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AT&T Uverse corporate office headquarters location, phone number, address and feedback

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Corporate Office Address:
AT&T U-verse

AT&T Inc.
208 S. Akard St.
Dallas, TX 75202
United States

Phone: 212-821-4105

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I am an AT&T land-line customer. Each month I receive one bill which correctly states my name.
However, I receive a torrent of marketing material which reverses my first and last name.
No one at AT&T seems to know how to correct this problem.
I have been trying since the beginning of the year.

Anonymous 8/15/14 12:20PM

I just received my first bill from AT&T and it was $113. higher than I was quoted by 2 AT&T reps, Jennifer Morgan and Daniel Kurpinsky (spelling approximated). The phone number that they gave me to contact them (512)436-7032 goes to voice mail and no one ever calls back. They had said this was a "special" support number so I could reach them anytime for help without having to dial the 800 number. I have spent countless hours on the 800 number now and they say the promo plans I was quoted are not recognizable. Bottom line , I was deceived by Daniel Kurpinsky and Jennifer Morgan of AT&T. They gave me a fictitious plan that I cannot afford. They also gave me a customer support number that is unresponsive and served as a "selling point" in their sales pitch. How can AT&T allow such deception in their Marketing department? Can Mr. David Banks of AT&T please rectify my problem and prevent this from happening to other innocent citizens? Please respond.

Deceived by AT&T 8/5/14 12:47PM

I have had multiply issues with my AT&T U-Verse bill. In April, an AT&T representative updated my service to lower my payment with more benefits (not sure how this happened). I know now how they accomplished this task. Slowly over time, my bill started to creep back up. I made a call to AT&T and they listed a charge of Support Plus that was added to my account without my knowledge or approval. The representative said it was an unnecessary charge and would reverse it. If I had not called to inquire on the additional charges, I am not sure how many unnecessary charges would continue to add up on my account.

The representative asked me in polite conversation where I was located. So in turn I asked him where he was located. He said the Philippines. It is amazing to me that the USA companies keep turning their service departments over to other countries to save money. These companies and executives are making a ton of money. Why do they feel the need to give these jobs to other countries when the USA has many qualified individuals out of work? My hope is one of the executives has enough courage to respond to this question without a lot of garbage.

USA 7/23/14 11:44AM

i got a letter in mail 2 years ago saying i could get a special price on uverse so i said ok they sent me the box i installed it i called them and they said we cant get it here so they turned off my phone and the uverse for a week with out a phone.this past january they sent me another letter saying we could get uverse .so i called them they said the box was in the mail to self install so i got the box then they told me a tec was going to come out and redo some wires at the street box he would be here between 8 am and noon 4;30 i call them back no one showed up 10 minutes later guy comes up and says you cant get uverse here.again then i call the company back they said you can we are going to send some one out to do it at no cost to youand they were going to give me credit for 70 dollars and a rebate and not to pay anything untill i got the rebate jst call them when i got the first bill and say ill wait till i get the rebate money and pay since it was a free install includeing the modom ,but i installed the modom my self they didnt do anything but work down the road on the line that belongs to them .now that sent me a bill for install and also charged mefor the modom and all this was supose to be free so i call them today and now they are saying i am wrong they cant do that i have to pay for the install and the modom well guess what i was promised 12.0 and only get less then 3.0they dont even want to discount the price .it does not work properly and they lied to me so after tomorrow when i talk to them if they dont keep their word ill just say by by uverse and send back the modom.and thats my final answer i want be treated this way or lied to another day .service is bad and personel is worse and they think they can do this to poeple i dont think so so i guess we shall see ill box it up and ship it back one last time after tomorrow if they dont make it right..........

[email protected] 7/22/14 1:26AM

My DSL line went down so I called repair. Tech says line is taking errors and will have to give the ticket to another group. She asks to put me hold and she'll be right back. Back comes tech with great news, I'm in a impacted area and ATT is offering Uverse right now for free. No install or equipment costs and they can be out the next day to install it so I agree. 2 hours later I get a call from Uverse saying there's a facilities problem and they prob can't install Uverse as they said but they'd call back within 2 hours and let me know for sure. No call back from ATT. The next morning I call ATT Uverse and they tell me the service isn't even available in my area and won't be until Oct. '14. I say fine, it doesn't surprise me either. ATT seems like the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing anyways. I tell them I need my DSL line repaired ASAP. They open another ticket to repair my DSL and they say they'll call me in 2 hours. I get a call back from ATT and they tell me that my DSL has been disconnected in error and theyd start rebuilding it ASAP. 48 hours after my initial call ATT finally had my DSL back up. Do you think they offered me a two-day credit for there error. NO! Very little money but you'd think they offer.
I'm still getting weekly mail from ATT offering me Uverse with all kinds of free things if I do it. Does the marketing group and the engineering group not talk?
Heres a suggest Mr. David Banks, use the money you're spending creating and mailing out all this Uverse offerings for a service that's not available and fix your service bc all these Uverse complaints can't be bogus.

Tw200 7/19/14 8:03PM

I called U-verse on July 7th @ 10:45am. Talked to Michell to see if there were a way to lower my bill with the Internet service I have . Michell said she would check current offer put me on hold for awhile. Came back on the line to say I have good news you!!!... the offer was 49.90 a month. I thought great lets do that. She said she would call back with with a date for them to come out to install a phone to the Internet . I said we a phone. She said that won't work I said its the same phone I had a year ago when the installed the Internet device and it worked then. She called back and left a message and said in order to do the promotion I would need to do auto pay. I thought that's fine I call back to talk with Harry he said the offer is 55.90 in the system. I said that's not what I was told. I spoke to Alex she said the same thing as herry and that I did not have to do auto pay. What's with being lied to that's very bad business. Very disappointed.

Julianna 7/8/14 9:20AM

I cannot believe how lame AT&T service is. On June 17th my Uverse internet went down as a tech was installing for another unit in my building (coincidence - I think not). He refused to verify that he hadn't disturbed my wires & told me to "call the help desk". They said my signal was good & that my equipment was bad. They sent me a new gateway which did the same. They admitted it was a line issue & scheduled a tech for 8-12 on June 21st. Never showed. It was rescheduled for June 28th and....never showed. I have tried for hours to resolve this, but all they do is leave you on hold. I even asked for a corporate address to complain to and was told "we dont have that information". I have no words other than their true colors show - poor company, poor service - stay away!

Anonymous 6/28/14 2:38PM

I went online to set up a vacation hold. Our plans changed and I called to move the hold for a week later. After 30 min. with customer service rep, she said she'd need supervisor help, but he was busy and she'd call me back. Never was called back. Next day called again and after 30 min she said the change was made. Then our service was turned off on the original hold date. I called again and they said it would be 24 hours before they could turn it back on. Next day no service again. Called again and they finally restored phone and internet. Still no TV. Spent hours on phone with no solution and then next day they sent a service rep who after 3 hours could not get it fixed. Someone was supposed to call next day, but no one called. So called service rep and he said he'd call. I received a call from billing office??? After explaining my situation she said I had no balance and would need to transfer me to tech support. Spent another hour unplugging, reading serial numbers, etc. and they said would have to send a tech rep tomorrow. Unbelievable!!! It's been 4 days and no TV. I can't see how such a simple request to delay vacation hold for one week could cause this much trouble. I will be canceling my service with ATT and going with a different provider. I've been a good customer for many years always paying my bill on time, but their customer service is horrible. The reps are nice enough, but it's their internal processes that are so messed up. It's been a long time sense I've been so absolutely furious!

SRG 6/9/14 5:44PM

And I thought Comcast was bad...

AT&T Uverse somehow manages to be worse than the worst. Rather than just screw up my service, they're so incompetent that they couldn't even manage to get the service started, at all!

I first tried to switch my home phone to them, 1 1/2 years ago. After two technician visits where they claimed my phone was hooked up (which is wasn't), and one visit where the technician didn't even show up, I was eventually told that they would have to rewire all the phone jacks in my house. Disgusted that they couldn't even manage to handle something as simple as setting up a phone line without putting me through stress, I cancelled a service that never even got started and stayed with Comcast. But that didn't stop AT&T from sending me monthly bills for a service I never even had! After calling several times, they supposedly fixed the "glitch" that kept sending me bills, and I was rid of them.

But, apparently a glutton for punishment, I made the stupid decision to give them another chance and switch my TV & internet to them, this time around. I was fed up with Comcast and thought that as long as I didn't use AT&T for the telephone, everything should be okay.


It took three phone calls before I finally found a sales rep who could actually answer all of my questions. And he was so great that I was sucked in to switching my services over to them. But, lo and behold, that pesky little phone account from over a year ago was still showing as open and prevented any new service from being established.

A ticket was entered to fix the error, and I was given a 24-48 hr resolution time. Unhappy with the entire situation, I spoke to a sales supervisor who called me back one time with an update on the issue and then stopped returning my calls. When I came to my senses and decided that a company that couldn't even start my services without problems certain wouldn't be able to maintain them without problems, I called to cancel my service order. The call lasted about one minute, as the retention specialist didn't do a thing to retain me -- which just reinforced my decision.

So, AT&T Uverse hasn't been able to do ANYTHING correctly at any point in my dealings with them. 2nd time, shame on me, right? Needless to say, there won't ever be another time.

Anonymous 5/31/14 3:01PM

Here we go....On 04.07.14 I ordered a "Move order" to move my service from one property to the new property. After SEVERAL confused AT&T Uverse reps, I received calls from 3 different ones within about 3 hour time frame. The "issue" was I couldn't process a "Move order" because the new resident at my old property was trying to activate her services. So they had to cancel my old property order and process a "new order" with what everyone kept saying would be my original account number, so I could avoid New install fees, etc. The tech came out on 05.16.14 to install my new service and after working hard for 3 hours, got NOTHING done. Proceeded to tell me I had to wait 2 weeks to get internet because the engineering team needed to be involved. Since then I have spent approximately 3 hours on the phone with reps, including 3 supervisors and NOTHING has been done. Not to mention my sister lives 8 houses down on the same street and has AT&T Uverse internet for about 2 months now! I AM BEYOND LIVID about this entire process!!! I do not recommend AT&T UVerse internet services if you do not HAVE to use them. Please use Charter, Verizon FIOS, Time Warner, Sudden Link, Skybeam, anything else. I found out that I have to use AT&T uverse, so I have not one other choice but one provider that charges WAY more and offers NO WIFI and only 15mbps.

rnb0806 5/30/14 10:49AM

I signed up for AT&T U-Verse in March. At the time of sign up the rep told me I would receive a free promo offer of a Samsung Tablet, a flatscreen t.v. and one other choice I don't remember. We had just bought a new t.v. so I told her I would take the tablet. Great! Not a problem. They would send me an email with the info when my service was hooked up. Well, after 3 cancellations and reschedules by the company we FINALLY had it all hooked up in April. I never received an email about the tablet so on May 5th I called and asked them about it. They said if I hadn't heard anything by May 28th to call again. So here we are, May 29th, never heard a thing from them, so I called. Outside of a national bank that begins with a letter in the first part of the alphabet, I have never had SO MUCH TROUBLE with a company in my life!!! I started out with customer service, was transferred to 2 different areas and people of the rewards dept., who told me I needed customer service, who told me I needed rewards, who told me I needed customer service, who told me I needed rewards, who told me I needed customer service, who told me I needed sales, who told me I needed rewards, who told me I needed customer service, and the game goes on.... All in all I had to explain the situation, give my account number, my phone number and address 12 times, as they had 12 people involved in one simple request! I was on the phone over 1 hour with these people and NOTHING was accomplished!! ALL I NEEDED WAS A PROMO NUMBER PUT ON MY ACCOUNT BUT NO ONE SEEMED TO KNOW WHO COULD DO IT OR HOW IT COULD BE DONE!! In the end, I had a rep tell me I didn't qualify for the promo! The original rep never put it on my account!! I said "so you guys lie to people to suck them in and get their business"??? She had no answer. All she would say is I will transfer you to rewards. REALLY???? And just what are they gonna do? O I know! Transfer me to customer service! Nobody nobody nobody had a clue what to do! I will never, ever, promote or refer AT&T to anyone. And I am convinced we need to cancel this service and go elsewhere. If they can't figure out a simple promo code and/or get the departments straight, how the heck are they gonna do anything technical???

Fully Disgusted with AT&T 5/29/14 1:52PM

You have by your own mistake - cancelled my mother's phone and tv service - I have been on the phone with some of the best liars with fantastic lip service since 4pm. Issues were suppose to be resolved by 9p tonight - now your tech guys say the account is still cancelled and he cannot help. My mother is blind and 91 - you have just cut her off from the outside world because of incompetence. Account number You let something happen to her - I have an email from Samantha saying this would be fixed - you WILL be held responsible. Samantha has my contact info - Renee O'Kelley -

Renee 5/27/14 7:12PM

To whom it may concern:
I am attempting to contact higher authority to try to get my situation under control. When I switched from direct tv to uverse the rep convinced me to switch. I figured since I had at&t mobile and have never had a problem in over 8 years with them, why not choose them. I switched and it's been a nightmare from day one. After about 4 months I thought we had it under control until the end of may 2014 a tech came to my home to fix/change a receiver in my master bedroom. Turned out he could not change due to the fact that it stated, "high credit risk". Therefore, they will remove my 5th receiver that i started with from day one and will only allow me to keep four due to my credit risk per november of 2103. I couldn't understand why or what considering I have autopay. My credit is perfect with uverse. My credit with anyone else had zero to do with uverse and I never provided authorization for my credit to be pulled other then the first time when I signed up with uverse. Long story short after hours of time wasted and speaking to rep after rep, supervisor that could assist me none. Other then repeating the same thing over and over again as the other 20 people that were clueless and could not explain to me the one question. If my credit issue was in November 2013 why is it that you are advising me of this in may of 2014 and now changing service agreement on me? This is not what I signed up for! I have not had television in my room for almost three weeks and there is nothing that anyone supervisor or below can do to begin to explain what is going on here. Please someone contact me asap to attempt to get this situation under control. The worst part about it is that I am not sure what a supervisor is their for. The customer service from supervisors are horrible! The cs reps try but unfortunately, can only do so much. Please contact me asap. Thank you,


Anonymous 5/27/14 10:05AM

I just bought AT&T and it was installed yesterday. "Please call me or my supervisor if you have a problem, not the 800 number for support and we will help you." The sales person gave me the same my cell, she says. Well the service tech leaves and my e-mail won't work so they tell me to call the number or call TimeWarner back and ask them how to fix it. Three hours later, time warner solves my problem. Today two of the three cable boxes don't work and neither the installer, his supervisor, or the sales person will even answer the phone. The only one who will after 58 minutes is a guy in another country who us going to try to send a tech out again tomorrow. Thank God I didn't cancel my other service yet. The customer service is non-existent and no one will talk to me so I guess they don't really want the new business.

Sherib 4/10/14 12:25AM

I have tried to get att&t u-verse twice now at my home and at&t has done nothing but waste our time and not let us know what is going on. I would like to speak with someone who is competent and can tell me what is going on. I have had 5 appts. and have missed a number of hours at work and still the tech leaves without saying a word and I get a text message saying I need to setup another appt. This has been going on for about a month now and I want to be reimburse for wages lost. I would like to speak with a manager about this ASAP. My name is Tony Castillo and my address is .This is the second time I have tried to get Uverse just to be pushed around once again by at&t. I will be escalating my call until I get a response. This is very unprofessional and I think people should know how at&t treats their customers.

Anonymous 3/19/14 8:35AM

AT&T uverse practices dishonest marketing and sales promotions. I was sent a promotion for a $400 rewards card. I called to switch to uverse tv, phone and internet. I was told this bundle would be $128/month for 2 years and that I would receive a $400 reward card. After 30 days of service they are now saying that I will not be getting the $400 reward card and that I will only qualify for $150 reward plan.

In a letter from David Banks he states that I qualify for $400 in rewards. I have spent 5 hours on the phone talking to uverse rewards, uverse cutomer care and att cell phone. No one can help me!!

Please repond to this post!

Cathy Alcantara

cathy 3/3/14 11:37AM

This is my fourth day without phone, internet or cable service. I called for service at the end of the first day (Tuesday, 2/18). The person I talked to told me it was a line problem,but their technician still needed me to give him access to my home. I was then told the only time a technician could come to my house was from 8-2 for the next two days. Don't most people work? Wouldn't you think a company like AT&T would schedule a sufficient number of technicians after 2 pm when people return from work? Regardless, I accepted the inconvenience, as was told the next time a technician could come after 2 pm was on Thursday (2/20). A time was scheduled from 4-8. I rushed home from work, waited until 6:30 pm until the techniciann arrived. Needlesss to say he was unable to fix the problem, that by the way, was an outside problem. He assured me someone would be by the next day to fix the "line" problem. Again, I accepted the inconvenience. Just before going to bed that night, I decided to call AT&T service agian, just to be sure someone was scheduled. I was assured someone would be at my house at 10 am. I gave them my cell number and asked that the technician call after fixing the problem and leaving my home. By 2:00 pm the next day, still no call. I again called the customer service line after waiting for too long, like other calls was told the technician would be there some time today. I told them I was promisesd 10 am, no answer, all very apologetic ... that doesn't help! Is this how you treat your customers... never been late on a payment.... Still Without Service! 4:20 pm 2/21!!!


Anonymous 2/21/14 3:25PM

Why is AT&T is playing the hidden charge games? Why should I leave my current provider what the other charges are.
I am quite sure when David Banks goes to purchase something he knows the price of it. For 25 years COMCAST never lied to me.

Nigel 2/15/14 1:38PM

For months I have been receiving mail from a David Banks, AT&T Consumer Marketing, saying uverse is now available at my location. 3 times I have signed up for uverse and was assured that uverse was available at my location and had an installation date scheduled each time. Then I received a call saying uverse is not AVAILABLE TO ME. Yesterday, Thursday Feb.13th, I tried again and was assured that everything was in place for my installation. I was given an account number and an installation time. The sales person checked everything about my location and assured me everything was fine for uverse, Tonite, Friday Feb 14th, I just received a call from AT&T saying that installation could not be done due to a wiring problem in my location.

Someone needs to straighten this problem out.

I look forward to hearing from someone that knows what is going on.

William Sullivan

bill 2/14/14 8:01PM

I recently moved from my previous home where I had UVerse to an area that "supposedly" did not have the service. After getting to know the neighbors, I found that the majority of them had Uverse. On 01/13/14 I contacted ATT and requested service. I was given a date that the Technician would be out to connect the TV & internet service. The day before they were to come out, we had received a call from the technicians area stating that they would not be able to go out, as all technicians were needed for a "big" contract job, and were rescheduled for approximately a week later. Again the excuse, no techs available. I tried getting the uverse install prior to the super bowl, and was given another date of 01/31, then later was cancelled and given a date of 02/05, then my husband was contacted again, and was rescheduled for 2/15.
We really like the Uverse service, however cannot understand why it's taking so long to get the service. We currently have our cell phones with att, too. The ironic thing is that the technicians say that the service not available in our area, however your corporate office keeps sending us correspondence insisting that we should switch, sign up etc., for Uverse! It's like the right hand has no idea what the left is doing! I have several priority codes to get the service, but what's the use? Everyone who I have spoken to are taken aback by the whole mess, however the process seems to stall with the technical personnel. What are they doing, and does it have to take so long? The order number that I was given is 791358332. Pull it up, and you can see all that I've been through. Let me know if you want my business or not, so that if need be I can go to another company. I just want an honest answer, will my home be able to get the service or not? Thank you for your quick response.

LINROD18 2/13/14 12:59PM


I hope that your office will help me out the difficulty I went through last few weeks when I called customer services at this numbers all of them off base. I still do not believe why me as customer not been told the truth played with me with false promise.

First day as soon as my existing service out of use , I called AT&T U-verse internet promise to send technician to my Condominium get back service at 3:00PM Chicago time. Didn't happened and I called back customer services again. It was she this day told me that I can have service technics guy 3 -4 PM , 4-6,4-8pm didn't happen. I was so mad because this day I asked my boss to let me go home to have my internet back in service. After all this I called to cancel the service and I did. Another I called make have different modem come in text me the receiving days. Long story short I still didn't get my services. See the following text from AT&T U-verse

AT&T U-verse Free Confirmation: Repair scheduled for 01/29 between NOON-4PM. For status/changes

AT&T Free Msg: NEW App for iPhone users. With myAT&T you can check your minutes, pay your bill, manage your account features & find Wi-Fi hotspots, all in one place. Now, life on-the-go is flexible and convenient.

AT&T Free Msg: Your U-verse High Speed Internet Service will be active for self install by 8PM 2014-02-05. You may experience downtime during install.

U-verse internet 2/6/14 8:28AM

I wanted a new Genie for my Directv in my ATT bundle because the current DVR wasn't working. Donna at ATT told me change phone and internet to UVERSE. It didn't work. Had to be reversed. They put internet and Directv on one billing and phone service on another. Prior: Phone and TV had been billed together for ATT services and internet had been billed separately with UVERSE. Bills always paid in time even few dollars credit over amt due frequently. Suddenly robot phone call my accts. are all past due, called number provided, Dan was accts rec.person. I was in a hurry out door to an appt. and told them past due not correct but I didn't have time to discuss so sent payment from checking acct. to avoid current miscommunications causing poor credit with them. Called back today and everything is such a mess two different people could not help. We were on the phone forever. Then service shut off notice came in mail today showing more than $350 due. My accts. were overpaid before this. I had received a $43.71 refund December 31. No billings came for anything. To top it off because of all the problems with the Donna recommendation that failed, I was offered a free month and $150 cash card. In one month's time they have changed my pass code three times. I went online to find the bills. Went back three months. An extra charge of $100 is on the bill for Internet Gateway. What?

shirlhock 2/1/14 6:50PM

I have been transferred six times. No one can answer a very easy question. When askin for a manager, I was hung up on. Calling back, was transferred three more times. This is the worst customer service I have ever delt with. My son just passed away, and I needed to suspend my service for a few months. You have made this very difficult. I will try one more time. You are so unprofessional. I will never have your service again.

Brenda 1/27/14 3:08PM

I have been on the phone for over 1.5 hours trying to get my bill settled. First my service was interrupted without cause and now my billing is completely inaccurate. The first representative hung up on me when i requested a supervisor and the next representative informed me that their supervisor was in a meeting and would call me back when it ended, which was over an hour ago. I use to rave about AT&T customer service but today's experience has ruined that!!! And I'm still waiting to be contacted...

Howard 1/6/14 5:30PM

After a month and a half of calls and the lovely music on hold pattern and multiple calls and redirections, I was able to get several order numbers and account numbers. Then they placed the order again and will hope they get it right. I have been a customer for more than twenty years and I have never been more disgusted and frustrated with the AT&T customer disservice.
I know understand why we are suffering a terrible decay in America that is caused by a bunch of untrained and uncaring employees that will not accept this terrible service for them or their family.
I wish the CEO of AT&T will be able to read this and understand that their company will fail due to their own fault.

Martin 1/3/14 6:06PM

Received a bill for 75.00 over amount than normal. Why. Because I was one hour late making my payment! They turned off service for one hour and charged me 30.00 for TV and internet to be "turned back on"!! Really, flipping a switch costs that much! Disgusting. 30.00 a piece?? Then added additional 15.00 for misc. Leaving ATT!! Last month we had 12.00 in extra fess that I am still trying to fins what they were for! Not even bothering calling CSR, all you ever hear is, "Oh yes MS.** I understand. It is okay." No, it is not. They cannot ever do anything, do not understand and cannot change anything! Worthless. Having the ability to email CSR would be a nice option.

Bethk 12/22/13 10:14AM

my husband and i are 69 and 79 i have had some health issues and i guess i forgot to pay a bill i called customer servic because i got a bill today for 325.00 she said it included 30 for each service i have due to it was turned off I have been in the hospital with 11 blood clots had colon surgery and i told her all this and she said the 90.00 would be taken off. due to i never received a letter or a call and have not been at home very much but guess what it wwas charged so i called and she said she could not take off the 90.00 i could turn on the tv so it was not comopletely disconnected when i talked to the girl today she said she could offer me somehing would discount my internet and take money off of my bill i took it but dont understand that one it was a promotiion i have been a customer for 51 years aand i want this 90.00 talken off that is not right i never got a letter and my tv has had a lot of problems to the president does 90.00 mean losing a customer who you have had for 51.00 i guess it is all about money

melvin 12 12/6/13 4:04PM

How do I get through to a manager in customer service to lodge a complaint??????

omclauchlin 11/26/13 8:30AM

My Wife called to have electric service turned on in our name at a house we are renting in Ohio. When she finished they transferred her to U-Verse and she did not realize it was a cable company and set it up. WE had planned to use Time Warner. The rep showed up 5 days later to hook up the system and when I got there he had cut all of the existing cable in the house basement and took it out without permission and then proceeded to walk upstairs and that is when I walked in and saw the tracks all across the newly finished wood floor. I asked him if U-Verse did not provide covers for his shoes when entering someone's house. He said yes but I only wear them when I am on Carpet. I said to him then my floors don't mean anything to you. He did not answer. I said Well!!!!! He said what do you want me to do go put them on now. He said it with a Pissed off Attitude. I Said NO, I WANT YOU TO TAKE YOUR S... AND GET OUT OF MY HOUSE. He knew I was pissed and did not open his mouth. Thanks to Time Warner and the nice people who work for them I was give time to pay the $ 800.00 required to replace the cables the U VERSE Representative Destroyed. I have talked to my attorney and he said we have a legitimate claim and he will pursue it with U Verse. I am so mad at that representative I Hope My attorney throws the book at him and U Verse.

Anonymous 11/13/13 11:59AM

I have been a very loyal customer and have tried to keep them as my provider but their equipment is just junk. I am on my eleventh gateway (modem) in just over a year. They keep getting worse. When it goes down I lose telephone, internet and T.V. The technicians who come out are knowledgeable and nice and they have checked the wiring in my home and neighborhood several times but the gateway (modems) last just a few days or weeks at the most.

Gary 11/10/13 7:09PM

This company amazes me they do not believe in keeping the customer happy. I was called and given the option to upgrade to the u450 or whatever it is so i said ok great well tech showed disconnected everything then said he ran into errors but i would up and running in a hour well that was a joke so after 4 hours he said more errors and had to leave. So he leaves and i have no internet no cable. And when i call in they tell me they show my services are working and there are no notes from the tech. Now thats is funny cause i have wires hanging in my bed room wires hanging outside and of course no service at all not even the u300 package i had before that ran perfect with no "errors". Now to me that is piss poor customer service either finish the job your tasked to do or put back the service i had dont just leave and leave the customer with nothing.

mcaban 11/7/13 9:18PM

I am very upset with the service I receive everytime I call in to fix my bill, everyone is very nasty. I don't like to be called a lier....I have been with you a long time...I was told my bill would be for internet only 19.99 then it was changed to 23.95 then I was called a lier and then it was changed to 24.95 and once again now they changed it to 41.11 , I can go on but it would take me zbout a 5page report to explain please

Anonymous 11/1/13 5:50AM

I am extremely upset and disappointed right now with the level of service we are receiving from AT&T. Unfortunately, we are moving one unit over within the same 20 unit apartment complex and need our service transferred to the new unit. However, internal miscommunication and mismanagement of our account by the "customer service" department has left us out in the cold with no service. We have been PROACTIVELY trying to transfer our service since Monday of last week and have spent well over 25 hours on the phone trying to get this resolved; only to be transferred to different representatives who (apparently) cannot read or interpret the BOOKS of notes that are on the account. We are very tempted to change service providers but really enjoy our U-Verse. It is a damn shame that no one cares about retaining us as lifelong customers because (apparently) AT&T has so many more customers that one little whimper/complaint is meaningless to them. The recommendation we are getting from the AT&T service people themselves is to change providers. Again very disappointing, given that U-Verse is such a great product, but I guess if their own people are telling us to leave then it must be for good reason. Thank you AT&T for providing us years of cable service, only to let a us fall to the way side.

Edgar San Diego 10/21/13 1:39PM

We love uverse, but the customer service is the worst that I've ever experienced!! Yesterday afternoon I was on hold 15mins before talking to the 1st rep (who could not help me). I was transferred to the retention dept. I was on hold for 50mins, then a click saying our office is currently closed. Hate to do it but very possibly will be leaving uverse.

Anonymous 10/3/13 8:12AM

I am getting completely frustrated trying to get AT&T U-verse again. I am one of the original U-verse customers in Houston, TX getting it in 2003 or so on a pilot program. When I moved to Cypress, TX it was unavailable until now. So I signed up and it was promised to be installed on Sep. 6th with a phone call coming. No call. then I called & it slipped to Sep. 12th with a promised phone call. No call so I called & it slipped to Sep. 26th with a promised phone call. Now there is no promised date. This is quite frustrating and unprofessional. Order No.

Barry 9/24/13 5:27PM

I was lied to everyone; like that's a surprise! Uverse is a joke. I moved over 400 miles and was told I have tto pay $200 for the Internet that's $30. On top of that they told me this " new" Uverse is Month to month and I can camel at anytime. Since I can't afford moving the service that by the way came via UPS and set everything up myself I wanted to cancel the "retention" rep said I was given a verbal contract; I signed up at the actual
AT&T Store! I was never given that verbally nor in writhing. However; she got an attitude with me and I'm the one who should be upset by this no help company, so she got the "manager"! Of course the "manager" was someones no name voicemail! Are there any good corporate reps that would help me? Ive waited 45mins just to get hung up on/a manager! Thank you for your time.

Tasha 9/17/13 2:52PM

I was lied to a lot as well. Between AT&T landline costing $52.10 each month, internet costing $55.10 each month for a lousy Virgin Mobile hotspot device, and $46.46 each month for Dish satellite, I was going nuts. My phone bill is now under 13.00 each month; my internet is about the same but twice as many gb; but Dish tricked me into getting locked into a one year contract with them by claiming to have Internet service which I found out they didn't until "after" the dish was installed. AT&T sends me notices on a regular basis saying that U-Verse is now available in my area even though it is not. Is this the American way? For anyone interested in saving money on all of these types of service, call , speak to Anita, and tell her Nolan Kingston, Cm. No sent you. Had I known about this company, I would have never signed up with AT&T, Dish, or Virgin Mobile. When my contract with Dish ends, I'm ditching them and going with Wild Blue for TV services. I get more for a heck of a lot less money per month. Let me know what you think. I would love to hear from you!

Uncle Nono 9/12/13 7:55PM

I have been living in the same area for five years now, when I moved in I wanted to have this service, but I was told AT&T is not yet servicing this area yet, but will be soon. It has been about six years since that time and most of my neighbors are enjoying the service, I recently gave it another shot and was told my unit can not yet receive this service yet (very familiar). I have high speed DSL; why cant I have U verse, the only thing that separates my neighbor and I is a wall this is crazy. Its time for me to have this product in my home, I've been in line for over five years. AT&T MAKE IT HAPPEN.

Your loyal Patron,

Brian Calvert.

brian 9/9/13 4:54PM

We recently relocated from Pennsylvania to Midlothian Texas.
We signed up for a bundle package and after three weeks
We still do not have Internet or phone services
Thanks to att u verse. They have pushed back our
Installation 4 times now. Claiming there are outside issues.
We have spoke to 10 customer service reps
From many departments at att u verse with no
Resolution. Had we had this information upfront
We would have shopped for these services elsewhere.
The only department on top of things is the department
That ships the equipment out. I had been informed att is really
Behind on installation of their services. Do they not
Have enough workers to meet customers needs? Are they
Oblivious to so many unsatisfied customers?
I really think corporate needs to get in control and
Find out why att connection is taking so long. Totally
Disappointed and dissatisfied with Att u verse services.
It's been 3 plus weeks and no service connection and now
They just pushed connection back another week.
What seems to be the problem? Does anyone in the company care
About customers at all? I feel sorry for the company's that bundle with Att.
Totally frustrated in Midlothian Tx!!

Kaka 9/6/13 10:35AM

Love our service and programming. Have had great customer service. Could not ask for better.
Also a big Thank You for not having Al-J on the program listing.

Anonymous 8/21/13 10:10AM

why do you make someone who is nearly 80 years old wait 4 days to come out and fix her uverse? but you can be out the next day to put some one on line thats just not wright!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!if i can NOT GET SOMETHING DONE BY TOMMORROW SHE WE BE GOING TO COM CAST

MAD 8/19/13 6:43PM

Not that anyone cares but I haven't had wi-fi since last Monday. Everytime there's a storm both wifi and TV service go out. This time I had to call four evenings in a row and talk to various reps with varying degrees of English speaking ability until Friday some finally agrees to send a tech out. So it's 7:15 and my noon to four window has long since expired and I receive a call requesting me to reschedule. I refused. Hopefully someone will show up later tonight. What a way to spend a Sunday. Thanks AT &T

Steve in McKinney 8/18/13 5:16PM

The new high speed internet is not: I'm unable to print from my PC, earlier prints were microscopic, the screen has numerous symbols that are unclear as to their purpose, the useful symbols disappear when attempting to write "compose" an email. I was pressured into getting the high speed and was unable to access the e-mail until I did: nothing worked until I agreed. The monthly bill arrives promptly however and I'm paying for features that are not available. Clicking on a symmbol does not result in a speedy respnse. I'm not happy.

[email protected] 8/6/13 4:55PM

The Biggest Fiasco For A Company I Have Ever Seen They Do Not Care For The Customer Or There Employes.
I Have Had Troubles With Them For Over 15 Months Every Month
They Over Charge Me.
They Lie, The Employees And Management Do Not Care.
When They Come To Your House To Fix Some Thing They Brake Something Else. No One In Management Will Talk To You. As Far As I'm Concern They Can Go To The Devil.
Specially Top Management.
They Do Not Give A Damn About The Customers
They Also Do A Very Poor Job Of Training New Employees.
Do Not Do Business With Them, They Stink

MR.C.==JOE 8/5/13 3:32PM

OK AT&T! I dial your number and it tells me to press zero for assistance. I press zero and it tells me zero is not a valid option. WTH!!!

pissed at&t customer 8/2/13 10:07AM

this is the worst company ever took over a month to get hooked up. they tell us we had to get rid of are other internet service so we did and we were without internet service for a month couldnt do my online business,we had to get extra data for the phones just one thing after another and they promised us stuff which when hooked up we never got i cannot believe a big company like this and no one knows anything

slammindan1 7/14/13 5:21PM

Now they are telling my husband that even though he has been on the waiting list for over two years, apparently they don't look at the waiting list, that our neighbor took the last port. So we can't get it. Even though they bounced him around for weeks, and he's been on the waiting list, and the box is in our yard. They can come put in more ports, but they won't. Wonder if he will get his money back!?! Unbelievable, unacceptable. You suck. We should never have allowed you back there.

Rabbitt 7/10/13 11:38AM

My husband has spent 2 1/2 years waiting for uverse in our area. Well 3 weeks ago our neighbor got it, right next door. The kicker, the box is in our back yard. Even though our neighbors have it, apparently we can't get it. Even though they have to knock on our door to get in our back yard to hook others up. Well you no longer have permission, if we can't have it no one can, after all you'll have to get past our dogs to try. He then spent over 30 hours on the phone over the last 3 weeks talking to over 40 people. If you ask for a manager they put you on hold and then hang up! Finally they said we could have it. Ordered it paid for it. Now the installation department is telling him they can't hook it up because we aren't eligible because of our address. OMG no one has wanted this service more or been screwed over more than my husband. You should be ashamed!

Rabbitt 7/10/13 11:30AM

I am sooooo DONE with this company, I have had problems with them the ENTIRE life of this account which has been almost a year, the service is mediocre, the price is beyond ridiculous & to top it off the customer service I receive FROM MANAGEMENT is worst than someone off of the street. I have had a tech come to my home about 6 months collectively & STILL NO RESOLUTION to the flickering with my TV, I have scheduled not 1 but 2 appointments where AT&T obviously feel their time IS MORE IMPORTANT than mines they have cancelled both appointments have NOT called & my whole freaking day WASTED NOT TO MENTION TAKING OFF WORK & CANCELLING APPOINTMENTS. Pissed is an understatement I am getting in contact with a corporate department first thing in the morning & they've wasted an hour & 40 mins of my daggone cell phone minutes putting me on HOLD & hanging up, sitting the phone down, playing music the jig is UP AT&T................

Donnals007 7/7/13 9:43AM

Seriously, folks... I no sooner give up the phone battle, I get my mail and there's a welcome letter from att....letting me know that if there is ANYTHING they can do to make the experience better to call this number. Right...short of a bullet through my brain at this point, not sure they can do a thing. But, I called. We are trying to do this again. We'll see. Still need to write CO and let them know how their company seems to be dropping the ball on a more than regular basis.
One can only wait and see.

grammahon 7/2/13 12:40PM

WELL, the geographically challenged young man I was on hold with just informed me (after almost 10 minutes) that he had a problem getting in touch with a supervisor and was just passed from representative to representative. REALLY? Guess it's not just us! Definitely writing Corporate Office. Good luck to the rest of you!

grammahon 7/2/13 11:47AM

I am currently on the phone with att for the 7th or 8th time to cancel a uverse ph number since the original order (2 months ago) was not what I wanted and canceled (3 times). I then requested that the number on the recording that came on when someone called the old number to the current one. It has not yet been done (1 month).Now, the idiot I'm on hold with (who thinks Indiana is in the southeast) tells me the original number is in our name and we have to talk to a sales rep....AGAIN!!! I have corporate address and am sending a 'letter'. Since all they do is blow us off and pass us around, I think that everyone who is fed up with this should so the same. What good is a blog. They aren't going to read or care what's said here. It needs to be in their face. I have never had this much "stupid" from a company as I have had the last two months with att.

grammahon 7/2/13 11:38AM

Does AT&T really believe that mass marketing (I get a mailer every week urging me to sign up for Uverse) makes up for terrible customer service? I did sign up and got hassled by phone and email every day for a week by AT&T reps in The Phillipines telling me there were problems. I cancelled. AT&T is the poster child for how not to treat people.

NCDave 6/11/13 9:58AM

For the past month we have been loosing the signal from 1 minute to 6 hours. Your company is well shielded from the general public. My husband is very ill & TV ia one of the few things he can do. Yesterday after a proceedure at the doctor's we came home to just relax & watch tv & of course if was off for several hrs. Today again off & of course one of your reps in another country says probably our problem. Either it is fixed or we will look for another company who can maintain the service w/o me going to school to become a tech. My husband is very upset & this is not good for him and we will need to be home betweem 4-8 for a tech who may or may not be able to fix it.

Faye 6/4/13 10:41AM

At least 5 times, I have requested that I be removed from the paper mailing database for AT&T U-verse. The mailings come to a business (that does not exist) at my home address. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE remove:

Bianco Weston

asdf 5/9/13 12:17PM

I had a bitter experience with AT&T uverse because I was given inaccurate information when I inquired about service. It took almost two months to get things settled and get all the equipment back to you. Meanwhile, $200 of my money was slow in coming back to me. I have to have an AT&T land line for my alarm system because my alarm will not operate digitally.
But I am still being pestered by representatives from AT&T coming to my door--sometimes after dark-ringing the bell and pounding on my glass door.
Almost daily I get mail from AT&T about uverse. You are wasting a lot of paper and annoying me. Please see that the personal and mail contacts are stopped.

Hinda Berkelhammer 4/12/13 10:46AM

I posted the aug. 13th, 2013 post at 06:01 PST i thought this was going to someone to be addressed not blogged. Another way to show poor customer service

Anonymous 3/13/13 6:04PM

To whom this may concern:

First of all I hope these words find someone who will address my views and that they may strongly coerce your corporation to restructure the way a business such as yourselves provides customer service. I was reffered to you by another provider, in which, I had other engagements with ,but from them I procured your services. This is not to say that I would have not considered your service on my own, yet to point out that networking and the word of mouth is still a strong influence within the world of advertisement. Thus pointing this out should make you really consider what is the value of an individual costumer? Are they just as valuable as the whole?
I hate to say this, but from the beginning I have ran into glitches and poor customer service since I have opened this account. My account has not complete its first month and I am binded by contract now, but I dont understand why this cannot be corrected being this is the first month of service. It is not like I have been a customer for some extended period of time now. Today I was on the phone with customer service rep for more than 45min to end the conversation on, "can we please call you tonight or tomorrow to resolve this issue?", I continued to reply as, "No, it is not definite, I cannot wait for a call either tonight or tomorrow becasue if I do not receive the call tonight and it so happens I receive the call during work tomorrow I cannot accept the call. I would hate to have this happen and I am unable to accept the call".This becomes cyclical, I just wanted my bill to represent the amount I agreed to pay. First of all I requested to rent a modem and this is where it all started. Long story short I am being charged full price for a modem, I could not get my account billing changed to reflect what I agreed to, which was modem rental. I dont understand how this is not all possible in one phone call. Also to be told that I would possibly have to return this modem if my account agreement is changed. Can you honestly say that going through 3 modems in the first month of your service is detrimental to customer loyalty?

Second, I know that your customer service is outsourced and everytime I speak to someone it is all apologies and pleasantries but nothing seem to be resolved within a timely manner. I am not the first person but if there is enough popping up in "google" search that comes up with unsatisfied customers voicing their complaints. I would like to do the same, but as a customer to you I feel it be more effective to contact someone directly than blog my complaits.

So in conclusion, I am forced to be on your time and wait for a call which i specified needs to be after 3pm PST, but yet I ask myself why? I really feel like closing the account and take the hit on contract break charges than have to deal with incompetent customer service upon every encounter. Honestly, I am being cordial in how I address my feeling, but I really feel like expressing myself in way that may not be appropriate. Basically, I view this is as horrible service and dred calling in the future if i have issues. At this point I am subjected to a contract agreement, but believe me If I would not loose money on this I would opt out today. Mind you again I still have to wait for a phone call TOMORROW becasue someone could not do thier job properly. Disappointed and unsatisfied is how ATT U-verse has left me again.

Anonymous 3/13/13 6:01PM

The Correct Area Code Fot Att Uverse Corporate Is 210

shellystein 3/5/13 6:51PM

BEWARE consumers!! I am under contract with AT&T u-verse for Internet service that they have yet to provide... They were the Internet provider for my direct t.v. Yet they have not provided any service to me. I asked for my bill to be credited and to cancel service only to be told that the department (billing) was not the right department to credit my bill so I was transferred to the tech department who then transferred me to another department this went on for 56 minutes until finally I was placed on hold long enough for a message to answer saying all offices were closed and I would have to call again during business hours. Oh and I was told that I would have to pay an early termination fee for breaking my contract, yet they breach contract everyday that I don't receive service. Their own service tech that came to my house was the ONLY person to admit that I have not received service since we entered the contract. Way to go AT&T, I know many people and ALL of them will hear my story and they can form their own opinion from my experience. And I will be calling EVERY SINGLE day that I do not have service and I will be documenting dates times and names because when this goes to court I want the judge to fully see who is truly in breach of contract.

Tia100 3/4/13 8:00PM

Horrible!!!.... I've have been waiting for my service to be install for almost four months now. and their representatives never know anything.

zam 3/4/13 1:23PM

Your customer service really sucks. I called your number but just get disconnected. I am very,very sorry I got involved with u-verse. Really, really bad service. I hate, really hate corporate pigs!

jack 2/28/13 2:58PM

ive been trying to get Uverse for along time now . I live near Caffee rd. And 103rd street. My sister live in Yellow water navy base housing. In the boonies. She gets Uverse , but I cant . That is so so backwards. I am so frustrated , because I absolutely HATE cable. I cant understand how AT&T can be so limited. Years ago AT&T offered unbelievable services to any , and everyone , but now with modern technology AT&T has limited there services.

brenbren2 2/5/13 2:51PM

I had problem with dropping the signal-I call them on jan 26-2013 now after dig up my back yard left it with no information what is going on? I keep calling but no one show up as schedule? Problem is worse than before? What kind of business they are running in America?

tom 2/4/13 8:16PM

Avoid AT&T........They are the worst television, internet company ever. Their customer service is awful and their install and service technicians couldn't plug in a lamp not to mention install your service correctly.

clayivey 1/15/13 7:51PM

After many calls and trying to contact someone for service (I am unable to get service, although my next door neighbor has the service) I am done. I received many different ansewers 1) the service is not in my area 2) I am on some waiting list 3) there is no contact for someone local to discuss.

all I want is internet (yes I am trying to give them money)

switching 1/10/13 12:41PM

This companies customer service ceases to exist. They dont hire qualified reps. I am so disgusted I dont even feel like rehashing the whole very long story but i will say that they made at least 4 mistakes and never rectified or even admitted it. Their staff up the chain of command it trained NOT to rectify their mistakes.

Anonymous 12/28/12 9:27AM

Worse customer service/customer support than Comcast! If that's possible!!!

mjfar 12/21/12 3:31PM

Earlier today two men knocked loudly on my door twice and rang my doorbell. They were ATT Uverse reps who had my name on some list. It took several times of me yelling through my door to not solicit before they would go away. There is a large sign posted at the center of my door that clearly reads do not disturb, no soliciting of any kind. The guy yelled back that he isn't soliciting and that he represents ATT. (??) I insisted they stop this and leave and they finally did. My husband is home in a lot of pain today, and was livid that these people woke him up. They did this to us last year, banging on the door even though we have the sign there.

I had enough, so this time I walked down the street and talked to them. I told them firmly that this has to stop. They insisted they weren't banging on the door, just a knock. I told them that if they are being instructed by their boss to disrespect and ignore signs on doors that this isn't right. The one solicitor said it was his judgment call to ignore the sign. I again told them when there is a sign specifically telling you no, then don't. They faked politeness, no doubt had a few names for me after I walked away, but I had to speak up.

I just wish there was a superior to report this behavior to. But I'm reading here that it could be anyone contracted doing this, so I don't know which sales supervisor to contact. Between my poor husband being so sick and me with PTSD from a violent break-in from years ago, the last thing I needed was rude strangers banging on my door and violating my privacy. There is a sign on the door for a reason. Last year, I ignored the banging and door bell ringing - and they came back later that day and kept banging again. I shouldn't have to yell through my door what is written on the sign.

If ATT allows this kind of element to represent them, then I have to wonder if they even conduct background checks. For all I know these are anonymous criminals casing our neighborhoods. They have no respect for clearly posted signs. They insist on pounding on our door for money. What is wrong with ATT, allowing this? There should be stricter guidelines before allowing just any person hungry for a buck to represent them and harass people.

ATT, there has to be something you can do about this unprofessional and disrespectful behavior. I live in Austin TX, 78749. Whomever allowed these people to represent ATT should be made aware of the harassment, and should see to it that this kind of horrible behavior stops. There should be guidelines to observe before going out there and representing you. I don't see how we can ever do business with you after this treatment.

Anon 11/8/12 3:55PM

I ordered the U-verse family package on 25th October with the earliest available installation following day between 1-3 PM. The day of installation, which is the 26th the technician is a NO SHOW.
I just wasted my time and saliva spending more than an hour on the phone dealing with the round-a-round and on hold for so many times, only to be told that the earliest available technician will be on November 5th due to strike in California. They didn�t even bother giving me a courtesy call or email letting me know about this situation.
I had to cancel my order because of Gabriel, the manager, who is very RUDE, NO CUSTOMER SERVICE and with DON�T BOTHER ME ATTITUDE.

Anonymous 10/30/12 11:59AM

I have had nothing but trouble with this service since I got it- IT SUCKS!! Then they post a phone contact number that is bullcrap.I was quoted a price and have yet to receive one in that amount, they say anything to get your business,then screw you over. They don't care if you have money to eat or buy medicine when you have already explained your a widow 100% disabled and on a fixed budget," sure we'll lower the bill to meet your needs"Then just bend over

Anonymous 10/23/12 9:14AM


Anonymous 10/18/12 11:14AM

An acct. was opened up in my name, unknown to me - former g/f who had to be evicted. She paid all the ATT bills for the 3 years she opened the acct. as I had no knownledge of acct. (assumed it was in her name as I never signed a contract, paid a bill nor was ever contacted by ATT) until she was evicted and musta changed the contact info to my name for ATT to get off her back on mos. of unpaid bills. I contacted ATT immediately - not knowning the acct. #, security code or security question then were unable to assist me nor aid in me trying to establish service/new service for me?? I responded to emails I was now receiving immediately w/phone calls (no response emails?) only to be transferred around endlessly with no resolve. I try stopping by an ATT store (taking 1/2 a day off) to get help in resolving this unpaid bills and return their equipment, little help there - they wouldn't even take their equipment back - only help I could get there was if I was interested in ESTABLISHING NEW SERVICE. I wasted another hour on the phone w/them there transferred all over the place. I finally get a call from a Katie Schultz advising me that service will be disconnected from the point I, I, I first contacted them over this fraudulent acct. - in the process on hold of issuing credit to that point - disconnected again. I get an unreadable e-mail yesterday something about equipment return and how I'm responsible to get it to a UPS store etc. I have obtained the home office address and will contact them concerning this issues next. If someone stole my mail and opened up an acct. in my name, where is ATT's responsiblity to verify the ID of this person? It appears to me the salesperson knocking on doors is more interested in closing the sale anyway possible for his or her commission and ATT failed in verification - 3 years I never heard a peep from ATT - now with unpaid bills mounting from the person who opened the acct. w/ATT's aassistance/encouragement ($) I'm suddenly the victim left holding the bag? My credit is in danger of being harmed and I am in the process of contacting my atty. for steps in resolving this matter, hence the direct contact w/ATT's home office - 2

jeff 10/10/12 4:55AM

I have been an AT&T customer for more than 20 years. Recently I thought it necessary to update my DSL service. I ordered U-Verse with the understanding that I could install the new modem myself. That turned out not to be true. I was told that a rep would come the following afternoon. I explained that the physical address of my service is different from the billing address and repeated it at least 3 times. So it was a complete shock when the tech arrived at the billing address. And it was too late to send someone else. I was promised by the regional manager that they could come the next morning and that he would call me personally. They didn't come and he never called.

Disgusted 9/13/12 4:50PM

I had AT&T Uverse for several years, never had any issues with their technical support until today. I was on the phone with a technician for about one hour, could not solved the issue-still unable to watch TV (and since when AT&T outsourced the service?) Instead of sending a technician to my house, they want to send me a new box, and I have to personally drop off the old one. They just gave me a new one a couple weeks ago, do I really need another one? I asked to speak with a supervisor, the supervisor had worse customer service manner than the tech, said the technician did all she could at their end, if I want someone to check it out for me, I have to pay ?$149. When I voiced my compliants, she just repeated the same thing again, no help from her at all. she was not patient, did not give me chance to even ask her name just tranfered me back to the technician. I pay for the service that I could not get, and with added stress which I don't need. That's the worst experience I ever had with At&T. I won't recommend AT&T to anyone else.

Anonymous 9/6/12 10:47AM

I connected to U-verse services two years ago (Home phone/Internet & TV. I canceled TV service due to functionality problems. (kept loosing signal on TV & internet) After about eight hours on the phone with different rep's the internet signal was resolved by a level 3 rep (was on the wrong channel ????)
During the two years without using U-vese TV, I received numerous
letters from AT&T consumer marketing David Banks with a special offer to me since I was using AT&T U-Verse phone & internet. I talked to three different rep's to be sure I understood the offer. The special offer was Code AH58-0803 AU20EQQ812-T3-US-L3-T3 This offer was 67.00 for six months for internet/U300 TV for six months. My first bell was posted at 256.00 for all three services. Is this a ball face lie or what. My goal is to find a vendor in my area that can provide me with these services & one that can be trusted to tell me the truth about cost. This is dishonest and shameful.

Screwedcustomer 9/6/12 6:27AM

This is the worst experience ever!!! i just moved into a new complex, scheduled uverse to install me, the tech said something was wrong with the wires outside. They said it would be 24 hours till fixed. I got upset and the technician said if I kept up my attitude, then it would just take longer to get my service up, so I sat for the day in silence: no phone, tv, or internet. The next EVENING on a saturday I am told that I will be without service for at least a month, oh and that wireless hotspot they promised me to at least give me internet, that wasn't going to happen. Instead, when I called my cell phone provider SPRINT, the representative felt so bad about my experience that her manager said on behalf of Sprint they would provide me with a free hotspot through my iphone at no additional charge and as a thank you for being a sprint customer! SPRINT is actually helping me because AT&T sucks! Thank you Sprint! You rock! And ATT can go to the curb. The representative also told me to give DISH network a try and they are coming to install me on Sunday, tomorrow. I don't care if ATT offers me a thousand dollars in a visa check card, I am never getting service with them! Stick to phones ATT.

JosieP 8/18/12 9:23PM

Why does U-Verse go dark from 8:00 pm to 10:00 pm on your Fox Channel 1210 every night for the last couple of months? I am Arlington- TX based.

Anonymous 8/17/12 7:37PM

As a Comcast customer for the last 5 years and believing that Comcast had violated their trust agreement with me due to excessive charges and poor repair service, in March, 2012, I terminated my service with Comcast and switched to AT&T U-Verse triple play service.
My first statement near the end of March was a shock as the balance was twice what I thought it should. When I finally contacted someone who could help me, I was informed that the first statement includes two monthsâ?? charges (not disclosed when I signed the agreement). The statement also included charges and fees that were not disclosed prior to initiating service.
Before I could respond and pay the bill, I became ill and was admitted to Kennestone Hospital in Marietta, GA, diagnosed with bone cancer and suffering from a mild heart attack. I was there for 27 days, unable to contact U-Verse. But the charges, penalties, and fees continued to mount. I tried to resolve the apparent discrepancies with the Resolution Dept. but the current statement showed no change as a result of my conversation with them. I have since brought my account to â??currentâ?? status, even having a credit balance.
I am now paying U-Verse more than I was paying Comcast before I switched and I ask myself, â??Why in the world did I ever make the change to AT&T U-Verse?â??
Now, almost every time I see AT&T U-Verse commercial, I think of my disappointment. I donâ??t think you want to lose customers but if other folks have the same experience I have had, your public relation or customer service people arenâ??t doing their job.

Why did I switch? 8/15/12 7:51AM

This a total mess!!! I can't get ahold of anyone past a certain time frame especially when the offices are closed during the most viewing times??? What is up with that??? I have tried to do everything in my power to find a number so someone can help me and I'm through wasting my precious time! I agree with person below who stated that you should be paying us. It's bad enough I don't get a choice of areas to get certain stations, being in a town right on a state border but to watch the little round circle go round and round is quite sad! Again, your company does provide the appropriate service to your clients. Time Warner I would be able to call at any time and they provide nothing Chicago and Milwaukee markets! As much as I've disliked them in the past I just might have call to switch back over for SERVICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've had enough of AT&T! 8/13/12 9:12PM

I am a new customer with uverse and I am thinking about canceling. I work for a company Asurion who partners with AT&T for different services. I am transitioning to work from home with the company and I needed home phone and Internet services to qualify so I looked to activate with AT&T. My first experience to begin new service I thought was great i was quoted 59.99mo but the exerience turned out to not be great. I ordered my service on 7/19 and received all my equipment for voice and Internet on 7/24. The installation paper stated not to activate until 8pm that night. I tried activating and I couldn't so I waited a couple of days and tried activating again and I couldn't so I went online to chat with support rep. I was advised by the rep that I couldn't activate until 8/6 and he also stated that there was a pending order. I waited til 8/6 and still wasn't able to activate and went back to chat with another rep that told me he doesn't know why my services are not activating and he would suggest I wait til the next day 8pm to try again. I thought and felt this was not good customer service at all so I logged off the chat. I waited til the next day when I came home from work and was still unable to activate and finally got someone willing to do something and tech support was called to come to my home so on 8/7 my Internet was activated but not my phone so the tech advised me he would put an order in for phone even though I already had my back up battery equipment. I called the next day to AT&T because I diddnt trust what I was told just based on my short encounters so far and I was right an order had not been put in and this is on 8/8 getting close to 30 day mark to cancel and I havent been able to see how I like my services. The rep I spoke with advised that voice was not set up right and he don't know who the rep was that set up the order but they didn't do right, do he placed an order for my phone and I advised the rep that I already had the BBU and he said he didn't know why if voice wasn't added but he would have another sent to me and gave me a new activation date of 8/11. The rep quoted me a different price from what I was advised previously of 59.99 for my services when I signed up and he said he couldn't enter the code in but he would send info over to see if I could still qualify to receive promo since I was originally quoted the price and set up within the timeframe but not guaranteed and again no specific turn around time for this process and the rep suggested I call back and I don't feel that I should have to keep calling for a mistake I didn't make or be held responsible but if I'm advised that I don't qualify or am not told by 30day mark on 8/19 I will definitely cancel my services because I still haven't been able to switch to new position which is costing me money and the overall experience has been a nightmare.

Ms B 8/11/12 7:06AM

I am a subscriber to AT&T Uverse, Phone & Internet. I like the service other than the problem with channel 3680, TV Japan. For over a year I've been calling and asking for the audio drop out problem to be resolved. Every 2 or three minutes the audio drops out on only this channel and it happens on all tv's. The only time it was ever corrected for a couple of months one of the level 2 techs opened a ticket for network and the problem disappeared for a couple of months. I don't know why this problem can't be fixed in over a year. It is very irritating when you are trying to enjoy a good music show and the audio constantly drops out like a record skipping. Since this is a premium channel I am allowed to pay $25 a month extra for the pleasure of listening to a skipping audio program. I had Comcast for about 6 months and never once experienced this problem. Perhaps one of the techs could call Comcast and see if they can help them with the problem. This has become very irritating. Please, please can someone somewhere fix this audio problem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lampwick 8/4/12 3:02PM

I totally agree with all the comments below! I'm getting ready to fight customer service once more because I'm getting billed for items I should not be billed for. I just have to wait until I get home from work tonight because I know my luchtime is not long enough! It will probably take out another 1 1/2 hrs out of my time, like so many times before (maybe we should bill them for that).
I'm ready to call the local company and ask if they can work with me if I come back!

Anonymous 8/2/12 11:12AM

One of the worst Customer Service I have ever encountered. For last 6 days I don't have the service and I have been on the phone with (every time there is a new person) them and they all are telling a different issue or we are working on it. And still nothing.
This is America and not a third world county that we are living in where we have to be without any service.

Not sure what else to do except to cancel their service.

Mitthu 7/20/12 8:32AM

The telephone number provided for AT&T U-verse doesn't even have the correct number of digits for an American telephone number. Looks like just more AT&T corporate BS!

Eddy 7/2/12 3:09PM

My exeprience with Uverse has recently become a complete NIGHTMARE!!! Since March 22'nd 2012 to date ... I have been without service more than I have had service
No phones No internet No TV's ..This would go on & On a tech would come out ,claim to have resolved the problem & within days if not hours !! The same issues!!!
I can't even count anymore How MANY TIMES I have had to call Uverse not to mention the RUDE & SARCASTIC Reps!!! Oh & did I say Ingnornat as well ??? NOBODY LISTENS!!!
I just experienced it munutes ago ...he has me unplug one TV when it should have been the other !! 45 Minutes on the phone & again ...No resolution!!!!
22 TECHS since March 22'nd and NOBODY gets it!!!!!
I have HAD IT WITH U-verse The WORSE CUSTOMER SERVICE & Techs that are seemingly completley clue-less!!!!!
I am researching various other comapnys for service
ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!! Just plain BS!!!!
Somebody should have been PAYING ME for the past 3 months of U-VERSE HELL!!!!
The calls , being on hold forver ,the RUDE emloyees, the TIME that I HAVE TO SIT AND WAIT For U-VERSE Techs to show up !! This is a complete OUTRAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Barb 6/30/12 10:19AM

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