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Mediacom corporate office headquarters location, phone number, address and feedback

Please find details for the Mediacom corporate office below. We do our best to keep this information current, but if you are aware of any updates to the Mediacom corporate office headquarters information we have, please feel free to submit an update.

Corporate Office Address:
Mediacom Communications Corporation
100 Crystal Run Road
Middletown, NY 10941
United States

Phone: 845-695-2600
Fax: 845-695-2699

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I have called every day this week.customer service is rated poorly. the linemen needs to go back to school. the prices go up every month. now mediacom charges rental tax. why isn't internet free for 65yr or older. I need to go get a gov't box. all I have is local channels and $40.00 just for local and over $70.00. almost $100.00 out of ss.

Anonymous 8/15/14 2:37PM

I'm sick of mediacom I've been having trouble since day one let's see I got service started and within 30 min of having it they came back out and disconnected me I've asked to talk to supervisors twice and they refuse to talk to me wow great customer service so I upgraded to get more channels and my bill is suppose to 147 and some change I get the bill it says I owe 174 now what I find funny about this besides it's 30 dollars over what they told me but I had a total of 50 some dollars credited so how can my bill be 174 when it was only suppose to 147 I want to talk to someone ASAP or I will cancel and go with the other provider here in my town

mediacombs 8/14/14 12:02PM

Please help us. We need our cable, internet, and phone service. My husband has to send medical information through the internet. We need 911 service at home. All three services have been out for a week but they are saying they font know when they will get out here to fix it.

Help needed ASAP 8/6/14 5:25AM

Mediacom does not care about its customers. If we want cable, we have no choice but to choose them. They know they have total control over our entire area so the feel like they can charge outrageous prices without providing the service. I have been without cable for a week now. I'm told I have to wait 3 weeks! I don't have phone, cable, or internet service. I told them I work from home and need the internet. I can't work for from home for 3 weeks. I told them my son does not have a phone and therefore no 911 service in case of an emergency. They don't care. It should be a simple fix, but they won't do anything about it! If we have an emergency with no phone service, there will definitely be a lawsuit! In the meantime, my hands are tied and they sit back laughing at all the money they are making off of defenseless people!

Frustrated 8/5/14 4:59PM

I live in Hutchinson Mn
. I went to pay my bill on 07/18/2014 the balance that was due was 0. I get my bill its over 239.00 dollars. I call to talk to some one about my bill the next thing I know I get the stupid machine I was talking to a rep I talked to another rep back to the machine I went. Then there's a 29.00 one time fee on my account. I am so sick of fighting with Mediacom about my service. For 2 1?2 moths I kept calling about about my service. I had someone our 5 times nothing fixed.Is this the way Mediacom get richer by adding charges to our bills. It hard enough to make it on a low income. Then come home to find a bill for 239.07 in your mail. It hot ok to not pay our bill but its ok to go without our service. Something is wrong here.I have never been so upset about customer service in my life. They tell you to go to your Mediacom office. Do they not understand I work M-F from 8-530 the office is closed. They keep setting the time for someone to come out when Im at work. I found out what that service fee is a tampering fee. They where here to fix the cable line under my house and they state some one hooked up the splitter up wrong. I have a balance of 175.00 due theres is no way I can pay this amount on a low income budget. I called and talked to a lady at Corp. I think she was in a call center to.I want to talk to someone from Corp that can help me and listen to what I have to say about what happen. I talk to the tech. when they come out Ill see you get a credit for the problem no credit. Thank You for your time. If I done hear anything back I will keep calling and emailing till this get solved. Thank You for you time.Unhappy Customer.

karen C 7/24/14 5:20PM

I live Westville, IN and have been a Mediacom customer for over 25 years. My main complaint is the speed is very slow on most days starting around 5:00 pm or is down for many hours. This hasn't always been the case. But since a new subdivision was built in the last several years, service has been poor. Also, in the area where I live, the wires have been buried for over 30 years and need replacing. The high demand of 21st Century internet users is too great for old networks to supply. The needed upgrades would be costly. It is obvious that the Mediacom Corporation is more interested in profits than satisfied customers!

Written comments here won't be read by the CEO, but letters sent to him will. One also needs to write their senator, representative, the FCC and the United States Attorney General suggesting a class action lawsuit be filed against Mediacom on behalf of its customers' complaints listed on this and other websites as well as those sent to the US Government. You might also want to ask why some European counties and Japan offer unlimited high-speed Internet at costs far less than found in America.

Anonymous 7/20/14 11:26PM

I have been calling for 2 months about my internet not working the way it should. I pay for my service and dont have my service. I told the rep. I work till 6 pm. they keep setting up my apt 1-4 dont they understand I work till 6 pm. I am so sick of rude reps that do not listen. I have had your service sense 2007. not for long. I am looking for other service.I can not be asked to take off work to sit for 4 hrs to wait.Is mediacom going to pay my pay to sit and wait. I have taken 12 hours off already to meet I asked to take 4 hours off again to please mediacom. What happen with customer service. I have never talked to such rude people in my life. I am not paying for my service if I dont have my service. I was told that If i dont pay my service it will be disc, It not my falt that the service is not working.I need someone to call me after 6pm to see how this problem can be solved.I have had mediiacom for years. (1986). I go up to the office to make my payment. Its posted late even if its payed on time late fee is added. Imake a payment on the phone they put my payment pending. Its not late. I get a late fee. Is this the way mediacom works. I need someone to call me ASAP. I am very unhappy with the service I get from your rep. My name is Karen Curtiss. I dont know if you train you rep. about customer service. I work at a call center I never speak to my customers the way the reps do from mediacom. I have no one that can set at my house and wait for mediacom. I was told I have to find someone to set at my home to wait. All my friends work and family. Why should I pay the bill when I am having all these problems with my service for over 2 months.I do not want to be emailed about this. I would like to talk to someone from corp.

Karen Curtiss 7/8/14 4:59AM

On June 3rd I placed a call to Mediacom to switch my service from Direct TV. My install date was June 13th, 2014. My install took 5 days with three technicians. The first two had no idea what they were doing.In Fact, when the first Tech came out he did not even stay to be sure we were at least temporarily up and running. So when I called I was set another date for the second tech to come out. Then once again I was left with no TV. At this point the install was completely botched. I was left with NO TV for 5 days. Then I was told that I was going to be given a "Switch to save" reimbursement check for leaving Direct TV. I was to receive paper work in the mail to do this. I made three follow-up phone calls to ask were my paperwork was and that I had not received it as promised. Then to find out that you do not do that but issue a $10 credit monthly after proof of disconnect. This was told to me after I had asked to speak to a supervisor. Now I return from out of town on June 28, 2014 to discover once again I have no TV service. My daughter had been in my home early in the week on Tuesday June 24th and while she was here the TV Service went out. So I called last night for customer service and help and I was treated very rude and the girl was not helpful. Then I asked to speak to her supervisor Din and she said that she would try to get someone out today. Well that did not happen either. I have an appointment set again for Monday between 3:00 and 5:00. At least point the whole experience has left me extremely frustrated and very upset. Had I know that I would have experienced such a horrible install, poor customer service, rude customer service representatives, and not having any TV Service for most of the month; I would have NEVER switched from Direct TV. I can assure you had I not come out of pocket financially with $120.00 that the first Tech took willing and left before I had service and the $260.00 disconnect fee I en cured with Direct TV to come to Mediacom I would go right back to Direct TV. This has been the worst experience I have ever had and this is no way to gain customer loyalty or establish a customer relationship. I have had nothing but broken promises, been mislead, and lied to by the people that you employ. I am NOT a satisfied customer and I do expect a response from someone in your corporate office regarding this matter.

Anonymous 6/29/14 1:20PM

I am furious.Sending this in on behalf of a Gentleman whom rely's solely on his Disability.First of all when he asked for HD Service was never informed of all the Channels NOR the Correct monthly rate.Now he has found a new Package and Mediacom has made it clear he has to Pay $15 MORE to lower his bill. Call in a problem they have you on speaker phone and you can not understand a single word then all of a sudden I could....
Mediacome is number one for us but why why why the MUST of paying more money to lower the Package...
So not right at all

Anonymous 6/28/14 11:53PM

I am currently struggling with mediacom. Our household has been a customer for several years only due to the fact that the area we live in is limited on options for service. We have face many difficulties with the company. It seems the billing is confusing to understand and just continues to keep going up. When calling customer service we often get the run around and have to keep contacting them to get the problem resolved.They often cant answer the questions that we present. For example they couldnt tell me the past due amount on the account because of changes that were made. Another example is internet problems that couldnt be resolved and they wanted to send out a tech. We simply pushed the reset modem and it was corrected. And it had taken us several tries to get the changes done in the first place. We have outages on our cable and internet on a regular basis. Overall we have not been satisified with the company.

Anonymous 6/17/14 2:30PM

why does mediacom cable customers get so much run around. The speed test. net is no where near an accurate test. My computer is fine my modem is fine, my cable under ground is good. So what's up with the constant maintenace on the lines, power outages, very low speeds, only half what I pay for. I really like the customer techs you have at night from India or where ever. My name is Roger, not Royer. They are going to send out a Tech again to check the lines. Duh, do you care at all. Oh yea in six days, from 1 to 5pm and if they don't show up I get credit for 20 dollars, is that what you get paid? for 4 hours?

Roger 6/12/14 8:55PM

this is my third time my email. all has returned. the main office should travel to mobile and clean house at Mediacom. there is never a manager to speak to. this business runs itself. Mediacom was out 11 1/2 hrs on 06/09/2014. appointments are being made without customer knowledge.mediacom needs good supervision,good maintenance and good customer service.

Anonymous 6/10/14 4:45PM

My Mediacom cable has been out since May 30th. First available appointment was June 8th. Mediacom showed up on that day. Cable worked 1 hour and now they said I have to wait until June 23rd for next repair appt. The sad thing is that not 1TV in the house works. They always have the one answer either there is an outage or let me send a signal. I knew it had nothing to do with outage because it was the same problem. Why not have the technician just turn around and chech rather than make me wait another two weeks.

Is this very poor customer service or what! Wonder what would happen if I waited that long to pay my cable bill.

Von 6/8/14 5:39PM

After reading a few comments I wonder what affect a letter to the CEO will help this company and their service. I checked with our city hall and unfortunately Mediacom has a franchise in this area.

Bea 6/5/14 1:56PM

reading the complaints below match my experience as I am moving to a media com area from comcast. the sales department is eager and ready to place an order but they can not follow through on setting up new customers (or helping established ones apparently). There is a franchise agreement in my town that splits the territory between comcast and media com which I will work to have changed to strip media com of territory as it can not provide promised service. I noticed that they closed most of their offices in illinois, online customer service forums are filled with people wanting service but media com not wanting(able?) to provide it. they may be on a business decline and not in for the long term. so disappointing.

cantgetservice 5/29/14 4:07AM

It is unconsionable in the unprofessional, and possible illegal fashion that a 79 year old widow, who was a current customer of MediaCom in Traer Iowa, has been treated.
The next email I will be writing is going to Senator Charles Grassley of Iowa.
Mrs. Shirley Crawford, 711 S Main, Traer, Iowa has been a MediaCom customer for several years. She had a builder start her a new home last October. From the beginning the builder was in contact with MediaCom advising of a need for the service to be moved. The new home was built aproximately 100 yards from her residence of 60+ years on part of the farm ground fronting Hwy 63 in Traer. At no time was there any mention of any dificulty in providing this service, in fact over the last 45 days of construction, frequent calls were made to MediaCom about the dates of completion and the dates of a line needing to be brought to the house. Assurances were given as to the line being moved since the customer, Ms Crawford had a LifeLine in her home serviced by MediaCom. This was critical because Ms Crawford had just a month earlier fallen and broken her hip, requiring a hip replacement and doctors required the LifeLine be kept in place.
Now, approximately 8 months later, MediaCom has informed Ms Crawfod that they will not provide service to her new home because "It would be to expensive"! This was after a month and a half of attempted scheduling, lack of return calls, dates given and no one showing up, out and out rude customer service reps, customer service reps who could not speak english well enough to be understood, and ONE representative making it to the new home and meeting with me, Ms Crawford's brother, and telling me that it would be no problem to get hooked up but he didn't know why dispatch had sent him that day because he couldn't do any work without the drop being done, which he assured me would be a simple matter as he pointed about and said, "There are plenty of locationjs for us to pull from so it won't be a problem, just let them know when we were ready. That was 2 1/2 weeks ago!! Upon my leaving to return home to Oregon on 5/5/14 MediaCom informed us thjat they would be coming to run the drop and connect the service the following day, Tuesday 5/6/14, and connect the service Thursday 5/8/14. I have since heard nothing but horror stories from my sister and the builder, he helping her get things scheduled since she is alone in Traer.
I am a retired Financial Services Executive living here in Portland, Oregon. I can assure you that I will be taking this to the highest levels, including your CEO, to get answers and explanations about what has happened and how a 79 year old widow, with a recently replaced hip, living by herself, could have been treated so unconsionably.
I would advise the elevating of this to your CEO since he is going to get either an email or a Registered letter reiterating the same details as expressed here. The same information will be forwarded to Senator Grassley also.

HerkyHawk44 5/20/14 5:06PM

Your customer service needs improvement I fear without it your business will decline. I urge mediacom to fix this before its too late and other competitors are aware of your issues. I have never had someone in customer speak to me like that.I enjoy mediacom services I would hate to discontinue there service. Get a hold on your company so it can with stand other uprising entities.or face loosing revenue.

Anonymous 5/20/14 3:58AM

I have before now, never written a letter of complaint. Mediacom is,it seems run by idiots. Have had service for less then a month. Today is the first time I think the tech may have solved the problem so my Internet will work everyday finally. What I have such disgust for is the people in the customer service branch. I was lied to,not called,then they would just 'drop my calls'. As soon as their system had my phone number that was it. Hung up on even when I tried the 800 number. That is no way for anyone to run a company.... After posting this I will be phoning the head office. They must know this is a problem,it is fixable. But I have never dealt with such dissatisfaction right after agreeing to use a company. Their CS needs work.

New service 5/12/14 7:39AM

Mediacom Customer Service is as bad as it gets they make promises, do not show up for service calls, do not do required work when when finally arrive. Now they want us to wait 2 weeks to come and fix our internet after having monumental problems in our townhouse community. NEVER AGAIN, I am currently looking for the regulatory agency to file a complaint. Luckily we have sold our house that has mandatory Mediacom, we will never purchase in a community that shoves Mediacom down our throat and will make sure everyone we know is aware and uses another provider. BEWARE

Mediacom Will Not Fix Our Intern 5/9/14 3:31PM

I have been waiting a month for my digital addaptor and they told me upon order that it would be to me ups 5 to 10 days now they say ups only deliveres to post office and i dont get mail at physical address so they told me it will be over 2 weeks to get it and will credit me $31 dollars and will call me tonight,hardly worth it,what a pain in the behind,if i ran my company that way i would be out of business in no time

es1105 4/29/14 4:10PM

Mediacom is absolutely the WORST service I have EVER dealt with. I have had dish, direct tv and century link and non of them screwed up as much as Mediacom does. It seems like every month something new is going wrong. From the DVR deleting all of my recorded shows (4 times to be exact) to my television just not working to internet services that only work part of the time, this cable service is absolutely awful!!! I will admit that the customer service reps and technicians that I have worked with were all pleasant but the system itself is awful. I don't understand how the head executives of this company can see all these complaints and do nothing. They obviously don't know how to run a functioning company. So if you want a cable provider that honestly cares about their customers Mediacom is 100% not the place to get that service from.

Anonymous 3/3/14 1:47PM

I have been a subscriber since the day cables were brought into our area, about 20 years. the rates continue to increase. I get very frustrated, even angry, when you offer my same service to new subscribers for less than half what I am charged. You are inviting me and other like subscribers to look elsewhere for our service

Anonymous 2/27/14 6:22PM

Mediacom is the worst service I have ever had. We have had issues since we switched about 6 months ago. We have repeatedly called customer service logged HOURS on hold taken off work 6 times to be there for the only available time they can give us. every time we call they say they have no record of any issues we have had. We don't have some of the HD channels as the error message says signal not available for this channel. We don't have consistent internet service and they told us on one call to disconnect the back to reset it. Then they put in their comments we tampered with the equipment. We were told by a supervisor the issues we have been having would be corrected and we would receive a credit to our acct for all of the trouble we have been through. This never happened and there is of course no record of it. My husband stopped at the local office in Knoxville Iowa and she was rude and consistently lied to him. It is the worst nightmare we have ever had from a utility provider. Mediacom needs to understand not recording the issues of their customers doesn't make the issues go away.. only potential long term customers

Anonymous 2/27/14 3:42PM

Not happy with mediacom at all. We pay a monthly bill of $90.+ dollars a month and our service goes down on a Thursday evening. At the time we weren't home, so it was discovered on Friday morning when we attempted the use of our services. Our internet, cable, and phone is ALL through mediacom. So w/o services we are very lucky in the sense that we at least have one cell phone that has web services included in our plan, otherwise we'd be completely cut off from everything which is scary if there happened to be any type if emergency that came up right now. MEDIACOM only offered us a credit for the unusable services of $10. & change. I am currently working on shopping other companies. They should definitely consider the whole word of mouth advertitising. I myself know at least 20 people I can tell about not just this situation but all of my bad experiences & they know other's that I'm very sure will hear about my stories.

lmw0420 2/23/14 12:51PM

I Have Been A Customer Since 2004...2 Yrs Ago I Took A Chance And Got The Ph,internet,cable,bundle (i Have Been Sooo Dissatisified With It(,constant Service Probems,outages,etc)my Last 2 Bills Have Jumped And When I Called About It Was Told It Will Be Even Higher Next Month(my Contract Exp Feb22) So I Called And Asked About The 99.95 Bundle But Was Told That Was Only Offered To New Customers,my Question Is Why Cant You Offer That To "us" Your "valued Customers"?(as You Like To Call Us) I Would Feel Valued If You Offered Me The 99.95 Deal To Stay With Your Company,it Would Speak Volumes About Your Company And Not Like I Am Just An Account Number!!!

Just Wondering 2/22/14 7:51AM

On Friday, Feb 7, the Olympics opening we lost our cable for 5 hours, missing all of the opening ceremonies. I live in an area of senior people, who struggle to pay their cable bill, but most are long-time customers. We were very upset as we had waited 4 years for this event and were traumatized by not being able to watch this. Then we are told it will NOT be re-broadcast for us!! You are not worthy of our faithfulness to your company and are going to negotiate with DIRECT TV for a better situation and price. Your service is horrible and you are over-priced. In today's market, evidently, good customers mean nothing. We have contacted media sources with our story.

SadinIowa. 2/10/14 8:15AM

During the 'update' period of faster service Mediacom kept posting a notice about needing a newer faster modem. I finally decided to order the one Mediacom offered, but changed my mind and bought my own. As I had already ordered one from Mediacom, it came in and I set it aside. I called and asked about the 'old' original modem. I as told to place it in the box with the new faster modem from Mediacom and return both to the address on their box. I returned both modems through the U. S. Postal Service, sent unregistered and uninsured, as I received them that way. Mediacom still charges me for a 'rental' modem, and the people I talk with have no idea as to how this can be rectified. As I do not have a record of my mailing, they tell me there is no way they can find out if it was returned. Someone, someplace, has to have a physical record of the serial number of the 'new' modem, and since I returned it to the address I received it from, it has to have been received and checked in. I''m sure records were kept. I believe it was 28 Sept. 2013 when I installed my own modem, and sent the Mediacom modems back.

Johhn THomas 1/26/14 10:24AM

I do know one about mediacom... that say that value as a customer. .. no they do not. I never get credits on my bill.. they dont help u when u need payment arrangements done.. its only 1 ever 6 months.

Anonymous 1/17/14 4:18PM

I sure you could care less what I have to say. But your Customer Service Sucks. I was put on hold by Timothy in Service for 15 min and since I stayed on hold he than hung up on me. I was told 2 weeks agao we needed our cable to our house replaced as squirrels had been chewing on it and that is why we kept losing our service .So yesterday called in as we had no service and had to go thru everything to restart the system. Was told to be here at 5-6 tonight and nobody showed up called in and talked to Timothy in service. Was told they were not coming till Friday now .They don't know of any problems we were having don't have nothing down about cable being replaced. I just keep getting lied to and very upset over this, Now I have to leave work early again to see if they even show up. This Sucks!!!!!! I would really like to talk to someone on this.I have to reset my service once to twice a day you owe me a refund!!!!!!

[email protected] 1/8/14 5:59PM

I am extremely dissatisfied with mediacomi have only had the service since December. 24th and had to call Christmas day due to my internet not working the on January 2nd I had to call due to my cable box not working when I called and we went through the steps to try and fix it and nothing happened the csr proceeded to tell me they gave me a defective box and I would have to wait til January 7 to get another box hooked up. I had only had my service for 9 days there should have been no reason why my box should have been defective and no reason why I had to wait 5 days to get a new one especially since it only took them 15 minutes to do the job. Then I get my bill to find no credit on it like I was told I would have

bbeasley85 1/8/14 5:25PM

I so strongly dislike this company. I have had nothing but problems with them. First they want to charge me a transfer fee when I call them 4 times and told them to change my address when I first got my cable turned on.then the lovely cable and internet outages 4 times in a month where it is out allll night until 7 or 6 a.m. . I especially love the equipment issues. I have had to call them 10 times or more because of my vod not working or my dvr box having to be switched out. How
ridiculous!! The customer service representatives act like they don't care and grow silent when you ask them a question. Do they not train or give them any information? What are you working there for if you don't know anything? !! I despise this ccompany. Shame on you, mediacom!! Your customers should be number 1. It's because of us you have a job.I think all of us need to band and leave them for good. Go somewhere else. That would put a dent in there pocket. Maybe it will open their eyes

wuvbenalive 1/3/14 2:01PM

I am complaining that this is the third time in about 6 weeks that we have called because the cable service is not working. Besides, the gal I was talking about 20 minutes ago hung up on me.

I am so mad that if my husband would say the word, I would stop the service with you and go to my local company.

The last time this happened, you did loose a neighbor to our local company.

Jeanne 12/23/13 10:41AM

you all really don't get it do you. yes they do read this stuff and really do fall on the floor laughing. Mediacom is not going to do anything about any of the complaints because they know you are still going to pay them money.. if you can, get dish network. their dvr has no issues like mediacom and it is very much user friendly. signed by a mediacom video customer no more

Anonymous 12/15/13 11:24PM

This company is going downhill fast.I am being charged for equipment I do not and have it got changed out when there was a problem with the service. Now they have me in collections and its on my credit. I called 6 months ago and tried to take care of it and the girl said she corrected my final bill so all I owed was the months service she claimed they removed the equipment from the bill I then asked for a corrected bill and ask several times and never received it. Now they claim as of 12/11/13 that there are no conversations on there records and no conversations back to 2010 Oh really how about all the problem calls, how about the cancelation call. This company it terrible and Mr Comissio should be ashamed to call himself and honest man with all these people that are crooked and they wonder why the minute VIOS became available people jumped ship at any cost. I will sue them if this continues, some how some way I am not paying for something I do not have and I will not allow them to hurt my credit. They had me so upset I started having chest pains and had to take my nitro and that for sure is not right. I did call the girl a bi--- for the condensending way she spoke to me to her I am sorry but she was rude as well.

Anonymous 12/11/13 7:41AM

We have had service since 1999, last month I made a payment off the wrong checking account, we were in the middle of trying to close that account! So our cable and internet were shut off! I called bank and transferred money back to that account and than gave the info back to Mediacom for the payment to go thru! On the Wednesday before thanksgiving the cable went out! I got on the website for Mediacom and it said there was a problem with my financial institution! I spent all day Friday trying to figure out what was going on with bank! Turns out they closed the wrong account! Regardless, I called Mediacom Friday night and was told they disconnected our services on Friday and I'd have to pay past due, reconnect, and next month! I called back on Sat and spoke to someone else who said the same thing! I explained that I felt it was wrong to disconnect my services so quickly! We've had service since 1999 and never have had a problem like this! Plus, I have a bill that says disconnect date would be the 4th of December! I agreed to pay by CC but than was told they couldn't come out til next Thursday to restore our services! I asked to speak to a supervisor! His name was Derrick (5824) and was the rudest person I've ever talked to! He told me there was nothing he could do to help due to multiple issues on our payments! Excuse me, customers for 15 years, never had a problem before' and I went thru my past bills for the past year and 3x Mediacom double charged us for movies we rented! So, I'm looking for another company!

Beyondmad 12/2/13 8:30AM

i got medeiacom service a couple of months ago and then all of a sudden my services was cut off. I called to see what was going on and I was told it was cut off by mistake. now Mediacom is charging me a reconnect fee and since services was cut off im no longer eligible for the promo and my bill is now going to be higher. ive spent almost 7 hrs and talked with numerous reps and supervisors and still no resolution. in my entire life ive never dealt with such uncaring company that seems to be so irresponsible.

unhappy customer 11/13/13 9:22AM

I called to check if a new address was servicable. I was told no by customer service but was also told they have service elsewhere on the same street. I was told they would send out someone to physically check that the address was serviceable. That was 10/27/13. I was told I would get a call back on Friday. No one called, so I called. Was told they would not be out until 11/8/2013 and I would receive a phone call. No one called so I called on 11/11/13 and was told no one would be out until 11/19/13. I asked for an escalation. I received a call today and was told by the supervisor that the address was not serviceable. She sounded very weird and strange like she could care less. I asked when was it done and if someone physically went to the address to check it like I was told by Mediacom. She had no answers. I explained that it was odd that all of a sudden in less than 24 hours, the department that handles this dropped everything they were doing and physically went to the address. I also explained I was at the address for 6 hours today and never saw anyone at all. There was a lot of weird silence while speaking with her. She acted like "oh well" and like she could care less. I explained that it sounds like she is just telling me anything to get rid of me being a thorn in Mediacom's side. I asked for the address and phone number for corporate offices. It was like pulling a tooth. She resisted in every way she could so I did not have the information. Turns out she gave me the wrong phone number and the wrong address. She would not give the CEO's name either or her name. Well, I found MediaCom's Corporate office address, phone number, fax number and the CEO's namew myself:

Corporate Headquarters

100 Crystal Run Road

Middletown, New York 10941

United States

Rocco B. Commisso - Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Mediacom Communications Corporation

Also, its a good idea to contact the FCC (Federal Communications Commission), they have helped me out with an issue I was having with a satellite provider. Just file a complaint and they will give you a case # if you have a legitimate case. They are very helpful and they are also able to regulate and shut down cable and internet companies that are providing poor service. It worked for me, I did not have to pay a cancellation fee with the satellite provider and received several calls apologizing from their corporate offices. When the FCC gets involved, the company has to take it seriously or cease to operate. The FCC is no joke. Contact them and file a case # or complaint if you don't believe me.


Filing Method:

Phone number will be provided after completing the form on the website to call and explain your situation and get a case # if it's an acceptable complaint for them to investigate.

The company has 45 days to respond to the case filed by the FCC and you will receive a copy of their response.

Hope this helps anyone having problems with phones, satellite services, cable/internet companies, etc. They all have to abide by FCC rules and regulations or face federal penalties up to and including closing down the business for unfair business practices. The Federal Communications Commission has the authority to shut down a business altogether if it deems appropriate or impose stiff financial penalties.

Now You Know 11/12/13 4:57PM

I have had Mediacom for over a year and I can almost guarantee that for half of that year I have had issues with this service. Ive already filed complaints on this site which got me help from the corporate level for that time. I have had techs out at my home and on the line 14 plus times and they still can not resolve the issue. You would think that if I am a customer they could resolve this issue instead they raise my bill even more although I have so many issues this is unacceptable!! My issues are ongoing from no internet to very slow internet to no cable or phone service it seems that every week I'm having issues and I am tired of dealing with it!! Worst customer service and internet service EVER. And you set me up an appointment for almost a month later?????? A couple techs worked on issues on the line yesterday and fixed this until today (11/9/2013) at around 2pm, I call Mediacom and guess what they don't see an issue so tell me why it takes 2 or 3 minutes to load a web page (if it even loads at all) on 2 computers? A month I am paying for this service and you cant have someone come out and fix this issue for almost a month? UNACCEPTABLE!!

ThomasP 11/9/13 4:15PM

My name is Cedric Robinson and I live in Albany Georgia. Since mid September, I have experience several problems with my high speed internet service. I service technician can't be sent out for 3 weeks to check or correct problem. The last Service technician came on October the 23rd and found that Mediacom had never set my internet modem for Wireless service. All of this was requested when I updated my internet speed the first part of the year. Now I have been up and down and the appointment for a technician is scheduled for November. I had these same problems with the cable service to the point I had to change over to Direct TV I have business to run and I can't do this with the service I am getting. If my problem can't be resolved, I will have no choice but to find a new service provider.

keishantis 11/3/13 5:19PM

The thing I would like to know: I was returning equipment to the Des Moines (Ingersoll) office. The equipment is not mine. I asked for a receipt and was told I could not have one. "Customer security for account info" ?? I want no account info, just a piece of paper stating I gave you your equipment back. After the rep that took the equip. from me then gave it back to me.? A call to the Georgia office Sup. I would like to know if you want your equip. back from a guy that now lives overseas and I have it.

Anonymous 11/2/13 11:46AM

I was advised that we should have 15MB connection on our internet. We have NEVER had that since the day of installation. Never more than 3MB, maybe 4 or 5 once or twice and we have had the service for at least 3 years. I've been told that you techs don't come out to our location on Saturdays and that you can only schedule appointments 2 weeks in advance. We now have to take time on a Saturday to drive 40 minutes to the local office to exchange a modem that might correct our issue of only have .56MB internet speeds at this time. I am fairly certain that this will probably not resolve our issue. The lack of service is why I dropped the phone and the cable. Our entire neighborhood continously has issues with tiling on digital and HD channels. This is not an issue with individual houses but an issue with the lines ran in the neighborhood which no one seems to be able to correct.

g8chick 10/10/13 4:21PM

Mediacom is an absolute joke now there charging extra money per month if you go over a certain amount of internet use been with these idiots 40 yrs have no contract still month to month basis everyone there doing this robbery to needs to call corporate and complain and then call better buissness burea I did

Anonymous 10/7/13 5:48AM

i have to keep repaeating myself over and over again because no one is listening. i live in streator il and our phones and internet in our building keeps shutting down once a week for the past four months. i request only one technician to respond when i set up an appointment because he is very professional, caring nad tries to help with the problem. two weeks ago i was to have and appointment with henry because it shut down agin. here is the problem i called at 4:30 and was told he had several jobs ahead of me. at 7:00 i called to see if he was still going to make it because my time was 1-5. i was told that he tried to reach me and put me on hold and went on to another job. that was all a lie. henry wasn't working that day and he is the type of person that if he couldn't get me on the phone he would have showed up. i reported all of this to a woman named trish at corporate and never heard anything so i called today and was told she just went on break and would call me when she returned that was 9:30 this morning and it is now 4:30 either ahe is still on break or she has done wjat everyone else has done and that is just blow the problem off. even though the government has shut down i will assume the fcc and ftc are still working and i will not waste my time repeating myself to your company anymore i will just simply have you explain yourself to them. we are paying for services we are not getting and that is fraud. sure we get it 6 days out of 7 but we pay for it 7 days. signed i am done playing games, carol bykowski

Anonymous 10/2/13 2:22PM

Don't know if anyone at corporate reads these but they definitely should.
I missed this months payment due to the fact I left town for family reasons. I just received a late noticed and called to see if I could make financial arrangements until I get my SSN check next week. I was told they had extended it until the 29th, (2 days from now), to pay the full amount for this month. I offered to make a small payment in good faith until I received my check, It was the full amount of my service would be turned off until the last 2 months were brought up to date. I am also going to be looking for another provider. Mediacom is too big for its britches.

riget 9/27/13 10:40AM

The town of Churubusco, Tri lakes and Columbia. City indiana have had incredibly bad Internet and phone service from Mediacom. Download speeds are more often than not down in the sub 2mb range. They are aware of the problem. It when you call they deny it until you tell them your ping time and DL speed using Ookla global broadband. Then they try to reset your route. That doesn't work so they schedule a technician to come to check it out. The technician does his normal tests and says" yep I can see the problem. It's a high signal to noise ratio. Well this has been going on for months. He supposedly turns in reports requesting a line tech to review the problem. Nothing seems to happen. Tonight my daughter called and her ping speed was timing out at over 500ms. Her download speed was .5Mb. We both called Mediacom and spore to "technicians". My
One told me that it still shows a request to elevate the problem but that it doesn't look as if anyone will get to the issue till November 1. My daughter had even less luck with the Business unit as she is a commercial customer. She was told that they could see the problem but don't know when they will be able to fix it.
Like me, she tried to elevate the problems to higher management. You can't !
I worked in a corporate position and I know if I had handled my duties as the mediacom people do I would have been fired.
In summary, Mediacom is one of the worst companies I have dealt with from a professional level and a consumer level.
I am considering taking legal action through small claims court. I have documented my interest speeds over the last two years and can proce that I have never even come close to the speeds advertise and for which I am paying.
They are still carrying current ads on TV promising up to 15Mb. And yet the can't provide more than 3mb. Yes I think I it's time to go file suit for a refund of the Internet portion of my bill

Doody 9/24/13 6:15PM

I have Mediacom. before we switched back to Mediacom. all our phones jacks worked in the house. After they installed everything, we now only have 2 phone jacks that work. I called them today and they told me I need to call an electrician because this was not their problem it's an electrical problem. I have tried several phones in the other 2 outlets that do work and we can get one of them to work then the other will not work. This is not an electrical problem it is their problem not an electrical problem when everything worked until they had a complete moron come in and hook us up, that even left us a complete mess to clean up.

hollybailey35 9/23/13 1:29PM

What a surprise - another complaint about Mediacom!

My mother passed away and I inherited the house, where I had also lived providing eldercare. This residence currently had cable and internet and has been a customer for over 15 years.

I contacted them requesting they transfer the account into my name, now that I have the Exectors deed.

I was told I have to disconnect the services, physically remove ALL existing equipment. WHen I request reconnection, a technician will come out and install identical equipment to what is currently in place and functioning.

ARe they serious!

Jane M 9/23/13 11:31AM

This company has the worst service I have ever experienced in my lifetime. I won't relay the whole story, but I have been completely unable to get them to fix my internet service -- and phone -- for weeks now. I have never been jacked around like this before. Mediacom is a monopoly in my area, at least for cable TV. If you have any other choice at all, run away from Mediacom!!!!!

CarolB 9/21/13 3:42PM

All the comments regarding Media Com is correct. Not one comment was positive. I should have checked the comments before I got Mediacom.

CEO & Founder of Mediacom-Born in Italy in 1949

Hope this helps some of you.

Such bad service should be kicked out of NC~ Fl kicked the company out of their state. Wish I could find someone to help us more

mrspeckles 9/19/13 9:28AM

Mediacom is the VERYT WORST Operation in America.

The Public Service Commission of ALL states they are operating should totally withdraw their operating permits. They misrepresent their 'ABILITY' to provide service and even when their own equipment which was out of service , they will not provide service to repair THEIR OWN line (THEIRS ) for 14 days. Horrible...They are a joke and their CALL CENTER is without any merit what so ever. If you are a Mediacom customer...for your own best interest...Go elsewhere ..ANYWHERE is better than this!

W. G. Henderson
Thomasville ,Georgia

Anonymous 9/1/13 5:25PM

Your Non Hiring Of African American Tech Support On Line Was Very Distrubing Here In Waterloo Iowa. I Will Think Real Hard And I Hope All African Americans Here In Waterloo Should Also. 2 Blacks In The Last Twelve Years Are We Not Good Enough So Why Take Are Money. I Felt Sorry For The Harassment They Must Have Endure. The News And Paper Should Investigate This.those 2 Gentle Men Should Contact Iowa Commision Of Human Rights Or Al Sharpton.


I have been a Mediacom customer since 1994. I called to lower my bill and was connected to your "retention dept" I was told my new bill amount and was happy with that, I was told I'd have to call back in 1 yr to get the same deal. Here is what happened....In order to get the lower rate, see deleted my internet service from my package, Unbeknownst to me. My husband tried to get onto the internet and was redirected to a "welcome to mediacom" page. I called and was told it was not their problem and that I need to get ahold of the web browser provider! Huh? how do you call Microsoft? I took screen shots and my son thought it was a virus. After recovering our whole system, (I'm still trying to get things back to the way they were)I got a similar page when trying to get on the internet, I again called. that's when a knowledgeable person looked into my account and told me that my internet was removed from our account. WTF!!!! He added it right away. Now that my bill was lowered, my new statement came. It was NOT what I was told it would be. they raised it again, saying my account was upgraded?? are you serious?? I called again, and was told if I signed a new contract, I could get it for $30 higher then what I was told.

I hope a CEO will read this and seriously change the way you treat long time loyal customers. I WOULD NOT recommend Mediacom to anyone

Anonymous 7/29/13 5:39PM

Don't Get Mediacom Cable If You Want Good Customer Service! Our Cable Box Just Stopped Working And It Will Be 4 Days Until Someone Can Replace It!!! Ridiculous!!! You Shouldn't Have To Wait That Long For Service! If You Want To Keep Customers This Needs To Be Fixed. Going Back To Direct Tv As Soon As We Move In Our House!

Anonymous 7/15/13 9:48AM

I was a new customer. When I contacted Media for the first time, I requested that my current phone number remain unchanged. I requested phone and internet service. Upon installation, my phone number had been changed to a new number. Additonally we (my family) noticed that we could only get wireless access in rooms close to the router. I called aboout the change in my phone number. I spoke to David in customer service. I was told it would take 5 business days for the number change, and David indicated he would call me back. I never received that call. I called after 5 business days because my number had not been changed back to the original number. This time I spoke to a different customer service person. After explaining the above to her in reference to the telephone number, she put me on hold for about 10-15 minutes. Upon returning she tells me it will take 3 business days for the number to be changed and that no one has done anything as of yet to effect the change. Well after waiting the 5 days and nothing ahs been accomplished by Media Com, then throw in the less than adequate wirelss service. I decided to cancel my service and return to AT&T. I additionally ask to speak to a Manager, and after being placed on hold for another 10 minutes was told no supervisor was available (of course). I informed the customer service person I was less than satisfied and Midai Com needs to come pick up their equipment. I also informed customer service I wanted my money back. So far I have not heard from any supervisor from Media Com. I also plan to tell everyone I know about the ineptness of Media Com and how they treat their customers.

acbyrd4u 7/2/13 8:49AM

we have been a mediacom customer for eight years. We always pay more each month, as to have dec. and jan. with no bill to pay. We had two cable boxes go out and I wanted to up grade two others to HDMI. I was told by mediacom that I could take these boxes to one of there stores and exchange them, or I would incure a tech charge. You pay for cable and internet and phone and you incur a tech charge when one of the boxes you pay for each month goes bad. Something is wrong with that picture. The nearest mediacom store from my house is an hour and fifteen minutes away. I loaded the kids and we preceeded to take these four boxes to there store, arriving at 10:55 am. The store aparently closes from 11 am to 12 pm, I was told I would have to come back at 12. I have had 4 back surgeries and am in extreme pain everyday and after driving for a hour and fifteen minutes, knowing I had another long drive home I preceded to call mediacom was put on hold for 35 minutes waiting for a supervisor. Was told they could setup an appointment to have a tech come to my home with no charge and exchange the boxes but would be more then a week later. So 2 tv's without cable. Mediacom is the only cable and internet provider for my area, I cancelled services the next day. These people need everyone to cancel so they feel what they invoke.

kwil399 6/20/13 4:33PM

I have had Mediacom in our summer house since 1985 and have been on direct pay for at least the last 13 years. Never have I gotten a promotion from them, so I decided to call them and see what promotions they had. I was told that I could get the HD TV with 2 boxes, and internet for the same price that I was paying now (approx. $90/month). I said that that was great and to sign me up. The girl on the other end asked if I could hold on and when she came back she informed that that promotion wasn't available in our area. But she could get internet service to me for an additional $14.95/month plus $5 for the router. I sent an email to their customer service, and was told by Sam that promos are dependent on length of service and bill pay history. I could call another number and if they had anything they would tell me otherwise there wasn't anything he could do. Loyal customers must not mean that much to Mediacom and I am now looking into Satellite TV as we only go to the cottage on weekends during April - November, and I can't see why I should have to pay as much as Comcast at home - which is for HD TV, internet and home phone service.

mollyyaya 6/3/13 4:52PM

I have never written a complaint on a company until now. I had an appointment with Mediacom on Thursday May 23, 2013, to replace the cable box, as the TV would not work. I was told the tech. would arrive between the hours of 8AM and 5PM. When the tech. finally arrived, he indicated the warehouse was undergoing inventory and that he didn't have a box in his van and that someone would return on Friday to replace the box. To be on the safe side, I contacted Mediacom on that Thursday to insure an appointment had been setup by the tech. only to find that no such appointment exited. An appointment was made at that time. Again, the appointment was scheduled for the hours between 8-5. At 4:30PM on Friday, I telephoned Mediacom as to the status of my appointment. I was informed that they were attempting to locate a box and that the tech. would be at my home NLT 7:00PM. At 7:30 PM, I telephoned Mediacom once again for a status check at which time I was infomed that the tech had gone home. They then assured me that someone would arrive at my home on Sat. to replace the box between the hours of 8-12, however to call around 10AM for a status check. At 10AM, I was informed that the tech was on schedule and would be arriving as scheduled. At 12:30PM, I once again contacted Mediacom and was told the tech was having some difficulties on his current job, however, he would be at my home. At approx. 3:30PM, I contacted Mediacom again, only to be told the tech's GPS showed that he was in my neighborhood ( not at my home) and that a child came to the door (unclear as to what this child said or if he ever ask the child if their parents were home). I have no children and there were no children in my home on this day. My house number is marked clearly in three locations ( you would have to be blind to miss it). I again was told they would contact the tech to have him come to my home. I ask to speak to a supervisor (Mike, displayed a poor attitude for someone who is part of the leadership of the company) who informed me that the tech would be at my home to replace the box, however, he couldn't promise that he would arrive as this was a holiday weekend. At approx. 6:50PM. I contacted Mediacom for a finial status report and was informed that the tech. had gone home and no one would be arriving at my home to replace the box. For three days I have been confined to my home in an attempt to have my cable box replaced and for three days I have been lied too by Mediacom and after three days, I still have not had the services completed. At no time did Mediacom or the tech. contact me to inform me that the tech. would not be arriving at my home. I am a customer in good standing and have had Mediacom since Jan 2010. I have never been treated so poorly my a company that I give MY money too. I am emotionly and physically drained after this experience. To the people of Huntsville and New Market, Alabama, PLEASE BEWARE!!! I will make ever effort to explore my options to acquire services through other means. After reading the other complaints, I don't expect to get any relief, however, if I can help keep someone else from going through what I have had to endure for the last three days, taking the time to write this complaint will be worth it. Thank you.

Anonymous 5/25/13 7:10PM

I have had issues with service and equipment since February of 2013, and getting tired of being blown off as if I am making up problems. I am going to seek legal action, and looking to see if anyone else is interested in getting a lawyer to start a class-action suit against Mediacom for not providing services they promise, and for money paid into their business. They offer you a 90 day money back guarantee,but string you along until you pass the 90 days so they do not have to pay you the money you paid to them back. You can reach me at the e-mail:

Jim 5/24/13 8:35AM

this company will make a withdraw mistake from your bank account,cost you money and try every way in the world not to pay for their mistake ! not once have any remorse of their actions..

Anonymous 4/18/13 12:39PM

In March of 2012 I made an agreement with Mediacom for two years. The rate on my account was to go up $10 after the first year. The first year is up and my rate was raised more than $10. Customer service just keeps repeating to me that they can't give me that rate. What good is an agreement is Mediacom doesn't make good on it?

Anonymous 4/15/13 2:41PM

I have just had a gentleman name bob (didn't gethis last name) that is a technician come to fix my picture on my tvs ( april 15th 2013 and I thought I would let you know that he has went above and beyond the call of duty.. he was so very friendly and knew what he was doing.. a lot of people don't think about bringing the outstanding workers to your attn. but I do if I feel they deserve it.. I hope you can figure out who this man is and give him a big thank you for me even though I already did.. just thought you needed to know this.. if you had more employees like him it would be awesome cuz the last 2 I had were real pain the butts and attitudes.. thank you for your tije in this matter

penny 4/15/13 12:01PM

We have encountered internet and phone service issues for the past 3-5 months.. always the same story.. services goes down daily and stays down for hours. The service provided is unsatisfactory to say the least. I understand cable is the best option for home internet but I would rather have a slower DSL or sattelite service on a dependable basis than what we are going thru with Mediacom. I have been a customer for many years and I would not recommend to anyone they choose them .

Kim Lynch 4/12/13 2:56PM

My husband and I are fairly new customers to Mediacom. Last week, we called to simply get the password to our wireless internet. We were connected to Anna, a very rude an unprofessional employee. She spoke with an accent and I simply asked her to slow down so I would be sure to understand her. Her response was, "Apparently you can comprehend because you are responding to me." I was livid! I asked to speak to a manager and she told me, numerous times, she was not going to connect me to one. The she began putting me on hold every time I would begin to say something. She kept trying to talk over me and would not listen to a word I had to say. She eventually hung up in my face and I called back and filed a complaint with customer service. I will be contacting the corporate offices.

Not Happy 4/4/13 1:01PM

Mediacom is a crock! They outright lie and they are rude and hostile. If I had a choice, I would certainly go elsewhere. However, since they know I'm stuck with them, they know they can treat me like dirt.

Anonymous 4/2/13 10:41AM

I have been trying to get medicom to deliver service to my house for over 6 months. The total length of line to be ran is 800 feet. I was told it was going to be costly so I asked if I would open up the trench in the ground from your pad to my house if it would be cheaper. Finally someone got back to me. During this time Access Energy ran poles down my driveway for a new electrical service. when Tim called me back he said it would be $1000 dollars cost to me if I opened a trench and they installed the wire. I informed him of what Access Energy had done and asked him about installing it in the air on the poles. His exact words were "I will have to get permission from access energy but it would DEFINANTLY BE CHEAPER OF A COST TO YOU TO HAVE US RUN IT ON THE POLES!!" A couple of weeks went by and I called Tim back today. He told me he got permission to run it on the poles but it was going to be more costly to me than putting it in the ground with me doing all the work by opening the trench myself!! HUH!!! I dont understand how a person is WANTING TO PAY YOU FOR SERVICE but is getting lied to and just down right wronged by you! I find it disgustingly distastefull that you will not give me service just a run around! NOT HAPPY!!

sincerly dissapointed 3/26/13 2:48PM

Your billing sucks.We cancled our service 1/7/13 your rep told us our balance 23.48.We paid in full.not over, 2/6/13 bill for 10.21.called your rep Daniel she informed us she would take it off.still not over, 3/7/13 recived collection notice. .Called rep Jackie should never been turned in she would take it off and apoligized. This is service after twenty years never being late.!!!

[email protected] 3/15/13 7:55AM

I have been with mediacom Interne 2001 I've had nothing but problems with this Internet for years, I just got off the phone with somebody in another country that tried to help me finally I could understand what this person was saying that I am having intermittent signal coming from the line outside of my house into my house into my Internet into my modem again this problem has been going on since 2001 it is now the year of 2013, I feel that media, owes me a lot of money I do part-time work and I have to login to the Internet to do my work and I cannot do that in the evenings or even sometimes during the day I have had technicians come out I've had linemen come out apparently nobody knows what they're doing we are paying out some serious money to media, for the Internet and phone and it is bad service very very very bad service I hope somebody resistant response back to me and understand what's going on I did leave a message at the corporate office they're probably too busy to call me back and get this problem straightened out a technician again keeps coming out in the technician does not know what he is to doinf when he shows up at my house

upset 2/25/13 10:52PM

I just spoke with Marissa at the corporate office and she is just like all of their employees. She told me over and over again how I have a contract with them and then I asked her to read the contract to me and she said that she was sorry that she was wrong and that I do not have a contract with them. I told her that for 5 minutes and she continued to argue with me. It was unbelievable. And on top of that she was pretty self-rightoues about the whole thing until she figured out that she was wrong. Some of the employees have great customer service skills and really want to help the customer, but Mediacom policy won't allow it. Dumb rules that actually cost them $ and make absolutely no sense and then you talk to someone like Marissa at corporate and it seems like she has absolutely no concept of customer relations. I could see if this was a local office, but I called the corporate office. Someone who really cares about Mediacom customer retention should go undercover and pose as a customer. They would be shocked and horrified at what they would find. I called to sign up for autopay, begin a 2 year contract, and purchase a voice/internet modem. All of this would be considered a win for any other provider, but Marissa at the corporate office didn't even get it. I thought when I called the corporate office they would have a better understanding of what it takes to retain a customer, but Marissa did not care. Heck, she didn't even get it. I really thought I would be talking to someone with business sense at the headquarters level, but that wasn't the case. How would't the head executives know this? I dropped them and went with a local provider before and I believe we will drop them again. Saving a few $ just isn't worth it.

JoJo 2/22/13 3:27PM

I am a long time customer of about 18 years with Mediacom in Columbus Georgia. Up until Tuesday of this week I thought that the customer service was pretty good. But for the past couple of days 2 technicians have serviced my cable on 2 seperate days causing me to miss work and they still have not repaired the problem I have with their longtime cable service. My service was fine until the technicians went poking around in my walls and atic and ultimately disconnecting wires in my family room wall jack causing me to not have any cable service in the family room at all. Not even local channels. the Technician was only suppose to connect the HD box to my new 60" set. After researching I have since found out that I do not need an HD box on a new 60'Smart tv to get HD quality. Its already built in my set, and the technician should have known this already. I am going into day 3 without any cable service on this particular set after receiving cable service in this room for over 15 years. All I want is just to get back the same service I had before Mediacom went tampering with my wires causing me to loose cable service in my family room. Over the years I have heard people complain about the poor and unporfessional customer service but defended Mediacom, but after this very unprofessional substandard service that I have received the past 2 days I am beginning to feel the exact same way. It seems mediacom have gotten over their head and cannot provide the quality traditional service they once had.

Shame, Shame, Shame on you!

highly disappointed 1/30/13 8:21PM

Mediacom is not consumer friendly. I am contacting my attorney general because they as making me pay 3 times the amount for an internet service package that they are currently offering for $19.99. My 2 yr. contract is up and I am asking for the cheaper rate. They tell me I have to cancel my service for 3 months and then I can possibly sign back up for the $19.99. This makes no sense as I am a good customer and they apparently don't care. I asking all my freinds and associates to cancel their service(actually lack of service). I will file with my attorney general my complaint! This is fraud!

CamIam 1/18/13 1:30AM

This company is the worst, Mr. Rocco B Commisso better start paying more attention to his company. New streaming means are becoming a better choice these days. Number one way to lose a company is bad customer service, and I mean this company is the worst. On their web site is a price link but it doesn't work, I think this is done on purpose. I really think they charge their customer what they can get by with, especially the elderly. This is just one example there are many more.

Anonymous 1/9/13 9:19PM

mediacom is the worst cable/internet provider i have ever used, customer service is a total joke, field service is terrible, sorry can't fix it but a supervisor will call you within 24 hours,another one of there many lies,if you are researching this provider please take heed and go with a different one.

bill 1/4/13 5:13PM

I have only been a customer for 8 months and am SOOOOO disappointed with the so called "Customer Service". They are rude and don't know what they are talking about. I e-mail complaints twice in 1 week No response! Suppose to be 24 hr turn around. Still waiting 10 days later. Have had "Technicians" out there 3xs and they put down that, Customer installed divise" was the problem. What a load of CRAP!!!. I never have and they said it was just a wire in back of house that needed replacing. They jerk before said I was "Using my local channels too much"! Seriously. When I call in with problem they even laugh at that one.They even blamed it on my TV. Then they raised my rates saying I have been there a year. Funny I was at an other cable company before Mediacom. Why would I pay for 2 cable companies? I pay my bill and expect the service to work properly. If I had to pay them for the proper service Thay would owe me! What is the problem that you cannot keep your word when I signed up and I have called 8xs in 8 Months and had people out to home 4 xs. Mediacom I can't wait to be rid of you!!! I'll go back to Direct TV at least they have Tech support and Customer service that really provides service!!! Get a clue.Try some REAL CUSTOMER SERVICE!! Try calling people back like you say and really fix the problems with Technicians.

Kat711 1/1/13 11:50PM

I have been dealing with issues for 9 months and have been promised to talk to a cooperate supervisor for the last 3 months. My account shows notes after notes of problems, we go days with no service or it goes off and on. Your customer service honestly is probably the worst I have encountered. You are more worried about making money and not worried at all about your customers. Not that posting this comment will help get my problem fixed, but it might save some poor sap from getting your service. I think you should work on getting your services working on a daily basis and less on teaching your techs how to lie for you. Then again that is what it seems you do best is LIE. I think it's time I should take your service tell you to bend over and stick it where the sun don't shine!!! That is sure what you all have been doing to me for the last 9 months!!! Buyer be where, you don't want their crappy service!!!!!!!!

MeMe 12/30/12 10:38AM

You call this customer service????? I have put up with your lies and the run around for longer than I care to admit. Your customer service reps are an absolute joke. I will be looking for a new company and if you want any so called early disconnect fees I will see you in court. I have documentation of missed work days and lies to me by your reps. I have also documented all the dates and times I have called and been lied to.. Not to mention the times I have not been able to use my phone or internet that your service people claim there is a problem in the office with testing not my box or wiring.

wren 11/20/12 12:32PM

I Faye Hines, writing this comment to you about your service of bundling and swithing to Mediacom as a reliable and efficient service to have. Not so i just recently on November 1, 2012 was schedule to have your service to my home in Cairo, Georgia pryor to the installation date i call your office to make sure that the service was good for my area and was told that you had sent a service man out to the area to make sure i was in the area for your service followed by a phone call of yes i was i went ahead and schedule the service hookup. But to my suprise when the service person came to hook me up i was informed that i was to far away from your pole, what kind of business do your company run having people to disconnect their service from another provider to you just to find out you can not perform the services that you are selling. I am very disappointed and would advise anyone from becoming a part of your company. Shame on you.

Faye Hines 11/1/12 10:04AM

Service? What service? Last month 3 days in a row without phone or internet service. Since then, it has been out at least once a week. I had to sign a 2 year contract to get this poor service. I am hoping that an attorney will see this as a breach of contract on their part and I can switch to a reliable service. I will include my email, but you can't reach me there....I have Mediacom internet.

Sandy 9/5/12 11:58AM

Here it is another day without telephone service. This seem to be happening more and more often (usually once a week). There is never an adjustment in our bills for lack of phone service. Today September 4th we haven't had phone service all day. I always pay may bill before the due date. For example I received our monthly bill on August 29th and paid it on August 30th, but the actual date date isn't until September 11th. I'm not happy with your services!!!

Anonymous 9/4/12 3:09PM

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