the work would now take 2 days to complete. The Chevrolet agent informed me that the process would now need to be forwarded to a manager and that I should receive a phone call within the next one to two business days. Today is Wednesday, December 12th.. The new agent, a manager from Chevrolet customer assistance, called this afternoon. The gentleman explained to me that through his discussion with my local dealer he was told there would need to be further inspections of the vehicle to provide a more accurate quote for the repairs required. In all my life I have never heard or experienced anyone receiving a quote for work to be performed, and then retracting after the customer agreed! I explained this to the Chevrolet customer service manager. He repeated that this is what he had been told today by the Award Chevrolet service manager and that the repairs could actually be less than initially quoted. Then he stated the only thing that Chevrolet corporate is willing to do at this time is offer me $1500.00 off the purchase of a new vehicle and they would be unable to help with any powertrain warranty coverage for my required repairs. At that point I wished the man a Merry Christmas and drove back up to my local dealer. The service manager at Award Chevrolet told me that my vehicle in fact was going to be diagnosed further, and there was the chance that the repair costs would be lowered. I told the manager that I was really excited to hear that the costs are coming down, and anxious to get my vehicle back asap. He stated they would begin work tonight, and I should be able to pick my Tahoe up on Friday. Well a few hours later he called and said that they have opened the rear end up and determined the costs to be substantially more than previously quoted by his employees, but he was still unable to give me an actual dollar amount for the repairs! PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME!!!!!

This is the file number I have with Chevrolet regarding all I have explained. This is the phone number to the agent who was initially helping me and this was the manager at Chevrolet corporate she refered my case to. ( We are so dissapointed in this whole experience

alclendennin 12/12/12 7:31PM

I just bought a 2013 Chevy Equionox 2LT and day one-I love it! The dealership I bought it from, DeSantis Chevrolet in Brockton, Ma was great! The entire staff was friendly, professional and very fair. The salesperson, Gary Keith could not have more knowledgeable and professional. I think, I mean I know, some dealerships that could learn a lot from them.

Denise 12/4/12 7:56PM

I recently bought a car from a chevorlet dealer in florida , because of my experience Under no circumstances will I ever purchase a car from
A car dealership again in my lifetime . EVER . I traded my 2009 dodge challenger in to a Chevorlet gm store. They offered me 16000 for my trade in , 9900 after paying off what I still owed on the car . I saw a nice looking ford mustang 2005 . I asked how much and he told me 6995 . I thought it was a to good to be true price so I angled him had it been on any accident s and what was wrong with it . He assured me that it had no accidents and that it had one local owner who was an elderly lady who took excellent care of her car . Needless to say I felt like this was the deal of a lifetime so I jumped on it . After signing paper work I asked about the difference of the 2 cars and when would I be reciving the check . He told me in a couple of weeks it would arrive in the mail . I thought it was a little odd but being that it was a Chevey dealership and not some buy here pay here place I trusted what my salesman was saying to me . The very next day a signal appeared on the dashboard saying that my OD was off . I took the car to ford to get it checked out . That's when they told me that my cars miles where not right , that my car had been in 2 very major accidents , that it had no airbags , along with a landry list of others this wrong that made my car not street legal to drive . They also informed me that my car was unsafe to drive . I did not believe for one minute what I was hearing do I took my car to a couple of other carlots to be sure before I went to Chevey again . They all told me the same thing . I went to Chevey the same day . After explaining everything to my salesman he told me plain & simple that he didn't owe me anything . No explanation or money . I couldnt believe it . I asked him well if you won't refund me for the car I need the difference In the two cars because this one is unsafe for me to drive & it has a lot that needs to be done . He laughed in a very rude way right in my face . He looked straight at me and told me that he owed me nothing . I was in such shock @ disbelief that this was the same salesman from the day before that was so nice & reassuring , I just burst out in tears . I didn't understand why anyone would treat another person like that , even if I hadn't just bought a car . I am afraid to drive the car I bought because it has no airbags . I just recently lost my job because the city bus was late 3 times . I would have NEVER EVER bought a car on a salvaged title period and I'm not understanding why the salesman would lie to me and say that there were no accidents on the car fax report, I also would have never bought a car with 200 thousand plus miles on it , I don't understand why my salesman sold me a car with the wrong mileage on it , I also would have never bought the car had he not told me I would be getting the difference of the 2 cars in the mail within a couple of weeks . I have heard terror stories of people buying bad cars from other people on the streets or from buy here pay here lots but I never thought this would happen to me because I asked about the car fax report & plus I was buying a car from a major dealership like gm chevy . I have called everyday since I went to the chevorlet dealership but I'm always told that someone will call me back . I'm still in shock that this gm certifed chevorlet salesman defrauded me out of 16000 Im not sure what to do at this point, but I do know that I would never ever under any circumstance buy a car from ANY dealership let alone Chevorlet

Kiella21 12/2/12 12:12PM

Hi I just wanted to let the Chevrolet Corporate office know how happy we've been with our 2003 S-10 and our 1996 Silverado. We have on our 2003 S-10 over 350,000 miles without any major repair. On our 1996 Silverado we are closing in on 300,000. We are very pleased on how well they have held up without any major repair. Just thought I would share our experience.

Jamie M 11/19/12 5:52PM

I purchased a 2012 Chevy Impala LTZ in July 2012. It was used with only had 11,000 miles. Very nice looking car.. But after having it for a short time when I turned on the air conditioning a "funky nausiating odor" came out the vents. I called and took it in to the dealership, Uftring Chevy in Washington IL and they told me they could not find anything but that they put a deodorizer on it and let it run and should be okay. After a few days.. the deodorizer faded and the same "funky nauseating order" returned! I called and took it back in and well this time they told me they found a "bacterial fungus" growing in the evaporator core so they were going to replace it and had to keep it overnight until they could get one. They replaced it with the new one and said they sprayed it with an "anti-fungal spray" to further prevent the growing of fungus! Well.. a few months pass and time to use the heat... and guess what!!!! YEP!!! The horrible "funky nauseating order" is now coming out of the vents again!!!! Back to the dealership.. now they tell me that have to replace the heater core! I am a little frustrated with this Chevy/GM product!!!!! I had no troubles with my Mitshubishi Lancer, i traded in... guess I should have kept it!!! But have always had GM vehicles up until my husband passed away and had to downsize! Now I was ready to go back to the GM vehicle and all I have had is headaches!!!! I just want a good car, especially for the $$$$ spent on it! I sure hope something can be done to make this right because right now I am not a FAN of Chevy and so far I have not gotten sick from the smell.. sure hope my lungs are holding up!!!!

VERY Unhappy in Illinois 11/6/12 1:38PM

I bought my 2010 Equinox in Nov 2011. It was a little nosier then my last car but didn't think much as it was a step up and the dealer told me it was normal. It was first in the shop Dec and was told it had an oil leak in the motor on the passenger side of the motor. They took it apart and repair it. The noise was still there but getting louder and the transmission gear about 35 mph was a little jumpy. I brought it back in. I was told they reprogrammed and updated the systems and it was all good to go. Not so much. I brought it back and then was told since they could not duplicate there was nothing they could do about it. This went on for a while I would bring it in. They would tell me it was fixed or nothing was wrong with it. The last time was two months ago when I brought it in and they said nothing was wrong and they could not duplicate it. I had heard that answer for the last time. I start to record and take pictures of the fuel gauge not filling, the ticking noise and the dash stability ABS lights. I called the GM Corporate 866 790-5700. They are going to get this take care of. I played the recording and it wasn't even the worst one. They get it to the dealer four days later. I get a small car rental that I put on my credit card. First the dealer calls to tell me the Stability just needed to be tightened and wanted to know about the extended warranty. I didn't have one. Oh well that might not be good. I asked why? He said that covers the things this wont just lets see what's wrong first. The next day I am told that the timing chain is bad. That's the problem I am having. Its going to be ordered and will be fixed the next day. I should have my car back by Friday. I hear nothing till Monday mid morning when its your cars needing new front parts that's the problem and the timing chain is fixed. I asked how come he didn't know that the other day when he said it just needed to be tightened. Oh yeah that didn't work. So I go to pick it up and I bring it home. Keep in mind I live about 15 mins from the dealer. On the way home at the lights its not sounding right. I look at my son and say is it loud to you. He says yeah its shifting loud and making a weird noise. I get home and we get out. I don't turn it off so we can listen to see if its just because we have not heard it run normal. OH NO! Its not NORMAL ITS JUST NOT FIXED!!!! So the timing chain may have been bad but the engine problem still is not fixed from when we brought it. I call corporate again. I am hung up on twice. So I guess the answer is DON'T BUY CHEVY AND IF YOU DO GET A LAWYER BECAUSE YOU WILL NEED ONE. Looks like I will be calling one if they don't get my money in full back to me. They can have their car. At this point I just want my money back. This engine has been taken apart twice now and its only got 59xxxx thous miles. I will fight all the way to get my money back. This is wrong and I cant believe GM would stand be hind this. The way I am being treated and the money I spent on a vehicle that is suppose to last my family should mean more to GM then just another dollar in their pocket. I comes to fighting them in court and public or they can make their mistake right. Return my money you can have your lemon. I will go buy a car that can be reliable and driven.

AP 10/30/12 3:21PM

My business partner and myself really started using chevy trucks and cars for our business and personal since 2002. I made the recommendation then, much to my regret now. We have had mostly pleasant experiences until now. The transmission went on one of our 2009 vans with 47k miles. It took over 1 week, 3 customer service specialists and lots of headaches and lost revenue before I finally got an appointment for the dealer's service manager to look at the vehicle. My complaint was "the check engine light was on and the vehicle was bucking and stalling in both forward and reverse". All of our vehicles, work and personal, are extremely well maintained by professional servicers. The same servicer for many years. At first we were told by the dealer via a 3 way phone call with your customer service supervisor that the service checkup was at "no charge". When we got there, the service manager, Mike, told us "I don't know who customer service is, besides, we have nothing to do with anybody else", and I was told that I would have to pay $120.00. I was dissappointed but aggreed to the charge. I just wanted the right thing to be done and to resume work with a properly working vehicle. One of approximately six vehicles on the road. About 4 hrs later, I got a phone call from Mike informing me that my problem was as a result of an "overfilled transmission" and it would cost $250.00 to restore it. He was also attempting to make other trivial findings an issue. We are in the "Appliance and Refrigeration Repair" business. My response to Mike was "I see where this is going". In the following conversation, Mike was using the "refigerant in refigerators" as an analogy to explain the coolant type in the engine. My response to Mike was "with all due respect, I believe you are out of your league in that department, Mike. My problem is not with the engine, it is with the transmission". I immediately advised Mike to wait until I get back to him with my decision regarding this repair. I was also informed that I had no warranty coverage for this repair. I was depending on the support from your customer support service. I made 3 attempts to reach a CSR after I was informed that another specialist was assigned to this matter. I must admit that the calls were returned, but without results. Valerie, the newly appointed rep eventually called back to inform me of her inability to help me and that she must act on advice from the dealer. I cannot find the words to express my predicament and horrible dissappointment. We have a vehicle with only 47,000 miles which we are still paying for, and this is going to also cost in lost revenue at a crcial period when business is as tight as it has ever been. My medical condition is not what it used to be and this experience has left me in distress and very depressed.

Ken 10/16/12 4:25AM

I am never buying any gm cars in my life. My boyfriend and i just purchased a chevy impala yesterday and the passlock system wont turn off. also guess doesnt tell you what to do in the owners manual if the system is activated! now its been two days and we cant start the car at all. tried everything online that people gave advice for because guess what millions of people are experiencig this same problem in many other gm cars all wih the passlock system. Havig this car has been THE WORST two days of our lives. spent our last dime and sacrafice eating for the next two weeks, other bills, and many other things because we needed a car to get to work and nw we cant because it doesnt start. readall the complaints obline! i can not believe this has not been recalled. Think twice before you buy a chevy. was plannig on gettig a new cruize but thanks to this horrible experience i am never buying from chevy again.

Anonymous 9/30/12 3:08PM

Chevy Dealer Houston
Good Evening Genna
I showed up on time over there to get the things fixed but was told that I would the people who do the repairs would not be there till later in the day.I waited a few minutes for a loaner but there was trouble finding one.John looked for a few minutes.I had an appointment so had to leave.
Im not at all happy with this car purchase.I can't believe I was not sold a 2013.The price difference is less than a hundred dollars.with zero miles.I feal like I was not given a deal at all.This car was used at the dealer for 4300 miles running around town.
I did come back to work out a compromise and purchase a new car but was told it was used now and it would cost 4400 dollars for the 60 miles I put on it.
I did offer a fair price of 1300+ttl to get in a 2013 with the (new) trade in.
This great experience of buying a new car has been a disaster.A new car was all I wanted and the sales associate should have just spoken up and put me in a 2013.There was one down on 1960 already in stock.
Before even leaving the dealer I noticed a cigarette burn hole on the flooron this (new)car and it wasn't even cleaned before I picked it up.
I hope you can help me put my mind at ease and let me enjoy a new car that is truly new.
Thanks again Genna
Roger B.James

rbj 9/14/12 5:29PM

I hace a 2009 Chevy Cobolt, bought new and has 21,00 miles on it and dealership says I need a new clutch. I have been driving manual cars for 30 years and have never had to replace a clutch in any car until I had a Chevy. I have looked up Cobolt clutch problems and found there have been problems with clutches for years and all blamed on the owner
There is no reason for a clutch to go at this low mileage and be blamed on the owner. There is something wrong with the parts. I will be looking to trade this car in for something else and will never buy a Chevy again

Anonymous 8/22/12 1:16PM

I have owned a 2006 Chevy trailblazer for three years now! The very week we bought it the water pump went in west Virginia on our way to Hilton head sc, since then we have put in new ball joints, all wheel bearings, rack and pinion, fire in the driver side door, 4 resistor packs for the blower ( most recent last week and already has lost two speeds), there is an electrical problem in the car because the headlight keeps burning the plug ( replaced last Wednesday and today, Tuesday it is burned again), fuel pump, and well I just know I am forgetting a few more things! I WILL NEVER BUY A CHEVY AGAIN AS LING AS I LIVE!!! I WILL MAKE SURE THAT NOBODY IN MY HUGE FAMILY EVER BUYS A CHEVY!! FORD ALL THE WAY!! I really hate to be bitter but just in the past month, we have put $2,200 into this car!! Your corporation should be ashamed that they are making a vehicle that doesn't even last 6 years without falling apart!! sincerely, a very poor Chevy owner!

Never again Chevy owner unless i 8/14/12 8:02AM

I have a friend in North Carolina who has 6 kids and this is her Facebook post of today. What a blessing it would be if they really could be used.
Kirsten Kesler Aker This is her name on Facebook and this is her post------
Well,our 2000 Chevy Astro van that we have had since it was brand new (Tommy was an infant) went over the 300,000 mile mark yesterday.It has the original engine and believe me,we have not pampert.We had to replace the transmission at 50,000 miles so it only has 250,000 miles on it.Lol. I don't think it will pass inspection this year so I don't know what we will do.I think Chevy should put us in a commercial and give us a new car.haha

lilnur 8/8/12 7:11AM

i have a 2010 chevy aveo and it gives me more problems then my 95 geo metro did soooo disappointed!!! the platinum warantee i have is crap too!!! you need to fix this!!! at 42,000 miles the coil pack goes 42,700 it does it again!!! then the door handle breaks off with no tugging or any misuse!!! this i paid 128.00 for and warantee would not cover it!!! It often will be running fine then decide to speed ahead for no reason!!!

Anonymous 7/31/12 7:16AM

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