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Days Inn corporate office headquarters location, phone number, address and feedback

Please find details for the Days Inn corporate office below. We do our best to keep this information current, but if you are aware of any updates to the Days Inn corporate office headquarters information we have, please feel free to submit an update.

Corporate Office Address:
Days Inns Worldwide, Inc.

Wyndham Worldwide Corporation
1 Sylvan Way
Parsippany, NJ 07054
United States

Phone: 973-753-6000

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We have just celebrated our 50th wedding anniv. that evening with 2 other couple that just had their 50th and were headed home. It was late, after 10pm and we checked into the Days Inn, Cortez, Co. At first the management had to get the door open,because of a screw not being properely placed. The next morning, we found the room sooooo dirty that if we'd had really been able to see the condition, we would have moved on. To top it off, there was no toliet paper in the bathroom, nor was there any extra rolls to be found. Worst room in my 72 years---when management was told--not even a "sorry." We will never stay in another Days Inn. Thanks for a 50th annv.

Anonymous 8/20/14 8:07AM

My Fiance and I Checked into The Days Erick Oklahoma Room #231 and We Checked in this Morning August 18th of 2014.. at 8:30 am and got charged $100 for One Night.....Their Television Cable Was Not Working. The Room was Extremely Hott and their Furniture was Broken and Dirty. We Left Within A Few Gours And Found A Better Motel. I Really Dont Think This Motel Is Suitable for Anyone.! WE DID NOT GET OUR MONEY BACK NOR AN APOLOGY FOR THIS TERRIBLE SERVICE....I WILL NOT BE STAYING AT ANOTHER DAYS INN!!! ESPECIALLY NOT THIS ONE IN OKLAHOMA!

Von 8/18/14 5:01PM

Just stayed at Days Inn in Bedford, Va. It was absolutely awful! DIRTY! Hairs all over one of the pillows. The sheets didn't fit the bed, they just layed on top. Looked like food splatters on the wall by the table. The bathroom was trashed. The iron was broken. I paid $95.00 to stay here? NEVER EVER will I EVER stay at a Days Inn again. ANYWHERE!

Michelle 8/18/14 1:43PM

Very unsatisfied the days inn in kanab is not a place to stay spend the extra cash and go to holiday inn very dirty place and the eemployees I encountered were not very friendly I had a 3 day reservation I was so dissatisfied my next 2 nights I didnt stay it was so awful I didnt even want to ask for my money back they can use it from what I saw and experience out dated rooms laundry (bedding) was atrocious and looked filthy

Anonymous 8/18/14 4:38AM

They are complete cheap skates I'm the owner of a company in kanab ut who did work for the kanab days inn and to this day still have not been paid in full

Anonymous 8/17/14 10:08PM

I stayed at Hewitt tx was given a RM with someone in it not the first time the breakfast was the worst I ever had runy eggs and the rest was cold. Stale then the help comes down and cook food in kitchen to eat in front of you....the hotel service is real bad makes days inn look bad.....

firefly5911 8/17/14 1:25AM

I stayed at Days Inn - 333 Bonita - Fullerton, CA
8/3/2014 to 8/6/2014 - worse stay ever.
my room 208 - room 210 was noisy - I spoke to rm. 210 several time & called main desk. Noise continued - the rm. was full of unsupervised kids ages ranging 8-14 yrs. old.
11:30 P.M. I'm at the front desk explaining the unsupervised kids wrestling - trashing the room. Clerk stated the kids are dropped off & will be picked up in the morn. & there's nothing she could do. that's not even legal, & if I'd like to be moved..? seriously - move them.
I stated I'm going to call the Police - clerk stated OK, do what you need to do.
Clerk is left in a positon of authority "head of Facility" to assist & ensure a pleasant stay & this clerk representing Days Inn did nothing to handle the situation.
Needless to say - it was a horrible stay & I packed up & moved on - of course I was expected to pay in full.

Patsy 8/13/14 1:54PM

I stayed at the Days Inn in Keene, NH on Friday and Saturday night, August 1 and 2. The clerk made a copy of my Credit Card and when I asked her what she was doing she told me she was trained to do so. The reasoning was ridiculous: it is the only way to prove that she had the card in her hand, in case I decide to dispute the charge. I objected again, saying that it is illegal to make a copy of it. She told that they had already 'checked it out' and that they were allowed to do so. I again told her that she was not and that I wanted the copy back when I checked out. She told me that I could not have it back, that they have to keep it on file. I asked when the Manager would be in and I would talk about it with him. He further defended his actions, so I told him that I wanted the copy of my credit card back or I would contact the Corporate Offices. He angrily told me 'do not threaten me'. There were 4 other guests in the office who observed his inappropriate behavior. I was completely disgusted with his lack of customer service and very uncomfortable with his threatening me about contacting the Corporate Office. I am not sure what kind of scam they are running at the Keene, NH Days Inn, but you need to know about it. They are illegally collecting copies of guests' Credit Cards and I hadn't have happened to see her make the copy, I would have never know that it had been done.

Lesley 8/11/14 7:44AM

On July 25, 26, and 27, 2014 my husband and I stayed in The Days Inn I booked this stay through Expedia. When we arrived at the hotel and went into our room the smell was overwhelming. The room was a smoking room and I was not told by Expedia that I could be placed in a smoking room if a non-smoking room wasn't available. I immediately called the office and asked for the room to be sprayed to get rid of the oder. They eventually sprayed the room and the smell was somewhat better. The room was generally dirty. The sheets were clean, but the blanket was shredding and had black marks on it.

The next morning we went out and returned in the afternoon and were not able to get into the room Our keys had been cancelled. We went to the office and were told that we had not extended our stay. We were paid up for 3 days. The lady in the office was not friendly or nice in dealing with us. She finally realized they had made a mistake in cancelling our keys and issued new keys. I believe this hotel is very poorly managed and the staff needs to be trained in hospitality and how to clean the rooms.

We have stayed at other Days Inns and were happy. Our experience in Pigeon Forge left a bad impression. Our reservation number was 180802015739.

Anonymous 8/10/14 4:59PM

Worst experience of my life, drove all the way from New York and hotel was horrible, service was distasteful! Bedding had spots, the keys weren't working! Never will book a hotel here again

Christina 8/9/14 1:53PM

My grown son and I flew into Hartford, CT from SF on 7/31. My brother had made arrangements for us to stay at the Days Inn across from the airport. It was a little after midnight when we checked in. We were given room 207. The toilet wouldn't flush. When I lifted the lid I noticed immediately that the chain was broken. I managed to flush the toilet manually the first time, but it nearly over-flowed. I reported it to the clerk and we were assigned a room down the hall. The next morning as I was returning to our room after breakfast I encountered a women from housekeeping about to enter our original room. After telling her what had happened she informed me that she had noticed that the toilet was broken. She said, "I watched while they wrote it down." I went down to the front desk and right next to the terminal was a pad of maintenance forms with "broken toilet room 207 three from the bottom. I was understandably angry. We arrived again on the evening of 8/3 and were again we were assigned room 207. We were assured that the toilet had been fixed and that the room had been used the previous two nights. The toilet had been worked on. Some one had replaced the chain improperly and broken pieces of the old chain were still in the bottom of the tank. We were assigned to a room with a toilet know to be broken twice in a matter of days.

P McNamara 8/6/14 4:54PM

I just read all of the comments listed below and must say our visit mirrored all of the rest. All eheavy duty appliance ( refrig, microwave, coffee pot and tv plugged into a electrical strip, way too many heavy power usage in one power source) YIKES!! and on the other wall no electrical cover on the outlet at all and was loose and coming out of the wall.
I see huges laws suits in many hotels futures and the lack of care and proper accomidations. I will no longer stay in a Days Inn and I will make sure I tell my traveling family and friends my experience. Shame on you!! Safety first above all else.

Anonymous 7/29/14 10:20AM

Arrived 7/25/14 At Days Inn Newport, Ar. They Could Not Find My Resevation Along With Several Others In Our Group. We Got In Our Room And Found There Was Only One Bath Towel For 2 Of Us. Tried To Call The Front Desk And Phone Wouldn't Work. Learned Later That You Had To Pay Add'l $10 Deposit To Have A Phone.........? Had Key Cark Issues Also.
Asked Front Desk About Phone Contact To Other Rooms Or Desk And She Said, "i Don't Know About That"! Duh, You Work Here! Thermostate Didn't Work Properly On A/c. Either Freeze Or Turn Fan On And Get Hot. Don't Think I'll Stay There Again...............!

LEROY 7/28/14 2:29PM

I rented a suite at Days Inn at 3660 South Lindbergh Blvd. Sunset Hills, MO. 63127 Room#253 for my husband, me and my granddaughter and a room , # 271 for my son and his wife to have a honeymoon they never had. On the day after we got here my son and his wife wanted a bath, they had to call down to ask for a plug ( because the built-in plug didn't work ) it took them a very long time to get the plug. Tonight I went to take a bath and the built-in plug in both of my bathrooms were broken. My husband had to call down for a plug. We got it right away, because my husband let them know I was wanting to take a bath right away. When the lady brought the plug my husband told her that it was a shame when you rent a suite and both bathtubs would not work, the lady said she was sorry but people kept stealing things from them . My husband told her that these tubs have built-in plugs in them. She said well I am sorry. My biggest complaint is how can you rent rooms and suites out that are not in proper working order. And I had not one but two of the rooms that were not in proper working order. Also I took my granddaughter to the heated inside pool, and it was freezing in there when we told them it was freezing in there they said they could not turn it up because they had to have the air on so high that it made the pool get colder. Can't you do something to do a little better job for you customers? I feel I didn't get my money's worth since I had to get out of the pool which is the main thing we look for in a Motel or Hotel. Because my granddaughter is a little water baby.

Mable Hicks 7/25/14 8:14PM

When I called Days Inn South Alexandria Va, I asked the front desk person for the ground floor(petrified of a fire) and a pool for us to swim at during the day when my husband is at work and was told, "No problem Mrs. Greene".I was told by the front desk person that booking through will get me a better rate, so I did within a few minutes of our conversation.$20 cheaper per night.I was assured by that my room would be ground floor. Well, I get here and they tell me that they already booked all the ground floor rooms that I would have to be on the 3rd floor. So, I go up to the third floor and notice that maintenance is painting the balcony floor so I can't even walk down to my room. After 20 minutes of waiting in the 98 degree sun, the manager comes up and tells me to go to the 2nd floor. When I walk in, the room smells. The rooms are gross, bathrooms have mold and dirty grime ,and the tv wouldn't work. It keeps shutting off and says no signal. Maintenance tore out the outlet in the wall trying to fix it leaving exposed wires.They are still exposed 3 days later. The rooms have not been cleaned at all the entire 4 days here.No wiping off anything, no making the beds and no running the sweeper. Only clean towels were brought in. When I decide to take my son to the pool. Get down there and it says Closed till 4pm. It is only open from 4-9pm. I am so irritated. My son and I had to spend the whole week stuck in this old, outdated, dirty room while my husband is working. I specifically asked about the pool and was never told it is closed till 4 pm, or I would have definitely stayed somewhere else.I have pictures of the filthy rooms to back up my story.

Michele 7/23/14 1:01PM

We stayed in Mariana , Florida Days Inn. The ceiling in the bathroom was falling in. Throw up on the sidewalk by the pool. NO WIFI!!! We stayed on July 18 2014

Anonymous 7/21/14 4:50AM

I have been staying at the days inn in lacey washington since march 25..I have not received back my taxes. the hotel has been under construction the entire time.. the hotel pool and hot tub along with the sana were out of use for a month.. and they charged full price because of amenties.. but while paying full price I was un able to use them.. when I first arrived I was in a newer room.. but it had ants.. after that I have been put in the worst rooms here.. I have also seen them replace carpets and beds on my floor but I am unable to get a room with newer carpets or beds or tv..I personally feel like I have been discriminated against..

Anonymous 7/17/14 9:59AM

I stayed at Days Inn Erie Pa on 6/28/14. Went to bed at 11:30pm woke up at 1:30am with numerous bites. Went to front desk and showed the my bites. Spent the rest of the night in the lobby area. the next morning I returned to the room for my belongings and looked at the mattress. It was stained and smelled terrible. I checked out and said I wanted to be reimbursed for the room I didn't et to use. The clerk was only authorized to give a $30 refund. The manager had to apply the refund. After several calls (Manager was never available either in a meeting or not there)I was able to correspond with her thru the desk clerk. I overheard the conversation and the manager, Cindy Szymanski, said the refund was taken care of. The clerk then repeated to me what she said and that I would receive an e-mail confirmation of the refund. I never received the e-mail and the credit was never applied. I have made 8 calls to the hotel( she is never available but was supposed to call me back) I have e-mailed her ( never responded) and I have spoken to C/S three times and they assured me someone would get back with me (no one has) I am holding Days Inn to their word and expect to receive a full refund as was promised.

Anonymous 7/16/14 7:10AM

We stayed at days inn 3659 Waccamaw blvd. Myrtle Beach SC. Went to beach for the day and when we returned all of our stuff was gone from the room. Manager said they had cleaned it but we had it booked for that same night also. So if the women cleaned it why is our stuff gone? He said that she had taken it to the lost and found. Went in their with him to get it but it wasn't there. So he called the lady that cleaned the room and she came back and had some of our things in her car. Yes that's right she stole it, but he didn't see a problem with it since she brought it back. But she didn't bring any of the cloths or bathroom items back. So we called the police and filed a report. He wouldn't refund our money and said he would have to wait for the manager to return next week. What kind of establishment doesn't have a manager on duty during the summer? You know the busiest time of the year? Still waiting to hear from them about this police report we filed

Jason 7/15/14 8:16AM

We stayed at the Days Inn Mackinaw City Lakeview (In Mackinaw City, MI) hotel recently, and we were quoted a price over the phone of 89.00. We asked if we booked 2 rooms, if we would be able to get a discounted rate. We were then told that we could get both rooms for $120 plus fees, which we were very happy with, so we, along with our family, decided to stay. We booked two rooms and went there. The room was not bad, the television didn't work, but for the price, we were okay with it.

I checked my bank account a few days after we got home to find a very high charge, which was not what we agreed to. My husband called and was asked to fax our bank statement and the room statement. We did that, and heard nothing for several days. I finally called, and was told to call back in a few days. I did that, and spoke with 2 people, who told me it was still being looked at. Today I called, and I spoke with "the manager" Jodi.

The conversation was slowly declining when I told her that the statement we "had gotten under our door" was for a certain amount. She proceeded to laugh at me and then became rude and condescending. She told me I am a liar, because they do not place statements under the door. I informed her that this is what my husband Chris had said, and I was not lying. (He did just inform me that the statement was not actually slid under the door, so, my mistake) Whether it was placed under the door or paid for at the desk is irrelevant. She spoke over me, she was extremely rude, she told me that she would be happy to refund the money if my brother in law and his wife (who stayed with us) wanted to call with their credit card information and be billed, and that I was not getting a free room, because she would then be paying for the room out of her paycheck. Into the conversation, I informed her that this recorded conversation would be forwarded to corporate, and she again laughed at me, stating she was doing the same thing, and that she was also forwarding the conversation right as we were speaking. I informed her that we have bills to pay, and to have this loss is something that affects our banking. She did not care. She made that perfectly clear. She also made it perfectly clear that this was a waste of her time and she had no desire to make this right.

I am filing a complaint with you in corporate, my credit union, and the BBB at this time due to the disgusting treatment by this "service person." One would think that when a customer is so adamant regarding a mistake, that the mistake would be rectified. So far, it has been 2 weeks since I faxed the requested paperwork. I have been pushed off from one person to another, disrespected, ignored, LAUGHED AT and called a liar. Of course, the majority of this poor experience is thanks to Jodi the manager who apparently knows nothing about customer service, and has no problem lying to cover up her mistakes.

I hope that Jodi is very happy with herself and the way she treats customers. I would have stayed at that hotel many more times just because it was not a bad place to stay. The funny thing is, when it comes to customer service, even we RNs are taught that one good experience might be shared with 1 or 2 people, but a bad experience will be shared with tens or even hundreds of people, if not more. I am already sharing this with 500+ people on Facebook, and will also be putting this out on Twitter. I will be sharing this information with the multiple co-workers and acquaintances from the corporate world to the medical field.

My biggest regret today is that I lost my composure after having only 4.5 hrs of sleep due to my on call position. However, I'd have to say I believe anyone who had been lied to and cheated the way we were, then treated and talked to as unprofessionally as I was today, might have a difficult time staying calm.

Bottom line, I am having a hard time NOT telling everyone I know DO NOT STAY HERE. I not only want the money refunded that was overcharged, I also now want every last dime refunded. This is ridiculous and I cannot believe that this company employs people who draw customers in with lies, and then cheat us out of our hard earned money.

If nothing else, at least provide us the satisfaction that you truly do care about our business, and see to it that Jodi Klooster is removed from her duties as General Manager.

Thank you kindly.

Cummings, C 7/14/14 10:25AM

We stayed at Days Inn , Erie, PA two days back. We were not getting good sleep because of bed bugs biting. Upon return to home one of us developed rashes all over the body and had to go the doctor. The doctor diagnosed the rashes as due to bed bug bite (of course we did not tell the doctor about our recent travel) I am trying to talk to the customer service for the last hour and nobody comes on phone. I get an automated voice message to hold on the phone and put on hold for ever. Tried various Days Inn phone numbers and any body coming on the phone just forwards the call to a phone number where I am just put on hold. It is highly frustrating I cannot even file an official complaint with Days Inn

Anonymous 7/8/14 8:21PM

I booked this hotel thinking it would be a great place for my husband and kids to stay during their vacation to Disneyland and the beach....boy was I WRONG! The first night was ok, second night, 2am on Sunday morning, I get a phone call from my husband saying that the front desk was accusing him of banging on other rooms doors and that he was carving swasticas on the doors that he was to pack out of there! My husband said he had no idea what they were talking about and if they didn't stop calling his room he was going to call the police. My husband then hung up and called the front desk where they advised they did not call his room nor have any complaints that night. The calls continued and the last straw was when the man on the phone talked about our teenaged daughter. First of all, how would this person know my daughter was there? And how did this man know my husbands room number?! My son said he remembered at check in a guy asking the lady at the front desk what room did she put them in....why?? And why did she give that information out so freely?? Back to the story, my husband asked the guy at the front desk to call the police. He said he would. I was on the phone with my husband at this point and told him I would call the front desk to see what was going on while he got himself and the kids packed. You can imagine my shock when within a minute of my husband requesting the police be called, the guy at the front desk can tell me they've been there Nd everything was fine. Really?? That was quick! So I said I was going to call the Buena Park Police myself since this Days Inn isn't taking these threats seriously. He said "I don't think they're threatening anyone so there's no need to call the police"...but didn't you call??? I called the non emergency police line and got a police officer over right away to escort my family to their car. My daughter had a panic attack when she overheard the officer telling dispatch the things that were being said to my husband on the phone. It's close to 3am by this time and I frantically try to find my family another hotel to stay at after this traumatizing experience, and they understandably only want to come home! I've called the hotel manager regarding this incident, have left several messages for him to contact me regarding the charge for the night of the incident, and I have YET to hear back! The woman at the front desk even said "again" the last time she transferred me to his voicemail. I'm disgusted at the way they are choosing to avoid this, and am even more disgusted that Knott's Berry Farm's name is attached to this place!

Cbasulto79 7/2/14 10:06AM

I pulled in to book 4 rooms for my family that was coming into town for the 4th of July weekend. I saw the AMERICAN flag on the grounf therewas a total of three. I walked in and told the front desk manage on duty about it. He said "OK" that was at 7:30 am on the 7/2/2014. At 8:28am driving back by from booking at another hotel It was still on the ground.


We had the occasion to stay at Days Inn in Luray, Va June 27 and 28 for a family wedding. Numerous rooms were taken by family and friends for the event. I took a suite with 2 bedrooms at a very disappointing price. The room was very dark and dingy and had bugs! For $240 per night I was very upset. A couple of other guests complained about the bugs as well. There were a few other issues also.
I will not be recommending Days in to anyone in the future.

Anonymous 7/1/14 7:56AM

i reserved one room with 2 queen beds for me and my daughter at Days Inn & Suites Grand Rapids/ Grandville . The room was booked through My room was $89.99 + $11.98 taxes/fees, totalling $101.97 which I paid for with my Priceline VISA.

We checked in around 8:20, and sent to Room 333. There were no safety locks on the door. I asked for a new room. Manager Sunny came up with a master key, took us to room 336 and went back downstairs to exchange our keys. The room had fresh water rings on the nightstand, beverage cups, food wrappers, and half eaten potato chip bag on top of the TV cabinet. I called the office again to tell Sunny the room was unacceptable. He came up and took pictures on his cell phone of the filth while I watched. He then took us to room 342, which another couple was currently trying to enter. He took their keys, gave them to me, took them across the hall, and came back to room 342 to check it out iwth me. The desk chair was absolutley filthy, but by this time it was close to 10:00 and my daughter was ill and wanted to lie down. I told Sunny (manager) the chair was disgusting and we would not sit on it. The lamps did not work, and Sunny had to crawl under the desk and plugged one in. The comforters had old stains, but better than the last room. I was denied a refund. Since the sheets looked clean, I could not get a refund and my daughter was half asleep, we stayed. As I crawled under tables to plug in the second lamp and moved the nightstand to plug in one air matress pump, I discovered used juice bottles and other trash. The second bed did not have a pump for the matress, and it was flat. In addition, the clock did not work, the refrigerator did not work, and someone was running up and down the hallway all night. I would respectfully request a FULL REFUND for $101.97 and that this hotel be inspected by the health department and cleaned or condemned. I also can't help but wonder if they even clean the inner bedding and towels! The health and security of guests is certainly NOT a priority. The strong smell of Indian spices permeates the hallway, and it appears nothing is cleaned or repaired, although the lobby was nice. AT checkout the next morning, Sunny was gone and the cashier said she could not do anything. She did check a handwritten log book and confirmed that there were 'notes' from Sunny in the book. I have a few pictures of the third room (342) and Sunny took 4 pics of room 336 with his cell phone.

Anonymous 6/30/14 8:46AM

I don't know where to start. I am a federal law enforcement officer who was told a day before my registration that o could check in before 3pm. When I arrived I was told to pay an extra $15 for early check in. Then I was told they could not do that cause rooms were not cleaned. I asked where could I go to wait with my one year old God daughter and she said the parking lot. It told her its 100 degrees outside and she said I know. I left came back at 3 then my ice box (refrigerator) don't work. Then its 4am and people drunk AT MY DOOR. I called ans spoke up with no help. I could not do my paperwork because the WiFi was not working. The front desk just says I'm sorry with mo assistance. I could yell more but refuse until someone tells me or explains something.

Woodie 6/28/14 11:56PM

I stayed at the Days Inn in Waukegan and it was the worst hotel I ever stayed in!! Stains that looked like blood on the walls, dirty sheets and towels dust and food crumbs all over. I could not get a refund to move to another hotel. Some one should really do something about this hotel chain. I will never stay at another Days Inn again, in fact I filed a claim with the BBB.

Richard 6/27/14 11:57AM

I have been staying here at Days Inn now for a month. I'm staying here until I get my appartment done. I have to say I am very upset with one of the staff members. His manner is very rude, his customer service is very upsetting. With me being in the customer service business I find that there is none here at the DAYS INN HERE ON RT 17. Address is
I approved them to take out payments but one. Yes I am saying CREDIT CARD FRAUD. They decided to use my card to pay for someone elses room. If I am wrong then I'm sorry but really why would they take money out of my account WITH AUTHORIZATION.

VeryveryAngryMom 6/23/14 6:54PM

I currently stayed at your Bloomington MN location over the weekend in RM 156. Our room was GROSS. Had BLACK MOLD in bathroom ( I took pictures if you need them) all over I feared for my four year old to even take a bath. The floor didn't look like it had been vacuumed for awhile.. blood stain on underside of toilet seat and food under bed... told front desk and the man said he would pass on the message never heard a word from anyone..

brandy 6/23/14 6:20PM

We arrive around 3:00am Saturday morning to this hotel. Around 6:30 am we were awaken by bites in bed. Once I turned the lights on - bugs was on pillows and underneath cover. Immediately I called hotel front desk. The manager came into the room pick up several mashing them. He said he would refund money back. But, once I went down stair to front desk his wife said we wasn't getting anything back and asked us to leave the property. She also charges us for both days because we didn't give 48 hour notice $310.00 was charged to our card. While I was at the front desk another lady came down with the same issue. Because I refused to leave without her cancelling the 2nd day payment she called the police. I have never been so humiliated!!!! I will never ever stay in another Days inn... the people were very rude and nasty!!

jhardy 6/23/14 7:48AM

First i will die before ever sleeping in another one of your dirty motel and pay $115.00 plus tax. To first take a bath with some ones elses hair in the tub. Then to sleep in a bed full of hair even pubic hair. If i was not so tired i would have left right then. I have never been so upset and the desk people seemed not to give any care about it to. If i didnt know any better and had not draged all my stuff in the room and had taken a dirty bath in the hair infested tub. I would have left. Plus i had driven 12 hrs. And did not trust the man at the desk to complain. He came off as a pervert. This was at your ogden utah on washington street. Saterday june 7 th

very disappointed woman. 6/19/14 11:43PM

On June 7th, 2014 I, along with two of my teenage sons, drove to Brooklyn Center, MN for a basketball tournament. A few days prior to this I booked a room through Expedia to stay at the Days Inn 6415 James Circle North Brooklyn Center, MN. Upon check in, Gigi, claimed she had no Expedia booking for me. I gave her my credit card and was charged $10.00 more then my Expedia booking price. The power door at the entrance did not work and the lobby was dirty and had a VERY unpleasant odor to it. There were many "shady" people just milling around the lobby, as well as, the parking lot. My room was on the second floor and the elevator was "out of order" and was told it had not been working was quite some time. The hand rail, going up the stairs was broken and nailed back together. Just one more safety violation! When I entered my room I was appalled! Here is a list of the things that I, and my sons, encountered...

1. the smell...for a non smoking room this reeked of smoke

2. bugs and dirt on window sill.....something sticky had

not been cleaned up.

3. was not crumbs, twist ties, and

beer bottle caps were everywhere.

4. Toilet would not flush

5. gauge in the wall that appeared to have been made by a


6. The lighting in the bathroom was horrible. You could

not see when the door was shut.

7. The door to the bathroom didn't close all the way

8. The vent in the bathroom had mold all over it.

9. The furniture looked like it had been taken out of the

dump. Broken pieces and just not even usable.

10. The overall cleanliness of the room was like that of a

slum lord building.

11. There was a washer/dryer combo just sitting in the hall. This was a working washer/dryer but it was in the hall!

These were all observed within 10-15 minutes!!!

At this point, there was NO WAY I was staying here with my sons! I went back done to the front desk to complain. I told , GIGI, that I was checking out. I got a receipt stating that I would not be charged for the room.

She didn't ask me any questions as to why I was checking out. She said "sorry" but nothing else. It was almost like she expected it and it was no big deal. This place reminded me of a place you rent by the hour and/or where drug deals go on. I left and went to a hotel next door. I told the front desk of my experience next door and the gentleman just laughed as if they got a lot of customers this way. What is really said is I was traveling with a group of parents/kids for this basketball tournament. We called them IMMEDIATELY and told them not to stay. They went, looked at the rooms, and checked out as well. They saw carpeting in their rooms with blood on it, dirt and filth, horrible smells and while they were at the front desk someone walked in smoking a joint!!! Your cooperation lost four booking (and I'm sure more) on June 7th!

I wish I could tell you this is where it ends but I can't. When I returned home and was looking at my bank statement I noticed the Expedia and The Days Inn charged me for the night!! I called Expedia on June 9th they told me that they would be looking into it and would be calling Days Inn and would return my call. I had to call back the next day and talked to someone different. They called the Days Inn, again, and talked to the manager, NICK. Nick told Expedia that I was a no show which I find interesting because I was told Days Inn never have booking for me through Expedia. Expedia tried to do a conference call with the three of us so I could talk to Nick. I was on hold for 5 minutes and was somehow transferred to someone else at Expedia. This person seemed to be a bit more intelligent and when I explained my story, yet again, Expedia reversed the charges and credited my account. I then called Days Inn directly and spoke the Nick, the manager. I explained my story to him and was told that the charges WOULD NOT be reversed. He told me he had to call Expedia to get the charges reversed. I told him I took care of this already and I DEMANDED the charges that Days Inn charged me be reversed as well. I told Nick that Gigi gave me a receipt and said that charges would be dropped. He argued with me for a while, put me on hold and after a some time told me the charges would be reversed. This experience was beyond bad! I may never stay at a Days Inn again! You really should take the time to visit this hotel, undercover, and experience it from your customer's viewpoint. I personally think this place should be shut down and fire the people you have running it and get someone in there that know how to run a hotel. If you would like to contact me I have all my confirmation numbers, receipts, ect.


Eric Thompson

Eric Thompson 6/14/14 9:57AM

My next step is the Better Business Bureau and the Health Department since the Manager that acted crazy is the one responsible for handling this claim!

Anonymous 5/30/14 9:16PM

I am staying at the days inn & suites springfield, mo 65803 .

The rooms are really small. And it was like staying at a nazi concentriation camp the owner was walking around yelling at staff , also yelled at our kids that were in the pool which was very dirty and cold, the wifi cuts off and on like someone was turning it off . Overall the week I stayed there was very unpleasant and will never stay at a days inn again and will also tell my friends and family not to stay here either! I feel we should be reimbursed it made our vacation terrible.

kkirst 5/30/14 12:37PM

I placed a reservation at the Days Inn Solvang for a wine country tour in May, 2014. Needless to say, the experience was less than UNACCEPTABLE. I pre-arranged early check in to meet my time constraints, as well as a downstairs room as the 4 of us are senior citizens. None of these arrangements were met. The manager/owner, Mike Courtney, was completely rude and uncaring that these commitments were not met. Further, the hotel is quite run down and in need of serious updates.

Anonymous 5/28/14 7:20AM

I stayed at the Days Inn in Calgary South on the Victoria long weekend.At 75 years I looked forward to staying with family while we attended the Volleyball Nationals which my great granddaughter was competing in. I was told to call back on Monday for a reservation as the desk clerk couldn't book it. This was on Friday. Even though we booked as a group we were assigned rooms on different floors. There were no knives available at the continental breakfast for spreading butter or jam on toast or bagels.The toasters didn't work properly. There was only one person working the dining area for our dinner reservation for fourteen and he was also working the bar.The desk clerk couldn't find my reservation without the help of some lady because my name was spelt wrong. The Inn was not very clean and needs updating and maintenence. In order to use my laptop, I had to crawl under the desk and unplug the lamp in order to plug in.All in all a very unpleasant experience. I would not stay there again.

Anonymous 5/19/14 2:30PM

After a very long road trip with my 3 children, we checked into your building for a much needed break. We were all looking forward to a hot shower, a little relaxing and a good sleep. When I approached the counter, your associate "Ashlie" informed me that there was only one room available, room 109, which did not have a working television. While this was disappointing, it wasn't a deal breaker, and I indicated that I would take the room. Imagine my surprise when there was no discount offered for a room which did not have the "amenities" available in all of the other rooms. I was told this was not possible, and then further informed that there would be a 15% "deposit" charged to my card, in the event that we broke or destroyed anything.

While I understand the policy, the delivery was insulting and rude.

When we got into the room, we were shocked at how outdated everything appeared. There were no duvets on the beds (it looked at first glance as though they had been forgotten, since the beds were made up with sheets). Upon further inspection, while there was a basket with coffee packets and cups and an instruction card for the coffee maker, there was NO coffee maker in the room. I went back to the front desk to inquire about these oddities, and was informed by Ashlie that it is simply "too expensive" to maintain duvets and they are therefore not used in the rooms. Additionally, the lack of coffee maker indicated that the coffee maker was broken, and there were no replacements available. So, once again, my room lacked basic amenities available to guests in pretty much every motel chain in the country, and again this information was shared with me unapologetically.

The final straw came when I went into the bathroom to start the shower for my little son, and found dried fecal material on the lid and seat of the toilet. Because I did not wish to encounter your rude employee a third time, I ended up cleaning it myself.

I expect a national chain to maintain minimum standards of cleanliness and professionalism. I was very surprised by this experience, and will likely not use your chain for future stays. I have also shared my experience with family and friends in an effort to spare them the same trouble.

I paid in excess of $80.00 to be treated poorly, offered a room that was not up to basic standards for either cleanliness or amenities, and at no point was I made to feel that these concerns were valid. While I understand that there is a limit to the authority a desk clerk has to act, her flippant and dismissive attitude was unwarranted and unappreciated, particularly in light of the fact that the room itself was such a disappointment.

Kat 5/14/14 5:19PM

I had a complaint 3 weeks ago ! Nobody contacted me from the Corporate Office since.
I did had a really bad experience while I stayed in Fort Lauderdale March /2014 in the Bahai Cabana Days Inn.

Marta 5/7/14 8:58AM

I stayed at the Days Inn in Kansas City Missouri and It was the most dirty uncaring place I have stayed at and they only offered a 25% off my next stay and I know that Wyndham offers 110% satisfaction guarantee and they did not respond to my 2nd email. I was trying to check out the next day instead of staying the 4 nights and the lady said they so not give refunds. The sheets were dirty in the 1st room and the tub was not cleaned and the 2nd room the sheets were stained and looked like someone slept in the and so they came in and changed them in front of us and they were still stained with orange stuff and grease the mattresses were filthy and the most awful thing was that there was blood smeared all over the back of the door it looks like they tried to clean it but never finished I will not stay there again. I am totally discussed with this and only offer me a 25% off my next stay.

cmissy 4/29/14 9:46AM

Tegucigalpa April 27 2014.

Gentlemen. My name is Alfredo Ruiz, from Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

From 4/8/14 through the 4/15/14 we stayed at your Hotel Days Inn, in Fort Lauderdale, Oakland Park, in room 326. The room smelled bad and the sheets of our double bed were never changed and we doubt very much if they were clean when we first arrived, from you previous customer.

A few days later our legs and body began to itch very much to all three of us that stayed in the room. We concluded when we left the hotel on the 4-16-14 that your beds had BEDBUGS.

As proof we took pictures of the many bites that turn red when we scratched them . Unfortunately on your Headquarter page, we could not make an attachment to send you proofs.

I am sending you pictures from my personal e mail so you can have the evidence of the damages to our health.

Unfortunately we booked your hotel through PRICE LINE and we could not see the negative reviews until we return to Honduras. To our surprise many negative complaints similar as to what we are denouncing to you. Due to this experience we will not book a reservation in any of your hotels, neither recommend it, and to make it worst these BEDBUGS were also in our clothes and luggage, so now we have this problem in our home. We demand from you a reimbursement for an amount of $2,000 for all the many inconveniences that you have cause us for your lack of proper hygiene in the room that was assigned to us.

Also at the check-out time, the front desk person did not gave us an invoice of our stay and the clerk told us, that since we made the reservation through Priceline, we would receive the invoice from them. Up to this date we have not received the mentioned invoice.

We trust that our complaint will be handled professionally and we want an explanation from you soon, because if not we will post our complaint in your customer reviews, and that will no doubt hurt your hotel reputation and image.

Alfredo Ruiz

Ito 504-99846700 4/27/14 9:33PM

On January 3, 2014 I stayed at the Days Inn in Lumberton,NC. For no other reason other than that I have a bad memory, I left a Chinese luck plant and beautiful ceramic pot in the room..Upon discovering it a few hours later, I immediately called and told them what had occurred. They checked the room and indeed, the maid said the plant was there..and was lovely. I told them I would return in mid-April on my way back north,as I live in NY.

On April 22, I returned to the motel; I had called the previous evening and was told by a man..that no plant was there. On Tuesday, April 22, I returned to the motel...and found that they had very lovingly taken care of my plant, and were very gracious about having taken care of it..

I needed to thank the lady at the front desk for her care and responsibility; I will return there on my way back south.

Walt 4/26/14 9:09PM

I have never been so dissappointed in a Days Inn in all my life. I giving a room with two double beds, the first bed was damp. In the roon next door must have been a whore house for there was women in and out. Then on top of that there was a baby cring the whole time I was there. I checked in around 9:30pm and went to the office around 2:55am. I said something to the clerk at the desk, he was rude said he could not help me. So I checked out. and had to sleep in my truck. I will never stay in a Days Inn in FREDRICK Maryland or any other one again.

Anonymous 4/26/14 7:50AM

I would like to notify someone that the there is a couple problems at Days Inn on FernValley Rd louisville ky.the manager and her boyfriend stays on property.One set of house keepers live there in room 150.and the manager let's the other indian couple wash there clothes there and it happens on the clock when laundry llady is trying to work..and the head housekeeper is sleeping with 2 of the guys that bring the sheets in.Something needs to be done about that mess.The manager has her picks there and treats everyone different and everyone makes different pay.and the place has 3 rooms down right now for bed bugs.

steph 4/18/14 11:02AM

I have worked a four different hotel in my life , I recently worked at days inn in portage mi , it's the grosses place ever .. It's never any cleaning supplies , the change the sheets in the room every THREE days , the reuse towels if they don't "LOOK" dirty .. They have an upstairs but the elevator had been broken since I before I started working there .. Guest have to carry all their belongings up the stairs.. He made his HK staff work all three major holidays with out the proper pay , which is clearly posted on a wall in the office .. I don't understand how place like that is allowed to stay open .. So one really should do a surprise expect ion on that place .. And if your going to be staying in kalamazoo or portage mi please do yourself a favor and DONT stay there ..

Chocolate chip 3/26/14 9:51AM

My Husband and had a horrifying experience on February 27,2014 at the Days Inn in Memphis TN, at Graceland,3839 Elvis Presley Blvd. I was bitten by bed-bugs on my face and arm. We took pictures of the bites and the bugs crawling on the bed. We captured the bugs in a plastic cup and gave them to management. The only thing was done is they gave us a different room. the Manager never came to talk too us although we waited for hour to talk to her.
The management service was lousy

unhappy 3/17/14 8:52PM

Me and my family stayed at the Days Inn on 400 Buff Blvd, Summerton, S.C. 29148 on March 4th through March 8th 2014

As we was checking out, one of the housekeeper (Gloria) said to me "What no tip" I told her to talk to my wife. She repeated it to my wife. My wife said to her "When did yall start asking for a tip". Gloria responded "We are allow to ask for a tip" All of this was being said in front of two other housekeepers who was cleaning the rooms on the first level. They responded by saying "We are not allow to ask for a tip".

My wife told Gloria "I feel that is very inappropriate for you to be asking me for a tip". Gloria said "If I knew you was checking out today I would not have given you any clean towels or wash cloth". My wife told Gloria "If you do not like your job then you need to get another one". We proceeded to the front office and my wife reported the incident to the manager on staff at the time of our check out.

The manager said that they make enough money and are not allow to ask for a tip. The other two housekeepers who heard the exchange came into the lobby while my wife was speaking to the manager and apologize on Gloria behalf and said that was wrong.

Anonymous 3/13/14 9:01AM

Recently stayed at the Ames, Iowa location - Staff can not intelligently communicate with guests to make reservations and refused to send email confirmations. Furniture in room is stained along with insects present in bathroom. Staff was too lazy to clear snow from in front of entrances after overnight snowfall while a snow shovel sat unused inside the main entrance. After contacting corporate office, corporate ignored complaint and "passed the buck" to the motel manager who blamed me for email confirmation issue. Spend a little more money and avoid this dump.

ISU Parent 3/7/14 4:46PM

I am appalled that a well known name like the Day's Inn has so many horrifying comments and this one is no better. My daughter was on her way to TN, coming from PA, when she hit a terrible snow storm in VA. Her phone service was sketchy so I got on the internet and start looking for a safe place for her to stay. I made reservations at the Day's Inn in New Market, VA. She arrived and was so upset to find burn holes in furinture, shower dirty and bedsheets that were obvisiouly used. (won't go into detail with that one) There was a couple upstairs from her and they showed her their room and things were no better there. They had no choice to stay overnight due to an ice storm. They were checking out to another hotel they found due to blood on the sheets and the flithy conditions. I must say that Mike was very nice on the phone and our credit card reinburst, but again a well known name hotel to have all this problem is disgusting. I will make sure that this hotel and any other hotel associated to this corporation I will STAY AWAY from!!!!!! Thanks for nothing Day's Inn, you should be ashamed of yourself.

Laurie 3/3/14 11:59AM

I made reservations through Hotwire for the 21st and 22nd,I was given two rooms at the Days Inn located in College Park, GA, on 4560 Best Rd.When we got to the hotel there was either an employee or guest sitting in the lobby using very vulgar language on the phone, the clerk didn't ask him to leave or to tone his conversation down. When we received our keys for the rooms one of the keys would'nt work mind you I had hip surgery and is on a walker so I'm standing out in the cool waiting to get into the room. My husband went back to the front desk and the clerk gave him another key which didn't work either, in mean time we were given another room. In the mean time I went into the second room which was filty,the room smelled moldy and the bathroom wasn't very clean either, the towels that was hanging up was dirty. The 1st room had a dirty smell to it and the sheets had stains on them. I couldn't let my family sleep in these conditions, and my husband went to the clerk to complain and he told him he would check the rooms out but didn't believe they were in these conditions. There was a hair show in Atlanta so most of the hotels was booked and thank God we were able to get two rooms at another hotel. This cost me double and I was very disgusted and tired, also had a three week old baby with us. I know Hotwire offers hotels at very low prices but I would have rather slept in my vehicle before I stayed in those conditions. I can fax you where I had to get two rooms at another hotel as proof, I would appreciate a refund for my troubles. Also I had travel 300 miles so there was no way to turn around and go home.

Jackie 2/25/14 8:38AM

the days in in fort pierce florida

racegirl88 2/24/14 4:40PM

The service was terrible there were no plug ins we got there the room smelled like mold the plug in for the hair dryer does not work the workers did not come when they said they would

Anonymous 2/24/14 4:24PM

On Feb 12th & 13th, 2014, I booked two days/nights with the Days Inn Motel I paid my reservation with my debit card. Upon arrival I was presented with an additional charge of 10.83 per day x2 for a total of 21.66 to park my vehicle in front of my unit across the street. The hidden charge was unethical. The only way to avoid this hidden charge would have been to walk in. At 63 yrs of age I do not believe this reasonable.

Sharon Ghent 2/14/14 6:50PM

On Jan.31,2014 I had the unfortunate experience of staying @your Inn @ . The room, shabby, linens old & tired, bathroom right out of a slum. Having two pets, sign in office said 10.00 each, she charged me 15.00 ea. Next morning wanted my receipt, ringing

the bell, no one there, a man finally comes out only in a towel wrapped around him, nothing more. I asked for my receipt, which didn't have total

charges, I told him this place was a disgrace, he told me to shut up, & to

go F--- myself. Apparently these people are from a slum. I will make sure

on my future travels, I will NOT be staying at Days Inn. It is quite apparent

you people are not concerned with the type people you hire to take care of your properties. This was totally unacceptable!!

Anonymous 2/14/14 11:25AM

I wanna say that I stayed at the Days Inn in Chester PA, from 2/7/2014-2/10/2014. It was by far the worst stay in a hotel that I have been, the staff that I encountered were racist, loud, rude, and extremely unprofessional. I have never been so treated so bad never in all of times in any hotel in my life. I myself my family and all of my friends will never stay at another Days Inn ever. First of all I was charged a different price each stay I was there. I was never given a chance to know what the real price was. Second I was rudely awakened by your staff, the next day I arrived. my fight came in at 1:00 am in the morning there was a billing error not on my part but I was told it was there was some angry words exchanged at the front desk by your staff. I felt like I was treated like a criminal in which I am a retired Law enforcement officer and retiered mialitary. So I felt like your staff had no formal training on customer service. Third, the next day at checkout time noon I was severly harrassed to checkout, by your staff knocking at my door, calling me on the phone, I called eariler that morning to find out what time checkout was then all of sudden the harrasment started. I so embarrased and upset by being be treated like a criminal. I will also file a complaint with the local BBB. this hotel is very unpleasant to stay in and as a customer I would never give my business to the Days Inn again.

[email protected] 2/12/14 4:20PM

Had to take a trip to Pittsburgh from Ohio to attend my uncle's funeral. Had something to eat with my sisters who traveled from Michigan and then went looking for a place to stay. My sister spoke who a very rude desk clerk who stated that they had a room. Didn't like the "attitude", so we continued looking for some place close to the funeral home - but no luck. We were tired and it was getting late, so we drove to the Days Inn on Banksville Rd and checked in. The room was disgusting! There were bugs on the ceiling/walls/curtains and the room was just generally dirty. I went to the desk to share my concerns. I was told they were just stink bugs and there was nothing they could do about it. If we did choose to stay, we should not hit them, just catch them and flush them down the toilet. I was shown another room, which was a smoking room, but I did not want to smell like an ashtray at the funeral the next day, so we ended up staying with the bugs. The clerk told us that she would have the manager, Joe Davison, contact us and an "adjustment" would be made to the charges . . . well, I am still waiting to hear from Joe! My sister and I spent over 1 hours catching stink bugs that night and flushing them down the toilet - great bonding moment!
Our stay was back in October. I am currently planning two different trips this spring and was reminded to NEVER stay @ a Days Inn again!

Kathy 2/12/14 1:23PM

I recently stayed at a Days Inn on Clark Rd in Sarasota Fl. It was well priced, clean, and we had a good experience. Next we found a Days Inn at 18051 S Tamiami Trail in Ft. Myers Fl. It was a old motel painted garish colors, but near where we wanted to go. The room was old and unattractive and there were many different tripping hazards like when stepping out of your room you had to step down. They did the cheapest things to save money on the breakfast. At 8:00 there was not any waffle mix. THe juice was in pitchers and looked watered down. The muffins and donuts were miniatures. THe breakfast space was as big as a closet and there was a sign that the motel guests were to sit only in a special place as it was a restaurant also serving the public. THe restaurant is not open for supper and the only place we found in walking distance was MacDonalds. THe price of a room was $139.00 which we felt was way too much. We had just spent $124.00 at a Bayview which was very nice and new. We did stay there a second night because we were getting tired of trying to find our way around in the heavy traffic. After sightseeing all day, we came back to find our room keys did not work and the room had not been cleaned. They did fix our room keys, but the woman at the desk said that the maid was prone to put down that she had cleaned a room when she hadn't. She asked if I wanted the room cleaned then and I said I did not as it was late and we were tired and wanted to relax. She did not offer any discount on the rate and I asked for one. She said she could only offer me $10.00. After staying at the first DAys Inn, I was pleasantly surprised and decided to try your chain again, but after staying at this one, I will probably not consider DAys Inn again.

[email protected] 2/12/14 11:23AM

Daughter and I stayed at the Days Inn in Southern Pines, North Carolina. We had a horrible time. The first room we got had bugs in it and it also had a lot of dust in the room. My daughter is allergic to dust so we had to move. We told the front desk and they switched our rooms. I was thinking great now we can finally enjoy our stay, but I was wrong. The heat did not work in the room, mind you its 30 degrees outside. I had to take my daughter to my mothers hotel room(Hampton Inn)because she was shaking so bad because she was cold. We called the front desk and made a complaint. The woman that answered the phone was so rude and had an attitude. She said there was nothing she could do about it but tell the manager. So we slept in a cold room. Not only was the room cold the heater must have been broke because it made noise all night. I couldn't even sleep. I also called back to inform her that I left my charger in the other room she said with an attitude "Well you can't go get it now, there is nothing we can do." You could tell by her voice she was sleep and didn't want to be bothered. The next morning we checked out and the customer service was horrible. We told the another person at the front desk and she asked "well what do you want me to do about?" One thing I can say is I WOULD NEVER GO BACK TO THAT PARTICULAR DAYS INN. It makes me not want to go to any Days Inn. I was so disappointed. If you live in Southern Pines, North Carolina and decide you want to get a room at Days Inn run for you life. I don't recommend anyone stay here.

Upset Customer 2/10/14 8:58AM

My husband and I stayed at the Days Inn on the River in Gatlinburg TN my birthday weekend of Jan 24-26th. The room was to be expected for an older hotel. Except the heat was completely turned off ( below 30' outside), and the over head heater switch in the bathroom didn't work.
The bed sheets were crisp and clean, and overall the room was clean.
On Saturday night we decided to stay an extra day, he called the front desk and told the clerk we would be checking out on Monday Jan 27th.
On SUNDAY Jan 26th (my birthday) we decided to sleep in awhile. We awoke to banging, hammering, sounded like the hotel was coming down. I called the front desk and it was transferred to the sister hotel across the street. I told the manager of the noise, she stated she could actually hear the banging in my phone! She said she would keep trying to contact our hotel manager. For 2/1/2 hours I endured this banging, I kept trying to call the hotel manager and it kept going to the sister hotel. Finally after acquiring a migraine, I told my husband we had to leave and would return later. We never received a return phone call from the manager (April) of our hotel. However we did receive a phone call from the sister hotel stating that she had got in contact with April and yes they were doing remodeling and SHE apologized.
Honestly, being the Bible Belt, I was infuriated they were doing 'remodeling' on Sunday. Of all the days of the week!

I called today and spoke with 'April'. She was rude. I told her of last Sundays events and she stated "I know, I was here".
Really? Why didn't SHE answer the phone or call us. Then when trying to talk to her about our room rate, to say the very least we should have not had to pay at all, she keep interrupting me saying they were trying to get remodeling done before Feb 14th-the noise wasn't above my head- the owner (Bobby Patel) wasn't there today, then the owner out of the country, I could not contact the owner, he didn't have a number to give out, she was the only one to talk too-remodeling started at eight in the morning, the latest remodeling could be started was ten am, and so on.
Then she made a smart comment to me " well, I can't help it if someone wants to sleep in till twelve in the afternoon". That's when I ended the conversation and told her I was contacting corporate. I feel we shouldn't have paid a dime for that Sunday. I am respectfully requesting a full refund for Jan 26th. The other manager did give us $10 off our stay and told us she wished she could do better.

Anonymous 2/2/14 12:17PM

I wanted to share a very horrible experience my husband and I had last weekend at a Days Inn 5858 International Drive, Orlando Florida. I went on their website and made a reservation for Friday and Saturday night at a rate of $35.99 per night. I printed my reservation notice and took it with us. Upon check in, I presented paperwork to the young lady at the front desk. She checked us in and we went to our room. When we got to our room, I started to unpack and found no towels or washcloths in the room. My husband turned on the TV and found 2 channels that worked. I picked up the phone to call the front desk to report the problems only to find the phone didn't work either. We walked back down to the front desk and were given towels and washcloths. The guy we talked with called someone to fix the TV and telephone. We went out to dinner and returned finding neither had been repaired. The next morning, I got up showered and washed my waist length hair. When I came out of the bathroom to dry my hair, there was not a hairdryer to be found. It was 38 degrees outside. Again this was reported. We left and went to Universal Studios. We returned to the hotel to find our keys not working. We again went down to the front desk and the same guy told us that our reservations was for Friday night only, he tried to charge our credit card double and was charging us $89.00 per night. I tried to explain that my paperwork (in our locked out room) would clear up all of his problems but he was not very cooperative at first. Once he understood I made the reservations on their website he finally changed the reservation and the charges were a little closer to the online charges. I have never had problems with a motel like this in my life and I hope to never experience this again. I know I would experience it again here because this was my one and only stay!!

danwin 1/28/14 8:10PM

Stayed in longmont co days inn. The first room they gave us the heater didn't work. So they gave us another room. It had dog puke on the carpet (no one cleaned it up either) so one to room three. We were there for 14 days and choose this hotel cause they allowed my dog. Finally in a room. This room was not cleaned and hadn't been cleaned in a while. We found two different pills on the floor, someone's hair clip, and hair on our sheets. I asked that they change my sheets and clean bathroom. I had taken sheet off the bed so that housekeeping would change them but when we arrived back the dirty sheets were still on the floor and the trash was still there and bathroom wasn't clean. I went to desk and got clean sheets to make my own bed. By the way this room had no fire alarm and the table was about to fall over so my husband fixed table. I have spoken with front desk staff who were all nice but no one could get the housekeeper to clean the room or get rid of pills on floor in my room. So it's like day 7 and I asked that they clean room please. Don't worry about bed but do the rest. This time they took out trash but forgot to clean bathroom or to wipe sink and oh the pills are still on the floor. I spoke with staff they apologized but still my room isn't clean. The staff would put up a sign saying they were in cleaning the pool and would b back in few minutes but the pool didn't work and they had no idea when it would b fixed. One of many nights I came in and my key didn't work and this sign is up. I was there for a job so I worked from sun up to sun down so I was tired and hungry and had my dinner but couldn't get in my room. My entire stay of 14 days they never cleaned my bathroom or wipe anything down. I would of been better off camping. Next time I will camp before staying in a days inn

Anonymous 1/20/14 6:59AM

I was at Days Inn on Hollywood in jackson Tn yesterday,I overheard one of the maids tell the boss man that two girls that he had working for him,was popping thesheets and he did nothing about it,I witness another maid making up the beds and still didn't change the sheets,they had no shampoo,and they had tissue that was bought from a store that wasn't wrapped,the towels are filthy,and rms stink

madd22 1/7/14 7:22AM

Days Inn on Hollywood in Jackson Tn. is a nuisance,you have people staying in the three building that they call home,he has atleast 3 people over ther that is on drugs really bad and he be in the rms with them as well,He has his own personal drug dealer that comes up there and serve Donald Ray Taylor marijuana,hydros and meth,he has 3 desk clerk on drugs and do them while working on the job,he has maids that's prostituting on the job,sleeping with truck drivers that come thru there,he has Rita making fake files and names of customers staying there and they use a dummy card and change the name and numbers on the card,u can pull his files and see where they change the information on the porfolios,they sometimes close all the windows on certain buildings to make it look like the rms are rented,when the maids get their boards the rms are clean,He only put tea,coffee,pads and pens and the third pillow out when he know the inspector frm corporate is coming,Its certain parts of the hotel he allows the inspector to go to,he make the maids close the windows to try and look like the rm is occupied,but its actually empty,on the three building a lot of the rms have mold and he has a family that stays in 309 that the children stays very sick,the father that stays in that rm says that there is nothing that they can do about their kids bein sick because they r at his mercy,and he is the one that pays for their methadone,that rm also has a hole in the wall and is mice infested,and the rm where the worker clocks in at has mice,he reuses the food that he use for breakfast,everybody hands has been on it ,they continue to use the same gravy until its gone two or three days tops,they leave it sitting out all day and wash the bowl out only once a week,he only put fruit out when the inspector comes as well,everything he puts out for the inspector he have the house keeper Marla Mackey to take it all back out of the rms,the inspector really needs to check the rm in the laundry rm ,it has an old toilet that's been sitting in there for months,he took it out of a rm cause it didn't work and just sit it in the laundry rm,it stinks in there,and he keeps comforters in there and mattress pads,he has mold on a lot of the shower curtains that he try to make the maids wipe off,he tells the maids to hide the bottles when the inspector come,he has them using mean green,cleaner with bleach that comes frm family dollar,he has them using faboluso,and clr,he only have glass cleaner on the wall and that doesn't clean anything so he goes and buy stuff frm the dollar store,he also allows 2 of his workers to sale drugs on his property because he is scared of the employee,he allows them to smoke marijuana in the rms,its about four of them that be doin it,he allow them to talk any kind of way to the customers its just sad,Days Inn name is really going under,he has workers working there that don't clock in and he helps them to beat the government and child support agency,he lie and say that the maids make less than what they really make so they can receive food stamps and other assistant,the labor board and irs has been contacted just as well as the dhs offices has been contacted,oh yea He doesn't provide uniforms they wear what ever they like,and when the inspector come he run and buy shirts at target for everybody to put on,and if he don't have enough he makes the other maids go in the suite or a rm and make them sit there til the inspector leave,if you ask him he will lie ,she will have to slip up on him

concerned22 1/2/14 12:56PM

I was slandered by Raj, must be the owner. Spoke with confidence,
failed to get connected in Room with my wife, guest staying for next seven days. Making me wound, hipped, angered, but will hold my patience, and be good. If Raj keeps his abusive language, give trouble, fails to get me connected in room, will bear the consequences, and shall take appropriate action.

jamred546 12/23/13 10:54AM

I made a reservation through Expedia at the Days Inn & Suites Anaheim ( for 2 days in December. When we arrived we were appalled. The room had a smoke detector hanging by one wire, several buttons were missing on the phone and the phone did not work, there were stains on the chairs and walls, the carpets and bedspreads were faded, stained and worn thin, and the bathroom was filthy with hair in the bathtub and sink. We asked for a different room but the 2nd room was just as bad. We refused to stay and the clerk said we had to get a refund from Expedia. Expedia called the hotel later to get authorization for the refund and it was refused. Now I am out $143.36. I will never use Expedia or stay at a Days Inn again if this is the way customers are treated! You should be embarrassed that this sleazy hotel uses the Days Inn name!

Disgusted 12/19/13 9:33AM


A light was out in room for two days creating a potential safety issue. It was reported multiple times and never fixed. This and other concerns were addressed with the owner who noted she did not care and that this could pass on to anyone I like up to the President of the United States.

I am informing everyone I know to avoid this establishment as the owners response raises additional questions related to the health and safety of other rooms on the premises. I have lodged a related complaint with the better business bureau and I am posting negative reviews on the internet related to this dis-pleasurable experience. It is shameful that this affiliate is smearing an excellent brand name.

I expect an apology and full refund at the very least. I have made this request with the BBB. I am also placing this request with your corporate office.

DC4131 12/12/13 12:53PM

We recently stayed at a Days Inn in South Carolina. We've been driving all day and stopped around 10 pm to let my kids rest. We got the last room they had. Upon entering the room we tried to turn the heat on because it was 35 degrees outside. The heat didn't work. We called the front desk and they said they would send somebody up to check it. Needless to say, nobody came. We slept in our clothes trying to stay warm. It was so noisy outside. All we heard were people talking and cars drag racing. We left at 4 am because we couldn't stand it any longer. We complained and got a run around. The next day we called to speak to a manager which was basically useless. They gave us a $10 refund. Seriously?? We paid $75 to stay in a nonfunctioning room. No heat! I don't care about myself but I have 2 kids. It was cold! Never again!

Titan1 12/8/13 7:31AM

Hello, me and my family stayed at Days Inn in Bainbridge GA, upon leaving I forgot my laptop computer, I call to speak to the manager an ask if someone turned in a laptop? He said none of the housekeepers turn it in and he was very rude and begin using profanity, I'm a gospel recording artist, all my music was on that laptop and I know someone stole my laptop that was employed there. He didn't question his employees and wasn't any help at all, I won't advise anyone to stay at a hotel where the employees still your personal belongings. I'm very upset because there is apart of my life out there in someone's hands that can violate my infringe rights as well as my reputation.

Singsation 12/2/13 7:28PM

my husband and i stayed at a days inn in Spokane Wa. 120 West 3rd Ave, and it was the worse motel we have ever stayed at. When I book the room I ask for a queen bed got there and the room had a full size bed, the window had a crack in it, the curtain was torn and the rod was broken. there was no towels in the room,no T.P. so i made a complete and after a few minutes of demanding a different room, they finally gave in and the second room the lock would not lock or unlock the room and it also had no towels, no TP then they finally moved us to a third room which had two double beds which after that we said fine well just take this room, but we had to demand some towels, T.P. tissue which we never got. My blanket had three different big size cut in it. there was no shampoo, condit, or bath soap at all. after we got back to the room around midnight we still had no T.P. and had to go down and get a roll. This is the second time we have stayed at a days inn, the first time was six months ago in Denver Co and also had a bad experience the room had no hot water, no heat, the ice machine did not work. So I can guarantee we will never stay at a days inn again and everyone I know will know about how bad days inn are....

tammy 11/23/13 10:26PM

I am staying at days inn in Decatur texas only because they will not refund my money. The washer and dryer are Broke the fitness center is"out of order" none of the ice machines on all three floors are broken, all the vending machines are empty.i have 3 more weeks left in Texas but they won't be at DAYS INN ever again. I will tell everyone I know that travels to stay away from days Inn

Anonymous 11/18/13 11:50PM

There are a couple of Days Inn's in Washington State and the one in Tukwila, WA, is a slave outfit. They make their employees use a separate time card for any overtime which is paid at regular rate (minimum wage) in cash under the table. The room service people are expected to finish each room in a very small amount of time allotted (no matter the condition) and if they don't get all of their rooms done, they finish off the clock on their own time. The people who own this Days Inn own another by the same name and due to their illegal treatment of employees, have been able to purchase 3 more. Days Inn should be a little more careful of the people they allow to use their name. Because of this, I will NEVER patronize this establishment and think everyone should boycott Days Inn.

Bob 11/14/13 2:51PM

I worked at Days Inn On Hollywood and the staff there is awful,The boss allow the employees to stand outside and smoke marijuana,he knows they do it and have been told they do it ,but he wont do anything about it because he is afraid of the maintenece guy that work there and have cursed him out several times,to a point he invited Donald Taylor to come outside and that he would kick his ass,he allow Rosalind Holliday to steal The customers money and he know she does it ,the customers get harassed about payment of the room and all along Rosalind Holliday have already stole their money,He allowed a Fight to break out btween Two employees ,and he watched the tape and showed it to several employees and he found it very funny,one employee ended up at the hospital,He allow some of the maids to have sex on the job,Quinnie Smith was out there selling her body to truck drivers ,he was told that and act like he never heard it,This man is not fit to b a boss,he allowed the maid to steal frm customers and he does nothing about it,Rosalind Holliday claims He comes to her house and drink and smoke weed,and have had sex with her cousin when she was working at Days Inn,Donald Ray Taylor is a lousy boss and Days inn need to come and watch the tape and see how this place is operated,u will see the fights,the thefts,the employees high and working the front desk,the place is a nuisiance,please look into this,he make Days inn look awful

concerned worker 11/13/13 2:15PM

My daughter,her mom and a friend came to visit me and were guest at the Days Inn,at Ft walton Beach Fl.32548 on October the 27th,28th,and 29th.The last night of their stay,on the 29th of Oct,2013 my daughter was awakened at 1:30-2 AM. by a large roach crawling on her arm. My daughter turned on the light and observed several roaches on the walls and the bed.She called the front desk and the clerk (steven), came to the room and started spraying chemical bug spray.Steven did not offer to change room or attempt to ventilate the room.This was done as her mother remained sleeping and unaware of the stranger in her room at 2AM.spraying around her bed as she slept.Her mother soon was awake after ingesting the chemical bug spray causing her to gasp for air and experiencing breathing problems from the chemicals.At check out the same morning the manager, Mr.Abhi Chauhan,was arrogant and refused to address my daughters complaint and sleepless night.Mr. Chauhan said he would call her in 24to48 hours about the complaint. He never called and refused any attempt to answer her calls.This is a substandard facility with an F- rating by the Better Business Bureau.I am personally perplexed how such a business can operate under the Days Inn name and owned by Wyndham Worldwide Corporation.At some point one would hope a red flag on a web site might be replaced by some professional standards imposed by Days Inn

Anonymous 11/12/13 12:31AM

Thank you for being in Port Richy Fla. We have had a pleasent stay. The staff are wonderful. The food was good. The room was clean and in good conditoin . The towels clean and the bedding fresh. The housekeeping crew were great . We look foward to another stay soon with you all. The front dest clerk Eddie was very pleasent even when under attack by mean unfrendly guest.My son watched him get cussed. All in all it was a good stay.Thank you For being here.Robin Deller

Anonymous 11/11/13 7:10PM

I stayed at the Days Inn, Riverwalk in San Antonio, TX on Nov. 4th through 6th to attend my daughters State Marching competition. I am a single mom on a budget, so I was looking for hotel accommodations that would not be too taxing to my finances. I PICKED THE WRONG HOTEL! My first night was reasonably priced, but I was charged $30 more for my second night, even though my reservations were made at least 3 weeks in advance of this trip. I was charged $10 per night for parking, and $1.50 per day for the safe in my room that I did not ask for and did not use. My hotel cost me over $200 for 2 nights. I could have stayed almost anywhere else for the same amount of money, and would not have had to drive from one part of the property to the main property address, which was across a street from my room. The hotel ran out of coffee packets for the rooms on my second day, so I had no "morning coffee". The phone in my room was broken, as was the coffee maker. This hotel chain wants customers to reuse towels after a shower, and they want us to sleep on the same sheets for the entirety of our stay, which is fine (I am all for conservation); however, for the price I was charged, they should have changed my sheets and towels, and left a chocolate on my pillow!

I really couldn't wait to check out of this hotel. When I brought the charge for the safe to the clerks attention, the female "supervisor" behind him said "she initialed in agreement of the safe charge". Had the young lady who checked me in alerted me to the safe charge, I would have been okay with it, but to not know until checkout about all the little "additional charges" was a shock.

Next time I take a trip, I will stay at a Holiday Inn. At least they take pride in their properties. Days Inn does not care about the properties they own or the customers they are supposed to be serving. I will write a bad review of this hotel every chance I get.

ASullivan 11/11/13 6:56AM

I recently stayed at the Days Inn in Gonzales, TX altho it is a new hotel it lacks attention. the rooms were well kept and cleaned the parking area was dirty. My biggest complaint was the rude front desk staff while trying to enjoy the great breakfast they offered the staff was very loud and disrespecting there fellow co-workers amongs them selves. Not very professional. I hope you can improve your hotel staff.

Anonymous 11/7/13 10:47AM

Im stayin at your motel in Columbia S.C. and I am embarrassed for you to call it a motel!!!!!!! I wuld bet that NOT ONE of your people in corporate would stay here as a matter of fact I don't think you would stay if I paid u $100 a nite I'm tempted to go sleep in my car its so bad. It so bad I had to check out and drive home at 9:30 p.m. thanks alot for bein so careless with your propertys there was actually urine stains on my sheets, hair I'm tub, and ur sinks don't drain

David 11/3/13 6:36PM

Im stayin at your motel in Columbia S.C. and I am embarrassed for you to call it a motel!!!!!!! I wuld bet that NOT ONE of your people in corporate would stay here as a matter of fact I don't think you would stay if I paid $100 a nite I'm tempted to go sleep in my car its so bad ignorance

David 11/2/13 6:12PM

The Days Inn Merle Hay in Des Moines, IA is a two star but should have no stars. It smelled of stale smoke, and the staff behind the desk was unfriendly and uncooperative. My first floor room faced a fast food drive through that was close enough that everyone who used the drive through could look directly into my room. When I asked to be moved to a room on the second floor, I was told that those rooms faced the bar next door where there were many fights and that I would not want to stay there. I was not offered another room. I then asked for a refund, and they refused to give it to me. I left without a refund and found a different hotel. I will not ever use a Days Inn again.

Barb 11/1/13 10:05AM

My father recently stayed in your hotel I'm writing this because he isn't very tech savvy. On the night of 10-25-2013 my father Andrew Wassberg and a co-worker got room 217 for the night. They travel all over for work and this seemed to be a perfect location to rest their heads. They woke up around 4am to leave for work and to their surprise their were roaches EVERYWHERE and mold on the ceilings. Not only did they have to spend extra money at a Laundromat ($10) to wash all their clothes they had to throw out all of there food including breakfast and lunch for that day and also a cake that was purchased for my father because it was his birthday ($40). They did not have time to stop and speak with management about this incident considering the early morning and being on a time schedule but wanted to express their unhappiness with the conditions of your hotel. They will be working in the same area every weekend until Christmas and will not be returning to any of your facilities. Thank you for your time. "The bitterness of poor quality lingers long after the sweetness of a good deal is gone."

-Sarah Wassberg

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Anonymous 10/27/13 10:20AM

tried to stay at the Stockbridge, GA Days Inn. They wanted to charge me a pet clean-up fee for my service dog. The service attendant couldn't speak much English and was not aware that charging for a service dog was against federal law.

Larry 10/25/13 8:06AM

I stayed at Days inn Madison on 08/27/2013. The hotel was very nice and my wife and I enjoyed our stay. My problem is that they double charged me on my credit card. I have been working with Ramona Davis at the hotel to get this straightened out. In October, they refunded my one night stay. Then they took it out again on the same day. Ramona said the credit card machine took it when they ran my card, and then the reservation system also took it from my account. I really want this fixed. Now! It is the end of Oct. and you still have MY money. What has to be done to get this put back into my account.?

James 10/25/13 7:03AM

I stayed at the Days Inn In Goldsboro, NC on 10/13/13 and I and my sister stayed their and we got up the next morning and there were BUGS AND ROACHES all over our luggage and on the floors, needless to say we were very upset because we had to check our clothing and bags before we got into our car. I reported it to the front desk and the young lady told me that "It was not her department and that I needed to contact management", yet she gave me NO number to call. I called the number on my reciept, because I was STILL charged for the room and I had been waiting for someone to call me since 10/14/13, and here it is 10/23/13 and I still have had NO REPLY! This is very unacceptable, because when I checked in I thought it was just going to be my sister and myself, I didn't realize I was going to have unwanted guest, even though I did not pay for them. It would be greatly appreciated it someone contacted me about this matter, as of yesterday because I'm tired of waiting, and if I don't get a reply within a timely manner I will take other measures to get this matter resolved. Thank you and have a nice day or evening.

very unhappy 10/23/13 9:09AM

We stayed at the Days Inn in Wooster, Oh back in was very nice.

However, we just stayed this week on October 10, 2013 we stayed in Lenoir City was not clean there were dead spiders inside the pictures hanging on the wall.

We decided to give Days Inn one more chance, so we stayed in Athens, TN on our way back from Florida on October 18, 2013. I have pictures if you want them. It was so disgusting. On the card beside the phone where it says Thank you for coming and we hope you will come back, it was so dirty and grimy that you didn't want to touch it. The microwave, floors and the bathtub (oh my)were absolutely filthy. I was afraid to stay.

Who knows if we were really credited any points or not. This perk was one of the reasons we decided to stay. We will probably not go back.

Anonymous 10/21/13 3:38PM

We stayed at 1401 Atlantic Beach, Florida, Days Inn, on 10/9 & 10/10, It was horrible! Dirty lobby, carpet in hallways & our room had mold in the bathroom & smelled so bad, that we asked the desk clerk for a some spray. Asked them to clean the room & especially the mold from the bathroom, while we were gone, the next day. Still had mold, dirty carpet. Will never stay here again. They need to be thrown out of the chain. We've stayed at other Days Inn's and they were just fine! This is a disgrace to the industry. The outside of the property needs a lot of work, paint and upgrading. Hope these comments get to the inspection teams!! Jane & Jack Bryant/Bardstown, Ky.

Jane/Jack Bryant 10/17/13 5:41AM

We stayed at the Days Inn a miami Beach, Florida this past weekend from October 11th - 15th 2013. There was a water stoppage in the pool area. My wife was in the women restroom & a maintenance man from the hotel came in without knocking & saw my wife. His response was " we are checking the water." There was no apology at all. I reported to one of the manager & he stated " oh that's bad." No follow up or nothing! The dark hair Latina accent employee was very rude to my wife when she ask if housekeeping can attend our room. She responded with a sassy comment "oh you want room service?" I have been in customer service nearly 25 years & this not acceptable! Then! We were checking out of the hotel & decided to check our bags in until our departure to the airport at 2 pm. When we arrived, the attendant that checked our bags was nowhere to be found. We asked the manager if she could help us? She gave keys to the security officer to open the storage! Then the keys could not open the door! The security officer went back to the manager & then she gave the officer another pair of keys to use. The second pair did not work either. Then the officer went to another room to check where other bags were stored. She then told us that no luggage matched our ticket. The manager finally came to try to open the door where our luggage could be. She then asked the officer where she thought the attendant would be. The officer responded that he was at lunch. The attendant finally showed up; however, he had a hard time opening the door! He finally opened the door & we got our luggage. Then the attendant handed out his hand for a TIP! We turned to the manager & she said sorry AS SHE WAS WAlKING! What hotel manager does not have assess to a baggage area? What manager gives keys to a SECURITY OFFICER to assist us on baggage claim?

Anonymous 10/16/13 1:18PM

We stayed at Days Inn Perry, FL Sat Oct 12, 2013 arr at approx 4:30 p.m. I noticed a 1/2 gap under the door the sun was shining in but didn't think to much about it. We left and came back to room at about 12:00 a.m. As I walked in I spotted 2 tiny roaches on the dresser and killed them. I didn't let my wife know due to the hour of the night as everyone in that hotel would have know from her screams. She has an absolute phobia of them. I got up jumped in shower and started waking everyone up when I hear my 10 year old grandson scream because yes there was on right on his head. He flung it on the bed and it ran under his covers. My wife come flying out of bed and grabbed her cell phone and started video taping it. She was furious and threatened to go to every door in the hotel and tell them. I told her I would handle it and went tothe front desk. I explained what happened and they really needed to spray the room. I would have thought I would have at least received a "thank you" and all I got was "you should have called us last night and we would have moved you". Yea at 12:00 a.m. moved us what to another roach infested room?? I read on some of the reviews on this hotel and just 10/7 another patron complained of the same with bugs in the room. I will never ever stay there again. I had stayed 3 times in the past and even though the room needed tlc I never experienced bugs. This hotel is in desperate need of tlc. I expect to hear back as a courtesy by Wednesday Oct 16, 2013. I will be happy to post the video and pictures I have of the roach that was on my grandsons face. Obviously these people who run this Days Inn is spending the money they make on this hotel on other things other than this hotel.

papatruckers 10/15/13 6:30PM

Stayed at the Days Inn in Mariana, Florida on the evening of 10/8/2013. Stayed under the name of Kay Daley. I have stayed in a lot of motels along the I-10 corridor, but this particular one needs a lot of housekeeping attention. The floors in the lobby and most important the room must not have been vacuum in many, many days. We had a pet with us, but before allowing the pet in the room it was visible the vacuum hadn't happened. The bathroom was something out of the 80's!!! The lobby, where breakfast was being provided, hadn't had a cleaning in many, many days. This place was at one time a Hampton Inn and they probably would have been ashamed at the way it was not being taken care of. The rate for the evening was nice, but were we short-changed, and room cleaning was an extra fee?

Graybeeker 10/10/13 7:46AM

We stayed at your days inn in Pottstown PA location which was way below standards . The landscaping looked as though it had not been attended to in a year or so . No restaurants or convenience stores in the area to speak of with in walk distances . The vending machines in the hotel were empty or did not work . One of the elevators worked for the first two or three floors and the light in the elevator wouldn't even light up . The breakfast nook in the hotel was barely stocked with bagels , cereal, coffee or juice when the morning arrived. By far this was the worst experience for the amount of money we spent for two rooms . I will never stay again .....

ethecraftlady 10/9/13 3:29AM

I stayed at your motell at 501S.Regional Rd in Greensboro NC and was eaten up by bed bug I had one of your workers give me a statement that she reserved a bed bug in a zip lock bag from me her name she said was Angela.I called there today day and was told that there was nobody by that name that works is this how you run your business.

shadownights 10/3/13 6:43AM

Never do business with Days Inn in San Jose. If you open an accoutn with them, they will screw up all your records and then threaten you to pay an outstanding balance that isn't even owed. My company has been dealing with this issue for over a year. Do not open an Account with any Days Inn. Horrible, horrible record keeping. They will even threaten to charge your employees the difference they claim they owe and they will also threaten to take you to small claims court. Even though we can show on our records that we are paid in full. Pathedic attempt at record keeping, stay away!

bigjoke 10/2/13 1:18PM

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daryltraster 10/1/13 7:19PM

we stayed at your days inn in Buckeye, Az. last night. The stay was not up to your usual standards. The water was not hot, the tv was ok but didn`t get abc at all,the bed was horrible, and the sink faucet came off in my hands, and we had to put it back on to use it, and there was only one soap for shower and sink. we stay at days inn when we travel, in fact we were just at the Mannatou Springs, Co. unit and it was just wonderful.

Anonymous 10/1/13 12:56PM

Days Inn Lancaster PA 9/27 and 28 - check in 3pm - no rooms were ready and had to wait until 330pm. and this was just the start of a bad stay

is a dirty,old horrid pit! Your staff are ignorant of handicapped issues and needs. Was not told there was no elevator and given 2nd floor. I asked for room on 1st floor because of being unable to do stairs, and they said "we have no rooms available, we are fully booked". I am legally handicapped but only wanted 1st floor room. I asked a worker if there were any empty rooms on bottom and she said Oh Yeah, plenty. We counted at least 15 empty rooms on 1st floor at 11:30pm and were still empty that morning at 5:39am. The breakfast was cheap and horrible, no bagels,just sweets. Coffee tasted like dirty toilet water.

I stayed there and not only was the room dirty and the sheets and blankets the cheapest and worn, but the mattress was a solid block of cement. The bedspread was dirty piece of material thrown on top of a torn, old, dirty so called "blanket". The room has old dirty stained furniture, the fridge and microwave were on the floor instead of on stand, the TV had about 2 channels that came in clear, the rest were fuzzy and staticy. The shower curtain was on a rod that was broken, and so every time we took shower we flooded bathroom, and did not care at that point!
We will never go to DAYS INN again and will tell everyone I know not to, it is a disgrace that you did not accomodate my need for 1st floor room when you had plenty.

best part of this stay was LEAVING!

disgusted 9/30/13 1:31PM

Specifically Room 135 in Days Inn Middleboro, MA. Room is a fire hazard and should NOT have been rented. Motel was not even half full. The electric outlet behind the couch had blown off the wall and scorched the couch. Housekeeping should have vacuumed up the plaster and notified maintenance. Bathroom tub spigot rotates in wall. Shower head drips as well as spigot when turned on. Mold in tub and bathroom floor need to be scrubbed especially around toilet. Do you even have regional managers who inspect the facilities or don't you even care. Stayed there on September 25, 2013 - never again. You need to visit this place.

Barbara Broman 9/29/13 4:18AM

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daryltraster 9/24/13 1:03PM

I checked into what I thought was a Days Inn. I later found out that it is no longer a Days Inn. The place is a mess. I took the room, because they met a good price. The room is very dirty. Their are roaches. The grounds are bad. The entire place needs help. they still have the Days Inn sign, but they are not part of your chain. This needs to be addressed.

Bill 9/12/13 9:49PM

I stayed at the Days Inn Alsip, IL on Sept. 6-7. I have never seen a hotel in this type of condition. The carpet was black with stains, the chair had mold on it and I could feel the springs in the mattress. I looked at 4 different rooms and they all had a smoke smell, carpet stains, old mattresses and stains on chair and mold. I was very disappointed in my stay at this particular hotel. I have photos that I could send you if you would like to see them.

Carol Witherspoon 9/10/13 10:26AM

I had a large group at days inn Hickory NC 28602 on hwy 321 north

I used this hotel for 10 years while it was a quality inn and never with any problems we found roaches and rooms nasty

when we told front desk the night clerk was homophobic and uipon check out the general mgr didnt honor the 1 room comp for every 15 room night wich is standard made no attempt to say they were sorry fro conditions of hotel

I spend 7500 on hotels last year and i willnot be treated that way

i am waiting to hear from you before i proceed with my attorney

jeff reeves

jeffrobear 9/5/13 7:12PM

I stayed at daysinn in ohio I took pictures of the mold in the tub all over the shower curtain ..two inches thick on the mat and around the tub sent it to the hotel and got no comment back...wont ever stay at one again.

Anonymous 9/5/13 4:55PM

front desk guy and others are price fixing and reprehensible in their actions.

jeraldmaiolo 9/5/13 9:55AM

My family and I spent a single night at the Days Inn in Cave City, Kentucky on Saturday, August 31st (yes, Labor Day weekend). We were first given room 162. As we were entering the room, I noticed the wallpaper curled up and coming off the walls and every lamp shade in the room was cracked and broken. Then a lady from the pool area approached us and said that she and her family left the same room about an hour ago due to roaches in the bathroom and bug bodies all over the floor. We went inside and saw what she was telling us was true. So I called the office and asked for another room. The desk clerk gave us Room #212. We went upstairs and saw Room 212. The door was standing wide open and 2 men were inside. One had a cigarette on the railing. They walked out and said that they were cleaning the room. They had a bunch of wet towels in their hands (which they had laid on the bedspread of the bed we were going to use next). They didn't have any cleaning solution, bottle, vacuum, NOTHING!!! So we don't know what they cleaned. The room was hot, because they kept the door open and all the A/C left. The room was hot until about 5:00 a.m.

We looked around the room and saw dead bug bodies in the corners and against the wall. We slept ON TOP of the covers because we were afraid of what we might find in the bed. We felt stuck because it was Labor Day weekend and we were tired from being on the lake --- sunburned and tired of driving. We felt it wasn't safe for us to continue driving to find a better place to stay.

The next morning, my husband checked out and told the lady at the desk about the bugs. She said that they have a problem with "water bugs" getting into the rooms on the first floor. However, our 2nd room was on the 2nd floor. Why don't they vacuum them up!!!!!!!!!! It was horrible. The next day we laughed and said it was as bad as the Bates Motel. We will NEVER stay in another Days Inn. I'm surprised that Days Inn Corporate allows such a mess for a motel. What a shame!! Shame on them!!!!

Anonymous 9/3/13 2:16PM

I stayed at a very old and run down Days Inn hotel in Appleton, WI. Same story there as many of the other people writing on this list of reviews. There were earwigs crawling the walls. The outlets did not work properly on a consistent basis. The room always felt very damp and yuckky. Other than that, it was kept clean. I had to stay there for several weeks after being displaced from a tornado. The people there were all very nice and treated me very nice. However, the second last day that I was there, I noticed that one of my necklace pendants was missing. I looked extremely thoroughly FOUR TIMES through all of my suitcases, boxes, etc., and have never found the item. I even had one of their p.t. employees (who helped me move to a different hotel when my time was up at their hotel) even went back to the room to check the floor, but that individual could not find it. I confronted the manager about the fact that it was missing. She immediately became very defensive, telling me that I am calling them liars and thieves! (I never said either one of those terms.) Ever since then, they refuse to discuss the matter with me (no matter who I talk to), and everyone (even since I left) is nasty and negative to me on the phone. One of the employees told me that they are not allowed to discuss the matter with me further. Can you believe that? I guess it's time for the police to intervene. (I called them back several times stating that it would be nice if whomever took it would return it to the front desk (no questions asked), but, of course, they refused to even tell their housekeeping staff and the rest of their staff this request. I finally told them that they seem to not know the meaning of customer service. I am now in a MUCH nicer hotel and enjoying the elegant suite that I have (and will be in for quite awhile yet!) Days Inn lost a lot of money when I left. I could have stayed there longer (because someone who had booked the room ..then cancelled), however, I couldn't wait to get out of there! Don't ever stay in anything less than a Comfort Suites (they are a class act compared to Days Inn!)

Not Impressed with Days Inn 8/31/13 4:10PM

We recently stayed at the days inn in union sc, because the hotel we wanted was booked up.the place was run down, room furniture and a tv were sitting outside, the grounds were unkept, broken glass in parking lot, the owners were folding clean towels in the breakfast area, setting them on dirty chairs and tables where people sit and eat. But the worst thing to happen, that I still can't believe, while sitting poolside, a man came around the corner of the hotel , pulled down his pants and deficated on the wall and ground. I went immediately to the front desk to tell the owner, an hour later it was still there, the next morning when we checked out and went to another hotel, it was still there, it's been two days and I drove by and it's still there! I took a picture because I just couldn't believe people could be so nasty. Stay away from this place!

Terre 8/30/13 12:31PM

I recently spent 4 days at the Days Inn San Antonio, 6815 HWY 90 West, San Antonio, TX. It is out dated and dirty. The bathroom look like it hadn't been cleaned in a long while. I couldn't ever tell that they cleaned the floors. No bed changes were made during this time because I marked one of the sheets to check. All they did was bring clean to towels and make the bed while we were out. If the reservations hadn't of been made by someone else in our party we wouldn't of stayed there. They had what you call a suite I guess and it looked just as bad as our room. It says on the ticket that this property is privately owned but they sure are giving Days Inn a bad name. Can't stand a nasty bathroom. Oh I forgot the roach crawling down the wall the first night we were there and someone else in our party got a spider bite and their foot swelled up. We stayed there because it was close to the Air Base which we were there for graduation, and I'm sure a lot of other people were also. I'm sure they make enough money they need to put some of it back into their business. We had a coffee maker but no pot and they furnish no facial tissue in the rooms. When I ask for some they offered me a roll of toilet tissue. I want stay here again if I ever go back to San Antonio.

Kat 8/30/13 8:06AM

I stayed at your hotel from Friday through Sunday, July 26-28. I was there for a wedding shower. When asked the first night by the families who live in York how I liked the hotel, I said it was clean,and well priced. By Sunday I had to retract all that information. Here is a summary of our stay:
Check in approx 5pm Friday...have to track down someone from housekeeping who was on our floor because there was NO TOLIET PAPER in the room at all. (At that time I didnt think it was a big deal..easily solved)
Approx 9:30 Friday evening... call down to the front desk because the refrigerator was not working at all (was actually warm inside). Man stated that he would have someone look at it on Saturday.
Return approx 6:30pm Saturday one had fixed the refrigerator and no one had come in to clean the room. It was the exact same as it had been left at 10:30 that morning. There was no "do not disturb" on the door to keep anyone from doing their job.
Check out at approx 6:45 am Sunday.... explain our situation to the clerk who takes my name and number and says someone will contact me. She then looks on the sheet and says, "yes, it is checked right here, someone cleaned your room yesterday". I can assure you, no one stepped into that room since Friday when I checked in.

I am extremely disappointed in the quality of service I received at your hotel. I saw that your pride your self on service but I must say, it fell woefully short. I will wait to hear from you this week as to a sufficient remedy before I contact the corporate offices

INDYGIRL88 8/26/13 7:46AM

upon entering room #110 with my children on 8-23-13 in ocean shores,washington days inn there was the strongest smell of mold/mildew and the carpet was damp. the front desk said hottel was booked full so we couldnt change rooms. the smell was horrid taking away your breath. we opened window but there was no screen so bugs were coming in. the fan on only intensified the smell. upon a few hours we all started coughing, i started wheezing, and we all sneezed and coughed all night long. the smell made all our clothes smell and gave us sore throats. we tried to spend as much time out of our room as possible. this was the worst hotel ive ever stayed

kelli 8/25/13 9:32PM

We stayed at the Days Inn in White Pine Tn. We got there early morning and right as I got to sleep someone tried to come in our room. If it wasn't for the bar lock that goes a cross the door they would have walked right in. My husband told the clerk and all she said was I am sorry. We will look at the carmeras and see who is was. I am sorry that is not enough for me. My families safety was put at risk. That's why I am sending this. This doesn't make or hotels look good.

Anonymous 8/25/13 11:52AM

Do Yourself A Favor Close Orange City Days Inn....smells Like Mold, Sex, And Has Roaches. The Woman At The Front Desk Is Not Helpful, Friendly, Or Professional. The Place Stinks..will Never Stay At A Days In Stains On The Black Chair... Lost Money., Left The Same Day...nasty Woman Runs Or Owns It..bangladesh..guess She Thinks Its Nice, Look What She Came From...i Am Plenty Pissed.

Anonymous 8/21/13 8:20AM

It is the worst place ever to stay. I stay at the Days Inn Miami International Airport. The clerk I spoke with to let him know that we would be late because our flights were delayed was extremely rude and very un professional. When we finally arrived the picture on the website was obviously did not match what we were expecting. The clerk was rude again and the halls of the hotel were heavily filled with cigarette smoke, people playing pool in the entry area and a very creepy atmosphere and feeling. Had it not been the middle of the night and the room already paid for I would have left. The room was filthy and I was bitten numerous times by bed bugs and ended up with head lice. I will never in my life stay there again.

christiannao 8/19/13 10:11AM

August 17, 2013

Reference : Complaint

Contacts: Debra, Ciara Days Inn Newport News, Virginia

Manager at District Office:

I writing in reference to a recent experience I had at one of your hotels, Days Inn (11829 Fishing Point Drive) Newport News Virginia location.

On Saturday morning at approximately 1:22 a.m., I checked into the hotel. The clerk on duty was Debra. I had previously booked a reservation for the room over the phone about 5-7 days in advance. There appeared to be a problem right off with the price for a group rate (family reunion event) because I missed the cut off day for the discount. I had no problems there. So an extra $20.11 was charged bringing the total to $163.73 from the $143.62 group rate. Debra proceeded to process my reservations and printed out a copy given to me showing a $143.62 and $20.11 at which I signed. Upon getting to my room there was no lights when flipping the switch. I went back to the front desk and informed Debra that there was no lights. She immediately followed me back to the room and realized that the painter who had been painting the rooms had failed to plug the lights, tv, refrigerator and microwave up when they finished painting the room. Debra took care of it as my family and I assisted. After unpacking we (my family and I) attempted to get online with our laptops and tablets, but could not get a connection. Nor could we get a connection with our cell phones. I promptly went back to the front desk and shared this information with Debra. She told me that it sometimes happens and continue to move in the room until a connection was made. This never happened. We were exhausted and agreed (amongst ourselves/family) that we would settle things in the morning. Saturday morning around 7:15 I made another visit to the front desk. The manager (of which I failed to have gotten her name, but she was Caucasian with sandy blond hair) was on duty. I shared with her my issue, and she promptly got us into another room. She was more than pleasant and efficient in doing so. Later on during the evening, approximately 6:50 p.m. I went online to check my account. And to my astonishment, I saw that three deductions had been made from my account by Days Inn: $143.62, $20.11, $163.73. I immediately returned to the front desk to make someone aware of this and an explanation. Ciara Griffin was on duty at the time. I showed her my deductions from my IPAD. She began to explain to me that it the norm and the monies would be back in my account within 7 days. I expressed to her that I had never experienced anything like this from any hotel I have ever stayed in. As I begin to explain what happened during my checkin, she looked deeper into the matter and agreed that things had been done incorrectly by the clerk on duty that night/early morning. I then stated that I would not be leaving and returning back home (Charlotte, NC) until the matter was corrected. That is when I also requested the cooperate office number. I returned to my room and proceeded to call Cooperate office That is when I made contact with Mary. As I explained my complaint she stated that it was the norm for the two deductions to take place and that within 3 days it would appear back into my account. She asked in a rather sarcastic way if I had ever checked into a hotel in that manner, which appeared to insinuate that if I had, I would know that that was how all hotels worked. If that were true, many hotels would be closed/ shut down today because of unethical practices. WHY WOULD ANY HOTEL CHARGE YOU DOUBLE FOR A ONE NIGHT STAY???. While talking to Mary, Ciara came into the room and began to explain that she had taken care of the situation and apologized for the mishap. She was most sincere and most apologetic.

I have never had an experience like the one that I recently had at Days Inn in NewPort News, Virginia, and I hope that I nor anyone else ever will.

Disappointed Customer 8/17/13 7:03PM

I am a frequent traveler. I am used to "budget" hotels and have never hate a major complaint. After our recent three night stay in Fredericksburg, VA, I felt the need to write.

It's hard to say what was right about the visit (the breakfast wasn't bad).

No advance notice that there was no pool (very hot; looking forward to that). The first room we were given was a no smoking room. It was so thick with smoke smell I almost choked. It was also an alleged handicapped room - not sure why they gave us that as we did have AARP but are not handicapped. The tile had fell off the wall and was laying all over the floor. If you had been handicapped, you would have tripped on it. We got a new room. This room was too bad (although I had to make 3 trips to the office to get a remote that would work the TV). However, I had the fortunate experience of calling the front desk, as there was a fight next door or very near - swearing, domestic violence, etc. etc. etc. That lasted about an hour. Apparently this is somewhat of a routine incident, as I heard it happened at another part of this hotel. As the individual at the desk said, it's not their fault when this happens.

However, I am not sure this is really a hotel. I beliee it houses people on long-term basis and only part of it are stop in travelers like myself. I saw grills being used (which worried me about fire). The ice makers were always out of ice (again for those living their long term). When my husband opened the door a little child tried to come in - apparently used to visiting those that also are living their long term.

It was a horrible experience from A to Z. We had paid up front with Travelocity or we would have left after viewing the first room. I am seeing why you have to pay up front - you wouldn't stay.

By 4 p.m. upon returning to our room it still had not been cleaned; we leave at 8 a.m. for tourist sites and come back tired at 4 p.m., so we declined the room being cleaned at that point, as we wanted to lay down and rest.

I have seen other sites with similar complaints. I am not bragging, but just this year we have stayed over 30 nights in a hotel. This was our first Days Inn visit and it on a scale of 1 to 10 didn't make the scale.

Anonymous 8/14/13 12:48PM

To whom it may concern: My name is Virginia Reese I'm currently staying at the days inn on Sweetwater ave in Phoenix AZ. I'm very disappoint in my stay! I've never in my life seen a hotel especially a days inn..came in put are things down went to the bathroom the toilet was stopped up,sink faucet broke my husband had to go down to the office an get a plunger! How pleasant was that...trash outside over everywhere,had front desk leave a note for the manager to speak to us no respond yet.I've took pictures of everything so I can send to cooperate. I need to be refunded my toilet is running over ask type. ..

Virginia 8/10/13 5:13AM

We stayed at Days Inn in Santa Cruz, CA. One of the worst experiences that we've had. First and foremost, when booking on the price changed over $35 a night. There was no recourse for this. Our room was filthy. It smelt of a urinal and the sheets on the sofa bed were stained. I complained and they moved me rooms. The new cleaner room I found some one picked their nose and wipped it right next to the bed. I'm appalled.

Marlee 8/8/13 2:16PM

July 27, We stayed at Days Inn in Helen, Ga. When we entered the room, there was a candle burning. I've never seen that in any hotel room before. Started looking around and there were crumbs on the chairs and carpet. The bathroom was not clean, the tub, floor, and toilet paper holder all were dirty. The coffee pot had dried coffee in the bottom. Then we started seeing cockroaches around the tv and table. It was not a good experience.

konda24 8/5/13 8:22AM

my husband and I planned a weekend trip to a amusement park in pa with our kids and grandkids we called on a wed. to see if they had rooms available assured us they did. We ask for adjoining rooms they said yes we can do that well NO THEY DIDNT!!! quoted me a price of 522.90 get to the desk to check in it was 130.00 dollars more then what they quoted me ! I called twice to make sure that was the right amount. when you book rooms thru this days inn you get tickets to the park free NO tickets!!! the manager was out wouldn't return for 30 to 35 minutes well when the problem came up about the price difference how convienant he shows up didn't make a difference I still had to pay the difference after being quoted TWICE THE 522.90 WILL NEVER STAY AT DAYS INN AGAIN WILL NOT RECOMMEND DAYS INN TO NOONE THIS PLACE WAS FILTHY BOX SPRINGS EITHER HAD BLOOD OR URINE STAIN ALL DOWN THE SIDE DIDNT NOTICE BECAUSE THEY TRIED TO HIDE IT DIRT RING AROUND TUB HAIR IN SINK MY GRANDKIDS CAN CLEAN BETTER MAYBE YOU SHOULD CHECK THESE COMPLAINTS OUT I WISH I WOULD OF TOOK PICTURES BECAUSE I WOULD OF GIVE THEM TO MY LAWYER AND SEEN WHAT HE COULD DO THE ONLY NICE THING ABOUT THIS PLACE WAS THE POOL!!! STILL GOING TO CALL AND SEE IF I CAN DO ANYTHING NOT RIGHT

Anonymous 8/5/13 6:04AM

I had reservations for Days Inn in Dumfries, Va. on 7/5/13. I had read online to always check the bed upon entering the room. When I checked the bed I found 3 dead bed bugs. I told the mgr. and he said that that was impossible! I asked him if he wanted to see them and he said, "yes". We went back to the room and I showed him the dead bugs that were between the mattress pad and the mattress. He said told me that it was not bed bugs but cornflakes crumbs(?). He also said that maybe I brought them from NY.(?). I told him that I wanted another room and he told me that I had the "best room" in the hotel. He took the headboard down to show me that there were no bed bugs and that's when I saw the tracks of some type of bug that had been "living" there. After much ado with him and Expedia, (whith whom I had booked), I was told that there would not be an additional charge if I moved on to another hotel, which I did do without any problems at the other hotel. I have had other problems at other Days Inn in various places in America so I have made up my mind to just stay away from Days Inn. Many times there is also a language barrier.

[email protected] 8/2/13 12:47PM

Days inn in Monett Missouri where I stayed Monday July 29, 2013 HAS BED BUGS! My son and I are covered w bites. Going to the Emargency room in the am because it feels like their all over me. Can't sleep so creeped out over this. I killed the round dark brown bug in the night crawling on me under the sheets. Had no idea it was a bed bug. The sheets in the am when I pulled the covers back had blood smeared and drops on them. I took pictures of the room and the bloody sheets, filthy lamp shades, walls, floor, tub stained the door painted over old paint. Worst Days inn ever. Itches like poison ivy. Horrifying! Discusting! Contacted the Barry County Health Department in which my best friend for 45 years in the Health Inspector. Sent her all the pictures of my son and myself and the bites all over us. Please respond to this nightmare

Barbara Keeney 7/31/13 8:37PM

Days Inn Albany NY on Central Ave is not a clean hotel. They dont even clean the filters for the ac vents and it looks like mushrooms are growing in there. Absolutely horrible eapecially for 90 a night

Anonymous 7/31/13 7:57AM

days inn on fern valley rd louisville ky charged a credit card before we checked in we wanted to pay cash tried to charge us for a more expensive room and the discout the lady told us we had for waiting on the phone for over an hour we didnt get it we wanted single queen room but we got two doubles i reserved two rooms that night and ended up spending more money than i wanted tolo for july 27th

noah moors 7/28/13 5:41AM

I don't know if you are the ones I need to contact but we made a reservation at days inn in North Orlando Florida exit 79 off of I 4 on 33rd street when we got there they had booked wrong date already charged our account then they tried to make it right we got in to our room it stunk like a musky oder and had buggs in the room and bathroom we ended up leaving and having to rent a different hotel we normally stay at days inn and have never had an issue like this before now our reservation was in the name Jeff Hutchison

tabatha 7/25/13 7:12PM

Book A Nignt At A Days Inn Tampa Fl Across From Bush Garderns It Is The Worst Hotel Ever The First Room The Air Did Not Work And The Curtin Was Falling Down So Then They Gave Another Rome And The Door Would Not Unlock So Mt Husband Told The To Give Us Our Money Back I Would Not Recomend That Hotel To Any Body

BILLY PRIDE 7/23/13 3:45AM

We stayed out a Days Inn in Hampton, Va on Friday July 19, 2013 on our way to our Family's annual Outer Banks, NC Trip. BEWARE!!!! This hotel is independently owned and the positive reviews can't be from actually customers but from employees because customer service is beyond horrible. No real traveler would rate customer service good.
From the website and reviews we decided that the Days Inn looked like a good place to lay our heads for the night. Check in was an ease and during it I was asked for my telephone number in case they needed to get in touch with me. Sounded reasonable.
After checking in we ate at the Irish Pub next to the hotel which was amazing and the service extremely attentive. However, during dinner I received not 1, not 2, but 3 phone calls all from the same Virginia number (703) 859-9545 telling me I won a trip. When I declined they called back and told me I also won $250,000 and I hung up. The person called back and yelled out me for hanging up on him. Thinking it was odd I asked if anyone in my family gave their number to the front desk and no one else was asked. So after dinner I went to the front desk to inquire if they possible "sell" numbers to telemarketers and the lady who I later found out to be the manager stated that I had booked my reservation on line and they are not responsible for selling my number. They openly admitted they do however I didn't book the reservation online, my sister-in-law did, and she did it over the phone.
Annoying but it was the first day of my vacation so I decided to let it go and enjoy the pool, which was really clean and well, taken care of. After the pool it was around 8:30pm I went to take a shower and rest up for our early morning departure and come to find out our hot water faucet just spun and no hot water came out. It was 90 degrees out so taking a cold shower wasn't the end of the world but I called the front desk to tell them about it. They offered to send someone up to fix it but I informed them it was late and instead of having someone in my room while I wanted to go to bed just have them take note of it so it could be fixed for the next person. The lady on the phone, who was the manager, was rude and said they if I didn't want it fixed I shouldn't have called to complain about it and she was trying to fix the problem but I refused. In fact I was being nice and not making a big deal about it.
After hanging up I realized I forgot something in my car and when I opened my room door I saw something being throw from the balcony above us towards the man cleaning pool as he was leaving and entering the parking lot. Turns out teenage kids who were in the room above us were hurling glass bottles into the parking lot. The cleaning man seeing I was visible taken back asked if I was ok and got hit. He said he would have a manager come to my room. Five minutes later the same manager came to my room with an attitude as if I was the one causing trouble. She asked if I wanted to leave my room I could go to another hotel. What???? How about have the people causing trouble be told if they don't stop because they are disturbing guest they would have to leave. Not wanting to leave at 9:30 at night to another hotel we stayed but all night the people above us were fighting, screaming, and yelling.
So I barely slept and when I went to pack up my car early in the morning the parking lot in front of my room was littered with broken glass. Afraid my car tire would be punctured I asked the man at the front desk if he could have someone clean it up so I could move my car and he said no and I'd have to wait until 10am for someone to come in. Luckily the woman working the breakfast station offered to help us. Wanda was her name and she is an amazing employee that went above and beyond to help us. When I called the hotel later to speak to the General Manager I was told she would not be in and couldn't tell me when the next day she would be in. Upon hearing that I told them I would call corporate and the same manager who I had dealt with my entire trip chuckled and said you do that and hung up on me.

Tracy Bergen 7/22/13 6:09AM

We stayed at Days Inn at , Elizabethtown, KY July 16, 17 and 18. This was our last resort as none of the other motels in the area had an opening for the 18th. This should have been a sign to us of what the motel was like since all other motels were booked, and this one wasn't. There was a space between the door and the door jam which bugs were coming in from the outside. Upon complaining to the front desk clerk, we saw (the next day) a substance which resembled baking soda poured at the base of that space and also all the way across the threshold. A pile of the same substance was also put behind the bathroom door. On the second day, I purchased a can of bug spray and killed several bugs in the room. We were afraid to leave anything in the floor including our shoes. Also, the curtain at the window was not large enough to cover the entire window, so we had to tuck the end of it around the door handle and hoped it stayed for privacy. Also there was not a working ice machine in the entire motel. When I questioned the front desk clerk, she said "I don't believe they are working right now". Well since there were cobwebs in one ice machine, I doubt either had been working for quite a while. This was the worst motel we have ever stayed in, and do not intend to ever stay in a Days Inn again! When we were leaving on the fourth morning, a family came out of the next room and were ranting about it being the worst motel they had ever stayed in. Major updates are needed for this motel or it needs to be shut down!

Anonymous 7/21/13 6:39PM

I am George Tennie on June 05, 2013 arived at Myrtle Beach Days Inn at Mr. Mayur asign us room number 324. When went to the room it had smoke in as someone had smoked in it at that second I call Mr. Mayur and toll him that we did want this room. He said ok he would change it so, He gave me room number 312 it did not have any smoke smell it was OK. All of this happen with in five minute. I toll Him at the time he changed my room I said I did not want you to charge me the one hundred fifty for the smoke because I do not smoke so on Sunday night Mr. Mayur Patel He sent Mr. John Kinman to my room and awake me to tell me that I own one hundred fifty do for smoking in room 324 I toll him I do not smoke. Mr. Kinman said he needed for me to give him the money. At time I was getting upsat so we went to the front desk, I toll Him to check the time the Keys was changed it was five munites. I asked him would I had time to smoke He said if you smoke fast you can do it and I said I had to walk to my room call front desk walk back to the I would not have the time. I said time was the keys changed He said first time 2:23pm sign in the next time 2:28 pm. At this I ask for Mr. Mayur He said he was not there i walked down hall the going back to my room Mayur was standing in the hall so I talk to him and we went to the front at this time he said he was sorry He maked a misstake. The thing is they LOCK me out of my room and did not tell me until I toll them my key did not let me in it

Anonymous 7/20/13 6:20PM

Do not recommend staying at the Days Inn, in Albion Michigan. Upon checking in we were told by the manager that they did not have any weekly rates available and that he would give us a good rate of $50 a night. Later we come to find out from of the other guys who were also staying at the same hotel for work that is going to last till November early December got a weekly rate of $199. I went down to talk to the manager after we found this out and he still told me they weren't offering this rate. On top of all of that our room was DIRTY the sheet were all stained up, the toilet doesn't flush and the sink takes forever to drain. We had to wait for the maid to wash our towels before we could get any and that was around 4 every day. My daughter was going to the bath room and we ran out of toilet paper so we went down to the desk and the guy wanted to know which room we were in and that they would bring it down well needless to say nobody ever came (thank god for baby wipes)not happy with this hotel or how the manager talked to me when I confronted him about the weekly rate.

hatethishotel 7/20/13 11:11AM

My fiance and I stayed at the Days Inn in Portland for several days. We've stayed at Days Inn hotels many times in the past, particularly as we often travel with our dog. During this particular stay, my fiance and I were in our room changing clothes when we heard a card key being inserted into the door and the door to our room was opened. An elderly couple began to walk into the room. My fiance ran over to the door as I was not dressed and our dog was in the room with us. He spoke with the couple in the hallway and it was determined that the front desk had inadvertently checked this couple into the same room we were already occupying. They returned to the front desk and I assume were provided with a different room. As we finished getting ready I kept expecting a call from the front desk or representative to contact us after this incident. This did not happen. I went down to the front desk to express my concerns at being seen changing clothes (which only by luck and a few seconds I was not completely naked) as well as the older couple being frightened and told us the wife was extremely afraid of dogs which had we been in the shower could have been very bad. The front desk representative answered they were aware of the mix-up with a smirk and smile on her face as if the situation was amusing. I asked if I could speak with someone privately so as to not have the conversation in front of the other guests waiting to check-in and was made to wait ten minutes for someone to speak to me. I was given a head nod and a "Sorry, these things happen." I was not satisfied with this answer and asked to speak with the manager as I was not sure I was comfortable continuing to stay there. I was told he was not there (no manager on site?) but he would be informed when he got in.

My fiance and I decided not to leave and use our time and resources to find other housing arrangement. The manager never did get in touch with us during our stay. I was given a business card for Michael Henderson upon check-out after I again requested to speak with a manager. I called and left two messages and sent an email with no response. I am very unhappy with the treatment we received, or failed to receive, and complete lack of response to this situation. I feel it is very important that the appropriate people are notified as I cannot believe this particular hotel has followed accepted policy and behaved in a manner consistent with the Days Inn philosophy

Anonymous 7/19/13 9:32AM

Booked two rooms for two night at Days Inn in Corpus Christi,TX for my wife and other church members using place was so bad it should be condemn them( pool was green and black,curtains was tore,AC junky) Speaking of junky the rooms smelled like pot the police should raid the should check out the hotel before posting false pictures on there site because this was not the rooms I seen in the pictures! I'm out of almost $600

lbattles2002 7/18/13 10:29PM

I recently stayed at the Days Inn in Miami Florida/ . The room was definitely NOT the best thing that we have ever stayed in but figured for the price, and it was Miami so would only need place to sleep and change clothes. Well should not have slept there. had to go to urgent care because had Bed bug bites all over my arms and back. I dont care how much I have to pay will never stay in DAYS INN AGAIN and will definitely not recommend this place !!!! going to contact the Miami Health department

Anonymous 7/18/13 11:36AM

My family and I booked a room online through Priceline at the Days Inn and Suites located at 600 Old Farm Lane S, Prattville, AL. Upon our arrival around 10:00pm after a 10 hour drive from Virginia we were given a room on the first floor. After bringing in our luggage we began to inspect the room and found the following: the bed linen had not been changed as the sheets were visibly dirty as well as the pillow case and the bed cover was stained with blood.
I went to the front desk and requested that the Desk Clerk come to the room to see the condition of the room which she did. She noted that the linens that we initially had were not clean and provided us with another set of linen. Upon inspection of the second set of linens we found unrecognizable dark stains on the sheets.
At that point I returned to the front desk and requested a new room. We were then given a new room on the third floor. Upon inspection of the second room we found that sheets and pillow cases were clean however, the chair had several unrecognizable dark spots (which I covered with a towel in order to sit in the chair), and the pullout chair had dust pulled so thick on it that the it looked gray.
I contacted the Desk Clerk in the morning and shared my concern regarding the conditions of both rooms, the inconvenience and inquired if we would be compensated in any way. The desk clerk shared with me that she had spoken with the Manager/Owner and was told that there would be no compensation. I then shared with her my intention to report the incident to the State Department of Health and to the Better Business Bureau.
The Desk Clerk then contacted me relaying that the manger/owner had offered to provide a discount of $25.00 of which I did not accept and reiterated that I would be contacting the aforementioned offices to report the incidents. The Desk Clerk contacted me for a third time relaying that the manager/owner had re-sended the discount offer and asked us to leave the establishment not before charging us for one night.
I took pictures of each item!

mw 7/17/13 10:18PM

On 7/13/13 my spouse and I stayed at the Days Inn in Lindale Texas. The room appeared to be clean, but the mattress were a mess, they was just cover with a mattress cover other wise the were nasty. Also I called to try to book reservations and they could not accommodated me and I asked them not to charge my card and they did anyway. So very disappointed with Days Inn. I belive I deserve a refund

mskat 7/16/13 9:42AM

We stayed at a Days Inn for 10 days in Ogden Utah from June 30 to July 10. This location on Washington St was horrible. We have one toddler and 2 cats. Im sure other locations are nice but I don't recommend this one in Ogden. It had no fridge, no microwave, no iron or iron board, the cable/Fifi kept acting up, the shower didn't work right, etc. It was a horrible 10 days.

Jess 7/12/13 6:08PM

we stayed at you inn atDays Inn Fort Lauderdale Airport North

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33311

on june 20th and notified the management of a very dirty house keeping. the manager informed me he was refunding 50% of my cost on June 26th but it has not happened. His name is Mark Fasulo . my complaint was an indication that house keeping does not change bed sheets from each day when a guest checks out (only remakes bed) and there was enough dust on the tv cabinet you could write you name. Please take action and make sure of my refund

ken 7/10/13 3:32PM

Recently I traveled to Shelby NC to my granddaughters graduation. I made reservations at the Days Inn myself and somehow the reservations were credited to Priceline who absolutely did not make my reservations. I made these reservations a month in advance and only found out about Priceline being in cahoots with the hotel. The room was no more than a two star room at a Motel 6. The manager was extremely unfriendly and only spoke if spoken to. After the graduation my son and kids came by hotel so that I could make graduation photos and was there approximately 30 minutes. While they were there the manager sent out the maintenance guy to ask me if the kids belonged to me and if they were staying in the room with me indicating that I was hiding the kids and not paying. I found this to be rude and not indicative of a properly run hotel and felt I was being accused of lying and dishonesty. I went into speak to the manager as I had one day left but chose not to stay there. I was refused a refund as the money had already be subtracted from my bank. During this conversation he was talking to a desk clerk regarding my request for the refund and telling the manager I did not approve of his accusations I needed to ask him to speak in English.

The hotel advertised a dining room which was false advertisement, the breakfast menu was the same every morning, the bread for toast was not sanitary as everyone who made toast had to stick their hands in the wrapper. This was a terrible place to stay and I would not recommend it to anyone.

Tucsonite 6/27/13 8:14PM

Stayed at Days inn in Kennewick Washington on 6-14 and 6-15
Friday and Saturday for a baseball tournament. Hotel as expceted was a 2 star OK room. Upon asking for a late check out on Sunday was told no late check outs. Knowing there is no national convention checking into the hotel for Sunday night figured the help staff just wanted to leave early. Every person on my ball team was told the same thing for no reason. See the Sunday 6-16 day desk clerk for more discussion. Never stay here again.....
Motorcycle rider originally told no rooms on Saturday night upon retuning and having additional information clerk sold room to rider at 11:00 PM Still kicked out of the room at 11:00 the next morning.

Coach Martin 6/26/13 5:47PM

We want to make you aware of how incredibly bad our experience was at the Days Inn - Glenwood Crabree in Raleigh, NC. We have stayed at Days Inn's in the past and had assumed we would be comfortable at this one. We were not looking for a luxury hotel. We only expected a safe, clean and comfortable environment. The fact that it was said to be a Wyndham affiliate (we have been Wyndham members for years) led us to believe that we could expect that.
We had been traveling most of the day (returning to PA from vacation). Our first concern was that when we were trying to check in (approx. 9:00 pm), there was no one at the front counter for over ten minutes. When someone finally arrived, she told us she was the only one there and had to take care of something elsewhere in the hotel.
Because of roof repair, there were large sections of rooms taped off. There was a large dumpster blocking the parking are. It all appeared dirty and "sketchy" (not safe and clean).
There were several people loitering in the area, that gave the impression that there might be some sort of illegal deals going on. Our first room was assigned in area that was slightly isolated and there was someone loitering nearby. We called the front desk and moved to a different room.
When we returned from dinner (approx. 11:45 pm), the odor in the room was nauseating. We couldn't begin to place the smell ( a mix of marijuana, cigars, mildew, body odor???). Upon entering the bathroom we discovered that water was pouring through the light fixture on the ceiling, from the bathroom above. In order to use the toilet we got drenched (we don't even want to try to imagine what was in the water). We called the front desk. They said they'd check out the bathroom above us and offered to change us again. At that point we were so exhausted we opted just to try to sleep there (after we killed several bugs).
When we arrived home, we had to immediately wash any clothes that had been in that room and air out the luggage, because it all reeked of the foul odor.
Because of this experience we are quite certain that we will not stay at another Days Inn, nor will we recommend it to others.

We almost never write to complain. Certainly everyone has a bad day now and then, and we don't expect perfection; however, this experience was so negative I thought you should be made aware of it. We can't even imagine why Wyndham would want to have its name associated with this hotel.

becky 6/24/13 11:55AM

The Days Inn in Brunswick Maine has refused to contact me, although I was told I by the agency I booked with they would be in contact with me in a couple of days, that was in April.....A trip to the ER, due to getting injured at the Days Inn in Brunswick Maine, and I was told by the ER to tell the hotel, so I did. All they did was demand to have a copy of my ER notes, that's it....Not a nice place to stay

Anonymous 6/23/13 2:29PM

Stayed 6/17 & 18 at the New Braunfels Days Inn. I have stayed there many times in the past. The corporate office should pull their sign. The place was nasty, no daily maid service, had to go and get our own towels and toilet paper. It was a bad joke! The bathroom door was broken and they had attempted a repair, could not even close it. Front door had a 1"gap under the door, had to put a towel down to keep bugs out. No Ice machines were working. Manager's excuse's a long story!

TM 6/21/13 10:47AM

My 69 yr old mother and i were driving from Chicago to Colorado. It is approximately 1100 miles. I knew my mom could not travel that far so i called my husband on our way and he set up a reservation at 619 2nd avenue in Kearney Nebraska. My husband said the pictures on the website looked nice. We drove approximately 11 hours and were ready to call it a night. The minute we drove up to the hotel we were completely disgusted. When we looked at the hotel from our parking space we could see that the windows and curtains were filthy. I said to my mom "I don't think I can stay here". We proceeded to walk to the front door. There was garbage in the hallways and the front desk looked more like a dump then a hotel. We didn't even go in we were so disgusted. It was the most unkept hotel i have ever seen. When i told my husband to call and cancel the reservation they said it was too late. There were no other hotels in the area we could stay at so we ended up driving another 5 hours to Colorado. Not only did Days Inn misrepresent their hotel on their website but they put my mother and i in danger when were forced to drive another 5 hours home. I'm warning other travelers out there to stay away from Days Inn.

Anonymous 6/14/13 7:58AM


I am writing to you about one of your Days Inn's in St. Louis Missouri.

The address is:

Days Inn St. Louis North

First of all I need to explain our circumstances. We had booked another

motel reservation through Expedia in the general area for a trip we were

taking to St. Louis. We planned on staying (3) days & nights. After

driving almost 6 hours from Iowa.

We were contacted by Expedia telling us that the motel we had reservations

at was hit by a tornado & that they had made reservations for us at the

Days Inn. We thought ok, that was acceptable since we checked out the Days

Inn online. When we arrived we discovered that the Days Inn was nothing

like what is shown online. In no way shape or form.

The first thing we noticed was the cleaning crew standing outside an open

room smoking & chatting with others. The outside of the motel was dirty &

unkept. When we got into the room itself....half the lights didn't work,

the carpet was ripped & torn. The linens on the bed were dingy looking &

the bed was not made as it should have been. The pillows had an odor to

them. And, mostly the room stunk of something other than the heavy spray

that was used. The TV was sitting basically in the middle of the room on a

wooden table or something. The bathtub near the drain was rusty.

My husband went to the desk & told the clerk that the room was

unacceptable. The clerk said that all we could do was cancel the

reservation. So, he wasn't 5 minutes and a knock on the door.

Someone saying they had to check the room. Since I had unpacked a few

things I told her to give us a few minutes. In about2 mins the desk called

& basically told us to get out.

We had to drive around & find a (decent) place to stay.

My main concern is that the internet depiction of the Days Inn is

basically a lie. And, that something needs to be done about it. We are not

asking for anything other than an apology for the condition of the room

itself. And, the staff to be more considerate.

Thank you for your time.

Anonymous 6/13/13 7:02PM

OMG!Days Inn trinity land in Nashville has to be the nastiest palce I have ever stayed in my life. I would have left but paid $200.00 for two nights and the guy wouldn't give me my money back. The room I don't think had ever been cleaned. There was urine and othe disgust on the toilet on top and all around the floor. I was told not to sit on the toliet then by the guys at the desk. He showed me 3 other rooms and stayed in one that I had to clean beffore I slept in it. TOTALLY DISGUSTING!!! will NEVER stay in another days inn. They need to removed there picture off the website because it was from when the hotel was built!!!!

karen 6/13/13 12:09PM

Booked through Expedia for Days Inn for Palestine, Tx 6/11/13. This was DISGUSTING. The carpet felt dirty and sticky. The toilet tank lid didn't fit. I could overlook that BUT the most disgusting thing was the bugs. Apparently the entire town was having a big problem with "water beetles", but this was the most disgusting Days Inn I've ever stayed at. The room we were given was invested with them. Killing two or three when we first arrived seemed like no big deal, but when I grabbed the pillow and three of them ran across it, that grossed me out and they just kept coming. My roommate pulled her bedspread back and found two in the bed. We called the front desk and the maintenance man came with Ortho Home Defense and only sprayed in front of the door. We went to bed reluctantly. I awoke an hour later with one of them crawling on me. From that point on I couldn't sleep. I went to take a shower and found 8 on the bathroom floor. At that point my roommate awoke and we were continually stomping on them. From check-in to check-out we easily killed 50. If the town is infested perhaps some environmental thing should be done. If it is this motel it needs a professional exterminator. This was the most disgusting unsatisfactory experience I've ever had with a Days Inn. Because it was booked through Expedia, I couldn't walk out or be refunded, but I think YOU should give me back my money for the most disgusting motel stay in my life!!

sleepless in TX 6/13/13 7:06AM

Days Inn Springfield Mo. Montclair Street. I was forced to pay for 4 days stay when I only stayed 3 days here. They said I reserved 4 and I did not. It seems a block of rooms was reserved by our sponsor for a reunion for 4 days but 10 days prior to the reservation date the sponsor dropped 2 rooms and she changed the reservation to 3 days. All this happened by phone the sponsor said, but regardless the clerk would not charge my credit card with only 3 days and insisted that I had to pay for 4 days. I will never stay there again and we have been having a reunion in Springfield ever year..

Days Inn HATER 6/12/13 3:50AM

Went to the Days Inn 158 Glenwild Drive Thibodaux LA had a very bad experience
Was charged extra money on my debit card, they had others in the hotel taking advantage of the situation. He was loud using profanity which I thought was unprofessornal. Myself and another guess spoke to him one on one he realize his mistake apologize and ask us to stay. Other guess stayed but I did not they said the extra to my card would be reverse and it has not. I really think I should have gotten a discount on that 97.00 room got there a 3:30 and was ask to leave at 6:00 over something that was not my fault. I take my daughter and a few friends every year when school close all 13yrs old and younger first and last time ar Days Inn in Thibodaux

upset 6/11/13 2:21PM

Arrived for imminent death of family member-Stayed at Days Inn in Cocoa, Fla. Room was dirty, no light bulbs. I didn't need cleaning of room while I was there as I was only staying a couple hours at night. Cleaning staff WAS helpful and courteous. Breakfast and evening meal staff was rude and very hateful, not helpful at all. Was overcharged by adding an extra day stay after I had checked out. Still trying to be reimbursed for overcharge.I should have checked out the comments for other DAys Inn before cosidering this motel.Please look for other accomadations when in this area.

Anonymous 6/11/13 10:04AM

On June7, 2013 My wife and I stayed at the Days inn in Ontario, Ca. on Fourth St, About two weeks earlier I called my reservation in and asked if I could keep my well disciplined dog inside the motel room, I got a OK to do this. I checked into my room at 3PM after driving about 500 moles for the day. At 10:30 PM the manager called and told me we could not keep the dog in the room. I felt the manager was very rude to me, my dog and wife were sleeping soundly when he demanded we leave the room without a refund. Instead of trying to find another room at the late hour we packed up and continued on our journey until we reached our home in Arizona.I think the manager was very crude and rude to me. I had seen four other dogs in the motel while I was there and I don't think they had to leave. I also saw two prostitutes hanging around the motel. I will never stay in this hotel again and hope no one else will. I for one will go to a higher class hotel with friendlier staff members.

Forrest 6/8/13 8:56PM

Friday June 7 I arrived in Gresham, Oregon to stay at the Days Inn there. Arriving via a back road I became lost so I called the Days Inn for directions. I have become aware that many employees have NO-ZERO clue where they are, how to give directions and haven't the faintest clue to life in general.
Savannah was a savior. She answered the phone professionally, asked a few questions about where I was and knew by discription where I was and how to get me to the motel. WOW!!! Big points right off the bat!!
Her directions were spot on and I arrived to the Days Inn in mere minutes. But there was a problem. I could tell by the look on her face that she didn't have good news. The room I had reserved ONLINE was actually at an other Days Inn. She said this happens all the time with ONLINE reservations because there is a Days Inn that is in Gresham, Oregon and another in Portland/Gresham. Go figure. She was on the phone immediately, confirmed the reservation at the other motel and knew that she could not transfer the reservation to her Days Inn. She know what to do, how to do it and still handled herself professionally the entire time.

Needless to say I was very impressed.

Anonymous 6/8/13 6:36AM

I know that human nature is to comment only when things are bad. Generally my stays at Days Inn are decent. I understand that it's purpose is not to be high-end, yet be clean and affordable enough for us common lay comes the almighty "but"....

My family stayed at the Days Inn at 1901 SW 13th Street, Gainesville, FL. I suggest your regional manager pay them a visit. The hotel manager is Jay Patel. This was, by far, the worst "hole" I've ever stayed in.

Here is the review I wrote on TripAdvisor:

Dank, musty smell. Phone inoperable. Light inoperable. Drain not functioning properly. Complimentary "breakfast" had to be one would conceivably pay for this crap. Found out later that we were placed in the "noisy" building; where college students typically rent. Booming "hood" music from the parking lot at 12:30 am...couldn't call management because the phone didn't work. Doors constantly slamming. A door, which adjoins to the next room, was pounded on by the idiot next door. Thought they were trying to break in. We will never stay here again. I'll be writing the regional Days Inn office. I doubt they're aware that such a hotel in their franchise is so far below standard.

Room Tip: Don't stay here period...choose elsewhere.

Dale 6/6/13 4:46PM

I haven't even stayed here yet and I'm dreading it. I booked through Priceline and was told that if I wanted to request a certain bed or non-smoking to contact hotel directly. Upon doing so I was told that it was not possible. The reservationist went to talk to the manager who thought I was on hold and was not, I could hear him. It told her not to help me because it's through Priceline and he's losing $$. He then got on the phone and, I told him I heard what he said and he said I can't help you good bye. I contacted Priceline who called back and got him to agree to 2 dbl beds at an extra fee. I'm traveling with 2 adults and 2 children!! This is the worst customer service ever!! I want my money back but even Priceline can't help. What a rip off. Day's Inn should be ashamed to have people like that working for them, let alone a manager!

limbertm 6/5/13 7:58AM

had reservations for the days inn in campton nh and arrived to check in only to find out that this hotel is a dive. I would not recommend this hotel, the security door they had us enter towards the side of the hotel had aluminum foil on the lock so the door could open to anyone coming off the main streets. The hotel as you enter has an odor of musty mildew, and the lighting is dark. The hotel needs a complete update, would never consider the pool or jacuzzi. As we entered the room, it smelled of smoke which we had originally wanted a non-smoking room, and the clerk reassured us that no one in the whole time
has ever smoked in that room. Right, and I was born yesterday!
The room was dark, mirror had a film of smoke with streaks and the beds were not made. Pillows were not tucked in to the comforter on beds and it looked like someone had just left the room. It was disgusting.
Disappointed since we had booked early through AAA which recommends this hotel. I made a call to AAA to make them aware that this hotel s/b totally revamped.
This is a very busy area in the NH mountains and your guest would spend more to stay here if the hotel w/b brought up to date.
We had been up since 4:00am that morning and was so looking forward to taking a hot shower and to finally rest. We had to leave and drive home another 2 1/2 hrs. No one enjoys being up 14 hrs w/o any sleep.

Anonymous 6/5/13 6:10AM

Had reservations at Day's Inn Wichita E 53rd St. on 5/24/13.Arrived at 7.30 pm after driving almost 500 mi and was told that my reservations had been cancelled.The desk clerk was very rude and unconcerned about what I could do to fInd a place to stay.I found out that a sports playoff or something was in town and all hotels were booked. My cheaper reservations along with others had been resold at a higher price.

Ken 6/2/13 5:35PM

Dear Sir

I stayed at The Days Inn in Grand Haven,Michigan 1500 S Beacon .
I have stayed and traveled all over the US but was highly disapointed in the things offered to us for the money .
1) Ice machine in the hallway was not working
2) Refrigerator knobe broke in thwe room ref
3) In bathroom not overhead fan so bathroom became full of steam . The ways needed to be painted and over all the room need some mainteance

I was in town for a funeral and never make comments known but paying 135.00 was high for what was offered

Red 6/2/13 4:30PM

Days Inn Wichita, Ks. is a dump!

Paid $70 the first night $80 the second night for the worst room we have ever been in. You stuck to the bathroom floor, the microwave was dirty inside and out. Don't think the phone had ever been cleaned. Several light switches had shorts in them. There was no pool, vending machines, or workout room as stated. They charged our account before we even got there. Stood in the lobby for over 15 min. before we were helped by a very rude person.

Anonymous 5/30/13 10:22AM

Days Inn Apple Valley Sevierville

Cigarette burns holes in the sheets and blankets. STAINS everywhere - on the blankets, bedspreads and the chair.

Bathroom was gross, soap scum, hair stuck to the sides of the tub. We couldn't take a shower because it was so filthy.
DON'T STAY HERE - you are better off in your car!!

Chris 5/28/13 7:10AM

Days Inn 11425 S. Cleveland Ft. Myers Fl.
Do Not Stay Here. We Would Not Be Staying Here Tonight Except We Booked Through Orbitz And They Would Not!!!!! Give Our Money Back To Change Hotels. The Only Nice Thing About This Days Inn Is The Receptionist. Our Room Is Dirty. Smells, No Security Lock. How Can They Even Rent A Room That Way. We Pushed Furniture In Front Of The Door. There Is Mold On The Floor And Dirt In The Bathroom And I Don't Think They Have Done Ddep Cleaning Anywhere Inthis Room Since 1990. There Is Newer Carpet. If I See A Bug There Will Be A Refund From The Hotel Come He__ Or High Water. What Has Happened To The Days Inn Of The Past.?

tam 5/13/13 8:18PM

Days Inn on ribaut south carolina /This place has very nasty ppl working at the front desk & they are rude except Ronda she was the very best she helped us with everything.. But I can tell you this is the worst place to stay & the dirtiest contental breakfast, picking garbage out of the trash is better then what they offer.. My son had an asthma attack & thank god we leave tomorrow this has been a horrible trip from the first day we checked in, knowless they locked us outta the breakfast area & used excuses on why we couldn't be in there, they made a lot of money on my family 6 rooms for $230.00 each room... Never stay at this hotel unless you like being mistreated & rob on your rooms & on so called free breakfast, cream cheese gave my husband food poisoning he's sick as a dog from this dirty days inn ... If I didn't have my niece graduating from the Marines we would have never been at this hotel, I spent more on this hotel... It's disgusting my husband getting food poisoning from there so called free breakfast !!!

Brooklyn1hottie 5/10/13 5:14PM

This place has very nasty ppl working at the front desk & they are rude except Ronda she was the very best she helped us with everything.. But I can tell you this is the worst place to stay & the dirtiest contental breakfast, picking garbage out of the trash is better then what they offer.. My son had an asthma attack & thank god we leave tomorrow this has been a horrible trip from the first day we checked in, knowless they locked us outta the breakfast area & used excuses on why we couldn't be in there, they made a lot of money on my family 6 room $230.00 each room ... Never stay at this hotel unless you like being mistreated & rob on your rooms & on so called free breakfast, cream cheese gave my husband food poisoning he's sick as a dog from this dirty days inn ...

Brooklyn1hottie 5/10/13 5:03PM

days inn , rawlins wy has been reported and proved to have mold ( black ) in several rooms and still rents this rooms to guest with childern. althought this has been brought up to owners and management. nothing has been done. even after guest have taken there children to the doctor and verafide the case for there problems being from mold, the hotel still rents these rooms. the word is that health insectors and code people will be involved shortly as well as the news papers.

Anonymous 5/7/13 6:36PM

I stayed in Corsicana Tx. The outside illuminated sign showed deceptive rates. When I confronted desk help, I was told I was getting a discount off the normal rate. I checked their own web site and it showed same rate with no discount.
I contacted corporate office and was told they would contact me. I wasn't ask for an address or phone # so I asked how they could accomplish that. I provided info after informing her it would help to contact me.

Days Inn is bad news from the top down.

Dissatisfied patron 5/7/13 8:14AM

Days Inn-Ball State University-Indiana-

Don't stay there! Man at front desk was rude & ignorant,no help at all.

Room -Dirty,bedspread ripped w/BIG hole in it-floor NOT vacuumed!

Breakfast Area-Dirty,cloth chairs filthy

Food-Stale,fruit old.-NO amount of food.

Biscuits-Hard as a rock.

No-extra blankets or rollaway bed,that we asked for in advance.

No Kleenex-no extra toilet paper-no lotion-no conditioner

No morning newspaper-no help at front desk,the guy was always outside?

The picture of the outside of the building looks good on the internet,but once you get inside it's a nightmare!!!

How could anyone possibly enjoy their stay there,much less get a good night's sleep??????

Will NEVER stay there again, also telling Friends,Family & neighbors not to rent a room there.

A very dis-satisfied (X)Customer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous 5/6/13 9:25AM

My wife and I stayed at the Days Inn Carlisle, PA on April 3, 2013 - Room 207. We were extremely dissatisfied with the room. We went out and had dinner after we checked in and did not realize the issues until later in the evening. The room was designed large enough for a king, queen or two double beds. There was 1 bed in the corner of the room next to the bathroom which was considerably smaller than a standard queen size bed. The bed we had the prior evening at the Days Inn in Fayetteville,NC was a queen size bed & was fine. We were told at the desk the that the bed was the "standard queen size bed for Days Inn". We also reported that the bathroom fan, which was also connected to the bathroom light, was very noisy and the fan did not work. The only light at the bathroom sink, located in the bedroom, also had a loud buzzing noise. As the room was completely dark at night, there was no option to provide light as the bathroom light/exhaust was too noisy & the light over the sink in the room was also too bright/noisy. The refrigerator,unlike others in your hotel and others, also made noise every 20 minutes during the night. We were awake most of the night and had an eight hour drive the next day.

We have been very satisfied with our former experiences at the Days Inn and also had no issues at the Days Inn the prior evening at Fayetteville, NC. We also felt that the manager on duty did not seemed concerned regarding the issues.

PS. Note, they also advertised "Awarding Winning" as well as an "Pub" on sight. It consisted of a small room/bar with a menu on a table featuring a pretzel dog, nachos, bologne/cheese boat and a pulled pork sandwich. It was convenient rather than no option but a bit misleading. I would not consider mentioning the Pub if it were not for the other issues.


Anonymous 4/10/13 8:10AM

In the late fall, 2012, I booked two rooms for one weeks stay here for Jan.26th, 2013 and got a confirmation # at the time for booking. The night before our arrival date I called them to notify them we would be a "late arrival" and the girl said OK and would note it on our booking.For our week's stay there. We fly in from Buffalo N.Y. to Orlando, Fl. and flight got delayed because of weather. We got in to Orlando at 11:30 P.M., then drove our rental car to Fort Pierce, Fl. travel time approximately 2 hours. I told the other couple because we are so late good thing we have the rooms booked ahead of time. Well upon arrival when we tryed to check in, we got told they had no record of the reservation # I gave them, plus they had no rooms left and sent us travelling to find something on our own at 2:30 A.M. in the morning. THe worst is I have stayed at this same Days Inn for a week or better stay for the past two years?? If a reseservation does not work what does? Seeing we travelled so far and did all the right things.
The Days Inn address is: 3224 S Us Highway 1, Manager's name "Jommy Joseph". When we went back there next day the manager would not see us to discuss our problem.
Unless we get a reply from you on this matter, you can be assured no one of the great numbers of people I know will ever use a Days Inn.

Anonymous 4/7/13 2:31PM

Complaint Days Inn 2009 Riverside Drive Mount Vernon, WA 98273 USA.

After staying at the above noted location on the 30 April 2013, we will never stay at any Days Inn location worldwide! Your corporate phase "A PROMISE AS SURE AS THE SUN" clearly was not met during our stay.

The general condition of this Days Inn was dated and appears run down. The over-night rate as compared to other motels in the area was high at a lesser quality. I had asked for a discounted rate (AMA) and was advised that it was a full house tonight and that a discounted rate would not be available.

We requested a dog friendly room as our small dog was travelling with us. We left our dog in the room alone for approximately 30 minutes while we went out for supper.

Upon returning to the parking lot near our room, we observed the gathering of several people forming a party next to our room's window. This room next to ours had it's window wide open and, an exchange of beer and conversation was going on between the people inside the room with those outside. My wife and me looked at each other and realized that we were probally not going to have a quiet evening.

Upon entering our room, I grabbed the ice bucket and walked past this party room towards the vending machine area. A very strong odor of cannabis was evident in the hallway as I walked past the partially opened door on this room.

Returning to our room,I was greeted by a rude telephone call from your front desk representative advising that complaints were received about our dog barking in our room for an hour. This rude representative advised that she was adding a $25.00 barking dog charge to our bill.

I advised your representative that we were gone for 30 minutes only and it is not typical for our dog to bark. Immediately, I start to question how a barking dog complaint has a higher priority than illegal drug activity in a non-smoking room and our peacefull enjoyment during our stay! I advised your representative of this fact.

Maybe the loud noise which was occuring next door in the party room or the fact that some "Crack Head" from next door inadverently tried to get into our room while we were out, had created a provocation for our dog to bark.

I have to question how your representative had walked past this party room without detecting the cannabis odor and/or loud noises as they went to deal with a felony complaint about a dog barking!

After being told by your representative that they were assessing a $25.00 barking fee to our bill, I tried to contact the front desk by telephone to enquire about the television remote which does not work. The telephone rang for 1 minute with no one answering. I walked to the front desk with the remote control in hand to get assistance. After your representative fixed the coding issue in the remote control, I enquired about the dog barking charge. I asked where this charge is posted and/or where that may be located on any paperwork. Your representative advised me that, this is just a common understanding. I advised your representative that I am not happy about this charge.

The following morning while sitting in the front breakfast area next to the front desk, I overheard many conversations between your front desk representatives and customers seated in the breakfast area. Your representative advised that the Police had attended your motel 5 times that evening to deal with undesirable drunks. One story was about several drunks who entered the front lobby demanding a room and refusing to leave until they were given a room. Apparently, they got their wish at the Mount Vernon Police Department's holding cells.

I felt that I should have shared my story about a felon dog that barked creating another incident where the Police were called in for illegal drug activity.

The following morning while loading our vehicle for departure, I heard a loud dog barking near our room. I could not locate this dog at first but, I did manage to locate it as it came out of a recreational camper parked in the motel's parking lot. As this recreational camper was parked in your parking lot all night, would he also be subject to a barking dog penalty and a penalty fee for parking and staying in an recreational vehicle on private property?

We have no intentions of paying your $25.00 barking dog fee and have contacted VISA to file a disputed fee charge.

We will be sure to share our experience via "Facebook" etc.

Anonymous 4/1/13 6:18PM

I Am Making A Complaint About The Days Inn In Boardman Ohio At 7393 South Avenue.i Had Relatives Coming In From Out Of Town For My Sons Wedding And They Asked Me To Reserve A Room For Them. I Called Expedia And Booked There Room And Used My Card To Hold It. Then My Relatives Called Me Again And Said They Needed One More Room So I Called The Hotel Directly And Made A Reservation For That Room. Both Rooms I Used My Card To Hold It And They Told Me It Would Not Be Charged. Then On 03/11/13 The Hotel Took $156.00 Out Of My Checking Account To Pay For The Room That Was Not Being Used Until The 15th. When I Called The Hotel They Tried To Blame Expedia For It But It Was Not There Fault It Was Not The Room I Booked With Them. After I Talked To Expedia And Found Out It Wasn't Their Fault I Called The Hotel Back And Then They Admitted To Taking The Money.they Also Said They Charged Me Early Because It Was A Special Rate I Was Never Informed It Was A Special Rate When I Made The Reservation I Made Sure That I Asked Them That My Card Was Just To Hold It And They Said Yes. Then On 03/18/13 After My Sons Wedding They Took Money Out Of My Checking Again In The Amount Of $126.20 & $27.54 For The Second Room That My Relatives Had. To Begin With When My Relatives Got There They Had Messed Up The Reservation And Did Not Even Have The Room I Reserved For Them. So Again The Hotel Tried To Blame Expedia For There Mistake. My Uncle Gave Them His Credit Card To Charge The Room On Which They Did Not Use They Found The Imprint And Were Going To Charge Him After The Fact This Hotel Is The Worst. Believe Me I Will Never Ever Recommend This Days Inn Or I Don't Think Any Others After All The Problems They Caused And They Didn't Even Act Like They Were Sorry Just Tried Blaming Everyone Else For Their The Charges They Took Out Both Times Overdrew My Account So I Was Charged An Additional $34.00 Each Time. It Would Be Nice If You Had People At Your Hotel That Cared About The Customers Bit Obviously You Don't.

s81raiders 3/26/13 7:12AM

I stayed at the Inn on Van Buren St. near Phoenix, AZ. I usually love Days Inn's and this was a dirt room, diry sheets and bath tub did not drain while you took shower - water was 3 inches high. never again. J. Williams

jenn 3/25/13 10:45AM

im incredably upset with the days inn in moline illinois. My girlfriend works/worked there. They refused to pay her over time had to file a complain with the illinois board of labor, because of it. On feb 6th she had the coffee pot knock over and spilled on her she had no one to take her to the hospital and could not reach the manager...he had another job. No other person she could get ahold of would come and take her to the hospital. So she had no choice but to call the ambulance and take her. Now the days inn in moline illinois refuses to pay the worker comp for the bill. Had to get a worker comp lawyer for that. She call your corp number and was told the number was for customer only and corp refused even to let her tell them whats happiening at a bussiness with thier name on it.Im sorry i ever let her talk a job there, i thought with a big company like that she would be better taken care of.

james loerzel 3/22/13 1:26PM

My husband and I stayed at the Days Inn in Lebanon,Pa.I was very upset at the service we recieved. My sister booked the breakfast room for her wedding reception. When we set up the food all of the breakers kicked we tried alot of different soluitions from moving roasters around to different plugs to only plugging in a couple at a time.It was a lot of hassle for bad results.Our food got cold and people left early because the staff was rude and hard to deal with,the only person that tried his best was a gentleman named Robert.The night we stayed there also was a music festival booked in the ballroom and the lounge which my nephew (the brides son was a part of)so alot of the music festival people were friends of the family.When the music festival people came in to the wedding party to eat some food that was gettig cold and drink beer that they couldn't regulate the air on and was foamy the night manager "woman" came in and took our beer glasses and told everyone they had to leave and said they weren't allowed to drink free beer,My sister and her husband paid 95.00 for that kegg and if we didn't drink it all the hotel would keep it. We were promised free rooms for us two of out of towners.
The next day we were treated very rude and after treating us like liars when we said about the rooms they finally gave us an extra 20% off of one room.The room we stayed in on the 4th floor was to be a nonsmoking floor well there was so much smoking going on that my eyes are sore and I have to use meds for it.We ask for nonsmoking because of my allergy to smoke,the remote didn't work,the flashing light for a message blinked all night long we had to cover it.I will not EVER stay at this hotel again! The whole management team (if thats what you want to call them)needs to be trained in customer service as well as the front desk!!I dont need my ID krpt confidential..

Kim 3/18/13 10:06AM

Absolutely The Worst Hotel We Have Ever Occupied. Room Was Paid For In Advance(big Mistake) And Upon Check-in Was Told A $75.00 Deposit Was Required. Never Heard Of Paying A $75.00 Deposit On A Room That Was Already Paid For. Check-in Explained It Was Merely A Formality And Would Be Fully, Key Ored, Fully Refunded When Checking Out. Checking Out We Were Told There Was A $25.oo Amenity Fee Taken From The Fully Refundable $75. When Asked What The Amenities Were, The Anwer Was Amenities. This Place Was Runn Down, No Tv Reception And What There Was Like 4 Channels That Were Snowy. No Room To Move, No Table And Chairs, No Coffee, One Little Soap And Bad Smelling. I Don't Know How Ou Stay In Business. This Particular Days Inn Is Located In Las Vegas On Tropicana Blvd. Don't Stay There, It's Nasty. Then When I Emailed To Try To Get An Answer To The $75 Deposit I Can Get An Answer For A $35.oo Fee, Go Figure.

gjurjevich18 3/17/13 2:46PM

We stayed at Days Inn at Worlds of Fun in KC, Mo and used 2 rooms. This was a bad experience, which we will never repeate. One room was not even made up or cleaned when we were given a key to it at our check in. The second room had hair in the bed, some man who did not talk to us changed the sheets. The carpet was old, as was the bedding in both rooms. The bathroom had a plugged mouse hole and black mold around the door. In the second room there were dried bugs in the corner of the area and black mold on the bathroom ceiling. The outside door was bent in, it looked like someone tried to break in, and it did not close well. There was a large gap around the door. There was a very dirty black sock on the floor of the closet. The whole building was very dirty outside as well, and the breakfast was scary. We were suppose to have a non smoking room, but it was not. My husband and I each have sore throats, and a headache from breathing the air and odors in the room. He sayed at the same motel a year and a half ago, and came home sick then too. I would think Days Inn would not want their name or reputation to be associated with this place.

Anonymous 3/14/13 11:43AM

days inn on van buren in Phoenix. the worst experience of my life.Dimly lit room, filthy carpet. etc.Awoke at 5am to get ready and discovered cockroaches in the bathroom. If we hadnt arrived so late we wouldnt have stayed there.I'm appalled that this hotel can use the Days Inn name. This hotel should be shut down!!!!Would like to stop payment!!!!!!!

Anonymous 3/13/13 8:50PM

Days Inn Universal Studios, 2500 33rd St, orlando fl,This location is absolutely awful,,the rooms were unkept, hookers roaming the halls, filty breezeways,and a low level stench in the air when u walk in the lobby upon check in,. I found the room on line with no refund if you dont like the room, so i left and found another room another location $68 gone. Let me tell corporate this,,you can paint the outside and make it pretty,to draw people, but you will only get reviews like this.

kakedadi 3/11/13 1:14PM

Days Inn International Dr.
5858 International Drive Corne, Orlando, FL, 32819 REVIEWS
#1 The room wasn't very clean. There were crusty stains on our blanket and the sheets had stains on them. The room overall looked a little run down. The outdoor pool looked nice, but it was too cold to use. I will probably not stay at this hotel again. The price I paid was near that of some three star hotels and next time I'll probably just pay a little more to get a better/cleaner hotel.
#2 Very disappointed. Obviously gave the worse room to the sight. I know there were nicer rooms because after a water leak in the room above us, they had to put us in another much nicer room. I would not recommend this hotel. The plus side is that it is well located to Universal Studios.
#3 Rooms had a strong MOLD scent bad maintenance , very disappointed of what DAYS INN used to be 10 years ago .. Didn't feel secured and very disappointed .. For a over night remedy emergency is fine but not in my priority stay list at all. The only good thing the front desk Clerk was professional and friendly ..
#4 My stay here was awful. When I first got to the hotel and turned on the bathroom light, the light began flickering like something out of a bad scary movie. So I said ok, then went to the front door to try to get the rest of my stuff out the car, but guess what? The front door would not open. I was stuck, locked IN my own hotel room. I had to wait 45 minutes for someone to come and open the door, then an additional hour for them to fix it instead of putting me in another hotel room. Thank God I was only there for one night, this had to be the worst hotel experience ever. Oh and one more thing, the toilet smelled like rotten fish when you flush it, not sure what that was about. People, do yourself a favor, I know the price is cheap, that was what got me too. But unless your gonna be here for one night, don't stay here, you'll regret it trust me. Thanks.
#5 It was a mistake to save a dollar or two by choosing this rather grubby place with an undestaffed front desk.
#6 All I can say is, you get what you pay for $33 a night, plus $4.95, a night they charge you at check in, for being a resort area. Good location, nothing else was even close to being good.
#7 The first room that they put us in had a horrible smell. We asked to be changed and they did the right thing. We were hit with a $4.95 'service fee' when we arrived to our supposedly prepaid room. This left a bad taste from the get go.
#8 If you are with family/children, do not stay here unless you have to. Though location is perfect (a short 10 minute walk to City Walk & accessible to all of International Drive attractions), the hotel itself is awful. First, no internet in your room. Second, the satellite dish television doesn't reach every room, so we got a room without tv. Not the end of the world. Finally, the door to the room didn't close! We had a cockroach in the bathroom. The ceiling was cracked running the entire room. This place is for poor college kids. It fits a tight budget, but does little else. Luckily, we were only there to sleep.
#9 I believe the stay at this hotel was one of the least satisfactory experiences I've ever had at a hotel. #1 The room smelled must & moldy and the odor never left even with the fan on high for the four days we were there. #2 The operator rarely answered the phone. #3 we had to go to the lobby to get the appropriate number of towels for two people nearly every day.#4 there was virturally no water pressure in the bathroom sink. It's obvious that there had been little or no update of this facility since it was built. #5 The sheets didn't look or feel or smell as if they were fresh, even after we had a change of linens notice on the beds. We had no time to secure other accommodations since we were attending an event that kept us busy. And this hotel was not a place to come back to after a tiring day to relax. I would not reccommend this hotel to anyone. Should you choose to delete this review it will certainly show lack of interest and integrity in this whole review process. We have stayed in well maintained, well serviced and well updated Days Inns or we would not have booked here. This was NOT one of them
#10 This hotel was consistent with terrible service, rooms, roaches everywhere. Instead of offering at least an apology you receive attitude.
#11 It was horrible...There was no hot water, the beds "creaked", the molding around the door was gone and people were walking around and shoving pizza flyers thru the crack in the door, the heat didnt work...and there were people screaming and carrying on until after midnite and nothing was done about it. There were no lights in the courtyard until almost 10pm and there were some pretty bad looking people standing around in hoodies leaning on the posts in the court yard until the lights did come on. There was absolutely NO security. I called the office to get our room changed and they said they didn't have any openings...also, we had to wait 3 hours to check in while they checked other people in on the first floor...when we were told there were no clean rooms. This is a very large hotel and they were not booked up! We froze, there was a storm and all the cold wind came right through our door...This hotel should be removed from your listings as I do not feel people are safe there. We stayed litterally 5 blocks south of there the week before at another venue and had no it's not the's this hotel! Very Unhappy Campers !!!
#12 This was the worst hotel i ever stayed in. The room was disgusting the bathroom was falling apart the tv didnt work. There was water leaking in front of the room and it was a non smoking room but smelled worse then a smoking room. i would never recomend this hotel to any
#13 Gross room. Other people's hair in bathtub. Toilet barely flushed. I read a review of this hotel before booking that listed it as 3 stars. I figured that meant not great but at least cheap and clean. This hotel was not clean at all. Damp carpets, funny smells, and hair everywhere. The cleaning staff should've at least wiped the hairs out of the shower. if you're ONLY concern is price, then this place is fine. If you want ANY cleanliness, stay somewhere else. We will NEVER stay here again and do NOT recommend it.
#14 We booked it cause it was cheap but wen we got there the first room they gave us had roaches then we asked for a different room they sent us to the 4th floor and there was mold all in the room i had to cancel my stay... with two kids one toddler and the other an infant impossible that they could have stayed there and the people at the front desk acted like there was nothing wrong... i know it's cheap and you cant ask for much but cleanliness shouldn't be something you ask for when it comes to a hotel...
#15 The quality of towels and supplies is very low standard. The room has no table and no chair. The hotel is fully occupied may be that is the rason the management does not care for its up keep. I will never visit this hotel again.
#16 Absolutely the worst hotel stay ever. Shower was broken. The TV had no steve m.reception at all and we couldn't even get a blanket. Hotel needs a complete re-do. It was very moldy and the ceilings were in total disrepair. We checked out early the 1st morning of a 3 night planned stay. It was that bad.
#17 bad bad never again, tear it down
These are are ONE STAR 17 Not a good Rating from the beginning of the year.
Days Inn Orlando Universal Maingate
5827 Caravan Ct, Orlando, FL, 32819
#1 Those room are 1970's the bathroom and shower are screaming for renovation is a location and but to compete with hotels in the area, this hotel must be renovated ASAP
#2 When we pulled the sheets down from one of the beds, there was trash below the blanket. The bathroom was awful...rusty, loud dripping, water didn't drain from the shower, HAIR on the rim of the tub.I was really disappointed in the hotel. It was flat out disgusting.
#3 We had stayed there on a previous vacation and it suited us just fine. We expected to find the same since we would only be in the room at night to sleep but we were absolutely disgusted. Upon checking in the young kid at the desk had all he could do to greet us. Once we opened the room door it was extremely stuffy, outdated and the air conditioner nor fan worked. I don't think we were checked in for more than 30 minutes before we checked out and went down the street.
#4 This has got to be the biggest waste of $$ I have ever spent. The hotel needs a major renovation, and that doesn't mean just "new paint". Upon checking into the hotel, we soon found out that "Kids DO NOT eat free" even though they have signs outside that say KIDS EAT FREE. We also stayed here because it was advertised that they had WiFi in the room. Well we get there to find out that WiFi was only available in the lobby, which left the lobby to be a hangout spot for all the kids & teenagers who had smartphones, ipads, etc... It was very noisy. We got to our room, and the bath tub was clogged, as well as the sink. When maintenance arrived, they told me that all the rooms drain slow, and they recommended to take a shower, and just stand in the water as it would eventually drain. After asking the ladies at the front desk if the safe worked, they told us yes, they did work. Well while we had the maintenance guy there tending to the clogged drains, he said that the electronic safes do not work, and that they aren't given anything to reset them. If I wanted to use the safe, I would have to go down to the front desk, and ask to use a different safe that had a key. Well the next morning we go down to eat breakfast just like at the other DAYS INN that we have stayed at, only to find that these people want to CHARGE $3.50 per adult for continental breakfast, along with limit the number of pieces of bread you get (2 per person) as well as the bowls of cereal
#5 This hotel should be closed down sanitation whys is so dirty I will never stay in a days inn again. You need to look at this hotel how filthy is. Hair in the shower drain , nasty rug, refrigerator very dirty also the room smell terrible. Days inn should removed there name from this hotel.
#6 Bathroom in really bad condition. AC didn't work... Nobody went to check it after complaint with maid and telephone was dead... No way to come back.
#7 Room condition is not good, bed need to be changed,toilet flash does not work properly, breakfast was not included. Micro oven was not at room. Convenient location but next time I will not stay at this hotel.
#8 It was one of the worst stays in a hotel/motel I have ever had. If you order online you dont get a complimentary breakfast. the room was disgusting and the heating and air didnt work. we had to change rooms twice just to get a decent room to stay in. Stay somewhere else if you have the choice.
#9 The room had dirty carpets, some lights and electrical outlets did not work. The wi-fi did not reach the room. And to top it off, we even found a coackroach!!! Stay away from this hotel!!
#10 Room was really bad..bedsheets were dusty,doors rusted, unclean bathroom curtains, tub n bowl.I don't understand why they have kept rusted and non working microwave and front desk is not even aware of this,when I ask front desk they say I need to rent out for 10$/day. I would not recommend anyone this hotel..
#11 This hotel was now where close to the room that was shown online! The toilet ran none stop (the tank lid didn't even fit.) The floors are all tiled, so you hear every time someone in the next room or above you move a desk chair. The sink was all cracked and dirty. The beds are so old you sleep in the sag in the middle. There was a safe with no door! There was not even a coffee pot or microwave in the room. This is without a doubt the worst hotel I have ever stayed in. Then to top it off; at check out time they charge you a $2.25 per day "service fee" STAY AWAY FROM THIS HOTEL!!
#12 We arrived at 4:10pm to check-in and were greeted by a rude employee who stated our room was not ready because they were running behind schedule. They had several guest waiting to check-in and had no rooms available. One of the other employees gave someone a free breakfast ticket for their patience and ignored all the other people waiting. The room smelled bad and the bathtub was dirty. The next morning we tried ironing some clothes but the ironing board was so disgusting we opted for wearing wrinkled clothes instead. We also saw a bug on the bed. Overall, if you are on a budget and have no other choice then I guess this should be your last resort. I will personally never stay at this junky hotel again.

tstark1970 3/11/13 7:41AM

Days inn is a horrible place to stay...not only do the rooms meet sanitation standards but the staff steal from guests...just because I left something behind, doesn't mean its yours....awfully run company...never staying here again

Anonymous 3/9/13 7:16PM

I work for a Days Inn, I'm not a happy employee. I am treated unfairly and rudely by the manager and the owner never is around. This hotel is a joke and feel that going from 30 hours a week to 8 hours a week is a little unnecessary! I am a single mother, 8 hours a week at $8 an hour will not feed my child nor put a roof over their head! Every guest i check in or check out seems to have a problem with our manager, as well as most of the employees have a problem too. our hot tub is boarded over because they dont want to have a lift put in and are eliminating it altogether, which i get to hear people complain about to. there is nothing i can do and i get the customer attitude for it. not fair. you should really take some initiative to inspect all of your hotels and make sure the employees are treated fairly. we are not slaves, we are your co-workers.

Anonymous 3/8/13 3:01PM

I stayed at the Days Inn @2625 Little Rock Rd. Charlotte, NC on 3/2/13. The hotel cleaniness was not up to par. Upon arrival at the hotel room my guests and I were immediately greeted with a swarm of roaches. To be honest it was absolutley disgusting. All other hotels were sold out in town due to CIAA events taking place. So we were "stuck" at this location for the night. We had to purchase cans of 'Raid' bug repellant just to sleep through the night without being attacked by roaches. I don't think any business especially one as reputacle as Days Inn should be providing this level of service to paying consumers. I would personally prefer a refund, and for this matter to be address immediately for sake future patrons at your hotel.

Brooke E. 3/5/13 1:38PM

i stayed at the days inn at eloy az....the towels were filthy and food was left in the fridge and a huge spider web in the corner above the bed!!!! tub had been sray paintd..after driving a big truck all day was ready for a good night sleep and was really disappointed!!!! manager didn't seem to care.. will never stay there again!!! furniture hadn't even been dusted!!!! the pictures on the web are not what this place looked like.. i used my wyndham rewards and wyndham should be ashamed to even be connected with days inn...we use hotels alots since we haul for the gov't. but will not use days inn again!!!!

Anonymous 2/21/13 7:32PM

We made a reservation at the Days located at 7350 North Hanley Rd., St. Louis,MO 63042 and found it to be DISGUSTING! The door was not safe. You could see it had been kicked in several times. Wallpaper peeling (you could see a whole behind it above the door (rm 249). TV was sitting on a painted box made of plywood; remote was taped together; blow dryer, not working; tissue holder on wall ready to fall off; cover of air/heating system, missing; YELLOW (should have been white) towels and wash cloths; broken pieces on vanity mirror; holds and cracks in vanity; mold and soap scum in and around bathroom! Vomit outside other guest room doors! Filthy, filthy, filthy. I would rather have stayed in my car! You ought to be ashamed of yourselves for even allowing this disgusting, unsafe, bug infested, crack house to be operating under your name and God save you if anything happens to one of your guests. God knows I would be the first to testify against you. Disgusting, disgusting, disgusting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nancy B 2/19/13 12:18AM

My husband and I stayed at the Days Inn in Walcott, Iowa. We were thrilled to find a hotel so close to our destination. When we went in I was shocked at the room we were given. The room stunk! Since we had a pet, I think we were given a smoking room. The room smelled like someone had poured some freshener around. It gave me a headache within seconds. We couldn't open the window so we left the fan on trying to clear the smell. It didn't work. When we left the stink was the same. Not only that but the towels were grey and very worn out, the hair dryer did not work, nor did the clock. We went out a side door and discovered the door did not need a card to get in. Anyone could walk right in! I understand that most hotels/motels are privately owned, but I have been under the impression that they had to meet certain standards. Then I guess the question is, "do you NOT have any standards?" After our experience I would never recomend Days Inn to anyone!

Stayed in Walcott IA 2/14/13 9:25AM

We stayed at Days Inn in Yuba city, It was a very unhappy stay.
The towels were stain. The lights were not working right. I did not feel safe there. The rooms need to be painted. The phone in the room was not working. The smoking room was not spray with air refresher. The bed look like they just throw the covers over. I have friends that live in Yuba city, they say people that stay are on welfare, they are people and they should have a clean room too. UNHAPPY

unhappy 2/12/13 12:44PM

I have stayed at this Days Inn in Columbus, Ga every other weekend since December and have planned to do so continually until the end of June for personal reasons. My stays have been Horrible at almost every check out I have had! The manager of this facility BOB KUMAR has continually been rude, disrespectful and all around unwilling to TRY to accommodate in any way. I have told the desk clerks almost every time I am in their town that I will be down 2-3 times a month until the end of June yet even knowing I will be a repeat customer, this wretched little man could seemingly care less. The first problem I had was when I had a family emergency and needed to leave a day early so I went to the desk and asked if there would be anyway to prorate my stay as I needed to return home early? I was told BY HIM that since I stayed after 2pm there was nothing he could do to help me. Well, although upset, I accepted it even knowing, that as manager, he could have made some effort to at the very least PRETEND like he wanted to help or sympathize with my situation even slightly. NO that was not the case, so I left to attend to my emergency. I returned to the hotel again this past Sunday Feb. 10, 2013 and (had a reservation) I told them upon making my reservation that I would need to check in no later than 6 am. I was told this would not be a problem. So when I arrived yesterday and checked in to my room I assumed that it would be like any other stay...WRONG!! My visit went fine until AGAIN at check out this wretched little man came out while I was asking the desk clerk why I was being charged $113.00 for a room that was supposed to cost me only about $58.00? she then informs me that I checked in on Saturday. I replied NO I checked in at around 6 am yesterday. This wretched little man then butts into the conversation to add that their check in isn't until 3 pm. I said that the lady who check me in said nothing about that and in fact said nothing about charging my debit card for 2 nights rather than 1. Shouldn't I be informed if I am being charged extra?? to which he said, "She was a retired employee of the hotel and was only helping them out and that she was probably tired after working the night shift!" I told him that I've worked the night shift and I'm sure she was tired but that should not have any effect on me being charged double. well he looked at my print out receipt and said you are already getting a reduced rate (because when I had to leave early the previous time they told me my next stay would be at a cheaper rate)and that wasn't their normal rate. I told him that even that should not be cause to charge me double, that I had stayed in his hotel EVERY time I had been in Columbus and even had another reservation for this weekend there too. After a time of this back and forth he finally had the clerk reduced the charge off my card (which I did not have funds on there to pay for anyway_). Needless to say I told the girl before I left that she could just cancel my reservation for this weekend and to have a nice day. I apologized to her for getting upset as I knew it was not her fault and had nothing to do with her. Then I left. It really upsets me that people can be treated that way and that no one has to answer to ANYONE for it! I am disgusted that I now have to find another hotel when I am in Columbus when that one was A) close to where I needed it to be B) reasonably priced C) basically clean. Even though each room I have stayed in (2) has had some sort of faulty wiring where sparks come out of the wires and I have to unplug the device that is plugged in for fear that the room is gonna catch on fire. If you change the plug on a lamp shouldn't you either make sure the wires are taped together properly so they don't touch or at least take the bulb out of it so the consumer will find no use for it? I think you should have it fixed or replaced but that's just me, I'm silly like that. All I wanted from this wretched little man was a little common courtesy or maybe the tiniest bit of politeness. What I got was a HORRIBLE, RUDE, UNSYMPATHETIC, JERK! If I knew what to do, or who he answered to I would surely do my best to get him reprimanded ( which is something I never do because I don't try to jeopardize anyone's employment with the job market the way it is). So that's why I am posting this complaint. I wanted to continue my relationship with this business since it is so convenient to my purposes but how can I if I know I will be treated horribly each and every time I am there? If anyone has a suggestion please feel free to share because I am at a complete loss.

Brooks, Ga 2/11/13 9:00PM

We stay at the Days Inn in Yuba city, CA. We were very disappointed with the room. It need to be painted, the toweles were stain. The light in the bathroom did not work. The smoking room smelled and they did not spray the room. We could not get a receipt. I have talk to the locals and they said they use the inn for the homeless. And it looks like it.And if that is true they also need a clean room. I did not feel safe there at all.
Also the shower floor was also stain. Pls have someone check this Days inn. It really need HELP. UNHAPPY

unhappy 2/11/13 11:58AM

I am a college student from central California who is staying at a Modesto Days Inn from Friday, feb 8 to Sunday feb 10. We debated today until 8:30 pm. We checked into our rooms and went straight to dinner across the street. At 10pm we walked back into our room. About 10 minutes after we did I received a call from the manager. He was incredibly rude to me. Never in my life have I experienced such disrespectful behavior. He went on for about 10 minutes, without even allowing me to talk, about how someone complained about people walking too loud up stairs and shutting doors too hard and he never had these problems before my group arrived. He then stated we were causing him to lose customers and a complaint was filed with the corporate office and that it is all our fault and we need to stop causing trouble. He continued his rude rant without me saying a word. He then had the audacity to accuse my teammates of smoking marijuana earlier. We were all debating at the college and had just gotten into our rooms. He said a customer smelled marijuana so it must have been us. I then interjected and told him he was definitely mistaken about the drugs. This is the worst hotel experience I have ever had and I am an avid traveler. He then continued, in a rude tone, to say he was going to call every room we had and tell them the same things he told me. I told him I would talk to the team and ask everyone to be considerate of others but the pot was not us and I do not appreciate those kinds of false accusations. One of the people in the room next to us is smoking cigarettes right outside our room when there are designated smoking areas and yet we are being ostracized for absolutely no reason. I am absolutely unsatisfied with my stay so far and I would hope this is a one time occurrence but at this point I can say for certain that after this stay we will not stay at another Days Inn. We are all academic scholars representing ort university and are giving up our weekends to debate policy topics rather than go out and have fun. This manager's accusations were absolutely appalling and I hope he is reprimanded for it so that no other valuable customers are put through this awful experience.

Concerned_Customer 2/9/13 12:05AM

On January 14th my mother and myself, checked into one of the Days I. Hotels in NJ, and on Tuesday the 15th, when my mother was coming out of the bathtub, after taking a shower, she fell badly on the floor. I had to call the Paramedics to help me with her. My mother is almost 80 years old. They had to rush her to the Somerset Medical Center, where she had to stay there overnight due to that her left shoulder dislocated and also broke. Now, she has to go for Therapy every week and it is causing us a lot of money, that the Insurance is not covering. Is there any way, I can get some financial help from the Days Inn? I have to admit, I slipped a little bit on the bathtub as well and considered it not too safe. I am not going to ask for a LARGE SUM OF MONEY but the thing is that I am unemployed and my mother is a widow living on her SS. Please can someone reply to me?

Ileana 1/30/13 3:11PM

I recently went to the Days Inn in Batavia NY on Jan.12,2013, for a friends wedding there. So when I went in to see if they had any rooms available I had to wait 10 minutes for someone to come to the front desk and when she did (Dee) she never said anything about me having to wait so long, when I said something about waiting so long all she said was I was busy and then rolled her eyes at me. So I asked if there was any rooms she said yes and asked price and was stated a price and I tried to explain that I was with the wedding and that we were told another price and she said she knew nothing about that price.. So after the way we were treated we decided to go to another hotel to stay as it wasn't worth our time to be treated that way by Dee..So when we came back for the wedding Dee was still miserable. So I really think that Dee needs to be trained on how to treat guest...We travel alot to the Batavia area and will never stay at the Days Inn again because of this employee..But on the brighter side I want to say that the bartender Grace was GREAT.. maybe you should have her teach Dee customer service....

Anonymous 1/14/13 8:55AM

I called the Days Inn Conover Hickory to verify receipt of fax for a credit card authorization letter send to direct bill our corporation for the traveler's room and tax. Before I could completely address who I was and why I was calling the gentleman said called back later and hung up on me. I tried calling back but got voicemail. When I did get someone to answer, the same person answered and I proceed to explain why I was calling. It turned out that I was speaking to the general manager, Rick. He never apologized for the hang up and was very rude. I tried to explain to him that this was a direct bill. He was very unprofessional and we cancelled the reservation and booked our traveler at another property that appreciated our business.

Anonymous 1/11/13 10:28AM

I was trying to book rooms for a few of our employees (as we do ALOT) and came across the nastiest employee at the Days Inn Airport Phoenix. Her name is Marisa and she was so rude and unhelpful!! I asked her to confirm her fax# which she said she could not...I asked for the hotel's e-mail address and she refused to give it to me. When I asked for a manager she said he comes in after 2pm and told me I should call him to complain so maybe she could get fired. When I asked for another employee to speak with she stated she was the only employee available! She hung up on me twice which prompted me to locate the corporate office and file a complaint. It is unbelievable, unprofessional and unacceptable that an employee would treat a customer/guest in such a way. Needless to say my company will NEVER send our employees back to another Days Inn ever again and it is all thanks to the disgusting treatment received by Marisa in Phoenix. They have just lost tons of business!

Disgusted guest 1/11/13 9:59AM

My husband and I stayed in Effingham, IL. When we entered the room the drapes were closed. I could not understand why I was having some troule breathing. We soon found out. When we got up the next morning we went to breakfast in the dining room and there was no english muffins, bagels or bread. The girl brought in a tray and only one slice of bread. We only had a couple of small muffins. We went back to our room and opened the drapes and we found wallpaper peeling away from the window and a lot of mold. Now I know why I was having trouble breathing. I call the manager (John) and told him and also about the problem. Heonly asked me what he wanted me to do. I will never stay at another Days Inn again. I can not afford to have my breathing problem act up again.

Aggravated 1/7/13 6:05PM

My Mother stays at the days inn in easley sc and most of their employees are very unhelpful and rude. The man who works 3rd shift is always very very rude and half of the time doesn't bother answering the phone or sending it to the automated line so you can get in touch with your party. I called repetively for over an hour and once I finally got through he was hateful and asked me what I was doing calling that room whenever I asked for his name and managers number he hung up the phone. His attitude is bad for business and will cause the loss of customers if he continues with his hatefulness!!!

Anonymous92 1/6/13 6:14PM

My family and I stayed at the Days Inn in Lawton, OK.
The toilet was not secured to the floor, so it rocked whenever you sat down. There was no fan in the bathroom either, so after a shower, our entire room fogged up.
Also, the 'lock' on the door had
been secured so poorly, I could pull the latch off the door with my hands.
After our stay, the clerk asked how our stay had been. I told her about these things. She stared at me blankly, then asked, 'Other than that, how was your stay?'

slcookson 12/30/12 7:36PM

My husband and his employees stayed at the Days Inn on 6910 27th St in Moline,IL. The hotel was very dirty and had no hot water. The staff was very rude.My husband and employees left the next morning. When I called to talk to a manager I was informed that he was not in and would be in after 11:00 A.M. I explained to the lady that I wanted her to send a release form to my bank because we had a pre autherization for around 800.00 and since my husband and employees only stayed the night that I would like my money released and she could charge me for the night they stayed. She was very uneducated. When I told her that I would call back to confirm with the manager to make sure evrything got taken care of, her response to me was " Oh, this aint gonna get done taday.It aint gonna get taken care of til after midnight. How I spelled everything is how she pronounced her words. She said trust me its gonna get done. I told her I still wanted to talk to a manager so I would call back. I asked for her name and she hung up. I have called for 3 days and everytime I call the manager (AJ) is never in. I have left my name and number and have not heard back. My money is still not released.

Anonymous 12/30/12 3:30PM

My son has extreamly bad back problems and only comes to days inn to use thier "HOT TUB".The first thing he ask was the price of room,Then he ask "IS THE HOT TUB WORKING GOOD TONIGHT" The Desk Clerk said "OH YES,ITS WORKING GREAT"so we went to our room #151 hung out an hour or so then went to the POOL and HOT TUB area.UNBELIEVLY the HOT TUB had CAUTION TAPE around it!So the desk clerk "LIED" about the hot tub.They was extreamly rude andall I know is my brother in KENTUCKY is General Manager over 2 Comfort Inn Suites and when I informed him of the misconduct at your DAYS INN he could not believe the way thier staff conducted themselfs and he said there should of been at least 1_2 FREE days for the LIE that was told by your staff whom repesents your company.I am hoping as a buisness man in the same business your company will beyond accomidate the ones whom rented room #151 in more ways than downsizing them to a room with 1 bed not 2 beds,Maybe this will be COMFORT INN's NEXT TOPIC ON HOW THE GUEST ARE TREATED AT DAY's INN's,INFACT within 2 days it will be the #1 ISSUE.So a few extra days free of charge probably would be in the best intrest of your company and your GUEST.REF.

ousleydebra/(734)961_5947 12/9/12 9:17PM

Days Inn - 19373 Preston Road, North Dallas, TX stay was Nov. 22 thru 25. Stay was absolutely horrible. Words cannot describe this hotel. I will be writing a letter along with this email. Paid $62 for the first night and $46 for the other, only worth about $10.00 a night if that. Very disappointed in the days inn hotel. first night stay they put us in a handicap room, there was stop stopper in the sink in the bathroom nor was there one in the tub. TV outdated and some channels didn't even play. The next day they moved us to the Third floor. Needless to say that the elevator didn't work and did not work out entire trip. Got in that room, same TV problems, carpet was unbelievable in both rooms, no stopper that work in the sink in that room, from the side of the air condition unit when daylight came you could see the outside shinning through and most of all the bed was like a brink, old & hard which was suppose to had been a queen and it was a full.
Not sure what be something need to be done!!!!!

Yvette 11/28/12 3:06PM

On Nov. 19-20 we reserved a room at the Days Inn in Durate Ca. We arrived very late after traveling for several hours. Checked into room. There was hairs on sink area along with the ice tub tray. Went to take a shower and the tub was filthy. Had old slip rubs brown. At this point we went to bed had to be at hospital for a family Surgrey at 6 am no time to complain. Surgrey was 20 hours long we came back to room to crash, agin no time to complain it is midnight. Also took pics of tub and ours and all others linens were siting on the sidewalk! Not on a cart. We did complain at check out. They did nothing. I contacted Corp office after 8 days they told be the offer of $30.95 refund was all we would get back for a two night stay. Because we could of requested another room. Normally that is what we would of done. Their website show newly remodeled in 2010.... Room still has pink tile in shower, what does that tell ya. No Corprate or local management will do anything else but I will not recommend Days Inns ever.

Susie 11/27/12 5:37PM

On Saturday November 17, 2012 we stopped in Oklahoma City, Ok for the night at the Days Inn off I-44 . We were issused a room but when we enter the room there was a leak on the sink and floor under the sink had a big puddle of water. I called the desk and she gave us another room which was infested with roaches. Needless to say we asked for our money back and had to proceed all the way to Lawton, Ok for a room. This particular Days Inn needs to be cleaned up, your receptionist also was not very neat in appearance.

Anonymous 11/27/12 3:36PM

We stayed at Days Inn in Columbia, TN on Nashville Hwy. Everytime we come here the maintenance in these rooms are never done. We have stayed here several times in the past and it won't happen again. This room (118) this time has the security knob for the security lock coming off the door. The switch in a couple of the light fixtures do not work. The toilet rocks on the floor. They did do a wall repair in the bathroom but never painted the spots. They tub drips water and the tub drain does not work. A phone jack is also hanging by the wire coming out of the wall. Plus my wife went to get extra towels and the housekeepers could not understand english and she said the laundry room was a filthy mess. And there is trash along the edge of the motel's property. The continental breakfast will make you go somewhere else for breakfast also. Never again will we come here.

redrabbit 11/23/12 9:30AM

I stayed at the Day's Inn on Connecticut Avenue in Washington, DC on October 31st and it was the worse experience. The Day's Inn internet site states free parking and they made me pay $20.00 for the night, and also free WiFi and the Internet access was down. I had a meeting the next morning and needed to prepare a PowerPoint and had no access. They also put me in a room that was near the elevator, so I did not sleep all night because of the noise from the elevator and from the room next door slamming their door constantly. The customer rep at the front desk never looked me in the eye and was very rude when I asked her a question, and then when I checked out the next morning, she would not wait on me because she said she was entering information into the computer. I had to wait until the other person was not busy. I never will stay there again.

lhawkinsjones 11/1/12 12:23PM

Stillwater, OK Days Inn facility terrible. Dirty, towel rack hanging off wall, mattress so old and broken down could feel box springs, cockroach floating in the toilet, bug crawling u the wall. Very nervy to charge people $111.00 for the privilage of this misery.

Anonymous 10/29/12 1:08PM

I went to check in at days inn norman ok, they are saying i stoll before everything aat a previous stay, i want to file a complaint or do something because i never stoll from that crappy room!

nikki a 10/27/12 6:07AM

We stayed at the Days Inn Gatlinburg on the River. Horrible experience. Its located on the edge of town in a bad location. To, when we tried to use the micro & tv it blew a fuse & left us in the dark. We were without electricty for a about 5 min. The next day I had to get someone out of bed at 5:00 in the morning because I tried to use the micro & tv and they went off this time. I learned real quick not to run the micro & tv together. Next we couldn't regulate the hot water in the shower. The water was was too hot and we couldn't cool it off. Then we had to leave early, my fault for not complaining to front desk, now they want refund our stay for one night. I was being nice not to say anything at the desk because guest were sitting there having breakfast. I didn't want to create a scene in front of them. I used for reservations for the first time and this was a mistake. This is the worst hotel we've
been in and we will never stay at a Days Inn again.

Dissatisfied 10/25/12 6:27AM

I just posted a comment regarding Day's Inn at Blue Ridge, Ga. I am not anonymous, I am Caroline Adams and look forward to hearing from Days Inn Corporate offices. (Big chuckle, as in HA HA!)

What does it mean in the heading statement on this page when you state that the "comments throughout are moderated only by other users"?? Does this mean we are only complaining to each other or does corporate read this???

Caroline Adams 10/24/12 7:28AM

My husband and I made reservations online at the Day's Inn in Blue Ridge, Ga. after finding no other vacancies at any other facility in or near there a month in advance. We had stayed at other Day's Inn motels before without any problems. Our room was unbelievable, horrible. It smelled of some chemical that brought to mind fuel exhaust which scared us. The bathroom was not clean, mold in the shower, a plastic coffee container was jammed under the leaking toilet tank, insufficient towels, one of which was almost black with stains, apparent feces on the wall near the light switch and loud noise from the exhaust fan. The coffee-maker had coffee remains in the decanter, no drinking cups for water. The fridge was barely working in the freezer area and had water standing in the bottom. No remote for the tv which we made a trip to the office for, holes in the walls (some looked like stab marks and some were where mirror or pictures had been yanked off and no attempt at repairing. The floor was dirty and we were afraid to put our luggage down on it or to walk barefoot on it. The sheets had yellow stains, but appeared to have been washed. The blanket had holes and pillows were inadequate. No microwave, no iron, no hairdryer, no smoke detector (it had been yanked from the ceiling and bare wires were hanging there. One chair had a burned hole in the seat and of course, none of the furnishings matched. The lamp shades were tilted at odd angles and had been broken long ago and dirty. This was a bad beginning to a much anticipated pleasure trip to see the Fall leaves. We knew that there were no other rooms anywhere, so in lieu of sleeping in our truck, we toughed it out. We did not even have the "luxury" of a shower before bed since we were afraid of what else may be lurking on the floor of the tub unseen. Out of curiosity, I went to the lobby, which was a mere passage-way to employees' area, to see what was offerred for breakfast which was supposed to be included in cost of room. I found boxed cereal, some store brand, 3 very overipe bananas, and small powdered donuts. I had already decided to eat elsewhere after the horrible room. As a point of interest to me and maybe me only, but every time we encounter a hotel or motel managed by people of middle Eastern decent, we find such conditions. There seems to be no apparent regard for cleanliness or service or repair. We made it to morning there and immediately canceled our reservation for the second night, figuring we would have to drive many miles for another accommodation. This horrible experience cost us more than $87.00 for one night!!! The manager was not surprised when we checked out, and we waited for a receipt to avoid being charged for the second night! I am contacting the Better Business Bureau, the Chamber of Commerce and the Visitor's Bureau and Days Inn Corporate Office which, according to the other comments I see here, will lead to nothing from Day's Inn.

Anonymous 10/24/12 7:16AM

Checked in at days inn renfro valley kentucky went to the room. I always check for bedbugs. I found evidence of bedbugs eggs in the cracks of the pillow top. Didnt look any further scared of what i woupd find. Went straight back down explained I wanted a refund and he said he can't give refunds. This was out anniversary. After 45 mins arguing I got a card called Nate the manager who said he didnt want my type staying there any ways. i guess he ment some who cares where they lay thir head. I most certainly do. He said it would be cancelled and my card tonight was changed 100.27 I think was exact amount I got a statement I had clerk write and recording I want my $ back oh and I may have recorded the conversation after nearly an hour of arguing to get a refund. I would never stay there.

Connie 10/19/12 10:21PM

It would be funny to read the comments about the conditions at the Day`s inn but what happens after most of us complain on a website, Thats right nothing. I would suggest " when staying at a Day`s inn or any other hotel chain you found to be unhealthy ,dirty or substadard is first complaint to the hotel corp offices at there 800 number. then take pictures, don`t stop their call the local newspaper or the local health dept usalley can find this information in the hotels phone book.usalley if its a working day these 2 will be better. Make sure you inform the the hotels main office your presently staying at the hotel your complaining about.If anyone else has a suggestion please post it

tonyfr fl 10/19/12 6:41AM

First let me say, My husband & I have stayed at Days Inn Hotels many times & have never had a complaint. This last wknd I booked a rm for myself to stay in town to shop.It was the one on Argonne in Spokane. I went into the rm and was horrified and scared. The carpet was so filthy it was black. The security lock on the door was gone because someone kicked in the door. The window latch was broken, so they used a bar. The bedspreads were terribly soiled with spots and so was the chair. Where do I sit. The remote on TV didn't work and the button on the TV was pushed into the unit & made you afraid you would get a shock if you tried to turn it on. I grabbed my stuff & left. I think this is a place for prostitutions & drugs. Does anyone hold Hotels using your Logo to a higher standered than this. I can't trust your website any longer. I will no longer book at your website. I will have to see the Hotel first. One more thing. When I went to the desk to tell them I just could not stay in a place like this, they were not surprised.

Christy 10/15/12 11:59AM

I recently stayed at the Days Inn on International in Orlando. Upon checkin I was charged a convenience fee before I could have my room key. I asked why there was a fee beyond what I had already booked and the girl looked at me with a smug look and said because you are staying on International. Who is this convenient for? After having to wander the complex to locate our room we were shocked at the terrible condition. There is a boot print on the ceiling, a piece of carpet burnt away by an iron, the shower faucet is falling off the wall, there is a hole in the wall fill with tp, they tiled to cover the walls falling apart. Finally the toilet seat is falling off, the bathroom wall will cave in if you touch it and then roaches started to take over the place.

humnevojunky 10/7/12 4:44PM

we stayed at days inn on lee hwy in tenn. the room was full of roaches.we reported it they handed me a can of spray for bugs at 2 am. then next day the manager was not there i asked for my money back the clerk said i would have to call when he was there .so we came home and called he said he would send us a 25.00 check which was only half the bill,then i put the check in my bank and it was a nfs check. now hes costing us more do they get by with this.we would of left that night but we were on a motorcycle and we are older dont like to travel at night.the big harley davision dealer across the street had a big music fest. there other bike riders had problems also.

[email protected] 10/4/12 6:18AM

I stayed in Days Inn in Tell City, Indiana. My coffee maker had been sprayed with Febreeze, which I did not know until I had taken a big drink of it. The lady at the desk said they were going to try to use bleach to remove it. The room was a mess, not supplied with towels and toilet paper. My boyfriend and I visit this particular hotel often because we are working on a house in Tell City. We think we are deserving of a few free nights due to the cleaner in the coffee pot! Can't get a manger to contact me back!! They admitted that the cleaning lady said she NEVER cleans coffee pots and they were the ones that told me it was Febreeze in the coffee maker! Bad way to do business. If my concerns were satisfied we'd be willing to give them another chance, but not at this rate. Nooone will contact me back!!!!!!!!

Tlowery 9/26/12 1:23PM

I stayed at the Days Inn West Knoxville. I almost got electrocuted by 2 loose wall plugs, the owners shut down the hot water boiler so after working all night the shower went from hot to cold and back in 30 seconds.
Main floor felt like it had water damage under the rug, bathroom fan and light flicked on and off. I was charged 49.95 + fees etc and came too $57.07. If I had wanted to stay in a "Dive" I would have. Days in owes me $17.50 to make up the difference. IF YOU ARE IN KNOXVILLE TN DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT STAY THERE.

Don McKelvey 9/18/12 11:28AM

I just got back from a weekend in Cleveland, Ohio.. I stayed in Independence at the Days Inn.. It was the most disgusting hotel I had every been too... We got to our room and found the iron was missing.. NO TOWELS in room and no door hanger .. plus no mattress cover on the bed.. thats just gross... smelled The carpet and the chairs in the room were stained.. we couldnt leave are stuff in the room... it was so smelly in their.. We asked the front desk for towels and they gave us one washcloth... REALLLY!!!! I suggest they go into a room that wasnt occupied and get me a set of towels.TOOK them 5 rooms to located 1 full towel and 1 hand towel and 1 washcloth... please.... they wont give are money back or switch rooms...I paid cash... it was in their drawer!!! I will NEVER STAY AT DAYS INN AGAIN! MARRIOTT HERE I COME!! When we went down just to see what breakfast was there was no MILk for the cereal or silverware... plates... Please send a corporate person to this Days INN as undercover to hold them accountable...

QTPIE 9/18/12 7:50AM

Hi i travel all over usa for business with my small moving company and the location in 6510 Ringgold Road, Chattanooga, TN 37412 is the most disgusting place i ever been in my life this place should be closed down by the healt deparment,i was cover in bed bugs bites all over my body in the morning,let me repeat BED BUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, INCREDIBLE i will file a formal complain at soon as i finish my run, please do SOMETHING, MY NAME IS HARRY MONGE

MONGEHARRY 9/10/12 9:17PM

My husband and I traveled from where we live in Tennessee, up to Huntington, West Virginia for a funeral. We arrived on 9/2/12 at approx 3:20 pm at the Days Inn located at 5196 U S Route 60, Huntington, West Virginia. We were to be at the funeral home for family visitation by 4:00 pm. Our plan was get our room, drop off our luggage, do a quick change of clothes and head the short distance to the funeral home. We got our room, unloaded all our luggage and I then pulled down the covers on the bed to check for cleanliness before we started to change clothes. There were 2 stains approx 4 inches in diameter on the upper left side of the bottom sheet. I went over to the other side of the bed and one almost identical stain was there. I called the office and asked if they could send someone over to change the sheets while we were gone. Brenda who answered the call, said it would be easier for us to come back to the office and be switched to another room. (The crew was in full site of our room, still changing linens in other rooms. So it's not as if no one was around to be able to do it.) It was still pouring the rain as we loaded the luggage back into our vehicle and drove back over to the office. We were then given 2 more cards for the second room. We drove over to the second room still in the rain. We went inside and I pulled down the covers. The bedspread had about an 18 inch diameter yellow stain which appeared to be urine. It didnt appear to have even been washed after the urine mark was made. There was also a dime size spot of blood on the bedspread. We went back to the office. I went in and asked for my money back. I was told I couldnt get the money back because they put a hold on your account when you rent a room. She would not take the hold off the account. I explained to her again that I was in such a hurry and was here for a funeral and needed to be at the funeral home in less than a half hour. I told her we would probably need a room for a second night also, and if we did, with all the inconvience we had been through, could we get a discount on the room for the second night? She said she would have to ask her supervisor when she called in. I agreed to a third room. Brenda gave me what I thought was the usual 2 cards, like she had the other 2 times. She told me to go and check the room. Brenda had been showing no empathy at all. She had not once during any of these times of running back and forth with the rooms, ever apologized for the inconvience or problems. She didnt even have an apologitic tone in her voice. She was even cutting off my last words in some of my sentences. As I took what I thought were 2 cards and walked to exit, I noticed there was only one card. I turned around and asked her, thinking she had mistakenly only given me one. She said she knew she had only given me one. She told me I would have to go check the new room and if it was satisfactory, then I would need to come back and get the 2nd card. This would have been the 3rd room and 4th trip to the office. I had just told her what a rush we were in. Here she is making me come back a 4th time to get a second card. We were grieving the loss of a loved one. And she was aware of that. The linens should have been clean and presentable and we should not have been treated rudely by Brenda behind the desk. We didnt stay there. We got a room at a neighboring hotel instead.

Teresa 9/7/12 10:05AM

My family and I took a spur of the moment trip to the mountains and stay at the Days Inn. What a nightmare! I will never stay at another one and I am telling everyone about our experience.We checked in at 11:03 pm: if I could have gotten a refund I would not have stayed.Thier refund policy needs to be changed; I did not get what I payed for. The 1st room we were in (both were queen size doubles)had no phone, clock,refrigerator, microwave, coffee pot or smoke detecters. The bathroom floor looked as though someone had cut thier hair in there. The a/c was not working properly and there was dog poop under the a/c. By the way they wanted to charge me $25 for a dog that I did not have!! Went to complain and ask for another room. I asked if they had a room with the micro, fridge, etc. and they looked at me like I was crazy, told me no. Went to the 2nd room...the applinces. Along with blood stained sheets, dirty toilet, stab, yes I said stab, marks in the wall, a busted door frame and lock;no towels, nasty, nasty chairs, a broken table, curtains pulled down. Roaches were in both rooms. After I drank coffee the next morning I found roach sacks in the coffee pot....sickening!!!! How can you rent such filthy and unsanitary rooms like that and then when someone complains and wants a refund you refuse. You ought to be ashamed of yourselfs for treating people like that and STEALING their money. You should be shut down!!!!

Deborah Compton Parkerson 9/5/12 5:01AM

Hello Mr. Guinn
I am writing you presently from one of your many Days Inn, this one is located at 10137 North Freeway, Houston TX. I must say that this is the worst one that I have visited in all the Days Innâ??s since 1979. I came to Texas to attend a family funeral and during my 19 hour drive I decided it best to obtain some lodging so I called which presented me several options on short notice, needless to say when the representative mentioned Days Inn I said yes I have stayed there many times before and it has always been pleasant. So I began making the reservation I explained that I will be arriving approximately 5:00am Sunday morning, he had advised me that he should be able to request an early check-in seeing that I was traveling with my family during such times and confirmed that it had all been arranged , giving me my total.
Well when I arrived the clerk would not check me in unless I paid an additional $25.00 early check in as I tried to explain that this had been arranged during this unforeseen travel over the phone, he explained this was company policy. He went on to say if I wait until 7:01am it would be $15.00, I was too exhausted to dispute this so of course I paid. When I go to the room it was so musty that I had to call the front desk to have them send a spray bottle of Febreze. The Clerk did offer to change my room but the thought of moving our entire luggage and getting hit with another hidden cost was not appealing at all.
I must say the entire 2nd floor hallway had a misty odor so moving would not improve the smell. After this stay and the way I felt nickel and dime, I may have to consider looking elsewhere in the future. I am sure bringing this to your attention may prevent other customers feeling the same way.

Anonymous 9/2/12 6:50PM

Due to a death in the family my husband booked my trip from Ca. to Minnesota through Hot Wire, which booked my daughter and myself at the Days Inn in Maplewood Minnesota. The first room we had 2 queen beds. There was a hole in the drapes and the bath tub did not drain. Maintance poured drano in drain, to no avail. Complained to manager and he came and poured drano into drain. The second application of drano made the problem worse, and we showered in ankle deep water. We asked to be moved to another room, which only had 2 double beds. My other daughter flew in for the funeral and they rolled in a rollaway bed. One end of rollaway had no support and mattress sagging and smelled of urine. The window, which faced the parking lot, had no screen, nor did it lock. We moved to a Holiday Express the next day which was wonderful. Days Inn would not refund the 2 nights left that had been paid for through Hot Wire. I have contacted Hot Wire and they say it is up to management of Days Inn. I will NEVER stay at a Days Inn, and will tell everyone I can to avoid them and booking through Hot Wire. Do not stay at Days Inn.....

Unhappy 8/27/12 4:13PM

We have stayed, successfully, at Days Inn throughout the southeast, until last night. We stopped at Picayune, Ms. assuming we would get the same basic, clean service we have had in the past. Boy were we ever wrong! Our plans were to stay in the Jacuzzi room. We walked in, and turned around to leave. IT STUNK so bad with mildew or mold or something, that I almost got sick. We complained, asking for another room. We were given a key that didn't work. Went back to get it re-programmed. Entered the room and the stale cigarette stench had us running [We had requested a non smoking room]. The night manager then told us that the Holiday in charged *** , as if that would cause us to stay at his motel. We left, drove about 15 miles down the road, found a far better place to stay for $20 less! Honestly, we didn't go beyond the smell so I have no idea how clean the room actually was, just couldn't get past the stink.

lilkitty 8/23/12 6:53AM

My husband and I stayed at a Days Inn at Ann Arbor Michigan on Carpenter road and this location should be shut down. Unacceptable condition, unsafe stairways, dirty dirty dirty. We were in the area for a NASCAR race and everything else was booked. As a marketer myself I would be ashamed of this location having the Days Inn name if I worked for this company. I WILL NEVER STAY AT ANOTHER DAYS INN AGAIN. Someone should really visit these locations that get poor reviews and do something.

Discusting 8/21/12 4:22AM

I recently stay at a days inn in smyrna GA, and every room I checked in had holes in the blankets, they moved me but the other room I moved in had mold on the walls. The breakfast room had gnats in the containers with the muffins. I was very unsatisfied with my stay.

private 8/19/12 2:54PM

We are currently staying at the days inn located 224 east white horse pile in Galloway, nj this place is deplorable, I will not only rail about this location, but all days inn. As a minister I will encourage all the congregation, members of the American postal workers union, Facebook friends, and anyone I possibly can that this is not a well run establishment. You should have a standard that is set at the corporate level that all under your banner should strive to exceed! Rev. Bobby Smith

Bobby smith 8/6/12 10:35AM

I stayed at the shaddiest days inn in Attleboro MA. The room door was wide open when I got there. The hallways smelled like urine and wet dog. The sheets had a blood stain on it. There were not enough towels. Some of the lamps didn't work. Frige was not cold. Tub didn't drain. The list goes on. My biggest complaint is that Lois the receptionist charged my credit card account the night before I checked in to someone that had my account information. The person sighed in with a males name. The I'd presented was a females name and both names were different from mine as well as the address phone number and my Id. This happend on Friday I checked in on Saturday. I was by told of the "mix up" until Sunday when I asked y I was charged twice for two different prices. I was told I could not be refunded my money for a couple of days until the "computer people" checked it. When I told her I was goin to the POLICE the money was refunded within 30 minutes. I will be pressing charges on days inn, Lois, and the people who used my information. Maybe now I will get an answer back or a phone call.

Lesley Ribeiro 8/6/12 1:37AM

We recently stayed at your Days Inn at West Memphis,Arkansas. The room was very dirty and the sheets had not been changed from the people before us. As bad as this was we forgot a few items such as clothes and when we got home and realized this,when my wife called more than once she got nothing but attitude and rudeness with no help at all. Please contact your employee Luwanda and straighten her out. Thanks.

Anonymous 7/24/12 6:58PM


ROSE BAKER 7/23/12 4:10PM

when traveling we always get coupon books,american traveling service, atsi, last week we were in K.C. Mo. and have used the coupon for the Days Inn at 7100 NE Parvin Rd. three times in the past.. $39.95 sun-thursday. We arived on Monday, only to be told by desk clerk her manager told her not to take these coupons. Room would be #69.95. This is false advertising!!!!!! You also need to read all the negetive comments on your web site. Unlike all the other people in these comments I expect to have an answer as to why you tolerate this kind on business practice. We had a lovely stay our other three visits and cannot fiqure out what is happening
at this and your other motels.

Delana 7/22/12 8:30AM

Yes I checked to the Days Inn off Highway I-95 in Savannah, GA and my experience was not great. I have three different rooms. The first room, someone had not checked out of the room (it was 2:45 pm). Then the second room the tub do not drain at all and the air condition was not working properly. By this time I called the service desk, I was told someone would be there in a few minutes. Thirty minutes passed no one showed up. I had to do back to the service desk and I was given another room. This room was much better but the vent in the bathroom is full of spider webs. This is the first time I had problems, with Days Inn I was just surprise the desk representative was not more professional than the other desk representative at the same hotel. This could be bad business for Days Inn.

Anonymous 7/21/12 1:38PM

We travel all over the country..This is the most disgusting Hotel we gave ever walked into..Days Inn Airport..Columbia,SC....nasty musty smell shower curtain had mold on it..No tissue paper,, Floor by jacuzzi hadn't been mopped..AFRAID TO GET ONTO TUB..We work close to the State Mkt...not spending tying here again

TRAVELING 7/20/12 10:22PM

Me,my husband and our 3 kids stayed at a Days Inn at myrtle Beach SC and the 1st one we stayed at was VERY VERY NASTY and the staff there was very rude! the bathtub had black mold all in it and when the manager took us to see another room on the 5th floor which was the smoking floor (which we DID NOT want having 3 kids) and as soon as we stepped off the elevator the manager stated I dont know what room that smell is coming from and have no way of finding out before i even said anything! It WAS NOT cigerette smoke at all! It was POT!! The manager took me to the other room to show it to me even tho I knew for 100% fact that WE WOULD NOT BE STAYING in that hotel and that room was the WORST! It had urine and feces all over the toliet,floor and wall behind the toliet and the bathtub was even worse than the 1st one it had black mold all over it,all at the bottom of the tub all up the tile of the shower all the way up to the ceiling! Also priceline even told us that they had free breakfast,fridge and microwave in all rooms...but NOPE they didnt! So after we made the complaints around 9am the owner was at our room door with a cart for us to get our things out and he pretty much was kicking us out! I let him know real quick we was not leaving until we got another room some place else. So from 10am-6pm we worked on getting another room and priceline was no help what so ever! The guy at the front desk was the only one that was nice and the one that helped us get into another hotel on Ocean Blvd at Days Inn which wasnt much better but a tiny bit better than the one on 3650 Waccamaw Boulevard. Me and my family WILL NEVER stay at another Days INN ever again.Bad thing is was this was out 1st family vacation and our 1st ever trip to the beach.Thanks to Priceline and Days Inn they ruined most of our trip since it wasnt a long one and we had to spend more money out for another hotel which like i stated wasnt much better

Anonymous 7/17/12 1:02PM

my wife and i stayed in flagstaff,az. days inn 1000 west rte.66.. it was a great room , one of the cleanest rooms we have ever been in. breakfast was really good.we will stay there again next time we are in flagstaff, az.
the owner should be very proud.
pat and steve horn

Anonymous 7/11/12 11:42AM

My Husband and I rented a room at your Centre Alabama location.
We were very disappointed with the condition of the room. The beds looked like they had been slept in! The bathroom was dirty, even the lamp shades were sideways! We would have left! But we had no other options! My Husband and I were very upset with the condition. If there was a way to post pictures for you I would! Don't usually post negative comments however, feel this one was necessary!

Pam Falcon 7/9/12 5:59AM

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