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Spirit Airlines corporate office headquarters location, phone number, address and feedback

Please find details for the Spirit Airlines corporate office below. We do our best to keep this information current, but if you are aware of any updates to the Spirit Airlines corporate office headquarters information we have, please feel free to submit an update.

Corporate Office Address:
Spirit Airlines, Inc.
2800 Executive Way
Miramar, FL 33025
United States

Phone: 954-447-7920
Fax: 954-447-7979

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we travel a lot with spirit but it is not worth traveling any more since we have to loose our travel miles every 5 month ,i guest me and my wife will have to travel on another airline

Anonymous 7/2/14 3:20PM

Me and my 9 yr old son went to the ticket counter with our confirmation code expecting the agent to print out our boarding passes and seats.As a mother of a 9 yr old I was extremely nervous traveling and was expecting to get professional service from the agent (Dan62226)Instead he got very angry and started yelling and telling me this is not a boarding pass.I said isn't what that you are for? Then he got even more mad and said I am refunding your money,Go fly with American Airlines.
I purchased the tickets back in January and bought tickets for my son to see the last Spring Break baseball game and had Hotel reservations all of which were paid in full!
Can you imagine how you would feel if someone did that to you and your child.That person has no right working in CUSTOMER SERVICE!I am appalled and my son and I did not get to experience our vacation that person choose to take that from us!!

Kathy 4/1/14 9:05AM

My name is Catherine Saba. I sent an application for the flight attendant position to you. I received an invitation to the open house in Chicago. I couldn't attend. I sent another application in when I saw that you were hiring flight attendants for FLL. Since I already was sent an invitation to that open house will I automatically be invited to an open house in Miramar, FL. I want so much to join your company. I have flight attendant experience. Please check my application and let me know. Could you please let me know when the open house in FLL is? Thanks so much, Catherine J. Saba

redhead61 3/10/14 10:39AM

I called Spirit about a flight from FLL to LAS to get the actual ETA of a flight. The automated system asked me for the flight number, the departure city, and the arrival city, which info I had. Then it asked me for the scheduled arrival time, which I had. I was looking for tghe actual time of arrival, they kept giving me the SCHEDULED time of arrival... which does me no good.

I then spoke to an agent, who kept me on the phone for 20 minutes, then asked what the arrival city airport code was, after I told them it was Las Vegas, NV (shouldn't an airline agent know the airport codes?).

Anyone who flies this airline has to have rocks in their head.

the-commish 1/17/14 1:02PM

I sent an email on Wednesday and have not heard back from anybody does that mean my problem that I had on your airline is not going to be addressed I forgot to put my address which is do not hear back within a week I will assume your company does not consider their customers their first priority thank you for your courtesy and cooperation to this matter. 1/17/14 4:17AM

I Am A 9 Fare Member, Yestarday I Made A Reservation And Today I Tried To Included My Sister In Law That Lived With Me . And I Cant. After 28,099,876,6...... Num Of Call To Customer Care , The Whole Day To Speak To Some Body. All The Day, Some One Told To Me That I Only Have 24 Hours To Included Her. Or Cancel My Travel That Means Penalty About. And Make A New Reservation, Believed Or Not, I Paid For Bags For One Time Them I Note That I Have To Paid The Return Cause I Dont Want To Leave Them At Orlando. I Paid For Selected Seat,to Leave And Return. Bags To Leave And Return. I Realy You Want To Know That Some Body Have To Act About This Corporate, When You Begin As A Mrember Ship Is That You Know Was The Worst Experience I Have. I Never Travel By Spirit. Is My First And My Last. The Really??? Finally You Paid The Same As Others Airlines. Im Just Frustated About This. I Did Not Paid For The Seat To Come Back. I Hope I Found One. Cause I Am A Handycap. I Cant Believe How People Like Me See... Wao!! $235.00 , Per Tickets!!! And Them Make A 9 Fare Membership Thinking Is More Cheap But It Is Not. Cause You Have To Paid For Everithing. What Happen If Made A Reservation An Them Two Days Later We And He , My Son, Decided To Come With Us. Do We Have To Leave Him Because I Cant Included Him In My Travel , Beacuse Of Your Rules???? It Is Really Something Incredible, That I Can Not Edit My Travel.......... It Is The Bad Experience I Have With An Airlines Ah The Last Think, You Can Find Better Rate Also At The Airport. How No Body Answer The Phone, At The Airport. For What A Message Machine,,,no Body Call You Back. Dont Announce Numbers As Customer Service Because They Look Like Ghost , Never Answer... .................???????????????? This Is Not Service....can Some Body Tell Me If I Didnt Paid A Seat To Come Back, What A Handycap Like Me Suposse To Do?????? ....margarita Domenech Just In Case If You Need More About Your Services. 2.san Juan, Puerto Rico...

MARGARITA 1/11/14 2:46PM

Does anyone have the number for the corporate office? The numbers I have found do not allow me to speak with anyone at a senior level and I am looking to speak with one of the senior executives.

Anonymous 11/25/13 8:41AM



I've spoken to Mel Russel and could not speak to her supervisor Morris Stevens on Tuesday, November 19th regarding a medical emergency with our son, Drake Pearson and the need to cancel our vacation travels. I've attached a letter from his physician stating he is unable to travel and make our trip scheduled for November 21 through November 29, which our return flight home to Denver is with Spirit on November 29. Delta Airlines has already approved the cancellation of our departing flight to Cancun on November 21 because of the medical situation that has occurred and allowing for a medical emergency for a trip refund for our family with no fees or conditions. Also, our condo suite at the Krystal Resort in Cancun has allowed for us to transfer our week paid reservations to any other week during the next year with no additional costs or conditions. It is very difficult for me to accept Mel Russel simply stating over and over again the no refund policy and no exception policies to me over the phone. Where is Spirit's customer support and management team, that there is no exceptions to the policy. I even requested for simply a credit with Spirit for the amount we have already spent for travel that is out of our control due to medical issues. Mel Russel again simply stated the policies to me and sounded like a recording with no personal connection. I'm sending this notification along with the hospital's letter that has been notarized and attaching Delta Airlines cancellation exception for this specific trip to Spirit Headquarters and Corporate Office. With emergencies such as this there are always exceptions and measures to go beyond and above with customer service - Spirit wouldn't even approve for a full expense credit to be used within six months when we reschedule this trip for our family when our son recovers. I asked Spirit to grant us the same value tickets for future travel and was denied. Spirit Airlines and customer service had no compassion or spirit and I'm going to make certain this is out there for their Corporate Office to see and for others on Twitter, Facebook and rother social webpages - what company as large as one such as Spirit doesn't allow for exception to their policies and work for the customer, especially when their company loses nothing.

I'd appreciate if this email is responded too. It maybe possible that Mel Russel doesn't have the authorization to make any exceptions or refund tickets to be used at a different date. Bryan and I booked this trip with Spirit in good faith and judgment that we would be taking our four children to Cancun to celebrate Thanksgiving. With Drake's motorcycle accident this past Sunday, travel is not possible. How does Spirit not make exceptions to exceptional circumstances - tickets to be used at a later date for the same value purchased in good faith?

Warm regards,

Donna Covarrubias

Bryan Curtis

Drake Pearson

Brooke Pearson

Shyanne Curtis

Sydney Curtis

Spirit Airlines is in the midst of what could only be described as a reputation dumpster fire.
Here is the quick back story. A Vietnam war veteran, Jerry Meekins, purchased a ticket on the airline to go to Florida to help his daughter out after a surgical procedure she was having. He purchased the ticket to make the trip. Mr. Meekins has battled esophageal cancer for two years (he is 76 years old). In between the time he purchased the ticket and the actual flight date he was told by his doctors that the cancer was now terminal and that he should not fly.

As a result, Mr. Meekins asked for a refund of the $197 fare from Spirit Airlines. In order to adhere to an apparently very strict "no refund" policy the airline has said no to the request. Well, what has happened since has created a reputation storm for Spirit that will likely cost them a lot more the $197.

Mashable reports

The "Boycott Spirit Airlines" Facebook Page, which had about 700 likes earlier in the week, has more than 18,000 likes as of Thursday morning, Fox News reports. The page was initially started in 2010 when the airline announced it would begin charging for checked luggage.

Much of the backlash on Facebook against Spirit Airlines is coming from current military members and veterans.

"I believe Spirit Airlines owes a debt to the Veteran and an apology. Being a good corporate citizen seems not to be in their culture. I will not fly them because of this. I am a proud U.S. Navy Veteran," wrote one Facebook commenter, Robert Twigg.

Upon visiting the Facebook page (which had over 19,500 Likes when I was there) you can see that this has gone very mainstream. Posts include links to stories by Fox news, Huffington Post, MSNBC. The Fox News report is an interview with the veteran and it's worth the 5 minutes to watch because it's obvious he's not looking for much and that this gotten a life of its own via social media and the online space.

Now, we realize that these stories get spun hard but that's why they become so powerful. What comes into question is the policy that Spirit Airlines has about no refunds and their response that they get similar request all the time and give no refunds. Similar? Really? This kind of timing and what seems to be a reasonable request from a dying man? It just looks very bad for the airline.

Imagine this. If they had refunded the $197 what might the outcome have been? Here's my guess. A happy war veteran who goes about his business, tells a few friends and they think it's nice and there is no ripple effect. This is great example of how far bad reviews can travel in a relatively short period of time. Would Spirit have received kudos for doing the right thing if they had just refunded the money? Not likely but that should be fine for them especially in light of the trouble they have now created for themselves.

This is a prime example of the quandary that many businesses find themselves in the age of the Internet and the desire by many to right the wrongs that ordinary people can suffer at the hands of a company. I really don't think that Spirit intends to come off as cold-hearted. They are just trying to keep from creating a flood of people trying to game them for refunds (that's my guess at least).

But as Mr. Meekins puts it, he would like to see the company have a review of each case so that the individual merits of the request could be considered rather than falling under a blanket policy. The trouble with that is that while it sounds good is it something the airline could actually do in a reasonable manner? No matter what the business difficulties are though Spirit Airlines has created a very toxic environment for their brand and whatever their concerns are, the average person will not care one bit, no matter how real they are.

This needs to be a lesson to companies which is unfortunately being learned over and over again despite history to show that such moves can snowball quickly and turn into true disasters rather than just be a small inconvenience to a company. Spirit Airlines' hardline adherence to the spirit of the letter of their corporate law has now created an image that will be hard to shake. And for what? 197 bucks? Wow..

covarrubias 11/19/13 2:10AM

we were scheduled on flight # 409 to Ft. lauderdale. as everyone knows the flight made a emergency landing back at O'Hare. we were put on an American flight and as is well. I asked Spirit Air about my bag fee for that flight and no one could help me. who do I call or e-mail for my refund.

luzader 11/17/13 2:39PM

I have been flying spirit over ten years and always was a 9dollar member.I have not used my credit card because of some identity problems and just found out you took my 62,000 miles away this is not fair to a long term customer. I am writing in hope you can reverse this call and I am willing to pay something for this consideration.

thank you JOHN

Anonymous 10/10/13 2:30PM

Last Thursday, I flew Spirit for the first time. Good prices and I completely understood the additional costs. I will not fly Spirit again. The gate agents were so incredibly rude, it amazed me that they could actually get away with it. I had already checke in ad had my boarding pass. But when I went to get on the plane, I was told I had I see the counter agent. No reason given. After standing in line for more than 10 minutes watching this agent talk down to the 3 people in front of me, it was my turn. The agent told me I had to pay for my handbag because it was "too big". She wanted 100.00. I told her it was under the max measurements listed on the website but she said I was wrong. Plane was scheduled to leave in 10 min. She said I had to go down to ticketing and pay and that sh could not gaurs tee the pl e would be here when I got back. I told her she was wrong and I was not going to pay. I asked for a supervisor and she rudely told me "I am the supervisor". Needless to say, the flight left without me on it. I called customer service and spoke to some youngster who barely spoke English tell be me their wa nothing I could do as the counter agent marked me as a no show. To say that Spirit was a terrible experience is an understatement from beginning to end. I will be submitting a formal complaint to the company, and I will be writing about my experience to the travel industry media..ALL OF THEM. Unfortunately for Spirit, I am a travel columnist, lol. Karma's a you-know-what!

Lizette 9/26/13 8:56AM

As everyone else has stated, horrible experience with this Airlines. I made a reservation through Travelosity and cancelled it (1) hour later after reading the baggage fees on Spirit's website. The baggage fee was more than the airfare!

Immediately tried to cancel through Travelosity. Travelosity told me that I had to contact Spirit to cancel. After nearly an hour of over the phone hassel, I was finally able to cancel the reservation. I was told my money would be refunded 7-10 business days. That was on 8/21/13. It is now 9/11/13 and still no refund.

Tried to contact a human being today (9/11/13) at Spirit but no luck. Called Travelosity who called Spirit. Spirit told Travelosity that Travelosity had to refund me the money. Travelosity says they will refund my Spirit airfare in 7-10 business days.

If I have not recieved my refund in 10 more business days, I will proceed with legal action.

Stu 9/11/13 11:00AM

Unfair and misleading carry on charge: $90 for one round trip carry on. I will never recommend it any friend.

CPRW 8/25/13 4:57PM

Spirit Airlines is the worst and I want to talk to the CEO of the company considering I can't get a straight answer from anyone at customer service. Straight crap this airline is and noone I know will ever fly here ever. I have influence over many people and will report this airline immediately.

Anonymous 8/25/13 9:55AM

Spirit Airlines is the worst and I want to talk to the CEO of the company considering I can't get a straight answer from anyone at cusomer service. Straight crap this airline is and noone I know will ever fly here ever. I have influence over many people and will report this airline immediately.

Anonymous 8/25/13 9:53AM

I am Elvin Price and I have been trying to reach Spirit Customer Services . I am having difficulties making connections with Spirit. Please give me a call asap.

I have a complaint about Spirit before I report to Credit Bureau .

Anonymous 8/19/13 2:00PM

My group was traveling from Cancun to Ft. Lauderdale on 8-5-13. The flight was canceled due to a flight attendant calling in sick. We were it in a hotel, and were rescheduled for a flight seperately to the US. We had to get up early, and get a flight together on another airline. Spirit refused to give us a refund on our baggage, stating it was not refundable. I explained the situation, and Laura ID #30481, told me the manager was unavailable. They still refused, and would only repeat the same thing. I was not happy with the service, and to their non caring attitude. Laura refused to give me the corporate number. I would not recommend this airline to anyone.

Unhappy customer 8/9/13 10:13AM

Very substandard airline, customer service sucks, agents are for the most part rude and not helpful at all. I booked a flight from Detroit to LaGuardia (LGA) on 7.26.2013 to connect with an International flight at JFK at 11:15 A.M. Flight was to take place on 8.7.2013 at 6:00 A.M. arriving LGA at 7:38 A.M. Apparently a small plane was sent and many customers included myself cancelled and royally inconvenienced. Spirit did not call me until 9 P.M. on 8.6.2013, left a very vague message and when I called back I had to wait online for an hour before someone answered. No other arrangements were made, no apologies, rudeness school seems to be their modus operandi, so far my credit card charges relative to this fiasco have not been yet been reversed. I missed the international flight and the meetings I was due to attend, at the same time I am slapped with fees to pay the other airline.
Stay away from this so called airline, it is third world and deserves to burn in hell.

MM 8/7/13 9:31AM

Worst company ever. Flight cancelled 2 days in a row, and ended up spending 18 hours in the airport. Spent another 1 1/2 hours on the phone to get an agent, got hung up on during a transfer. Called again next day spent another hour on the phone to have someone tell me I will be getting a call about a travel voucher in the next 24hours-1 week. No one ever called. Called a week later to hear the same story, was promised by "supervisor" Robyn that she assured me she would call by 4pm the next day and now still having to call again because I have yet to hear from someone.

Colleen 7/31/13 12:35PM

you guys really suck trying to speak to a live person is next to impossible and also you have added 60.00 dollars to my visa bill without authorization what a mickey mouse company

dr 7/31/13 12:18PM

I missed my flight arrived over 50 minutes early checked in online 90 ago, just needed pass printed the front desk representative to print boarding & twice he printed my pass under another name casing me to louse an additional 20 minutes while he was looking at my ID even after I repeated my name while he was loking at ID. Anither desk representative stepped un with my ID and print my ticket and told me to run to catch my 867 flight on 7/19/13 @ 630. Dealung with security I missed my flidelat as well. I missed my flight. Your gave me a new flight for 4 hours "later,

Anonymous 7/19/13 5:31AM

Customer Service is the worst I have ever experienced! M return flight was cancelled and to accommodate me they booked me on a redeye. Having advise dthis would not be acceptable they moved to mid morning the next day but failed to accommodate with hotel leaving me left to pay for my own hotel after they cancelled my flight. Complete run around on who is responsible. The service I got on the phone was less than exceptable and I wouldn't recommend them to anyone!

Lorihorakl 7/2/13 6:35AM

How do you actually get to speak to a live customer service representative? I have spent 30 minutes on your call in for frequent flyer?

lindalou 6/20/13 8:34AM

My children flew from Atlantic City to Atl on flight 147. They almost missed their flight because the gate attendant demanded $100 fee for my son's carry-on. This was a connecting flight from Detriot and he flew with the exact same bag into AYC at no charge. My son tried to explain to this rude woman that they were minors and did not have $100. She refused to let him board the plane and even went as far as to call the police to my son. My 11 year old daughter was scared and crying afraid they would miss their flight. The other passengers comforted her while the rude gate attendant maintained her stance. Finally after 5 police officers showed up and verified that my children were indeed minors they were allowed to board the plane just as the doors were being closed. I am highly upset that my children had to go through this travesty. I have been trying to no avail to reach a human being to speak to about this situation. None seem available. I have even attempted to call the airport itself and still unable to speak to a human. My next few phone calls will be to the jersey transportation authority and the FAA if someone does not contact me back regarding this situation. Good money was paid for these kids to fly on this sorry airline. You can absolutely bet I will never utilize this airline again. I have several friends in the travel industry and I am letting all of them know what has transpired so maybe they will think twice before promoting this crappy excuse for customer service of an airline.

One pissed mom 6/18/13 2:45PM

You are a fool to fly Spirit Airlines, They like to save money so much that they are willing to strand two children with no food or way to get home unless they pay an extra fee of $500.00+ because of a missed flight.......Instead of a little human compassion and allowing them to catch a later flight........Better yet! after paying the extra fee so they could get home, their flight was late by over an hour. Do you think the children got a paid a late fee????

OMG 6/14/13 10:05PM

So here we sit in Las Vegas airport....myself and my 2 children, ages 12 & 7.....didn't get to the airport in time for flight so it was canceled....asked for another flight and they said $547.00 please. I only have enough for the $50 lug fee and here we sit. So I guess lesson learned...don't be late for your flight or you'll be stranded where you sit. No family to help and I guess we'll be homeless and begging for food in a day or so!!

OMG 6/13/13 1:05PM

Never ever will use Spirit airline:
Absolutely no information
Absolutely no customer service
Absolutely unprofessional personnel
Always fly delay

papapa 6/10/13 3:00PM

I am very upset Spirit air has changed my reservation from Boston to Dallas a non stop flight to 2 stops Boston, Chicago,to St Paul the to Dallas is this a joke or what
I have had there credit card for 2 years and have only been able to get one normal flight don't believe what they tell you about no black out dates.I have a walking disability and senior how will I take a 10 hr day traveling when I first signed up for a few hour flight
I cancelled and will go with a better airline like jet blue the points system does not work . 5/31/13 9:17PM

the broke my very expensive luggage and lost almost all my clothes and gifts and not answering back 5/21/13 6:21AM

Hello my name is Janie I am disable and i have been trying to get the name corrected on my vacation package since 02/2013 the person I talked to told me she fix it but she did not. I have a appointment to see a specialist, I have wait a year to get this appointment. I have been upset and crying for two days. Every time I try to talk to the manger she yield at me and said she can't talk to me and hung up the phone. I need help please, the

Anonymous 5/17/13 12:22PM

I flew on flight 215 from phila to dallas on 4/30 conf # Q6WGSP I was never given my miles for that flight although I was given the miles for the flight home. I have been trying to get a hold of someone to clear this up and it has been ridiculous and frustrating. My only other option is to go through my credit card company and dispute the charge for the filght since I was not given what was promised me for flying with you and joing this club.

Anonymous 5/15/13 10:11AM

I flew from phila to dallas on 4/30 then back on 5/6 spirit airlines only credited me with miles for the trip home. I have been trying in vain to contact a human being to clear this up.. I was on hold for two hours one day just going from prompt to prompt. when i finaly got someone they said theyd transfer me which just sent me to more prompts and no person.
Now I am going to have to go through my credit card company and dispute the charge for the flight because I joined the club for the miles and discounts and they are obviously not giving me what they promised.

Anonymous 5/15/13 10:06AM

I will never fly Spirit Airlines again! The Spirit service representative for flight 612 had a rude and condescending attiude. Ground transportation problems (of which we had no control)from an airport hotel located 2 miles from the terminal caused my sister and I to arrive 33 minutes prior to plane departure. As we were entering the ticket information, the computer terminal shut down. The Spirit representative said, "you're too late for boarding, since we cannot possibly run you through security in a half hour. Take another flight. YOU PEOPLE are TOLD to arrive 2 hours in advance of departure, so there's nothing more we can do for you." A public reprimand to satisfy her ego, no doubt. She would not listen to any explanation. The next available flight was Friday morning. Our trip was booked Wednesday through Saturday. Too bad, so sad. Not much service ON the plane either. We witnessed another instance of poor customer service when an elderly woman in a wheelchair was having major boarding problems with Spirit personnel. Cheaper tickets, cheap customer serice. Not worth the hassles!

Anonymous 4/4/13 12:25PM

First I Want To Start Off By Saying Your Worker Need Lesson On There People Skills I Have Never Been Spoken To In The Manner I Was Talk To On March The 23rd And On The 27th They Have No People Skils At All I Have Never Been Charge For A Carry On That Is In Regularlation Size My Carry On Is 22x14x10 Ande Was Charge $50.00 Going To Vegas And Coming Back Than Get On The Plane You Don't Even Offer A Drink Or A Snack Yes Your Prices Are Cheaper Than The Other Airlines For You Plane Tickets But By The Time People Pay For All Extra Fees You Chagre It Becomes More Than What The Other Airlines Charge You Guys Made A Pretty Penny Off Of My Family Of 9 I Don't Think I Will Ever Fly Your Airline Again We Were Surpose To Leave Ft Launderdale At 7 :05 Am We Were Delayed Then Get To Dallas Was Told We Had To Get Off End Up Being There For 2 Hours Delayed We Were Surpose To Be In Vegas Around 11:00 Am And Didn't Get There Until 4:00 This Is Uncall For Something Is Very Wrong And All The People That Were Waiting Were Complaing So I'm Guesting You Will Be Here From Other People That Was Sitting Waiting For Your Planes And Were Missing There Connecting Flights.

Anonymous 3/29/13 11:51AM

I was anticipating a family vacation at the end of April and purchased tickets for May 3 (our return tickets) on March 13. I was planning to purchase tickets for my family's departing flights a week or so later after taking care of other financial obligations. On on March 21, I lost my job and this very unfortunate and stressful circumstance that I experienced made me come to the conclusion that since I was now out of a job, taking a family vacation was not a wise choice. I was able to successfully cancel our hotel reservations made through another vendor and was immediately issued a full credit, however, when I attempted to cancel my tickets purchased through Spirit,I discovered that I would be charged cancellation and penalty amounting almost the full amoutn of what the three tickets costed. I was offered $30 due to the fees and penalties as a "courtesy", which is a joke.

What bothers me the most, as I addressed with the customer relations representative is that had I notified your company a few days before my trip, penalties and fees would be understood. However, by me notifying your company over a month in advance, some leniancy should be exercised since the unfortunate circumstance beyond my control has occurred. I feel that your policy for penalizing a so called "valued customer" is terrible. I notified your company more than 35 days prior to travel and feel that I should be entitled to a FULL refund for the simple matter of principle and doing what is fair to make this a win-win for all parties involved.

Truthfully, it truly disgusts me that a company as large as yours would charge a penalty and cancellation fee for a reservation after a 24 hour period, and then turn around and make those seats available and recoup the cost to your customer for price I paid or more (and I won't even talk about you charging for bags!!). This is unfair and I left a message at the Corporate office and expect a call back with regards to this matter.

It is experiences like this that makes me, and as I have read, other customers want to frequent other airlines. I am requesting a full refund of $266.62 and that you stop being so concerned about your bottom line, review and think about this matter, have a heart and be a little flexible! I am sure that $266.62 doesn't mean as much to you as it does to me and my family right now!!

Very Disappointed Customer NEVER 3/26/13 12:10PM

Dear Spirit, I just wanted you to know that my family was on a return flight from Dever to DFW on 3/18/13 on flight # NK720 that had several problems. The flight started in Las Vegas and when we got on in Denver the plane was very hot. We were told to get are seat belts on only to find out the AC was not working. It became so uncomfortable that I needed to stand up. Your attendant asked me to sit down which I thought was weird since we were not going anytime soon. A couple of rows up an elderly man was having problems dealing with the lack of air. His daughter was trying to help him get some relief but your staff did nothing to help him. After 30 minutes of sweltering the ac unit was fixed. After we took off the daughter of the elderly man was complaining to (Marcus) one of your flight attendants. When he came back to the rear of the plane where my wife and I were sitting we overheard him say that the daughter was complaining about the service she and her dad were getting. Marcus comment was that if the woman and her father wanted better service they should have paid more for their tickets! Two problems here: 1 Every ticket holder should get quality service, 2, As a paying customer I don't want to hear an employee complaing about having to do their job. In additon to this incident your female attendant on the flight started singing the words to Party like a Porn Star while she was standing behind us. We had a 5th grade boy sittingnext to us that could hear her! In addition to the singing the same attendant took off her shoes and put them in her travel bag above my head before we had landed. This all was very unprofessional and really reflected poorly on your airlines. I'm sure you train your attendents to perform their job in a more professional manner than this but they seemed more interested in trying to be funny during the anouncements than doing their jobs! Before I would ever consider flying my family with you again I would have to hear back from you that someone in your company talk to these attendants about their behavier.

Let me know.
Thanks, Paul W Vernon

Paul 3/20/13 2:08PM

Yes your tickets are cheap, but you make up for it by charging for baggage that any other airline would consider a free carry on. It cost me $80 just to check one bag both ways of my flight. You don't even give a drink of water for free on the flight. I will NEVER fly Spirit Airlines again. You are certainly a CHEAP

Anonymous 3/18/13 8:46AM

The Worst Customer Service Ever , Extremely Inexperienced Staff On All Levels .

Anonymous 3/14/13 2:51PM

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Worst fly ever!!!! I will never ever,not even for a dollar flight book with this company again, worst costumer service in the industry. The flight attendants were awful, rude, disrespectful; I even hear one of the flight attendants scremming to a passenger. What an awfull experience. I will advise all my friends and whoever is going to book a flight to satay away from Spirit airlines, specially from their flight attendants.

M 3/5/13 8:26PM

Anonymous 3/5/13 8:30PM

It has been 5 years since our last vacation. My wife and i checked our bags to make sure they were not over 50 lbs, because that's what they were, the last time we traveled. We go to check in and they tell us they are now 40 lbs, long story short, it cost us 240.00 to fly 2 bags round trip, are you kidding me. We go to set down on the plain, they changed the seats. I had back surgery, and they could not help me at all, NO pillows, No nothing, the seats where so tight, my knees where almost in my face. When i got off the plain, i got a blood clot because of it. We just went Florida again on 2/26/13, when we came back, the bathrooms were so bad, my wife and i had to wait until we got back to ACY airport. With my new job, i will be traveling a lot more, and i live 5 min. away from ACY. But i will have to start driving up to Philadelphia. Spirit air lines has to make some changes, STARTING with the person who is running the company, or i my self and many others will start using other air lines. When i was writing this i call about my concerns, the person it got on the phone could only say i am sorry, you can not talk to anyone from corporate. WAKE UP Spirit.

Larry 3/5/13 9:31AM

On January 30,2013 my cousin and I were taking a flight to California.I had 2 bags, 1 was a carry on with any other airline and the other I was prepared to check.My cousin had 3 carry on bags. When we got to the check in counter we were charged $100 each for all of our bags with the explaination that our bags had wheels? Huh? On the way back home at the check in counter we were told that our flight was delayed 3 hours due to poor scheduling of staff. Huh? and was told that this happends all the time. Because our 1st flight was delayed we missed our connecting flight as well. There was no offer of anything for our inconveinence! So our trip for $260 turned into a trip for $460 because of bags. Today 2/26/13 I am on the phone right now to inquire about a refund I was given because we used another airline for the connection flight, only to not understand a word the customer service rep is saying, and I'm being told they gave us 2 $50 vouchers for our inconveinence that expire on April 5,2013. This is so crazy because not only did I not get my refund,receive any vouchers,but I didn't even know I had vouchers. This is the worse airline ever!!I don't want the vouchers because I would have to use NO SPIRIT airlines again and be subjected to their non existant customer service. On top of that the staff on the airline were rude and condecending. I am writing a letter to their corporate office as well. With all the complaints I have read while still on hold I truly hope they don't stay in business very long. This was the WORSE travel experience I have ever incountered and it seems that alot of people feel the same way.

Kenya Cousin 2/26/13 4:11PM

Dear Spirit Airlines,
On February 12th of this year friends of mine and I flew out of AC Airport to West Palm Beach Airport. for starters, the girl at the check-in desk was rude and unfriendly. From this experience, we proceeded to the security check, only to be treated worse. My friend's husband is deaf and she needs to "sign" other peoples directions to him. As she attempted to explain this to the security person, the security person, impatiently and without regard for my friend's husband's disability, shoved her aside and told her to stand back. Her husband finally got through it all with my friend signing to him. Then, when my friend went through the security detector, the security lady, being still angry with her, shouted at her to stand still, and saying that means your head, too. it was a humiliating and stressful incident. You need to observe and investigate your counter and security people. Rebecca Lindstrom

Rebecca Lindstrom 2/22/13 1:24PM

My wife and I got a credit card on a Spirit flight which was supposed to give us 4 free tickets. The tickets are usually blocked out for times and yesterday we called to check on the availability of the tickets and were told they were canceled. Never, ever trust Spirit Air. They are liars.

MPRS 2/11/13 12:38PM

I am highly disappointed with the customer service of Sirit Airlines. This company makes it clear that they do not appreciate their customers. The customer service is awful, I can never understand the person who is speaking to me and the result is a extended converstaion that ends up with me still being dissatisfied. as a member of the $9 Club, i am pleasee when i get qa good deal of a flight but whenever I have had to cancel a flight due to my job, the money is forfeited. I think this is poor customer service and as a frequent flyer the money should be credited towards another flight. There can be a time limit put on the credit but Spirit is getting alot of free money that they did not earn. This company really needs to take another look at its policy and train the customer service representatives to speak clearly and to be more professional when speaking with the customer. I am seriously thinking about flying another airline in the future. It is ridiculous!

Highly Disappointed 2/6/13 9:54PM

1/30/13 my name is Joanne Gaddi. Myhusband Alfred Gaddi and I had a flight booked on your airlines today at 3:30PM leaving fm NY Laguardia airport to Ft Lauderdale. I called in the morning and the flight was not cancelled. I arrived at the airport at 2:00PM to find out the flight was cancelled 2 hrs prior. No reason why. It could not be because of bad weather-- Jet Blue and American airlines had flights going out the same time with no cancellation. What happened no crew available or not enough passengers. Your ticket agent said next available flight is Feb 2,2013. Your ticket agent made no accomadations to put us on another airline.I tried getting a flight out the next day on another airline so I can save some of my vacation, and they wanted over $1,000.00 more. It cost me $60.00 to take a taxi to the airport and I had to cancel my car reservations at Budget rent a car in ft lauderdale and that cost $64.41 and the hotel room a couple of hundred dollars. Who is going to reimburse me for your error? I am reporting you to the better business bureau. You should not be in business. My husband and I should be compensated for your inconvenience.

Joanne Gaddi 1/30/13 3:43PM

I am trying to book a flight from Chicago to Los Angeles
The price for the flight back to Chicago showed $260.00
When I was ready to book the flight the price miraculously changed to $359.00 and its NOT the first time!!!
On the website they TRICK you to book a hotel or rent a car.

In average I fly once or twice a month in the US and NEVER experience such low class airline.


NO SPIRIT 1/29/13 9:30AM

As with other upset club members who's comments I just read I was upset to find that there was an "automatic" renewal" of the useless $9 club.. When I questioned the charge on my credit card that was disguised as a "ticket" with a "passenger name" I found out that just a few days ago they renewed this thing which is useless to me because their schedules from my home City are ridiculous. When I asked my credit card co. to inquire we were told that the charge was "automatic" and when I said I didn't want it and could I get a Credit; the answer was it was "non-refundable". I Can understand a ticket being "non-refundable" if you reserved a seat that the company now can't sell; but why is the useless membership non-refundable? This is just a rip off and bad business practice. I will fly this airlines when "pigs fly" but based on all of the negative comments I've read and their persistence in ripping people off, I doubt that any complaints from their former customers will deter these crooks.

Anonymous 1/24/13 5:03PM

I wonder if the airplane mechanics complaints/requests get the same attention from headquarters as the complaints from the passengers.
If so....the future of the airline has no future.
Worst experience all around. WILL NEVER FLY SPIRIT AIRLINES AGAIN

Thomas 1/24/13 2:42PM

I would like to comment on the flight from Orlando on December 8th, 2012 to Fort Lauderdale with the connections to Managua, Nicaragua. We went through the ticketing and custom processes ready for the 9:42pm departure on December 8th. The flight was late and we(people flying to Managua) were told to get back to the reservation counter at the airport to reschedule our flights with Spirit for the next day. We went to the Spirit counter at MCO. We have waited several hours for new tickets. More, I wanted to talked to the supervisor. They just ignored me and I waited 2 extra hours. They way the customer service people treated us was shocking... We were totally outraged. I do have the names and emails of the people involved. I can share it with the Spirit managers. I hope that Spirit will at least reward us free tickes for the future flight to compensate us for one night and day of vacation lost. We flew next day on Copa Arilines. What a difference! A very comfortable flight and very pleasant service! Yes, after this painful experience, we also believe that Spirit is the worst airline in the sky. I have been working in the international field of 20 years. In my fast international experienced, I have never ecountered such poor customer service. More, Spirit service represenatives were rude and arogant.Normally, customer service people try to help the passangers... not to push them off the emotional cliff. Yes, I will avoid using profanity. But this is the first time in my life that I really wanted to scream, cry and use bad language at the airport. More, this is the first time in my life writing the official complain against the airlines.Please improve your service!!!

Anna 1/14/13 9:47AM


ABSOLUTELY BE SURE TO AVOID THIS AIRLINE AT ALL COSTS. APPALLING. HORROR, NIGHTMARE OF AN AIRLINE. THEY NEED TO GO OUT OF BUSINESS - I WILL DO EVERYTHING I CAN TO MAKE SURE THAT THEY DO AND WE WILL SUE FOR DAMAGES AND COSTS. I am an Australian citizen with a VALID Australian passport but Spirit Airlines "supervisor" NORMA at Cabo San Lucas International Airport refused to allow me to leave on January 4, 2013. Norma decided to play US customs and questioned the validity of my US permanent residency green card WHILE SHE WAS RESEARCHING HER OPINION ON THE INTERNET. What's more, this misinformed, incompetent, useless employee took my wife's (and my) entry immigration cards, as well as our boarding passes, AND WERE NEVER TO BE SEEN AGAIN. My wife is a US CITIZEN WITH A US PASSPORT and she was forced to miss the flight after Norma and her team wasted our time for 2 hours. Norma kept leaving to "supposedly" make phone calls to her manager who was in Cancun and return with the same response to me: "You can't leave. You can't enter the US with your card." At one point she changed her mind and was about to get us on the flight at the last minute but then changed her mind again. That's how unsure of herself she was. She had absolutely no right to stop either of us from leaving Mexico, especially my wife who was without question able to travel as a US CITIZEN WITH A US PASSPORT. Norma and Spirit Airlines staff offered ABSOLUTELY NO HELP - we only received shrugs from Norma in response, just like a 10 year old. This is a supervisor?? Yes, we caused a scene at the airport out of unbelievable frustration and other airlines offered to help, notably Delta, who kept saying: "we're sorry, this is Spirit." Delta had no problem boarding me but Spirit had wasted that much of our time that we missed their last flight of the day. Spirit then lost our checked bags for 3 hours while they went to search for them. Their counter simply closed down after their flight departed, also leaving a few people who had missed the flight stranded with NO ONE from the airline to talk to to arrange a re-booking or provide any sort of assistance. Ultimately, we were forced to spend $1,500 to re-book a last minute flight the following morning with US Airways who also had no problem with my green card and getting us on the flight (I also had NO PROBLEMS getting through US Customs in the US). You may think you are ok leaving the US with Spirit (like we did), but their completely incompetent, rude, unknowledgeable, unhelpful staff in Mexico can RUIN YOUR TRIP. YOU'VE BEEN WARNED - STAY AWAY FROM THIS AIRLINE AT ALL COSTS AND USE A REPUTABLE CARRIER LIKE DELTA, US AIRWAYS, VIRGIN, ETC.

Jonathan 1/7/13 12:24PM

This Is The Most Fruadulent Company In The United States. They Advertise A $9 Absolutely Cannot Get Out Of It, And They Fruadulently Charge Your Credit Card (in My Case American Express) $59 Each And Every Year Falsely Claiming A Ticket Number And A Passenger Name Which Is Mine; They Are Hoping That You Forget To Cancel Membership (absolutely Will Never Recommend Or Would Consider Traveling On This Fruadulent Airline).

RICHARD 1/6/13 11:25AM


FRANKLIN 1/3/13 10:18AM

spirit airlines is the greatest airline in creating a facade with low fares when they are obviously a scam and make there money with hidden charges.i arrived at myrtle beach airport at 745,my flight was scheduled to leave at 810 for ft lauderdale and they would not let me board....furthermore,they will not honor my round trip ticket back to sc seeing as i jumped on a train n made it to s florida.If I paid for a round trip ticket why wouldnt they honor my return flight???

scammed 12/29/12 11:00AM

I recently boarded one of your planes on Flight #NK 777 to Las Vegas, NV on 25Dec2012. I was charged 50.00 dollars for overweight bags prior to boarding, and was stopped at the screening table with a carry-on that fit the cubic measuring devicer, fit the overhead, and fit under the seat on the plane.This was an additional 50 dollars. Secondly, there were three stewards, and one female that would not stop talking in the rear of the plane while others including myself were attempting to sleep. Thirdly, we were delayed 30 minutes in flight, after we left the gate. The pilot returned to the gate to load on equipment in the storage compartment.
This was a very bad experience and I will no longer refer to this airline for future travel. I will let my military members know how my experience was.

msteven720 12/27/12 4:12PM

I have been a $9 fare club member for many many years and introduced it to countless friends and family throughout the years. For a time I had been a champion of this airline, low fares, on time arrival and departures, decent service all around.
Presently I have come to regards this airline as another failure
in the corporate environment. Yes, they have a billion dollars in sales but am I the only one disgusted with this company? Travelling is hard enough these days without being made to feel so insignificant, so disregarded as a paying customer. It is greed once again that dictates corporate policy. How phony and pretencious. You will in time loose your customer base. I for one, will go back to JETBLUE when I need a cheap ticket.
Spirit is CHEAP in every sense of the word.

Anonymous 12/20/12 11:02AM

i have flew with spirt everytime i had vaction time it used to be a fairly good experiance. it has been a teribble experiance last few times. i have been promised vouchers for flights that been cancled.due to a piliot strike one time. i had to use another airline to return to work on time or faced being fired. never recived anyting after several request. and recently waited in Detroit MI. 6 hours to pick up my daughters from tampa were told because of fog no flights were allowed and we watched outher spirt flights landed from orlando and ft meyers then told mechanical problems also. and told flight was canceled. when that was not true. i guess i am saying your public relations officer should not be so dishonest. as this was shared feeling among everyone that sat 6 hours wondering if to return the 2 hour drive home and return later or the next day. even our daughters on the flight sitting on the runway back to a termminal back to runway again back to termminal there has to be a more efficent way . i would be willing to help out in anyway. because I feel someone is doing a very poor job and there is alot of people willing to work hard for a job nowdays. I feel spirt owes me somthing witch I bet I never here from anyone there.

Anonymous 12/6/12 2:34PM

My name is Adolph White. I cancelled two tickets in July 2012 due to military service; my daughter was supposed to travel with me but because of my military service she could not travel without me. I cancelled both tickets more than seven days prior to our scheduled travel but have received only one refund. I have been given many different instructions to remaining refund as well as many different reasons why I cannot get it. Each time I call I cannot get a senior person from the corporate office, instead only someone in India. I did all I was supposed to do yet I am being denied a refund of my hard earned money. Military service is tough and demanding; I had to cancel yet Spirit is refusing to give a refund or even to give me a credit for a future flight. I am trying to travel to Jamaica on the 12th December 2012 and I could at least use that unrefunded seat or even a part of it. The conformation code is YBYAI6, the traver's name is Tamika White, I am her father Adolph White; travel date was 4 August 2012 thru 8 August 2012. $381 is a lot of money for me; I work very hard and I am sure it would not hurt Spirit Airlines to return all or some of my money, or even to credit some for a future travel. I am sure there are empty seats available. I would appreciate a seat or partial credit for a seat on the 12th December 2012 to Jamaica. At least this gesture would repair some of the damage to my finances and the disappointing feelings I have towards Spirit. My family and friends are frequent flyers and a kind gesture from Spirit would at least restore our interest in flying with Spirit in the future. If this kindness is extended by Spirit, that sentiment could be reciprocated by us in the future.

Al 12/4/12 12:00PM

I have found spirit airlines to be the most crooked airline there is. Whenever they have to give a refund they mislead and lie to avaoid doing so. In July 2012 my wife, daughter and me had reservations to fly to Jamaica on 4 August. I am in the military and due to official duty I had to cancel me and my daughter's reservations. The requirement is that I call a minimum seven days prior to travel. I called about 10 days prior and cancelled both flights. I called Spirit and was told to send proof of military service; I did. I was refunded for only one ticket. I called again and was told to send prof of military service, I did twice but I kept getting the run-around. After nearly five months of trying I was finally told I waited too long to request a refund. On other occasion when I called I would get different reasons. This airline is crooked and I will never use it again. I am going to reprt it to the military so that military personnel are discouraged from using it; they are thieves; they are only interested in collecting money. The cruel irony is the fact that they sold my reservation because it was at the 50th aniversary in Jamaica and seats were in demand; Spirit had enough time to sell my daughter's seat. I have wasted a lot of time and telephone calls to the bogus number they advertise only to speak with someone in India. I even asked Spirit to give me another seat for future travel if a refund cannot be given, they refused. I am trying to travel to Jamaica on the 12t of December 2012 and I asked if instead of a refund if I could at least get some credit for that ticket I had cancelled in July but everytime I called its the same deceptive and cold hearted answers. I am so disappointed that I am considering reporting the matter to the better business bureau. I have heard many horror stories about this airline; they are horrible, greedy and insensitive.

none 12/4/12 11:32AM

We had a very important trip booked on Spirit, and had to cancel due to Hurricane Sandy. All of the affected airlines were giving CREDIT for their flight, and finally at the last minute, Spirit did too! I was very pleased! That is, until it came time to get my credit (which had to be applied within 60 days). After phoning 4 times, and being put on HOLD for countless minutes each time,I was told each time that there was en error, and that they would clear it within 24-48 hours. finally "Luther" told me that I had to book the flight that I wanted to take in April, charge it to my card, and that that's how they would put the credit back - directly to my SPIRIT card. He said it would take 24-48 hours to appear on my card. after a week, I called Bank of America Spirit credit card customer service. I was told that they do not have any credit issued back to my card. So, once again I called Spirit. Could not talk to anyone in the U.S.A. But I was connected to a "supervisor," Phil. I told him I would not hang up till I got my credit put on. He said he would personally do this, and would call me when the credit error was rectified, and the credit was put back on my card. He said it would be this week. (to be continued...)

DeenaM05 12/2/12 9:07AM

The WORST Pretend Airline ever!!!!!!
It must be nice for their Pretend Execs to hide behind there Non- Customer Service trained foreigners!!!! In a small call center where they transfer calls between the 2 of them and pretend to change there voices.
Do NOT Ever Fly BOGUS Spirit again!!!

Andrea 11/30/12 3:36PM

I am writing this comment because I was very unhappy with the service I received from one of your airport agent, and also from one of your telephone helper. My wife and I travelled on Spirit Airlines to Las Vegas, 11/24/12. Our Confirmation # is A8W17D. In checking in to get a boarding pass, as was instructed by one of your agents, I accidentally was charged for two (2) "carry-on", when it should have been for two (2) "checked bags." The airport agent informed me that she could not refund me for the charge, but that I would be able to get it back if I were to call Spirit Airlines, when I returned home. I did as I was told, but your telephone helper infromed me that since the agent did not make a notation on the receipt, there was nothing he could do. I think I am being treated unfairly, and I think you need to refund the charge for the "carry-on" bags, since we did not have any "carry-on" bags. We have used your airlines before, and will probably do so again, but if we can expect this kind of customer service, I can guarantee you it will be our last trip on your airlines. Granted, we are just two small passengers, compared to the millions of others you serve, but I will leave it up to you to decide.

Everton 11/28/12 1:54PM

Spirit Airlines is so close to having a long term future. The business model of offering low cost fares and paying for the extras gives them a fare structure for an economically diverse clientèle. The add on costs are and the economically challenged clients attempting to bring all of their worldly possessions into the cabin with them is annoying. But I can deal with these things. The one thing I have found so far that I can not live with is the following: Spirit has set up an elaborate game of "Search for the good deal". It is sort of fun. I go places I had never intended to go because Spirit induces me with these great deals I find in the Spirit Airlines Website. It all seamed like a win win situation until I discovered that Spirit Air was cheating in this game that they had set up. I tried to buy a Spirit airline ticket using a Spirit on-line discount. Spirit requires the discount code be typed in prior to searching for the fares. I found that Spirit raises the price of the fare the same amount as the discount, thereby nullifying the value of the discount code! I for one believe the lack of credibility for Spirit will end up costing them more than the money Spirit makes by "stacking the deck" on their fare promotions.

Tbird101 11/27/12 9:15AM

This company its horrible my son who lays is life on the line for usa is charged 150 for his bags on a leave never again wait to see the flyer i send to all our guys that protect your family!!!

tracey 11/13/12 5:01AM

This is the worst airline I have ever flown with. It cost more in fees to fly then the actual ticket. Also, I can only assume that team members have been instructed to lie to the customers based on all the misinformation I was given. I will never recommend this airline and will make it a point to tell everyone I meet and know not to fly with this airline.

Never Again 11/8/12 4:47PM

I agree with Jim W who on 8/17/12 12:35PM wrote regarding Automatic Renewals (see below). While there is mention of this buried in the Club's Terms & Conditions, who reads these??? I have been out of town for the past month dealing with my mother's death & funeral so any emails they say they sent warning me of this (which I can't find) would not have been read until now. My membership expired & was renewed just two days ago & is still a pending charge in my cc account. This airline is apparently so hungry to rip people off that even with this information, they still refuse to refund my money.

When I asked to speak to the Supervisor's (Jude Correya) superior, I was told he has the last word & no one above him could help or even be contacted. He even refused to give me the corporate office phone number!!! HE WAS IN CHARGE. He was rude, abrupt & needless to say, unhelpful. I found the number online & called but of course got a message that they didn't accept customer service calls.

Even with magazine subscriptions you cancel, you are refunded the unused portion. Who doesn't do this? What kind of business practice & customer relation is this? I have 1000's of facebook & twitter followers - they will be putting out the word to boycott this customer unfriendly airline.

Spirit Airlines. Who is on your marketing team? What horrible press & negative customer relations are you hoping for? In this day of businesses vying for your business and loyalty, do you really think this is the way to go?

I was just cancelling my membership until I had the opportunity to fly with Spirit again. Do you think that will happen now? I think NOT. And looking over all these unflattering comments I don't expect you to be in business the next time I go to fly anyway. What a poor decision you guys are making - but hey, that's you choice. But we also have a choice - something you seem to have forgotten.

The following is what Jim W had to say:
Apparently, there was an automatic renewal for the club membership I was not aware of. I do not get enough value with this service, WAS NOT MADE AWARE THERE IS A AUTOMATIC RENEWAL, AND DID NOT AUTHORIZE THIS TRANSACTION. I have cancelled my membership and do not intend to use it again. It was never disclosed to me nor was I ever notified that I would be charged again, if I had been notified, I would have cancelled prior to the auto-renewal date.

Calvin Herman $9 FAre Club customer service stated that my membership has been cancelled and that Spirit Air policy is that the membership fee is non refundable. I tried to resolve this issue by speaking with his supervisor. After being placed on hold in excess of 20 minutes, I spoke Mr. Nick Adams, and was also informed by him that the fee is non refundable and there was nothing I could do about it. When speaking with him his tone was very bad mannered and unpolished.
Jim W 8/17/12 12:35PM

Wade C 11/6/12 11:25AM

Flight from DFW to Myrtle beach SC


My fiance Walter Mason arrived to the DFW at 5:20AM for his 6AM flight to myrtle beach sc with the layover in Chicago. When he arrived at the ticket counter he told by the rep that if he needed assistance he had walk down to the 1st check point( so a person has wheelchair assistance is told to walked). Mr.Mason then saw Ana the supervisor and ask for her how could he receive assistance to get to his flight. She looked at him and walked away she never returned. At this point the clock is ticking and this man is hobbling on two bad knees trying to catch his flight. When he finally got to the gate Vanessa told mr mason the flight left 10 mins ago. The plane could still be seen from the window. She closed the door before telling him this. He was told his luggage was on the flight. I had to go the spirit ticket counter in myrtle beach and with the assistance from Mary Christine and the wonderful spirit airlines staff in Myrtle Beach walt would have never received his luggage. He had medication that he had to take and he was told repeatly his bag was sent on to Myrtle beach. It took several attempts to reach out to DFW before they finally assist him with his luggage. There was one spirit agent that tried in the dfw depo.. For the rest of your staff they need a SERIOUS lesson in customer service. From what I understand your staff in Dallas are contract workers and whole attitude is why care. I am a fare club member and never a problem with spirit. The only reason he even agreed to take a flight is because u spoke so highly of your service and motto. But after this incident..I went to a couple of websites and saw there 10xs complaints to compliments for spirit and your staff. Shame on you, that people lives can be tampered and you are not held accountable for the hire on the front to execute basic customer service principles and beliefs. Once again SHAME ON YOU

The window

Cancercrb77 10/26/12 9:16PM

October 19, 2012

To: Spirit Corporate Office

From: Cynthia Melvin /
1545 Ruby Drive
Perris, CA 92571

Re: Confirmation Number X8Q9WZ

This contact is in reference to the most unpleasant airline experience I have ever experienced. I arrived at the airport and was told my bag was over the 40 pounds allowed, while most all other airlines have a 50lb limit. I really don�t believe your airline allows for the weight of the luggage. When I started removing items, everyone around me was shocked that I had to remove anything there was very little in my luggage that could have caused it to be over the 40lb weight limit.

In addition, the carry on item, according to your measuring tool, my carry on fit in the compartment that measures what is considered a free carry on, but because it had wheels, the customer service ticketing representative still made me pay the additional $43.00 for the free measured carry on item. So honestly you DO NOT have competitive pricing because you make it up in your fees. Your advertisement is pure suspect and very misleading and borderline fraudulent business practices. You don�t even offer free water.

I got through this ordeal still trying to stay positive and not have to arrive at my destination in frustration because of your misleading processes. I am going on vacation and I don�t feel starting off my trip in pure humiliation is a good marketing tool for your airlines. Instead this should be a very pleasant interaction, IT WAS NOT. Your customer Service at both the LAX and MBJ was horrible. Not only did I leave from LAX frustration, I also returned in the same frustrated mood. Even though I thought I would give your airlines the benefit of the doubt, I truly can�t.

My return trip was also very frustrating. I left my passport in my friend�s briefcase in Negril and had to turn around and go back to Negril. I still got to the airport by 1:46pm. However, upon entering the airport, I was stopped by a customer service representative who told me she needed to weigh my luggage. When it was weighed she informed me it was overweight so I had to stop and rearrange some of my items, which caused me to get to the ticket counter at 2:06pm. My flight left at 3:04, I was supposed to be checked in by 2:04pm I was two minutes late, I explained to the representative, I had to go back to Negril to get my passport and that me being stopped to weigh my luggage caused me a two minute delay. She WOULD NOT check me in for my flight. I had to walk away from the counter in order to not lose my temper. I said to her I have insurance on my ticket does that not account for anything she said she has nothing to do with the insurance. I said what the heck does this mean you have nothing to do with the insurance, I purchased it through your website. At any rate, I had to immediately contact the person who brought me to the airport to have him turnaround and come back and get me.

Because of being two minutes late, I had to pay an additional fee to fly the next day. I had to pay an additional night at a hotel; I had to spend additional money for food. I had to spend additional money for transportation and I missed two very important business meetings because your representative would not book me on my flight for being two minutes late.

I am asking for a refund of my additional out of pocket expenses of $205.00 because your agent would not accommodate me and get me on my flight because of two minutes , and $86.00 for being overcharged for a luggage that measured by your measuring tool as a free carry on item. This is ridiculous and I just can�t believe the horrible experience and frustration of this airline. I was reading all the comments and complaints about your airlines. My question is DO YOU READ the comments because it seems you are doing NOTHING to correct the issues. Making money should not be your major concern, but retaining clients should. You don�t seem to have a system that works in retaining customer. You lure customers in by your misleading prices, but we really aren�t savings when you consider the frustration and ALL the additional fees.

Because I was brining in gifts when I arrived in Jamaica to friends I had to be searched and ALL my contents emptied out and searched. This was still not as humiliating as being overcharged for luggage when in fact the luggage measured as a free carry on. This was still not as humiliating as Spirit not checking me in because of a two minute delay caused by being stopped entering the airport which caused me not to get to the counter because my luggage had to be weighted. I am travelling abroad; I am not sure what the process/procedure is on weighing in the luggage prior to reaching the check in gate. When I arrived, I told the person I was travelling with Spirit; she said I need to weigh your luggage. I did not know if she worked for spirit and whether she was there to assist Spirit. Because she continued assisting me after I told her I was traveling with Spirit made me think she was going to weigh me in and then take me to the check in so it appeared this is just the process. Had I know, I would have never stopped to get weighed in prior to just going straight to the check in counter. The same process happened at LAX, when I arrived, the person stopped me and told me to weigh in my luggage as well as check in at the kiosk. Because I was travelling Internationally, I could not check in at the kiosk and was escorted to the counter by the same rep that stopped me to weigh my luggage.

I need you to explain to me what was my purpose of purchasing insurance? I need you to tell me why the representative didn�t try to get me scheduled on my flight for two minute delay. I need you to tell me why was I still charged $43.00 (total $86.00) for my departure and return flight for luggage that measured as free by your measuring tool only because my carry on had wheels? This seems like a scam to just make money and you know we can�t dispute this because we want to get to our destination and we want to return home. It�s not fair and I don�t think as a customer I should have to experience these kinds of things that COULD BE AVOIDED. I do understand some things can�t be avoided, but these things could have been avoided.

I am in the business of sales, I am a Real Estate Broker. I do whatever it takes to retain customers and get referrals. I know that you can�t satisfy everyone, but my customer service skills say you can try, but that you NEVER try to take advantage of or mislead customers. So I know first had about great customer service skills. I work out ALL situations for my customers because I realize they are the ones who make me successful at my business. I hope you will start to do the same.

Regretfully written,

Cynthia Melvin

Unsatisfied and Frustrated Custo 10/19/12 11:26AM

Could the reading lights aboard Spirit Airbus 319 somehow be adjusted so they illuminate the entire seatback tray-table surface?

sdixon5 10/16/12 11:41AM

i was lied to trapped and left for dead in las vegas... on monday the 1st day of october i was trying to get on a flight to oakland at 905pm..the staff at the counter said there was trouble..every 30 mins they would say another 30mins..this went on till 330 in the morniong the whole time babies were crying no vouchers no ansers.. i asked for a mananger every 45mins..none ever came..they said the plane was getting worked sat in the dark on the runway..they lied..laughed..cancelled then rebooked everyone..i didnt get home for 28hours after i stepped in the airport..never again will i torture myself by trying to save a couple bucks..god bless southwest! the staff was a joke rude as all hell..people were in such of panic..they were calling 911..for real..its HORRIBLE and DOES not CARE about constomers..i have yet to hear a response of a i am sorry or an offer of refund partial refund or voucher for a free trip to try and win me and fellow humans...dont fly spirt..they have no spirit..they are shame in the airplane game!!!big time!!!! and if any one from corparate is reading this my confirmation code was yy9l3d on 10/1 from vegas to oak.. look into it.. im not exagerating!
i give you guys a couple of monthes before you go under..heres a more planes that work..hire nice people..and care for your customers...duh.! man im trying not to curse..... horrible//shame on all of you- 10/11/12 3:05PM

never had such a miserable upsetting encounter with an airline until i flew spirit one time and the last time! horrible, unprofessional, ignorant and rude nasty people!!!!!!!!!!

tammyb 9/29/12 9:24PM

I can't tell you how upset I am. I booked a flight for myself, my dad and my husband on July 20, 2012 for a flight to Myrtle Beach on September 25, 2012. I booked the two front seats as I noted on the booking form that my dad was legally blind, very hard of hearing and could barely walk. He has a stiff leg and needs the extra room. Also my dad is 91 years old. While printing off the boarding pass I noticed we were in row 26. Apparently no one read my booking form. I immediately called and was told they apologize but there is nothing they could do. I kept repeating that row 26 is unacceptable and needed the front seats that I paid an additional $35 for when I booked. After a lengthy wait I spoke to a supervisor who told me the best he could do was row 2. These seats as he told me are also for handicap. He told me that if my seat was needed I would have to give it up. I explained because of my dad's problems of not seeing and hearing I needed to sit next to him. That didn't seem to matter. All I could think of was whose friend, relative or associate got our seats. Upon entering the plane in row 2 my dad's stiff leg was cramped under the first seat and he was very uncomfortable. I must mention the people that got our seats did not show any signs of a disability. They walked around freely. Read a book and newspaper and talked within themselves the whole trip. What a slap in the face to a person with noticeable disabilities. Upon leaving my dad had a very hard time getting out of his seat and they brought in an aisle chair, strapped him in and wheeled him out. How embarrassing. If our chairs were not given away there would not have been any problem. My husband and myself could have handled this as we are his caretakers.
I have to thank the nice lady and young man that helped my dad into the aisle chair as he needed to be just about lifted out of the seat. My husband and myself had the two inner seats and could't get out to help him. But as I said if we had the seats I originally booked there would not have been any problem. I'm wondering where this qualifies under the Disability Act?
I intend to pursue this matter as I feel disabilities do not mean anything to Spirit.

Anonymous 9/29/12 4:22PM

I just got off the phone with a customer service rep named: Salomi. Its Sat, 9/29 at 10:31am CST. She could not have been more rude if she tried!! I needed help with my reservation and didn't have my number- but I had the flight info and my last name. That should be enough to confirm my flight- I wasn't asking for personal information for God's sake! She told me that she couldn't help me AND she wouldn't let me speak to a manager even tho I asked repeatedly. I have worked with call centers for years- and NEVER have we encouraged our representatives to say they can't help or not let a customer talk to a manager. After this flight I WILL NEVER FLY SPIRIT AGAIN. and I'll make sure everyone I know is aware of how bad the customer service is. I work in Human Resources- our employees will NOT fly Spirit!!

Anonymous 9/29/12 8:49AM


tashicat 9/18/12 1:25PM

I am from Jamaica and joined the $9 fare club last year. I've received countless promo 'deals' packing up my inbox, yet no notice as stated by Jenny who said its automatically delivered by computer to my email on July 15 one month before the expiry date they advise me is Aug 15. There is NO NOTIFICATION as they have claimed and to add insult to injury they tell me they cannot see my inbox info, that it could've gone to spam or junk - IT WENT TO NEITHER. Yet they proceed to debit our credit card account for an UNAUTHORIZED renewed membership sum. I write this after first speaking to Brian, who put me on to Jenny, who has me holding for a supervisor, and I continue to hold even now, without success for some 20+ minutes, with the advice earlier that the supervisor is attending to someone else. This does not auger well at all, I challenge spirit to find that notice they claim was sent to me, I can assure them it WAS NOT SENT. I need this sum to be reversed immediately. It cannot be lawful the plot that seems to be unfolding.

Cheated Past Member? 9/18/12 10:55AM

I have never experienced such poor customer service from a corporation that serves thousands of people across the United States and other countries. I was charged $59.95 unauthorized out of my bank account from Spirit Airlines. After contacting customer service earlier today and getting no where with the gentleman from another country, I asked to speak to his supervisor which I was connected to after several minutes. Another person named Jude Correya, not an American, claiming to be highest person available, spoke with me and would not credit my bank account for the unauthorized charge for yearly membership. No matter what I said in no uncertain terms would he. He could not give me a telephone number to corporate, imagine that. But I found one online, only to be directly answered by a voicemail and given the number I already called. I left two messages and no return call. I have heard people complain at the airport and on the plane about Spirit about all the fees and poor customer service. I have had decent service with flights but after this incident wish I would have read the reviews and comments. My family and I will no longer be flying with Spirit and I will also never recommend them as I have in the past. It would be nice if someone would return my call!

Jcalle 9/5/12 2:35PM

I've had a few problems with spirit airlines prior as I have been a loyal customer throughout for well over a decade. I am having a surgery in New York this Thursday and via some late info, I won't be able to drive afterwards even though it's an outpatient surgery. I went to book the flight for someone else and it's almost a hundred dollars more than my price as a member. After speaking to 2 representatives and 2 managers that gave names Phil Foster and Nick Peterson who both told me there was no corportate number or email address and there was nothing they could do for me to discount or credit the difference to keep a loyal customer. My Reservation conf. number is GF57GB. Please help me.

Anthony Moorer

Anthony 9/3/12 12:12PM

OMG! I haven't even gotten on my flight yet and i'm having a terrible time..........why do we have foreigners helping us in the USA? I asked one simply question, do i have to take my prescription bottles with me or can i just pack my one week pill pack? The lady goes into how much it will cost me to carry luggage on board, what size it has to be, and do I want the 9$ club program? NOOOOOOO I jus twant to know if i have to take the actually presciption drugs on baord with me. 'CAN I PUT YOU ON HOLD' 5 minutes later, 'yes you will need a dr's note to bring your pills on board.....What is this elementary school? I pray i do not experience anything else. i will freak out!

Anonymous 8/31/12 11:14AM

Apparently, there was an automatic renewal for the club membership I was not aware of. I do not get enough value with this service, WAS NOT MADE AWARE THERE IS A AUTOMATIC RENEWAL, AND DID NOT AUTHORIZE THIS TRANSACTION. I have cancelled my membership and do not intend to use it again. It was never disclosed to me nor was I ever notified that I would be charged again, if I had been notified, I would have cancelled prior to the auto-renewal date.

Calvin Herman $9 FAre Club customer service stated that my membership has been cancelled and that Spirit Air policy is that the membership fee is non refundable. I tried to resolve this issue by speaking with his supervisor. After being placed on hold in excess of 20 minutes, I spoke Mr. Nick Adams, and was also informed by him that the fee is non refundable and there was nothing I could do about it. When speaking with him his tone was very bad mannered and unpolished.

Jim W 8/17/12 12:35PM

This airline gives aviation a bad name. Spirit has no business being in the aviation business. If they hauled people by boat and hit an iceberg, everyone would have gone down with the ship. They cancelled our returning flight stranding us until the next day. Food vouchers were issued that would not be honored. Baggage fees were not cancelled along with the cancelled flight. The line to get alternative accomodations was so long because they would not staff enough people to accomodate all the passengers in a timely manner. Treated like steerage pretty much. I would not fly with this airline ever, unless you are a cow.

Fred 8/17/12 6:58AM

Today I found out (as we were planning on redeeming our over 51,000 spirit miles....only to find out that they were gone!!! Expired!!! I received no notification of this and when I finally got thru to Customer Service I was told that I received an email about this back in April but one thing I didn't receive the record of it...because I didn't use my spirit card for five months I lost the miles....I wasn't aware of this policy and when we signed up for the card was never told about this!!! I would be the first to admit if I was wrong about something like this but my problem is that I was unaware of this policy and situation and definitely would have avoided it to save the miles...we have flown with Spirit for years but recently it seems that the customer service,extra fees and the unwillingness of the staff to keep customers happy (maybe reinstating my miles) is driving good customers away...I wanted to speak to someone in management with some authority to review this case but was told in so many words that it was pointless...this is inexcusable!!! Do I have any other option??? Is someone there in the Corporate Office that can help???

Jackie C. 8/13/12 5:02PM

I mistakenly cancelled my reservation few mins ago. I clicked the wrong place thinking that was not to cancel. I called immediately and talked to one of your agent to reinstate my reservation. He couldn't do anything. That is really unfortunate that your staff could not help out for a computer mistake on my side. and then he said I'll get only $134 of my $770 that I spent to buy 4 tickets for my family to attend a convention there. That is really painful. I'm a single mother with 3 kids and a mother who is dependent on me. To loose that much money is a lot for me. I'll really appreciate if you could reinstate my reservation or give my money back. The flight is on the 31st. I'm pretty sure you will get your money back by reselling those tickets to someone if not giving them back to me. I feel like its a rip off. There should be some ethical boundaries of this kind of policies. I have travelled with every other airlines before but never got this treatment. Even through priceline to change a ticket , they don't charge more than $150. To cancel, they charge none if its this far ahead and you have one yr credit to use your money and u will have to pay the difference of price at that time. But your policy of returning me only $134 out of $770 is totally unfair to a hard working mother like me.

Daisy 8/5/12 12:03AM

I will never ever fly with this carrier ever again. Spirit's Customer Service people do not speak the English language clearly. I felt so bad that I have to ask the person what in a hell he was saying. Why do Spirit Airline have to outsource their Customer Service somewhere? We need work in the USA. There are so many catches to pay with this carrier,Five Dollars for the counter paid employee to print the passenger boarding pass, extra fee to request for a seat in ECONOMY section. That is so absurd! Forty Dollars for an overhead carry-on bag! There is fee for not being a memeber. At least Spirit could offer their passengers is free water to drink.
My three years old luggage handle was broken on July 24rth from San Diego to Dallas. I believe no American should give bussiness to this carrier till Spirit consider giving jobs to Americans in the mainland. My first and last flight with Spirit.

Spirit Airline Corporate office 7/25/12 10:48AM

The events that had occurred to me yesterday leaves me with a very â??bad tasteâ?? for Spirit Airlines. I was booked on a return flight yesterday, July 19, 2012, from LaGuardia Airport, NYC, to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida (Flight 779- confirmation AC6NHX). The flight was supposed leave at 7:52 PM. My daughter and I arrived at the Gate very early. Upon reviewing the flight information on the internet we noticed that flight 779 was cancelled. We immediately went back to the Spirit Airline counter (no one was at the gate) to talk to someone. A Spirit Airline agent told us that this flight was cancelled and the next open flight to Ft. Lauderdale was Sunday, July 22, 2012 (3 days later). I told the agent that it is imperative that I get home by Friday, July 20, 2012 due to important commitments that my daughter and I have. I asked about flights to other airports like Miami or West Palm Beach. The Agent answered with a firm â??noneâ??. When I asked her to tell me my options or if other airlines had flights, she gave me your 1-800-772-7117 phone number and told me I needed to call this number. I did try to call this number and I was told that the â??estimated wait time was 45 minutesâ??. This was ridiculous. I than franticly ran around to various airlines to see if there was other flights from NYC to Ft. Lauderdale. Thank god for an American Airline Agent who looked up all flights leaving NYC to Ft. Lauderdale. He told me that Jet Blue had a flight leaving LaGuardia at 1:00 PM July 20, 2012. I ran to the Jet Blue counter and luckily got a flight, costing $600 for my daughter and me. The Jet Blue agent also gave us a list of recommended hotels in the area. I am extremely upset that your agents did not perform any service, for us. She did not look for any other flights by other airlines and she did not give us a list of recommended hotels. She only told us the next open flight was Sunday and gave us a 1-800 number that was very busy.
Once I got situated at the hotel I called my husband at home. He decided to call the 1-800 numbers to discuss the situation and what are Spirit Airlines responsibilities for some of the costs incurred (airplane tickets, hotel, additional parking costs, etc.). My husband called this number and was also told that the â??waiting time to speak with an agent was 45 minutesâ??. My husband was on the phone for 105 minutes waiting. Can you believe that? He finally spoke to a customer agent who told him that they are only authorized to refund the cost of the ticket, a $289. He asked about the hotel stay ($300 for the night and meals). The Customer Service Agent just said â??sorryâ?¦she is only authorized to refund the ticketâ??. I AM SO UPSET WITH YOUR COMPANY. The Customer Service is awful, from the Agents at the airport to your 1-800 number. You would think in the current airline situation customer service would be a significant factor. I guess not for your company. I hope there is something you can do to restore my faith in Spirit Airlines.

Marlene 7/20/12 8:07AM

I flew spirit last week from DFW to San Pedro Sula Honduras with a stop in Ft. Lauderdale. I checked a stroller for our new born. It was not in San Pedro when we arrived. I got a receipt from a "spirit worker" and was told that they would bring it to the town that I live in 1 hour away from the airport. It's bee a week and nothing no one answers the phone number on the receipt. I went online and the claim form needs to be mailed to Florida. What a joke! Mail from Honduiras to the U.S. takes about 6 weeeks to arrive if you are lucky. Does anyone know any other options?

Spirit Sucks 7/13/12 9:17AM

I purchased a round trip ticket from ORD to DFW departing 6/23/2012 returning 6/25/2012. Confirmation # A5YNMP. I paid with a Visa ATM card. Your sales person transfered me to a company named Great Fun. The sales person gave my Visa Number to Great Fun without my permission. Great fun access my bank account an charged funds to my bank account. I never gave Great Fun my Visa number. Your Airline also sent information requesting a visa card to Bank of America requesting a Master card. I never gave you permission to request a charge card in my name. These are fraudulent acts that you can't deny.

Anonymous 7/11/12 7:26AM

Spirit Airlines personnel at airports are not helpful!!!! Spirit Airlines lost my luggage, it has been 7 days and no one has returned any of my multiple messages and report I did the same day I arrive to my destination. Today, I went to speak to two supervisors, Lombretta and another one who was rude enough not to provide her name. Guess what???? NOTHING, absolutely nothing was done. I still don't have my luggage and no one at the airport had the professionalism to tell me what is going to be done. I have spent unnecessary money on clothes and hygiene items because my luggage was lost by you. Again, one of your representative at the gate in La Guardia, NY airport did not do his job correctly and caused me to lose my luggage and money. I took my receipts to the airport counter and all they told me was send by internet to who knows what department, cause they didn't tell me. I have been going back and forth to the airport which is 45 minutes away from where I'm staying at, to waste time and gas because I still don't have my luggage. None of your supervisors had the decensy to apologize for this MAJOR INCONVENIENCE your airline has caused. I need someone to IMMEDIATELY give me a call that I have been waiting since 6/29/12.


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