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Samsung corporate office headquarters location, phone number, address and feedback

Please find details for the Samsung corporate office below. We do our best to keep this information current, but if you are aware of any updates to the Samsung corporate office headquarters information we have, please feel free to submit an update.

Corporate Office Address:
Samsung Electronics America, Inc.

Samsung Group
105 Challenger Rd.
Ridgefield Park, NJ 07660
United States

Phone: 973-601-6000
Fax: 973-601-6001

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I have had many problems most have been to reolved by returning to store that I purchased my windows 8 laptop.(Staples) I just called Samsung tech which of course answers out of US. It seems that whenever you call them they tell you that you have a very bad virus. Last time I took PC back to store and they said there was no virus, now they are now telling me the same thing.Of course they want quite a bit of money to fix it. Last time they anted over $200.I asked to speak to manager he said he was manager, asked to speak to someone in the United States he said I was not authorized!Is this the way Samsung operates?

Rose Springsteen 1/28/14 11:00AM

Good afternoon
I normally do not have time to write such complain on the website, however due to the worse experiences I've had with SAMSUNG, I felt that somebody in CORPORATE OFFICE SHOULD BE AWARE OF.
On black Friday I purchased a complete set of kitchen appliance's at home depot, my intend was to purchased everything from SAMSUNG, but you do not manufacture any of the hood, Microwave or the cook top, so I end up only purchased a refrigerator and a dishwasher and this purchased was intended to be a Christmas gift for my wife, to make a long story short the refrigerator was delivered on December 27,2013, upon delivery I found that the refrigerator was damage and refused it, even though I refused the product the delivery people left without taking the refrigerator back with them and left it in the middle of the kitchen, I had to call Home depot to request to it removed, the very next day I got a called from Samsung saying that my refrigerator will be delivered on January 18,2013, that is 22days later.
On January 18,2014 the refrigerator was delivered and once again it was damage found on the bottom door, I refused it once again and on Tuesday 21, 2014 I got a called from Samsung just to tell me that my refrigerator will not be delivered for another month, at this point I am found outrages for a company such as Samsung being such irresponsible, I got to tell you not one time a representative from Samsung ever offered an apology, as a Samsung loyal customer I will never purchase anything from your company ever again and I promise to be sure that everyone in my family, friends and colleagues know about the experiences I had.

savynaw 1/21/14 12:09PM

Do not buy Samsung washer. Drain pump broke after only 13 months. POOR customer service.

Anonymous 11/4/13 2:35PM

I bought a Samsung GALAXY Note ll on Sept 3,2013 My phone quit working on Sept 1,2013. I went to the U S.Cellular in Ponora Ia. they checked my phone and said they could not fix it. I asked about a replacement than I'm told they don't do that They said I would receive a used one but have to pay 35.00 So I said I only get a used one and also if it quits I'm out of a phone. I Went down the U s Cellular in DesMoines Ia. to the place I bought it at. They in turn tell me that there no insurance for those phones I payed for insurance when I bought the phone it they sayU S Cellular does not have for it. I'm pretty up set I'm a senior 74 yrs old live out in the country and I have to go with out a phone I can't afford to put out more money out of my pocket to pay for anew phone. that will maybe last me maybe a little longer than month or less. If you can't satisfy a customer with the products you sell than you should not be in business. You running scam. Taking money on product that don't work or they are used product and reselling them. Which one is that only your company or your employees know. If you like your business I surgest you try to please your customers. If I had the money that you make from selling your products I would be able to buy myself a new phone. I live on S.S. that is pretty sad. So I'm with out a phone. I'm still under a Doctors care for a broken ankle I had a accident in Mar of 2013 and I have to have a phone to use so I can call out to get help if I need it. I can't walk very far I'm 74 years old, So now you know that I a customer of US Cellular for for a few years now, I'm not happy at all. My older phone I had for a few years quit working so I decided to buy a new Phone, this Galaxy Note ll was a great phone for the period of time it worked I like the size and the Idea of being able to take great photos. So now I can't be in touch with my family friend or any one now because I don't have a phone. I feel I have been scamed out of my money to some one else your Company. I do hope you can deal with this problem that is affecting me not being able to be in touch with any one. I'm using a computer but not every one has a computer. So once again I'm not in touch with my childen family and friends. Oh yes Emerg Fire Department, or Police. What do I do crawl out the door to get help if I need it. Also I would have to pray some one would drive by and maybe see me crawling.I do hope you be kind enough to deal with this matter as soon as possible. Thank you from your Customer Corinne Boots

SAMSUNG 10/3/13 10:43AM

Dealing with Samsung Customer Service
Also known as reasons not to buy a Samsung Phone
By Patricia Julian

June 14th-received my Samsung galaxy II, had heard good things about Galaxay so was anxious to use.

July 20th- Phone had been powering down since beginning and got tired of so brought to Sprint who reset to factory settings.

July 27th- Still powering down to returned to Sprint who once again worked on.

July 29th- Fed up with powering down to went to Sprint, since was past 30 days had to send to Samsung.

August 6- sent do Samsung

August 14- got phone back, did not power down but now would not hold a charge.

September 3- Returned phone to sprint.

September18- Received phone back

September 19- Will not even charge. Called Samsung where was put on hold for 45 minutes 2 separate times. Since just gotten back they referred me to Advanced support where I was basically told same thing, send back.

September 20- returned phone to Samsung

September 25-got email that there was a delay since had to wait for part.

At this time I called and spoke with Allen STAML2013
He first tried to assure me it was still in time frame, I have a year so is that how they gauge repairs. Told me I should have my phone by October 4, SHOULD not definitely. Also said I should go back to Sprint for loaner, not their job, they sell me service you sold me the phone.

Suggested a new phone, said he had no control over that. After being on the phone for 30 minutes was getting too frustrated. Samsung has spent more in shipping then the phone is probably worth. When he said the repair, one the part was obtained, would take 5-7 days. I suggested he might want to expedite that in this case. He was going to reach someone but could not email the information.

I need a phone that works, not confident that Samsung can do this. Word of mouth is great advertisement except in cases like this. Can't say anything good about Samsung.

Anonymous 9/27/13 10:23AM

I purchased a samsung refrigrator June of 2013.
Lights for the crushed ice, and cub ice stopped working.
Called for warranty work, and was advised warranty had expired because the manufactory date was 2012.

Bottom line if making a purchase for a samsung product check the manufactory date.

infiniti 9/25/13 6:02PM

hi samsung team,

I purchased a Samsung Core GT-8262 model phone on 16-sep-13 and since day 1 I am facing a phone heating issue (Phone gets very heated when getting used either I use the phone to make call, use any app or change the phone). Regarding this concern of mine I had a word with the samsung customer support on 23/9/13 and they took the remote of my phone and did the troubleshooting for 3:30 hrs and the representative working with me over the phone said that it's the issue with the phone and he told me to go to the service centre and get the phone replaced by getting a DOA letter from them. So today on 24/9/13 I went to the Samsung service centre in Faridabad at Ajronda chock and there tell them my concern and requested them to give me a DOA letter and they deny to do so even when I reported the issue to samsung within 7 working days of buying the phone I even had a word regarding this concern of mine with the manager and the owner of the service centre(Mr. Gupta) and he misbehaved and deny to give me the DOA letter even after knowing the sevirity of the issue. So, then the representative at the samsung service centre wanted me to submit the phone and they wanted to check it I submitted the phone to them and the technician there checked the phone and updated it's software and checked all the hardware components and as per them they fixed the issue and they gave me the phone back and at the very same moment I showed them that the issue is not fixed the phone is still getting very hot while making a phone call so the representative Ankur at the service centre said to me this is what we can do and he forcefully wanted me to acknoledge the receiving of the phone I denied to do that and on the receving I clearly mentioned that the issue is not fixed and they forcefully wanted me to take they phone away without fixing the issue also at the same time I called customer care and spoke to the manager at the customer care and at the same time having the owner of the samsung service centre on the conference call and I told them very clearly that it's the defected phone and I NEED THE REPLACEMENT OF THIS PHONE firstly you guys wanted me to use your phone support I did that then I went to the service centre and they were not able to give me any solution to the problem SO NOW WHAT I WANT YOU TO DO IS UNDERSTANDING THE SEVERITY OF THE ISSUE I WANT YOU TO REPLACE THIS PHONE BECAUSE CONTINUING USING THIS PHONE MAY RESULT IN LOSS OF LIFE OF SOMEONE.

The customer service of samsung here in india is soo bad that without fixing the issue the rep. and the service centre owner wants me to take the phone back and use it in a condition it is in and they say they will not replace this at any cost what ever may happen......and they say that IF YOU WANT TO GO TO THE COURT GO THERE AND GET IT REPLACED THAT WAY




puneet 9/24/13 10:18PM

It is sad that a company that used to have a good reputation is now a part of SEARS HOLDINGS, which is notorious for poor service and worse they are quick to intentionally ruin your Credit Report Status even when they are at fault. If you are having problems with your Credit Report because of SEARS or now Samsung contact CFPB [consumer Financial Protection Bureau]. For this reason I no longer even consider doing business with any company I find out is part of DEARS HOLDINGS. Anonymous.

Anonymous 9/18/13 4:30PM

I have tried to get my new (galaxy) phone fixed. I just get the runaround. Here they say it isn't from this country. They tell me to go to support and I did many times and filled out the support form many times and I get an email that isn't there department or call people in UK or eastern europe. Never anyone helps me. My phone was bought in April and has an year warranty but they are doing every thing to not fix it. It would be nice being I bought it in the US , that they have someone look at it. I spent over 400.00 on this phone and NO service. If anyone has a solution let me know! BEWARE.

Margee 8/22/13 1:07PM

Last year I stayed in New York City and I bought a Samsung Galaxy Note SGH-I717 on 27 October 2012.

I registrered that device in SAMSUNG America for warranty, IMEI

A few months later, the device first turn on itself the flashlight,sometimes, and later when I turn on the device it goes only up to Samsung logo screen and return, doesn't initialize more.

After a lot of contacts with Samsung America Support, I following all the steps recommended by chat and e-mail, they said that need a physical evaluation of the device.

It happens that I live in BRAZIL and I haven't phone number and direction in USA, necessary condition for Samsung America.

Samsung Brazil doesn't want repair devices bought in another countries.

I need help, I'll pay for the shipping expenses to USA for repair, How to do ?

borens 5/20/13 7:20PM

Outcome of Samsung/axiom customer service - customer should live with a product that is giving problems and is unhappy with..!!!

In UAE, I had purchased Samsung Galaxy S3 mini on 2 march 2013 (2 months and a week today) and I am extremely unhappy with the product as well as the service.
Below are the issues with the phone.. and related response and customer service from axiom telecom & samsung!!:
1) phone network goes off randomly everyday once or twice
2) phone restarts randomly daily at least once
3) Phone freezes while on a live call. All activities on phone comes to a standstill until the phone is restarted.

Pathetic experience. Worst phone i have ever purchased. And the customer service i received:
Shopkeeper does not acknowledge replacement at all. Says will repair it. (Repair for him means software reinstallation.)
I go to axiom (warranty holder) 3 times in 2 months. all 3 times they formatted the phone, reinstalled the software. apparently tested the phone and feel that the phone is working fine.
3rd time they agree that another customer before me had the same issue and they could not fix it and they had to and did return the piece to samsung. So i requested them to replace my piece too since they know and agree it is a genuine problem.
One week and 20 phone calls to samsung and axiom - but samsung never checked the piece themselves. Axiom did not return the piece in spite of agreeing there is a genuine problem related to the 3g network and this model. Samsung agreed to the issue too but did not agree that phone had a problem - i don't know how that logic holds true if they know and AGREE 3g network on s3 mini is giving a problem!!
All i asked was a replacement since this phone is clearly faulty.
But i doubt axiom or samsung managers i dealt with, understand the seriousness of this for the customer and acknowledge the disappointment faced.

This was experienced at
axiom telecom - Dubai (sheikh zayed road near financial centre)
samsung service centre - Dubai

Very Very unhappy. Will never trust Samsung phones or service and axiom hence forth and never never ever recommend it to others.

- Shreya M

MShreya 5/10/13 3:55AM

We purchased a Samsung French Door Refrigerator in March of last year. Six weeks after doing so we had ice build up on the freezer compartment, Samsung did sent a representative out and the problem was solved. Two weeks ago, the ice build up began again,
we contacted Samsung and they scheduled three service appointments for us, Unfortunately, none service our area, so we are waiting for a May 2, appointment. To say we are disappointed with Samsung is an understatement. I always thought they were a reputable company, that made quality merchandise. I actually had to convince my husband to pass up buying a Kenmore because I felt Samsung was better. I was wrong!!!

sally 4/21/13 10:00AM

I am very frustrated and annoyed with the poor customer service from Samsung Tech Support. The main reason why is that I installed a software update on my Samsung Galaxy 2 Skyrocket on April 6 2013 and literally 48 hrs later on April 8th 2013 the phone stopped working. After a long haul with Samsung tech support there is still no agreeable resolution. No consideration or assistance in finding a compromise for the situation at hand. The phone is being sent back to me non-repaired because of the sheer fact that I have to pay to fix my phone when the phone stopped working due to the software being updated. I expect to get the phone fixed free of charge and if not then I expect to never be associated with Samsung again for any other products especially phones. This is outrageous for such a big company like Samsung there should be more effort to make the customer happy unlike what I found out today. If I cannot find a resolution in the next day or two then I will definitely not purchase from Samsung again!

melogan09 4/19/13 6:20AM

I have been on the phone for at least 1 hr with a technician trying to get my Samsung Galaxy tab up and running. All the things he told me to do I had already done. It would have been less time consuming and frustrating if the technician spoke with less of an accent. I had to have him repeat about everything at least twice. I don't know what country he was from but I am assuming India by the accent. There are so many people in the US that could use this job so I would hope you would change your use of non-US citizens to US workers.

Tania 4/8/13 12:34PM

To the head of corporate operations,

obviously, I am not the only one to complain about your products but it seems to me that you would try to compensate people with service or replacement parts to satisfy your customers. These are products that are new and because of your cost cutting or faulty parts installed you should at least warrant your product. I Todd Rudy have a 2 1/2 refrigerator bought on good reviews a RS261MDRS with a transaction code of 4118212473 through Samsung service your service tech told me it was a bad computer board 250.00 worth. I emailed your service vp of operations ( Rajiv Mehta ) told him my problem and nobody from your company has returned my calls. what kinda of customer service is that? this is your vp really! maybe he should be let go. You people are out there selling millions of products each and everyday knowing that these reviews are out there is there not somebody that cares about the consumer. well I hope I can get somebody to call me back. I will continue my quest to whatever extent I may go to resolve my problem.

todd63 3/5/13 12:21PM

To the management of samsung
Dear sir/mdm
I am writing to inform you that i have use one of your samsung phone to take picture of one of my worker, what suprises me after we view the photo, we have capture an image of a spirit that have never been taken so clearly. This paranormal image of a young girl coming up from the floor slab.This is not an edited picture and was taken with a normal phone. This image really scares my worker until he refuse to return to work. This image was taken in malaysia about a week ago. if you want more info kindly contact me

anthony chin 3/4/13 9:09PM

I have numerous Samsung products from TV, DVD, Home theatre, phone, tablet,
And a camera. About 2 years ago we bought a top of the line washer and dryer. Recently the dryer died and we discovered lost no support for this item. Only one services in Palm Beach County who was difficult to get an appointment. When they cme out we were told we needed a new motor for just under $ 500.- and needed to order the part which would take 3 weeks. We decided we could not wait and opted to buy a new Whirlpool which we got the next day. This experience has soured us on Samsung!

Bsorge 3/3/13 5:18PM

I am very disappointed in the customer no service provided on my new samsung top loading washing machine purchased a couple of months ago. My wife spilt some liquid detergent on the top of the washing machine glass that you look through. It has made an etching in the glass that looks milky and hard to see clothes. I called customer service and tried soap, glass cleaner, etc..... to remedy problem. (I had already tried these anyway!) I might add that I have purchased samsungs refrigerator and 2 hd tvs along with the washer and dryer in past 6 months. We asked for a manager (someone with more authority) to call us back. He did but simply says it is not covered in contract. He says no other complaints he is aware of with the glass problem we have. The problem I have is that I'm a loyal Samsung customer who thought I'd get some assistance with this, particularly since it is recent purchase and products that are designed for liquid soap powder should not etch in glass upon the first spill. We did not do anything out of the ordinary to the machine and feel that we are being taken advantage of since this is obviously a defect in workmanship. I hope corporate office will look into this because our BBB will be contacted soon and others regarding backing your products. If you will do this to us then others should know as well. I am very disappointed in Samsung who are obviously looking after their bottom line instead of customer service. Check into why the glass on washing machine would turn milky on a brand new machine! (2/28/13)

mabby123 2/28/13 6:44AM

I brought my 2 months old tab to samsung service center for board replacement. I left my tab per the technician's advice since theres still few units on queue that he needs to repair. I came back the following day to get my tab. To my dismay, the technician did not touch the tab at all. He told me it will take an hour or so for him to change the board. I waited for 2 hours, and its not done yet.i waited again for an hour. The technician told me he will just contact me as soon as its done, because changing its IMI will sometimes take 3 to 5 days.and if it doesnt work still, they need to reorder another board, and its gonna take another 7 days.i waited for 28hours already, so i took my tab back, and swear im not buying any samsung brand anymore

red 2/18/13 11:43PM

Absolutely the WORST!!! Do not buy there Televisions!! They sell them with defective parts. There is a lawsuit against them. However even though I'm having the same problem as listed in the lawsuit they refuse to fix it by stating that my television was made a couple of months after what the lawsuit states. Wow, knowingly that they sold me a television with a defective part and refuse to make it right. Absolutely the worst customer service!!

Javier 2/7/13 12:42PM

Worst company Ive ever dealt with....bought tv less than 2 years turns itself off....never comes back on,....they tell me to eat it....they dont care to even see if its a problem with there product...why Im returning the surround sound I just bought and laptop.

ryan 1/22/13 8:26AM

Your user manuals lie. I bought a 60 in tv that said I could connect to the Internet. After following steps in the user manual I purchases several hundred dollars worth equipment your user manual describe red as necessary I am now told the tv is not Internet capable. Nice job of lying!
I have been a loyal customer of Samsung for years. I have bought my LAST piece of Samsung equipment.

Red 1/2/13 11:39AM

Intelisol is a horrible horrible company. quoted me a price to repair my laptop, I okay-ed it and gave them a credit card. They then called back a week later and nearly tripped their initial quote. They have had my laptop for nearly a month and will not call me back, pick up the phone or return my email. I will never buy another Samsung product because of intelisol's horrible service. Sham on them and shame on Samsung for using such a pathetic service company.

revolver 12/31/12 11:21AM

It took 71 days to have my washing machine repaired (finally replaced. It only worked 2 months and 3 weeks before developing problems. While i appreciate finally getting a replacement, I feel that was far to long of a process.

Anonymous 12/29/12 10:48AM

I hope people read this before anything Samsung makes - They have AWESOME products when they work, but if you EVER need support for a product, be prepared to be without the product for 3-4 weeks. I had a brand ne Ativ tablet that I needed service on after 5 days. It took Samsung 7 hours on the phone and 6 reps to get a ticket started for service. Then 2 days to send me a shipping label. They use Intelisol for computers reapairs and my unit has been with them for a week and it hasnt been looked at yet. Samsung claims they have called Intelisol to expedite - I wonder how slow they would be without those calls? So its been two weeks now and no updates at all. Owned the unit a week, been without it for 2, and the minimum with the excellent GROUND shipping they do is another 4 days once the repair is done. It will be 3 weeks at LEAST, I expect 4. I am an IT professional - I need my PC for my job. If you buy Samsung for a device you need (phone/etc) think twice.

Then move along to another vendor.

Surovich 12/24/12 1:23PM


DCSELLERS 12/20/12 1:53AM

I had a plasma Samsung tv, and it broke after 13 months. You extended warranty for 6 months, and the people you recommended to fix the tv, came out and put a "brand new" panel in the tv and told me the warranty on that "brand new" panel was only good for the warranty of the samsung tv, which I cannot understand, when the panel was suppose to be brand new. The tv broke again, and once again it was the panel, this time what your service company put in 7 months previous and because it was just out of the warranty time, no one at Samsung or the company who put in the panel, would cover it. This tv, was only 2 years old!!!!!!! That is unexceptable. I have bought Samsung for many years, my family as well. I will not buy Samsung again.


Jackie Trautwein 11/30/12 7:44AM

So far, SAMSUNG SUCKS!! I, too, have a Samsung microwave, model # SMH9187W and the computer touch panel broke within the warranty period,as others mention below. Samsung agreed to pay for a new panel if I paid for the labor but now they refuse! We also have a fairly new Samsung TV - a non-flat-screen - that broke. The repair place said that the non-flat-screens NEVER break. If Samsung doesn't come through on the microwave, and I doubt they will, we will NEVER make another Samsung purchase again & we will get our friends/family/others to boycott Samsung!!

Kitty 11/9/12 3:09PM

Hello, I would like to thank you for your Samsung phones, from reading comments on here it seems like it is a place to share their concerns. I would like to thank you, I am visually impaired and have used Samsung phones all these years due to it is a phone geared to my visual disability. I has always been user friendly and well I have to say easy for me to read my messages and I appreciate that. On the downside my phone has finally died and put to rest and unfortunately with the price of a newer phone like the galaxy s series which i feel is even more visually friendly to surf the web and allow people to go that extra web mile so to speak is far too expensive for someone like me to afford, being on a disability income doesn't give me a lot of room to achieve such a luxury. I will be without a phone for awhile now but still wanted to share with you how pleased I am that you take into consideration for the visually impaired.

Trudy 11/9/12 10:24AM

Your Samsung Galaxy Tablet is awful. Can't use or follow your inadequate little instruction guide. I plan to return to cosco tomorrow

Anonymous 11/8/12 1:13PM

Samsung is clearly an unethical and unscrupulous corporation that has little regard for the consumer, their products, and their services.
Samsung products are poorly designed, and manufactured resulting in frequent malfunction and costly repairs. The components used in their manufacture are inexpensive and inferior quality and generally break. They are about selling products and DO NOT HAVE A CORPORATE STRATEGY that addresses service issues.
Samsung also contracts with incompetent repair centers for warranty work (our experience) or will replace defective products with yet another refurbished just cannot win with this company! Be wary when they offer a replacement item without warranty, it is more than likely a refurbished item. This just keeps the repair cycle going ad infinitum!

Samsung has numerous Class Action Lawsuits that best serve the Attorney's filing them than result in any effective resolution for the consumer.
My suggestion is to file a complaint with the New Jersey Office of the Attorney General, Division of Consumer Affairs where Samsung is headquartered: phone (973) 504-6200 or email at [email protected]
Also contact the Federal Trade Commission
This will alert these agencies to the severity of the issues consumers are facing with Samsung products and the lack of resolution provided by Samsung Customer Service. You just have to look at the reviews to see how many people are dealing with issues and this is only the people who take the time to voice their opinion. I will never buy any Samsung Products ever again after the run-around we faced with our TV issue. Good Luck!

Yogi 11/8/12 6:04AM

My galaxy s 3 is only 5 weeks old my battery failed the test at a sprint repair store. Samsung customer service told me I needed to send the battery to them before
They would replace it. That is horrible customer service! I cannot go without a phone at my job. It is completely unacceptable to have to go without a phone whensprint tested it. This sucks crap.

upset 10/23/12 2:40PM

Samsung does not stand behind their product . We have a 52 inch tv and we have a purple line that has been on the screen for over a year. We thought it was our HD and it would come and go. I had to call several times to get them to replace it since my warranty expired they gave me grief. The tv is only 2 1/2 Years old. I have seen many complaints with the same issues we are having and they are denying they have had any issues. My brother in law bought the same tv 2 weeks before us and he had the same purple line. I finally asked for the corporate # and they would only give me an e-mail address. It has been 3 weeks since I complained and 5 days with no E-mail response back..I will never buy a Samsung product again.

Very unsatisfied customer.. 10/18/12 6:43PM


Sue 10/17/12 7:20AM

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jay Foster 10/9/12 7:43AM

In Feb. 2011 I purchased a Samsung microwave mod#SMH9187W. I realize this is Oct. 2013 and the waranty is only good for one year but please be advised that this unit is in a house that is only used abpout three months of the year, therefore it would take about four years to equal one year of normal use. Never-the-less the control pad was replaced shortly after I purchased it but is no longer functioning. I'm sure that by now you realize that their is a design flaw with this equipment. I feel Samsung is responsible and should honor it's commitment to quality. Local calls have only referred me to repairmen at my expense. Please advise.

Robert 10/3/12 5:34PM

I have tried unsuccessfully to reach your offices regarding a refund that I requested in July 2012, and that you promised would be sent to me. I was contacted only after I notified the California State Attorney General's office of my unsuccessful attempts to reach you at that time. I have received no refund, nor have I been contacted. Not receiving this money for a refrigerator that I purchase in August of last year and that cannot be repaired, has created a hardship for me in more ways than one. Since I do not expect to hear from you, I am once again contacting the State Attorney General's Office to let them know that you have not followed through on issuing the refund. By the way, none of the numbers posted on-line for your office work and I can understand why you would not want them to.

Jean 9/24/12 11:24AM

I perched samsung gal y duos at navimumbai on 4 june 2012 as a birthday gift for me,the product serial no is *352272/05/104084/7*, from the day one of perchase this product,givine problems ie internet connectivity,tochpad slow operation ie bottons not working,very poor operative,getting hang over while calling,screen pad operations are very slow ie while discconnecting to call,screen mot lightup so how i disconnect to call.also for switch on whem botton get pressed tjen screen will get on after half minut.
so while i m perchase this product with refer to my friends feedback even if i had faith on samsung monile,but now as useing this prodct i concluded that thd samsung mobile company is very bad,it do not take cutomer care
and one more most importamt thing that same product has given to samsung service centre for same problem resolution but he kept it for one day n give me back saying that all problems has solved but while i m switchng the mobile on in centre itself that has not get on and the same problems are as it so how telle ur srevice feedback what customer will do as such condition n
today without mobile person became a handicap man so with ur product give such type of quality n service then how can i manage my work without mobile..
as i spend 10000rupees to buy ur third class ptoduct n seferong lot of problem n huge lot of tension becoz of only ur tjird class product why i dont claim to u to retuen my valuable money?
u as a responsible person,i request u again n again that plz return my money bsck to me ,i dont want to ur product in my futur life
Plz help me when u have justice

dinesh 9/22/12 6:07PM

I presume that a big company like Samsung can provide good service and high quality of their products, but that is totally wrong when I purchased Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830i. The first experience is ridiculous.I purchased this phone almost two months ago i.e. 2nd July, 2012 in Jaipur (Rajasthan). Samsung office insisted me to go to Samsung Service Center, but I knew Samsung service center must take long time to solve the problem. I am wasting my time and money to buy everything origanal product from samsung just for my phone. I did not want to go Service Center and want to replace the handset immediately.

So, Samsung CEO, Dr. Oh-Hyun Kwon pleased do something what I am highlited interm of service and products, may be just the small problem was happend with me with the small amount of money that I contributed to success every company as well as samsung company especially in profit but you should be think further because it can give bad reputation among customer not just what happend now in news betweet your company and your competitor in us, so you should be take care of your customers and will take fast action about the products.

I will never purchase any product of Samsung.

Gucci 9/20/12 11:42PM

Dear Sir,
I have a serious critical complaint that I need to share with whom it might concern .Around one year ago, I bought a Samsung mobile GT-I9003 and two days later, I had to exchange it from the store because there was always system error. The second phone was as lucky to work for 15 days and again they changed it for the same reason. The third set worked for exactly one year which drove me out of warranty and when I asked whether it was a manufacture or usage problem they claimed that it is not usage problem but they do not mind as it is out of warranty.
I phoned the support center 08000 726786 in Egypt to consult them of what to do. On 6 Sep, I talked to Ms. Dina Zareef and she said I had to visit the Customer Center again although I told her that I went twice. When I went to the center upon her request, the Center Manager was amazed of her attitude cause he said there was no need to come again all what they needed at the support Center is the report and I already had it. So the Center manager and I called them and we talked to Ms. Salma Elsayed and she apologized for her colleagueâ??s mistake and she said they will get back to me the same day which never happened. The next day I talked again to Mr. Mohamed Kamel who again apologized and said he will take the issue into his responsibility and get back to me in 48 hours which he never did. The following day I talked to Mr. Khaled Mohamed who apologized many times for these misunderstand and delays, but still with no feedback. Again I called Mr. Mohamed Kamel and in the worst ever attitude, he told me that he was sorry but the mobile was out of warranty which I was shocked to get as an answer after all.
Add to this, that during all phone calls I always wanted to talk to Ms. Nada Amr whom they said was the Duty Manager but around 9-10 phone calls that took place between me and the center she was never available to get my phone call.
And now, I would highly appreciate if I get some clarification on the following points:
First, if that damage is considered manufacture damage, then, why do I have to pay for the repair?
Second, why are these (supposedly descent) people treating clients like me in that bad attitude?
Third, why donâ??t they get back to me when they promise to do?
Fourth, why did they ask me to wait for all that time, if the answer is â??the device is out of warrantyâ???
Fifth, why do I have to change one cell phone three times and then repair it during one year time which affects my daily routine, business and personal financial plan?
Thanks in advance,
Aya Elghandour
002 01222153572
002 01001622226

Aya 9/18/12 8:41AM

UPDATE 09/12/12
After contacting your Chief Executive Dr.Oh-Hyun-kwon I again contacted Intelisol on Tuesday September 4th/. The Technical person mentioned in my letter responded that he now had permission to obtain a Mother Board from the Division building new products and he expected to have the new Mother Board installed and ready for shipment that day. I said that was fine and that I
looked forward to the systems arrival.. I thought it was strange that I never received A tracking number from Intelisol as I understood was their practice once they shipped the unit back to the customer. I waited until today to follow up. I discovered that the unit was never shipped. was sitting in their final testing area. Supposedly the new Mother Board had some kind of cliches. I asked why I never was notified. NO ANSWER WAS PROVIDED.Everday for the past week I have posted a sign on my residence advising the Postal Companies that if we were not home to deliver the package to my next door neighbor.
At this point I have run out of patience and must insist that immediate action be taken to remedy this situation. I will expect to be compensated for the time and effort that I have had to waste on this problem. Literally hours on the phone all to no avail.. Dear sir
I would like to bring your attention to an experience I had with an ALL-IN-ONE
Computer I purchased on July 19th 2012. The unit was a refurbished unit that I purchased on line at Walmart here in Ocala, Florida. The model number is DP700A3B=AO1US. The price was $578.00. Now before I purchased the unit I confirmed both from Walmart and your Samsung offices that this unit was refurbished by Samsong.With that sense of comfort, that it was a quality repair, I decided to go ahead and conclude the purchase.
As you know this particular unit supports Media but only via a cable box using HDMI cables. After transferring the data from my old system I then ordered from my cable company a cable box. In the mean time I must admit the computer delivered excellent performance;
Once the cable box was installed my Cable company hooked up the box to my computer. To my surprise I kept getting an error message over the channel picture. This sequence lasted exactly 7 seconds and the screen went blank. We tried several cable boxes over a period of two weeks,(including 2 manufactured by Samsung), Nothing worked.
I contacted Samsung Support at 1-800-726-7864. They did their best but eventually over a two week period I asked to talk to some hi-level technical staff. After another week of testing it was determined that the unit had a defective HDMI port and the Mother Board needed to be replaced.
Now at that point I thought seriously about returning the unit to Walmart but I had missed the deadline for Electronic returns. Besides they did not have another equivalent unit available. After some discussion with your techs it was decided to send the unit to Samsung but not directly. Their repairs were done by Intelisol. I called the phone number repeatedly but never got an answer. It was theN decided that your folks would issue a return postage form and I shipped it to Intelisol on August 8th.
I eventually was contacted by a repair specialist who after some discussions that although he actually was the original re-builder he did not have the equipment to test the Media portion of the system. I said okay just go ahead and install a new Mother Board.
He called me back a few days later and insisted that he found a way to test it and it worked. I then called your tech support and told them what Intelisol had said and your technical guy told me that I insist on replacing the Mother Board that because Intelisol would have to absorb the expense they were not motivated to perform the repair. I admit that at that point I almost was willing to just use the unit without the Media but my wife said that it was not our fault and we should insist they fix it. Okay, then Intelisol told me that the product will be ordered but it could take a week or two to get the part. That was back on the 15th of August still no part. Of course, it occurred to me why would anyone order a part if the existing one was not defective.

That is my sad story.


I cannot believe Samsung is this bad with repairs. I've been working for several weeks trying to get my 55" LED TV fixed. I've spent hours on the phone with tech support - nothing they suggested I do has worked. They said I needed a Samsung repairman out - he's been out 3 times now (at the cost of $324 thank you very much) and the TV is still malfunctioning the same way. It turns off and on every 8 seconds. This has been weeks now. I just hung up with yet another agent - she told me I had to wait for the repairman to touch base with their tech support person to see why the TV is unrepairable - then that information goes to yet another group of people.

Weeks and weeks this has been going on. I think all Samsung is doing is delaying any type of resolution in the hopes I just give up.

I will never recommend nor will I ever again have a Samsung TV.

BUYERS BEWARE! Samsung will not "stand behind their products".

angryconsumer 9/7/12 3:23PM

They are selling junk.$1400. TV,46" model LN46C750,purchased 9/28/2012.Power supply board shot-----about $300. to repair.Customer service could care less.No more Samsung products ever! Buy American if you can.

Cliff 8/20/12 2:45PM

They are selling junk.$1400. TV,46" model LN46C750,purchased 9/28/2012.Power supply board shot-----about $300. to repair.Customer service could care less.No more Samsung products ever! Buy American if you can.

Cliff 8/20/12 1:55PM

bought a model Ln-t4069f a few years ago and wouldn't you know just after the warrenty run out i had vertical lines on the left side of the screen i contacted samsung about this but they basically said it's not there problem then i find out that this is a very common problem with faulty tab bonds and requires a new panel i paid big bucks for the t.v. and now it's unwatchable, not that anyone at corporate could give a crap about this just as long as the company makes the big profit. thanks for nothing

todd 8/12/12 2:01PM

Android sent for repair, recived on August 1 by Samsung, estimated repair date August 4. Still not repaired. Customer Service is a joke. Long waits on hold, rude, abrasive, and still no repair or update.

Anonymous 8/8/12 3:48PM

I have a Samsung 52'' tv LN52A650A1FXZA S/N ALOT3CHQO349OK


JEFF KOZEMCHOK 7/11/12 10:15AM

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