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Thrifty Car Rental corporate office headquarters location, phone number, address and feedback

Please find details for the Thrifty Car Rental corporate office below. We do our best to keep this information current, but if you are aware of any updates to the Thrifty Car Rental corporate office headquarters information we have, please feel free to submit an update.

Corporate Office Address:
Thrifty Car Rental

Dollar Thrifty Automotive Group
5330 E. 31st Street
Tulsa, OK 74135
United States

Phone: 918-660-7700
Fax: 918-669-2934

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I went to Las Vegas on August 2 worst car rental ever. We get off plan from traveling over 7 hours to arrive at las Vegas airport that took over 1 hour to get my car. The reason is that hey had 1-2 people on a Saturday night knowing planes at arriving We stood in line 1 hour thn get the car it is a Recall they make us tak it back had to wait another 20 min got my another car start Check Engine ligh goes on bing back again. Finally a car we were ther 3 hours till we got to hotel Worst

Anikkianne 8/20/14 9:01PM

I rented a mid-size car on 07/17/14 from your Thrifty car rentals Little Rock airport. My Confirmation Code and while I went thought the process of renting the car the young lady behind the desk told me that I could pay the $8.99 for gas fill-up protection, I ask her , so your telling me that I can bring the car back to the same rental office and I will not get billed for the gas fill up, she said that was correct. Today I discover that I was charged $50.76 on my credit card billing. I called that on 07/30/14 office branch and the women I spoke to said it is $8.99 per gallon and that was to fill the tank. Considering my return of the car at 6 AM on 07/19/14 and turning in the keys at the drop box I feel I was mislead by both employees / associates. I t still does not make any since to charge me $8.99 per gallon and secondly why did I pay the $8.99. The tank had a half a tank when I dropped it off. I think this my be a learning issue or I miss under stood the young lady when I picked up the car. I would hope that someone from your company can email me information because I feel like I was taken advantage of.

jlalonde97 7/30/14 5:49PM

Most incompetent rental company i've ever dealt with. I rented a car from them, using It came out to $174.50 with taxes. Belinda at the Charleston, SC office work with me. They called my insurance company and found out that i have comprehensive and collision Insurance so ther was no need to charge me for it. So very trustingly i initialed the (stupid) screen monitor, which doesn't provide any information on the screen of what you are initializing. So i leave for work that night and the next morning and i see a debit to my account in the amount of $429.05. So i called the supervisor the next day talked to Sheila, and she informed me that the supervisor was out. So i called the next day and again the "supervisor" wasn't there for the second day in a row. The third day i get a hold of the supervisor, Nicky, which couldn't help me over the phone. She said i would have to go there personally to fix the problem. Of course i'm only 3 hours away. The fourth day i decided to call a customer service representative to see if she could help me. I gave Nicky, my rental agreement number, but she said she couldn't find me in her system, so she transferred me back to the Monague Ave. office. There somebody named Sally answered, but she was at the Call Center. She was rude and didn't help one bit. So after trying to explain the situation to her, she basically hung up on both Nicky, the customer service representative for Thrifty and myself. I hope somebody at the Corporate office reads this, and contacts me ASAP. I've been renting cars for over 20 years and never had any type of problems until now. I'M SURE I WILL NEVER, NEVER,EVER RENT FROM THRIFTY AGAIN. GO TO ENTERPRISE OR ANY OTHER CAR RENTAL COMPANY. YOU'LL THANK ME LATER.

Tiredcustomer 7/23/14 1:09PM

Worse car rental company around. We rented four jeeps while vacationing on St. John and after confirming reservations a few days before we departed for the VI the vehicles were not available when we got off the plane. The person who took our call in St Thomas did not care that we were stranded and would not help us find another rental. They would not let us talk to a manager at Thrifty. When I returned home after the vacation I tried to call thrifty corporate office but they told me there was nothing they could do for me. Oh yes they offered me some coupons for another rental if I'm stupid enough to rent from them again! How does this company stay in business!?!

Anonymous 7/12/14 10:19AM

horrible. booked car online for 201.00 for 8 days. i kept it an extra day so an additional charge for that day, no problem. i drop the car off, my bill is 613.00. are you serious. they slipped in car insurance on me for 250.00 that i dont need cause mine covers it. they charged me for a full tank of gas which i returned with half a tank. the guy at the counter was rude to my wife cause she asked about AAA discount, he said "really, your getting this car for 12.00 a day and you want to check on more discount". we dont travel much so we are not experts at rental cars, so when he said choose accept on the screen twice i did it, he said initial here and here, i did that. he put it in the envelope and we were on our way to see our son. what a surprise when i turned the car in. shady business and the people i called about this were rude as well. thrifty owes me money and corporate office people should have enough to help a customer that was taken advantage of. never again and neither will anybody i talk with. so much for trusting people.

cub 7/11/14 7:44AM

After having a reservation well in advance, I was told by the manager in Milwaukee that " I just work here. It's not my problem!" Wow, the worst customer service I have ever experienced! No one cared. They really made traveling harder than it needed to be. Thank goodness for Ace/Mayfair car rental. They provided me with a car(at double the cost, but it was last minute). Anyhow, I was awfully thankful my twins were well behaved......because Thrifty/Dollar could have cared less that a mom traveling with two young ones was stranded in Milwaukee! Unbelievable!

Bsaw 7/1/14 8:10PM

I rented a Thrifty car at the Phila airport on june 20th. The conditions of the compact and mediu size cars there is deplorable. It took me 20 minutes and complaining for them to finda car that was not either severly dented or very scratched. I ended up with a car only moderatly dented. I drove to my destination in a rural area outside of the phila area. The car has no working horn and the seat belt on the passengers side does not work. I could not use the car because of this. It was not a safe car to drive. Does Thrufty not check their vehicles? I complained to reservations but all they could offer me was to turn the car in early enough on june 30 to talk to the manager. If Thrifty does not give me this car free i will sue them and dispute my Amex card with their charges. A horrible rental experience. Rental G2bvg6

Stephen 6/29/14 9:48AM

I reserved a "special vehicle" where Thrifty picks the car (for Monday June 16, 2014). Don't ever do that! When we checked in at the Thrify counter in Reno, "Noe" (boy was he aptly named) said you're getting an extended cab pick-up truck. I said no, my wife and I just needed a car, no trucks. We both have medical problems and didn't need to be climbing into a truck. Noe refused to give us a car- said take the truck or else. As we were arguing, another employee dropped off about a half a dozen keys for other vehicles..... but Noe refused to give us any of them. He did pull a " bait and switch" on us- offering a toyota at an increased price. We said the reservation said "compact or similar" and that a truck is not a car. Noe said "tough- that's what you get- a truck- my choice, not yours".
We left without renting- and of course will never use Thrifty again anywhere- nor will my company.

lumerm 6/20/14 6:54AM

Below are some one sided communications that I have had with Thirfty Car rental.

I have not heard back from yourself or Thrifty's customer service team and below is a charge against my visa that was applied on June 9th. It is probably safe to assume that customer service is not a very important area for yourself and I will see who I can engage to see if I can get a response.


Sent: Wednesday, June 04, 2014 11:46 AM
To: '[email protected]'
Subject: Our last experience at Thrifty Car rental

Brian, I am hoping you can help me with an issue I had when renting a car recently. I sent the below to your customer service team, but, have not heard back - please advise on who I should contact -

Sent on Sunday June 1st
"I wanted to ensure Thrifty is aware of the awful experience my family had renting a vehicle yesterday. I have rented several cars over that last few years. After waiting in line for 20 minutes, your rental agent "Oddy" insisted that I needed to purchase additional insurance due to Florida laws. I told him I had full coverage with my insurance company and he insisted that I needed additional coverage based on "recent" Florida laws. I even asked him when I saw "optional" on the agreement and he once again insisted that I have to purchase this insurance. He was also insistent on me "needing" a Sunpass for toll roads, even when I confirmed I was only traveling in Fort Lauderdale and Orlando. I did not purchase this pass. The whole experience was extremely time consuming (with my three kids and Wife - who is on crutches with a fractured knee)and has convinced me to avoid Thrifty car rentals for any future rental requirements. I would like a formal response and reimbursement for the additional insurance fees if they are truly optional."

Derek 6/11/14 8:23AM

Put us in a car with bald tires, bad brakes and stinking of tobacco smoke. When we complained about the tires Christne L said." Well, I hope nothing bad happens to you." Because of appointment we were forced to take the car. Called corporate who talked to the owner and said he would come get the car. Four days later it was picked up. He refused to give us another car that was safe. We had to rent a car from another company and they were great. He said he would refund the money we had paid when we pre ordered the rental. He has still not refunded the money. His manager at the rental office was so rude and despicable. I am not getting much help from the corporate. They say they will look into it and get back to me in 14-21 days. this is the short version of horrible experience we had.

janina r 6/5/14 10:22AM

When I first landed at Miami airport the Thrifty employee there asked me to pay 240 USD (!!!) for Florida highways because "those dont accept cash", which is true only for Sunpass lanes. So he was just trying to extort my money.
Then I happened to go the Everglades Thrifty Agency in Fort Lauderdale, and the employee there (whose name is Alex, beware of him) accused me of having stolen the car that I had been given previously in that agency and PUT ANOTHER CAR BEHIND MINE TO BLOCK IT!!! I had to call the police to solve the situation, so losing the whole afternoon.
Yesterday I went to Fort Lauderdale Airport because my 4 month contract was expiring, though I have already paid for the remaining period, and people there enforced me paying the fuel for the car that I had been driving for the last month and that I didnt want to change (so Ive paid 3 times for the same fuel!)
Is there any CEO who can help us clients?

Anonymous 5/29/14 10:07AM

I am seeking Thrifty Car Rental customers who have been wrongly accused of returning a car with damage? I rented from the Baltimore airport location to take my daughter to Penn State. 3 days later came back, filled the car with gas, and returned it. After almost 1/2 hour waiting for two lazy employees in the return garage to give me my receipt (NO other customers were around-- they were just chatting, doing nothing), I left the keys and ran to the shuttle bus to avoid missing my return flight to Boston. FOUR days later I get a call that the car was "missing". Magically it was located and Thrifty claims it had $1500 worth of damage. It is a complete scam and I even suspect that the employees are encouraged to participate in all of these fraudulent activities. If you have experienced the same thing, please email me. I will be suing Thrifty and would like to make it a class action.

Jill Haselman 5/29/14 7:20AM

May 25, 2014

Ms. Newell,

Today my son traveled some distance to the Dollar Rental Car Agency located at the Denver Airport in search of my lost electronics(other) that I had reported missing on 5/19. The MOD kindly unlocked the lost and found area for him to look. Amazingly, he looked in the boxes and quickly found my device that was reportedly found and delivered to the lost and found on 5/19 just minutes after I realized that it was missing.

I find this all very disturbing.

I really appreciated that you responded to my email and assured me that you would personally look for my ipad,

but why would you falsely make this claim to me? I tried to contact you via phone calls, phone messages, and emails on 5/22, 5/23, 5/24, and this morning, 5/25. You chose not to return my calls or follow through on actions that you voluntarily committed to undertake. In hindsight, it would have been more courteous for you to have never contacted me rather than to handle this the way that you did.

Obviously, the department that employs you is more efficient than you have proven yourself to be. This has been a long week, filled with needless worry and many wasted hours trying to track down an item that your office had in its possession for the duration of the week. This is unacceptable.

I am very dissatisfied with Dollar Rental Car and I will go out of my way to share my experience with anyone who is looking to rent a car in the Denver area. I hope that you will take steps to improve a failing system.

Daniel Highberger

Anonymous 5/29/14 6:17AM

Horrible customer service in Memphis, TN and Little Rock, AR. I rented a car in Little Rock and told the clerk that I was dropping it off in Memphis because that is where I would be flying out of. She said she would send the paperwork over to Memphis but she didn't; bottom line, neither agents acted like they wanted to be bothered with me. Memphis agents were extremely rude, didn't want to take the car, didn't want to talk to me, just basically told me that they didn't get any paperwork from little rock and she walked away, leaving me standing there puzzled about what to do with the car because I had a flight to catch. I will NEVER EVER rent from Thrifty/Dollar again and being in the military, I WILL report this to my commander and hope that they place Thrifty/Dollar OFF limits to military members

shelia 5/28/14 4:16AM

This is the worst car rental agency I've ever dealt with. I am a middle-aged man and I have rented many cars but this company tops the list as the worst. I was charged three times the amount of the estimate and after I returned the car I received notice that the car was going to be reported stolen because I didn't bring it back. I contacted the security department and have not received a reply and when I called and spoke with Reservations they wouldn't deal with me on the phone. They told me to email them to contact us but I'm still waiting for a response from customer service.

Miffed 5/27/14 12:03PM

Me and my grandmothers experience at the LOUISVILLE AIRPORT Thrifty Rental Service Was beyond horrible !!!! They Made A Mistake And Placed A hold on my grandmothers card And The Supervisor Didn't Give Us A Rental Nor Did We Get Our Money. Basically We Had To Miss Our Trip , I would never advise anyone to Rent From Thrifty. I'm Thinking About Taking This To Court With How Poorly We Were Treated And The Loss Of 350.00!

kesha 5/23/14 6:48AM

Well, it seems like my comment may be of the minority opinion about Thrifty, but here it goes. I had the BEST experience at the Thrifty Car Rental in Honolulu on Nimitz Hwy. The manager of the store was hands down the most professional individual I have ever dealt with in the many years of my history of renting cars. He went over and beyond to accommodate my son and I. I had forgotten my driver's license on the mainland and this gentleman honored my reservation and rented the car to my son. He was very concerned and incredibly nice and such a cool guy. I will be visiting again in August and will definitely be using his agency again for my car rental needs. Thank you for ensuring my visit with my son was a success!

SusiRex 5/22/14 3:44PM

Do not rent the from Thrity Car Rental. They dont disclose fees and they will charge you whatever they wont.

Cars do not come clean. They rely on the previous customer to clean the car. If you dont remove your trash, you will have to pay 150.

unhappy 5/20/14 9:35AM

I just tried dealing with your corporate office and customer service . Never had such a bad experience talking to people. I will never, ever rent a car with you again!!!!!!!

Anonymous 5/20/14 9:20AM

I booked an online reservation 4 months ago but had to alter the reservation by one day. I called 2 WEEKS after my original booking and spoke with a rep who said he changed the date and gave me my original rate so I was thrilled. One night before I'm supposed to pick up my car I receive an email that confirms the original dates. I called Thrifty's 800 number and the woman on the phone was talking to me like I was stupid. She was telling me that she doesn't have any record of me ever calling so my rate was triple and I should be happy she's giving me a 10% discount since I was the one who messed up. Really??? I wrote to the corporate office the very next day and it's been almost 3 weeks with no reply. I will now use Enterprise for all of my rentals which are roughly 200 days per year since Thrifty is full of dishonesty.

Thomas 5/19/14 12:30PM

I wrote you on 4/16/14 and have not heard 1 word from your company?!?!?? What is up with that? Hello?? Are you there? I left my email address and my experience with your YOUR company! What a shame.....

Anonymous 4/19/14 3:57PM

I reserved a car through a third party rental on 04/01/2014 from Thrifty car rental at the Boston for $336 for two weeks. Upon arriving from Atlanta went to pick the car I got to the counter I gave the associate my confirmation number, immediately he started offering extra insurance.. I said No! I do not need insurance I have a my own and will use my own insurance. He proceed to explain the hassle of not having insurance I explain to him am a regular and I have alway used my own insurance I haven't had any problem thus far. Thinking he was through hassling he gave me the contract to sign that I didn't want their insurance but in stead made me sign the form that said I accept!! This has to be illegal. I specifically explain to him I did not have my glasses when I got to the counter. Thought I was renting from a reputable company and trusted this is shifty business practice my fiancé was on the phone when I told this man No! The company is saying I have no argument because I signed accepting. He told me the form was to acknowledge I didn't want their insurance. Bottom line upon returning I was charged $753.

Mad as hell 4/18/14 5:53AM

I am writing in regards to the service I received this morning at your Raleigh Durham airport site. I arrived approximately 6:30 am to drop off my car. I entered the building to a woman with the worst attitude I have seen in a long time. She walked back and forth behind the counter ,I kept following trying to figure out what computer station to stand at. She was also complaining about a customer who couldn't figure out which car was hers!?! Really? C'mon.Your employee then says to me 'receipt? Paperwork?' I said 'oh I don't think I have it but I do have everything on my phone'. She then says 'gas receipt?' I said 'oh it's full I just filled it,but don't have a receipt,I didn't realize I needed one but you can check it'. (Very nicely w/respect) she says with attitude' I know I can check it ! ,that's NOT what I asked you' I said oh I'm sorry I just want to be clear I did fill the tank. She just kept sneezing and continued with a less than professional attitude. We did say God bless you by the way. I will say that when I did arrive on Sunday afternoon I was greeted by a lovely older gentleman. I work in the service industry , but I certainly don't treat any of my customers in a disrespectful way. To top it off this was all in front of my daughter. This was my first time with thrifty.... Maybe my last.

Anonymous 4/16/14 2:28PM

I rented a car at Thrifty in Fort Lauderdale in March 2014. Upon returning the car, we accidentally left 2 electronic tablets in the trunk (since the parking garage was basically pitch black and the tablets were black, we did not see them). We submitted an online report and 2 weeks later we were advised that my 5 year old iPad (worth about $45) was found but the $500 Samsung Galaxy was not. BOTH tablets were TOGETHER! To top it off, they charged us $30 to return the iPad, which some moron STUFFED into an obviously too small box. The iPad is now crushed and in 1000 shards of glass. After calling 5 different numbers and speaking to 7 different idiots, I am having a glass of wine or 2 before I call 4 more numbers. I find it disgusting that this company cares so little about their customers (as evidenced by the comments on this site) AND employs THIEVES. Get your act together, Thrifty!

Pissed off 3/26/14 1:26PM

Flim flam is the way we can describe our experience with you.... If you care , please contact us... When we get home we will post our experience on every social media possible....we have never been so up sold and financially taken as by this experience... Jesse James without a gun is best way to describe what we have felt Thrifty to be ...Regards

Anonymous 3/17/14 1:27PM

I must of submit before was really. We didn't,t have a choice. I will tell all not to rent from your company go on a trip and this happens. That is a lot of money for a small car. Judy I hope you got the email before.

Anonymous 3/16/14 9:42AM

February 24, 2014

To AUTONOLEGGIO, AUTOEUROPA, Dollar Rent A Car, Thrifty Car Rentals:

This is the third time I have had to dispute overcharges made to my credit card related to our rental at your Naples office from 16/09/13 to 01/10/13. On 16/09/13 we rented a Citroen that was damaged and had a broken taillight, which I have been told is illegal. The damage was noted on the paperwork and was pointed out to the staff at the rental desk. We also paid for full insurance coverage so we wouldn't be charged for prior or subsequent damage.

After we returned home from our trip, we received our credit card bill and noticed we were overcharged $283.27 which we assumed was for the deposit that should have been credited. It turned out to be a charge for a Ford Focus to someone else that was clearly not our name or signature.

Next, we received a charge on 01/10/13 for $308.45. We were told this was to fill the gas tank after the car was returned for 7 liters at $44.00 per liter We had filled the tank in Lago Patria on our way to return the car, which is only 31.4 km from the Naples office. This means the diesel Citroen we were using only gets 4.49 km/l. Interesting that we were averaging 20.3 km/l during our visit. I don't know how we could have burned 7 liters in this distance!

Now, we are being told we need to pay for a traffic violation for crossing some restricted road in Pisa. We were following some friends in another car on that trip, and they never received a violation. Is it common practice that the Italian authorities target only rental vehicles? This doesn't seem a good way to attract tourists!

We are sending copies of this letter to Dollar and Thrifty Rentals to let all of your partners know that we will never again use any of these businesses for our travel or rental needs. We are also very discouraged from even traveling to Italy again because of these continuing unjustified charges.

Discouraged Travellers 2/26/14 3:26PM

I had a wedding to go to this past Saturday I reserved a mini van due to the fact my 90 year old mother in law broke her foot and was unable to ride in a standard car. I made a reservation and arrived at opening the parking lot was a sheet of ice and I almost killed myself. But the good part is yet to come the agent was pleasant took my CC and paperwork to sign and we went to look over the van. The van was a pigs sty filthy you would think they would take pride in there rentals they said they are unable to clean it but it gets better as we pulled away from snow mound the whole bumper fell off and they said there is nothing wrong and tried to push it back on. Needless to say my mother in law was unable to attend the wedding a ndit was very upsetting tried calling and was put on ever lasting hold.

lthfd 2/24/14 8:49AM

I got stuck with the 12 passenger van too and had to upgrade to an SUV +$70, then they were going to add gas @$60, so I said no, I doubt I'll use the whole tank. I almost did with perhaps 1/4 tank left and the fill up only cost me $35. Main issue was the the Toyota Rav4 gear shift had issues. I couldn't pull the key out unless I parked, turned the car off, turned it back on, went into reverse, turned the car off - 10x each time I exited the car. It was ridiculous and stressful to say the left. The air conditioning goes off, so by the time the 10x is past, one is sweating like a yak, and god forbid you opened the window, to close it, you'd have to go through the rigmorole all over again. There was no weekend 800 # anywhere on the contract and when I called 411 for the number, Thrify's roadside assistance said, "oh, yes, we're aware of this problem with the Rav's here's what you do. Then I was disconnected. They offered me $50 back on a $500 bill, and I declined it. I hope corporate can do better, but judging from the comments below, I doubt it.

Kim Hollingworth 2/20/14 1:13PM

I had the worst experience every with Thirty rental car. When I arrive to pick up my car, they could not find the reservation. Then they provided me with the worst car renatl in my life. The car was scrathed up from front to back. The cigaratte smile made me sick. The interior of the car was horrible, and the exterior was not clean. Please give me a call

Anonymous 2/19/14 2:14PM

Got to MCO with a prearranged rental. It took 1.25 hours to get the car. That's the best part. The rental agent lied to us about needing a "platepass" for the toll roads. Said these roads did not take cash or cards, only plate passes. Lie. We went through 4 of them between Orlando and Tampa and they all had coin basket lanes. We were charged per day for nothing. When I called Thrifty and waited on the phone repeatedly, I finally got through to an "customer service" agent who told me "I signed the contract".... basically telling me tough (*&^*&. She then offered a $20 chit for a future rental, as if I would ever use them again. The millions of dollar company would not put $20 back on my card. Anyone want a $20 chit for $10, let me know.

bill 2/19/14 12:54PM

I had a terrible experience with Thrifty!! I called Thrifty 5 weeks in advance to get prices then, went there personally to book. The young man had confirmed everything we had spoken over the phone and booked the 7 seat passenger SUV/Minivan. Luckily I thought about going there to confirm everything before I picked up the rental car. Can you believe the same guy told me he had NO car for us!!! I asked him what was I suppose to do know with 4 day till my vacation? he had the guts to tell me "go somewhere else, I don't care, take your own car"

Butterfly 2/10/14 11:37AM

I had a horrible experience with Thrifty Car Rental in Tampa, Florida. I made my reservations three weeks in advance for a midsize car, which included the time of my flight arrival so they would have the car ready and waiting. After waiting in line I was told they didn't have a car for me. I would have to wait and they didn't know how long the wait would be. Or I could pay an additional fee and be upgraded to a midsize SUV. I was already paying a huge amount for the car for a week so I wasn't going to pay even more. What good is a reservation if they can't follow through. I was in town to take care of my son who is sick and at a medical clinic. I needed to get to him as soon as I could. So I fell for their scam and paid the additional amount of money and got a vehicle so I could get out of there. When I got into the
Ford Escape, it was filthy! There was even a used Q-tip on the console....gross!! I make quite a few trips back and forth to Florida to help my son and I will need a rent a car but the next time it will not be with Thrifty!! I will not forget this experience when I make my next reservation!

Disappointed traveler 2/5/14 6:36AM

I reserved a compact car two days in advance for my flight into Raleigh durum airport late on 1/21/2014 . I arrived a little after 11:00 pm and waiting for the shuttle in freezing weather for 30 min, I finally arrived to sign for my car . they didn't have any cars left and my only option was a dodge grand caravan. I was shocked at the condition of this van the entire van ,windows ,lights and all were covered in a very thick layer of road salt residual and dirt the inside was dirty too, now if that wasn't bad enough the gas tank was less than half full and the wiper fluid was completely empty. the next morning at 5am I was at a gas station in freezing temps washing the windows and lights just to be able to see and be seen to drive safely. also putting gas and washer fluid in. now is this the way your corporation wants there travelers business or other wise to be treated? I hope not! As I stand now I after this business trip I will never use either of your companies again, and believe me I will be spreading the word to everyone I talk to do the same and shame on you.

annoyed traveler 1/24/14 3:16PM

I had reserved a compact car and upon arrival to Calgary my vehicle was not ready and I was told it would be about 45 minutes to an hour. Shortly after they asked if I wanted to rent a van and I said that I preferred to wait for a compact. They tried to rent this van to several other customers and nobody wanted it which meant that the wait for my vehicle was going to be longer than anticipated. I finally agreed to take the van. It had paint on the door, and a rock chip on the driver's side window, and when I left the lot the windshield wipers were not working properly. I indicated the damages to the attendant who told me it was no problem. I documented it on my copy of the rental agreement. My husband was witness to the problems with the van and also was aware that it was not the vehicle I had reserved.
Two weeks after returning the vehicle, I was very upset to receive a letter charging me with repairs of the rock chip and have been since trying with no success to contact someone either at Thrifty support or at the number on the damage recover letter I received. Attached to the damage claim is an accident report that indicates I "refused to sign and describe the accident". This is a blatant lie. My husband was with me when we returned the car. It was inspected , we received our bill and no mention was made of the rock chip and no report was filled out. This seems to be a scam to get me to pay for damages that were already on this vehicle. I have tried to contact someone and all I get are voice mails and then letters saying I owe them for the rock chip. I used to be a loyal thrifty customer and am very disappointed that they would actually allow their rental agencies to get away with things like this.

Anonymous 1/20/14 9:42AM

I Was In Myrtle Beach Sc Last July Vacationed With My Family And Had Rented A Car For A Week Through Dollar Rental Car Dealer ( From 7/23/13 To 7/30/13 ). The First Night I Was There, A Car Pulling Out Of A Parking Space Hit My Rental Car On The Side While I Was Driving Through The Parking Lot Of A Restaurant. The Rental Car Had Refused To Provide Me With Another Vehicle. I Was Stuck Driving A Damaged Car For A Whole Week During My Vacaton. I Received A Letter Last Week ( Dated January 6,2014 ) From Purco Fleet Service Inc Which Handled All Claims And Repairs For Thrifty And Dollar Rental Companies. In The Letter, They Mentioned That Usaa Insurance Company From The Other Car Had Paid For All The Repair Except The Loss Of Use ( 5.75 Days At $32.68) Which Amounted To $262.91. Purco Is Trying To Collect On The Behalf Of Thrifty Car Rental The 5.75 Days That The Car Was In The Shop For Repair. How Greedy Are Purco And Thrifty Car Rental Companies ?????. They Would Rather Collect The $262.91 On The Short Term Gain Than Take A Loss And Keeping Me As A Return Customer For Future Car Rental. I Have Been Renting Car For Business Trips And Personal Vacations And Also Have Involved In Accident In The Past, I Have Never Been Told To Pay A Penny By Other Rental Companies When I Was Not At Fault. I Have Received Another Letter On January 15 By The Same Person From Purco Named Tyler Child, His Phone Number Is . In This Letter, He Threatened To Submit A Negative Credit Report Reflecting On My Credit Record To A Credit Reporting Agency If He Does Not Receive The Payment Within 10 Days Of January 15th. I Have Left A Message Concerning This Matter To His Supervisor Named Jammy Delany And Have Not Heard From Him Since. I Will Proceed To File A Complaint With The Bbb In Spanish Fork Utah For Their Greediness, This Is Where The Letters Originated From. Purco Fleet Service Inc Main Phone Number Is 801-798-2400. The Claim Number With Purco Is 430454. If Purco Go Ahead With The Negative Credit Report, I Will Put This Letter On Facebook And Advice People Not To Rent From Thrifty Or Dollar Rental Companies. I Hope Thrifty Car Rental Company Corporate Office Will Do The Right Thing And I Won't Have To Take Further Action On My Part.


TX3TENNIS 1/19/14 6:18PM

I rented a car at TF Green Airport in Warwick RI in November. This week I received a notice that I had a $0.10 toll that I had not paid and for that they were adding a $15 admin fee! After several hours with one person and another it appears that even though I am not from that area I should have known there "could" be roads that would have a toll and there be no toll gate. But no one at Thrifty is responsible to disclose that fact. I "should have" been offered the Plate Pass--I was not--so how could I decline. Then I was told I should have been notified when I turned the car in--not! If there was a toll, for $0.10 does anyone at Thrifty think I would intentionally not pay? Apparently they think I would from what I was told. One person-Mike-couldn't give last name for security reasons!!-said I should have used different roads! Why in anyone's common sense would I have to use different roads if I didn't know there was a toll. I called the Rhode Island Toll Turnpike and Bridge Authority, and they have no record. Thrifty claims they DO NOT have to provide proof! What a scam! Take heed before thinking of renting from this company

Anonymous 1/14/14 2:33PM

I wish I would have read all these bad reviews about thrifty car rental before renting a car from them. They promised us a compact car and when we got to the counter to pick up the car we ended up with a caravan!! The thing that bothers me the most though is that I accidentally left my TOM TOM in the back seat of this rental car on 12/31/2013 and have asked repeatedly to have them return it to me or at the very least contact me. They have done neither!! They have decided to keep my property for their own and ignore my plea. I will never again rent from such a terrible rental agency!! They are not honest or considerate of their customers. This company keeps these practices up and they will no longer be in business!

Anonymous 1/8/14 10:02AM

I am still fighting Thrifty over a rental agreement from Oct. 2013. Rented car on line at $80.62 and got home to an e-mail receipt of $578.52. The only thing "right" on the receipt was my name! Have sent all paperwork in and they still owe me $93.30! Very poor operation! BBB is my next trip!

Leonard America 1/3/14 11:38AM

I am still fighting Thrifty over a rental agreement from Oct. 2013. Rented car on line at $80.62 and got home to an e-mail receipt of $578.52. The only thing "right" on the receipt was my name! Have sent all paperwork in and they still owe me $93.30! Very poor operation!

Leonard America 1/3/14 11:37AM

I pre-booked a car rental from the UK to be picked up at SeaTac Airport (Seattle, WA) when I saw the representative at the desk we completed paperwork and was told that all charges were covered from my pre-booking. I was then asked if I wanted additional coverage, which I declined.

I was given a "summary" of my rental costs (I did not receive an invoice from the UK operation)and asked to sign the rental agreement, which I did.

On my return to the UK my credit card was charges with an additional $496.49 !! When I queried the charge I was told that I had agreed to the additional coverage, which certainly did not agree to. As a matter or principle, I never take additional insurance whether it is on electrical goods, loans, vehicle hire or any other item - it is a waste of money and in most cases, unnecessary.

I would expect to be reimbursed with these charges which were not wanted, agreed with or accepted.

In the future I will be looking to rent with other hire companies other than Thrifty - and Hertz, who own them.

Anonymous 1/2/14 10:35AM

I recently rented a Thrifty car in Cancun, Mexico. I purchased insurance with Allianz before I left.

When I picked up the car, the Thrifty representative told me my insurance was "useless" and I had to buy his insurance, It was " Mandatory" I told him I already had insurance and did not need any more insurance. He told me three times it was mandatory, and I was charged $ 9,612 per annum ,prorated for my time renting.

This mandatory insurance scam is potentially ruining your reputation and costing you a lot of future business. You need to look in to this matter if you want to remain in business.

Anonymous 12/26/13 12:54PM

Hello, I am writing to let you know about an incident that happened at the FT Lauderdale airport return car rental location. If you cannot answer this e-mail I would appreciate it if you would direct it to the proper offices or Person in Charge of Thrifty Car rental.
My boyfriend Allen Calcia recently rented a car (Confirmation # FVX3BN). We returned the vehicle which was a 2012 Dodge Avenger to the car rental return area at FT Lauderdale Airport about 1:30pm on December 5th. We had just found out that our flight to MA had been cancelled and we had to scramble to get another flight and we returned the car early according to our agreement. In all the confusion I left my black pocketbook in the vehicle but went back about 10 to 15 min later to retrieve it. In my pocketbook there was a folded up envelope with $900 in $100 bills. I purposely put that envelope at the bottom of the pocketbook. When I got the pocketbook back the envelope was unfolded and there was only $800 in it. The person in the booth knew right away when I came running up to him that I was the one who had left it in the car. He did tell me to check to see if everything was there and I glanced in the pocketbook to check to see if anything was taken. I did notice the envelope was disturbed and was open but I thought better of accusing anyone of stealing my $100 of my money and that is why I am writing to you. When I got back to my boyfriend who was waiting for me at the shuttle I found out I was missing the $100. I want an investigation to find out who handled the pocket book after I left it in the vehicle. I am not accusing anyone but the fact remains that there was $100 missing and the pocketbook was never out of my sight until I left it in the vehicle. There was a young black woman that checked us in when we returned the car and another black man with a white shirt who was using a phone outside the booth who may have been some sort of manager or supervisor. I don't know the names of these people because unfortunately we were in a hurry to get to our plane. There was also a young black man who appeared to be going to take the car to clean it out I saw him walk towards the car so that is why I am saying that. I am very upset that this happened to me but short of accusing anyone, I really want to get this money back! I hope that you will investigate this incident and talk with the people who may have been responsible. It saddens me that there are dishonest people who may be working in your company.

Thank You

redsoxlovr 12/15/13 8:51AM

My experience at the Thrifty office put a damper to the beginning of my holiday family visit for Thanksgiving, since I felt as if I had been PROFILED. I am an Honorably Retired Military Veteran and Federal Government employee and will NEVER recommend anyone with a Spanish name or surname to rent a car from Thrifty Car Rental in San Juan or in Puerto Rico. I reserved the car with a Nationally recognized Credit Card, had a Valid Florida driver license and then the counter rep' brow beats me about providing Proof of Insurance, when trying to sell me the Over Priced Thrifty Car Rental product. Isn't the Nationally recognized Credit Card also supposed to take care of that when even the SAME counter rep' said so? Meanwhile, I am also listening to see if the Caucasian woman to my left and an African American man to my right are treated the same way by the counter rep's that were taking care of the paperwork for them and NADA/ZIP/NOTHING of the sort is occurring! Is this the norm? I had a friend who was down in PR a few months ago, lost her wallet, driver license and other proof of ID. With MY Credit Card I rented a car for her via internet and she was NEVER even asked for proof of insurance when picking up the vehicle! She is Hispanic, but I guess with her Italian or Portuguese appearance and look alike name, they didn't feel a need at the car rental place (name??) to brow beat her about Proof of Insurance. I strongly feel as if I had been Profiled at this particular Thrifty location (next to the L.M.M. Airport in San Juan) and wouldn't be surprised when my fellow Union members go down to PR, that those with Spanish names are treated the same way. This is my second time commenting on this incident and will be writing a same or similar letter to the Thrifty Car Rental Corporate offices, my UNION (AFGE), THE DACO Consumer Protection Office in PR AND ANYONE ELSE THAT WILL LISTEN. ALSO of note, if you have an early flight BEWARE, this particular location that is located close to the L.M.M. Airport does NOT open until 6 AM! They stroll in, at just about opening time to set up for the days business! Luckily, upon my arrival at the airport there weren't many people trying to check in at the airline that I was using, unlike some of the other airline counters that WERE packed with people when I arrived! By the way, I called my auto insurance company the next morning so that proof of insurance would be FAXED as instructed (demanded?) by the counter rep' (I do have his name and that of the manager, who was attending to the Caucasian woman to my right).

Now I Know 12/11/13 4:36AM

Over charged in Dominican Republic. Again this week overcharged in Puerto Rico. In savanna Georgia they tried to charge me for a late return,but the company made it right being I was on a plane by 0730
I make a reservation for a total estimated price,and when I get there they up the price.
I guess I'm a slow learner. Rick

rick 12/8/13 2:17PM

I rented an intermediate car (Kia Forte) for 4 days from Dayton-Vandalia, OH location. I picked the car up at night. The next morning I left for my trip. After stopping for breakfast in Florence, KY I noticed the tires were very worn. The car had 45K+ miles on it. I called and asked for an exchange from another location. After initially directing me to a location in Knoxville, TN for a vehicle exchange they instead told me to go to a dealer in Lexington, KY whose name and address they provided. The dealer said the tires were below legal limits. Three were the original, the the fourth a worn out replacment. Thrifty then said I had to pay for the tires. After some heated words they said the manager in Dayton, Rick, would not agree to new tires. He said I had to wait for a replacement vehicle from Louisville, KY and it took another 2-1/2 hours. They brought me a sub-compact car (Ford Focus). My 6'5" frame was not happy. It had already take four hours out of my travel. Several days after my return I had never heard from Rick. I called an complained. He said he was relitively new. He said he was going to put in for a $35 credit but would have to check with his manager. One week later, no word. I called back and Rick said the $27 credit was approved. He claimed he called me but my cell phone has no record. I told him I was not happy. As a minimum I should receive a 4-day credit for the diffence in car sizes. I told him I would take it to corporate. I asked for his last name and he hung up.

Al 11/14/13 11:34AM

I have had two horrible experiences with Thrifty - Last year I rented a car in Aventura, Florida (where I live). I was going on vacation to Mississippi and New Orleans - First the car had a problem with tire pressue and I had to stop and trade it in halfway to my destination. On my way back the front headlight on the new rental wasn't working, so once again I had to stop at a Thrifty rental place and trade it in. This year I decided to give you another try. I rented a car 3 weeks ago, again in Aventura, for a trip to North Carolina - 30 miles north of Aventura, we had to pull in to a Thrifty rental place because the radio and other info on the screen was in Spanish and no one knew how to convert it into English - Once again we had to go 10 miles out of our way to get another car. So in our two trips we not only wasted time, but gas as well - Not a happy camper and thought we should have gotten some discount for our trouble - Didn't happen

Anonymous 11/5/13 10:48AM

My name is lisa bingham. I just left a comment earlier. I talked to Rick and the Dayton-Vandalia location. He stated he was the manager and he couldn't do nothing for me. I am real upset with your company. I derserve a car to drive because that's what i reserved to drive. If I don't answer leave voice mail. I don't get off work until 3:00pm but I will call back. And by the way, the lady who waited on me yesterday said that there would be a car back today for me to drive. She stated there would be alot of cars coming back today; so where did they all go. I should have had one saved for me since I have had a reservation already in.

Lisa 11/5/13 9:05AM

I called on Sunday and reserved a car for Monday, November 4 at 4:00 pm. I called twice on Sunday just to confirm and called again on Monday at 3:45pm to make sure the car was ready. The lady said the car is ready. I'm in need of a rental car because my car is getting fixed. My daughter drives me to pick up the car and there isn't any. I was very upset with the situation. All there was to drive is a mini van. She said that I could pick up a car tomorrow. All I had to do is call in the morning and call Thrifty in Vandalia. Anyway, I try calling the Dayton Internal Airport-Vandalia and no answer. I called the 800 back to get set up with a car and still no car. I'm not comfortable driving a van and I don't want a van. I reserved a car and that's what I want to drive. I'm so upset with the whole situation. I think the 800 number and the vandalia-dayton number need to get things together. You call to reserve a car and you don't get what you reserve. When I called this morning about my situation, Rick said all they had was vans and suv's to drive today. I told him, well give me a suv to drive instead of the van I have. He said no they are already reserved out. Well I reserved a car and I didn't get a car. So let me get what I want to drive and let somebody else get the van to drive. I just think your service is terrible and I won't ever rent a vehicle from your company and I sure will pass the word on to my fellow friends and coworkers. I think I deserve some kind of compensation. If I don't get any response from your company today, I will be going to the better business bureau to file a complaint

Lisa 11/5/13 9:01AM

This is the worst car rental experience I have ever had, a friend recommended but had never rented from the Charlotte airport.
It was not a satisfied customer experience and I will never rent from them again. Also when we contacted them no one would return the phone call nor did anyone car whether we were a satisfied customer or not which happened to be the corporate promise.

Prissy 11/1/13 4:19PM

I made a reservation in bozeman Montana for a mini-van as we had 6 passengers. We got to the counter and they didn't have a vehicle to accommodate 6 people. We asked her to find another company for the same price. Of course she said she couldn't do that. We did get another car for $10.00 more. My point is DON'T RENT FROM THRIFTY!!!!!!!

FOOTBALLFAN 10/28/13 4:10PM

Today, I called and made a reservations....asked all the necessary questions because I intended on renting with a debit card. I was told, it was fine that I can rent with a debit card. I asked what where all the qualifications for renting with a debit card. The guy that I spoke with said, the only thing that will be charged will be 75.44. I ask again to make sure. This time I asked if a deposit would be required. He says, no deposit is required, but there will be a hold on your card for 10 to 15 % of the rental. Fine!!! However, when I get to the counter, the agent James, who was very nice, said that yes I could rent with a debit card and that the total price would be 139.00 and that an additional 20.00 would be held. Fine, however, my complaint is that when I spoke to the customer service agent when I called in, he did not inform me that a credit check would be done, if you rented with a debit card. I asked him to explain the policy to me two times and not one time did he say anything about a credit check. If this was the case, I could have made other arrangements to obtain transportation to a very important meeting I had this evening, and had to miss, because of mislead employees. Called several times, still no resolve.

Hate Thrifty 10/25/13 4:32PM

If you are smart, never, never, EVER rent from Thrifty! They are not the least bit interested in customer service, overbook to the max and do not care in the least that your time may be valuable. We rented at Raleigh Durham this past weekend , had a confirmation made weeks ago, then get to the location and (no lie) there were at least 25 people ahead of me. I finally got to the counter one hour and 40 minutes after arriving at the property, only to be told there were no cars. As one car pulled in for return, the next person in line was served. It is an incredibly inept, broken system. The manager never once came to see if he could offer any help or move things along. Then the same person who takes eons to enter whatever in to the computer is then the same person who leaves the desk and goes out to "find you a car". So now no one is at the desk and the line keeps getting longer and longer while you wait forever. Oh...and when they find you a car, it is not going to be the one you reserved. Then they have the temerity to offer you a different one that is available and still want to charge you for the "upgrade" to a car you don't even want. People with 3 small children who needed car seats had reserved a van, but there was none to be had. Stay away from Thrifty. They reel you in with the low rates, but then offer nothing in return. One of the employees even ventured to say that they have made suggestions to management to fix problems and "not one of the big shots sitting in their big mansions and making the big bucks listens because they don't care what goes on down here". I have a letter going to one of those big bucks persons today. This poor service is inexcusable. Because of their poor service, I missed an important business appointment. Unless you have all the time in the world and nothing important to do, you defintely want to avoid Thrifty at all costs!

JAO 10/16/13 10:23AM

Absolutely the worst experience that I have ever received from a car rental company. As a frequent renter of cars we have never been treated so disrespectfully from a customer service representative. She came to help my fiancee with food in her mouth and was totally disrespectful when she told him that since the contract was in his name that he needs to use his own credit card and not mine even though I was standing there and gave him permission to use it. She also said in a very hostile tone of voice that he needs to get a Sunpass from them or else be charged fifteen dollars for every toll that we go through without it. He explained to her that we have our own Sunpass which we will be using. At the end of the transaction, I went up to the counter and she totally ignored me for about a minute while she fiddled around with something on the floor. Then when my fiancee and ten year old son were in the parking lot she sent several police officers over to talk to him under the false claim that my fiancee was yelling at the rental counter which he definitely was not. This traumatized my son and we wounded up having a very bad first day on our trip as the result. I am warning you that the woman in the Key West airport is very nasty and I suggest that you try and avoid doing business with her. I just called up the main headquarters and the man that I spoke to also was not helpful at all and simply told me that he is going to write my comments down. Essentially this means that they are not going to do anything about this situation. It is apparent that the only thing that Thrifty car rental company is interested in is money and not about the service that they provide to the customer. I suggest that people should consider twice about renting from them.

Very disappointed 10/16/13 7:46AM

absolutely the worst experience ever with a car rental. I lost my right leg last November and wanted a car with hand controls. got to philly on time and when I got to the counter they would not say what was wrong. take a seat and a manager will be out soon. finally, he said we don't have your car. it will take 1-2 hours. he did take something off the bill. when the car arrived the post you use for the brake and gas was to close to the steering wheel and there was no knb to help you make turns. way to go thrifty, you just lost a lot of future business.

5544fish 10/14/13 3:40PM

We recently rented a car from Thrifty at te Vegas airport. First of all, our wait in line to fill out paperwork was over an hour. Finally we were sent to the garage to get a car. A female employee pointed to three cars and said ,"Take one of those." As we lugged all our luggage towards the three cars three other customers each were taking the three cars. So back we went to your employee who finally directed us to other cars. Lady was not very professional nor friendly. We finally left and within minutes my husband detected a noise which was a wheel bearing. We returned to Thrifty again and needed to wait for paperwork and then lug our luggage again across the garage.
We landed in Vegas at 10:15 and finally arrived at out hotel at 2 pm. During this wasted time your customer service was unacceptable. While waiting in the long line another customer actually called your management and we could hear how frustrated she was because she could not get anyone to do anything about the long wait that we were all experiencing. It was not a good way to start a vacation and we would not recommend Thrifty to other travelers. It is a shame that you can offer good prices but can't offer a good product and good customer service.

Kath 10/12/13 2:52PM

I WILL NEVER USE THRIFTY AGAIN!!! We rented a 2006 Toyota Corrola in Grand Cayman, May 12,2013 and returned it May 19, 2013. WE waived the added collision insurance due to having this available through our credit card company. We had a minor fender bender not involving another vehicle. we called it in to the Thrifty office and was told we can bring the car back in to replace and they would get 3 quotes to send to us and we'd choose the least expensive, but we chose to keep the car because it was still drivable. We did get referred to a collision company by the manager of the condominiums we stayed in. They gave us a quote of $800 to make all repairs. We also took pictures of the damage. We returned to the States and waited for the repair quotes that never came. We got our credit card statement a few weeks later and saw that Thrifty had charged us $2,737.50 for minor repairs of a car that wasn't worth $2737.50. We contacted Thrifty on Grand Cayman and left a message for the manager to call us. He never called. We sent a certified letter and still got no response. Thrifty finally responded to our banks request for the invoice. However, they never provided the 3 quotes. This took over 90 days to get the invoice that showed proof of repairs. This is past the deadline for our credit card company to take care of the repair charges. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!! I am now waiting on Thrifty Corporate to do the right thing. I will update later. This has been a very stressful experience.

VLJP56 10/7/13 9:07AM

Tyler Childs for this company has been showing terrible customer service for six months. I did a three way call with my credit card company and tyler, my credit card company agreed to pay the loss of use portion of a claim i filed, but tyler childs refused to provide the agent with the necessary receipt to complete the claim, this is bad customer service and it also sounds like under the table kinda action, i am attempting to contact the corporate office to see if their view is the same as tyler's. It's beginning to look strange on this company's reputation

Looking at you 9/30/13 4:42PM

The most unfriendly customer service there is. Wife charged $16.00 service charge for a $1.00 toll road fee that she could not avoid. No way to exit airport without using toll road. Credit card charged 2 months later. Not given to option of paying the toll when car turned in. Called Customer service and got the usual run around. Was told to call Violations Department (what ever that means)They said she violated the toll road by not paying the toll - which is not possible - no toll booths. Then said she should have not taken the toll road - also impossible since that is the only road out of the airport. I asked why a $16.00 charge and a $1.00 toll and they said there was a $15.00 service fee. I asked them if the state of Florida knows they charge these fees. They said it was none of the states business. I asked to talk to a supervisor - I was told there are no supervisors. I call their Corp Headquarters and was transferred to customer services and got the same run around - asked to talk to supervisor and the lady would not transfer me. DO NOT rent from this company - unless you want to keep getting fees charged to your credit card months after the rental.

cal 9/27/13 6:35AM

Son rented a car in Phoenix (SkyHarbor), 1 day. Estimated per email was $130.81; he called and asked to keep car additional 2 hours. Per attendant @ he was allowed to keep, there would be additional charge of $19.00 per hour, he needed to return car before 3 hours and one minute or he would be charged 2nd day rate. He returned within 2 hours of contract. At time of closing out car, they told him total charges were going to be $343.00; additional charges of $168.00 in fees and taxes. Managers, Mario and Scott were both impossible or helpful. Will never, ever use this service again.

unbelievable 9/25/13 1:12PM

I rent a car, they hand write the contract. They screw up and don't transfer my CC into the computer and I get turned over to collections. Way to go Thrifty!

Sandy 9/9/13 1:54PM

WORSE place to rent a car - they are liars - they do not honor what they say in the phone -- they make empty promises ---

pam 8/26/13 3:03PM

I had a wonderful experience renting from thrifty car rental. Brand new car great gas mileage and prompt service upon return for only 39 dollars. Couldn't wait to use them again. 2 months later I get a 121.00 charge on my card for 4 tolls that I went thru when I had a FAST PASS on my person. My FAST PASS! I was already charged for the tolls on my pass, yet you want to bundle 15 dollar and 25 dollar admin fee's to quadruple that amount of my rental experience? I have never disputed a charge in my life, wish me luck.

brian 7/24/13 12:45PM

We recently rented a car at the SeaTac airport. After declining verbally to decline all extra insurance I was instructed to push decline on all the buttons as well which I did. This is a matter of debate. So when my bill at the counter was over 200.00 more than the Orbitz price they said it is due to holding a deposit and you will get it back. After vacation and seeing the credit card charge at 179.00 over the 303.00 price had reserved I scrutinized the receipt only to find a 100.00+ Lost Damage waiver on the receipt that I had signed at the pick up counter. After two calls to customer service the charge remains. Yes I signed the most confusing receipt but felt the person at the counter gave a reasonable explanation for the higher total charge. My first call was to Orbitz and that rep told me that he tells his customers to avoid Thrifty. I have used you in the past with no problems and currently have a reservation in October that I will cancel if this cannot be resolved to my satisfaction. Either way I will be sure to tell others about the outcome. If you need data please let me know. Tim McGettigan

unsatisfied customer 7/20/13 11:20AM

I recently parked my vehicle at your facility @ the TF Green airport on Post Road in Warwick RI.(07/15/13 The parking was prepaid C/C online. My stay was actually shorter than expected.
When returning to the facility I as was directed to the office because "I had not paid the entire rental amount"? They announced publicly "Do NOT go to your car" I thought it was an emergency of some sort!!!!
They demanded an additional $20.00 or my vehicle would NOT be released!(Becka Mgr.)
It's a scam that you should be aware is happening now!
I have used your Company many times before but sorry I won't again!

Pissed Off Customer 7/17/13 3:31AM

I recently rented a Ford Crown Victoria from Thrifty in Orlando Florida at the airport. I needed a car this size to accommodate a family of 5 people along with our luggage. I put my family in this car and drove it to Ocala. Unfortunately I got a flat tire. When I tried to change the tire I found all the lug nuts on this wheel were only hand tight! When I installed the spare it too was flat. I attempted to call the Thrifty emergency road service line and it took 20 minutes before anyone answered the phone. They told me I was responsible for the tires on the car since I did not sign up for their road side service plan! Really! I had to get a friend of mine to help me take the tire to get it repaired.

Further inspection of this vehicle revealed that the lug nuts on the right rear tire were also loose and the tire pressure in this tire was 65 psi, a potentially very dangerous situation. Other issues found included a squeaking and clunking noise somewhere in the fount suspension, and a hood that appeared to not latch properly. In summary this vehicle was poorly maintained and the condition it was given to me was nothing short of dangerous. Fortunately I have a knowledge base that aloud me to make this vehicle safer.

I was told that I could return the vehicle to the location I rented it from and pick up another car but they could not guarantee that I would get a replacement that was a similar size. As a result I kept this vehicle for the remainder of my stay since a smaller car would not provide me with the room I needed for my family and their luggage.

When I returned the car my complaints to the management fell on deaf ears. They reluctantly reimbursed me for the $10.00 it cost me to repair the tire at Walmart but they seemed unfazed that they originally gave me a vehicle that was unsafe and poorly maintained. They did however offer me a 10% discount on my next rental. Really! I will never rent from this company again.

I'm happy to get my family back safely 7/15/13

Very frustrated 7/15/13 7:24AM

I was on a short 2 night 3 day get away. The rental carvan smelled like body odor. The compartments under the seat for extra storage has not been cleaned since the first rental. Once I made these discoveries the place was closed. While on our get away the tire went flat. We spent four hours in 90 degree weather waiting for a tire change. They claim no rental switch out was available. Now, I have to spend my last day of vacation at a tire shop for them to repair or fix the tire. Then drive 8 hours back to Maryland. Turned my birthday getaway into a stressful weekend.

Frustrated & Angry 7/15/13 6:03AM

I rented a car last Friday, checked out at 2:03pm, when I retured it before 2:00 (after trying to find a gas station in a 10 mile radius) the sales person was trying to find a car for a 20 year old! I told her I have to return car by 2:00, she said "one moment" I told her you cannot rent a car to a 20 year old, but she kept trying to find him a car! The other sales associate said there is only one computer that can check you out. So by the time they got to me it was a 2:04pm, and they charged me for another day!! They did not ask for the receipt of gas! I was lead to another car for rental, but then was told it was over 35,000 miles and cannot be rented??!! I will NEVER rent another car from Thrifty!! I WANT MY MONEY BACK FOR THAT EXTRA DAY!!

diamondgirl 7/11/13 4:29PM

Thrifty charged me extra $400 dollars and i have a written proof from the agent who agreed to cancel the extra charges on my card but he didn't. Now you wont see the proof until my lawyer send Thrifty a notice.
Also i need information about who is incharge of Thrifty car rental office in Istanbul Airport, Turkey.

Romen Payman

Anonymous 7/4/13 4:59AM

Sirs, i just don't understand why it is such a hassle to get connected to a call center in whatever country you are calling from; or at least a call center with employees who don't have a language accent of another country other than that of thecalling customer.

I am a repeat customer of yours. I have used your services whenever i need a car rental. EVERYTIME I call customer service, I get someone in antoher country. I am in Houston, TX. This presence a serious language barrier. And when I asked to be transferred back to the United States, I am put on hold for 20 or more minutes each time. And even then the person who comes back on the line is still from another county. Once after being placed on hold for more than 30 minutes, a supervisor came on the line; and he was still from antoher country. I gave up after that. That's when I just call Enterprise Rental, got an AMERICAN IN THE UNITED STATES. I rented from them.
My problem is, I would rather rent from THRIFTY CAR RENTAL. Why not just give the customer what they ask for without all the delay & transfer after transfer to the wrong place.
Please just have someone in Marketing or Customer Care look into improving this service of yours.


JOYCE 7/3/13 12:37PM

Dear Thrifty

Recently I rented a car from your company for your company is whom I always use. This time my rental was from the Pensacola regional airport location and I must say. After being a deticated customer for year in my travels I will never rent from you again. Nor will i suggest my colleages and company officals rent thrifty again. I spent $1200 On a rental for just seven days because I extended a contract!!!

I had returned the vehicle and needed to rent another because to add a day the charges were doubled?!? Upon return I was told the fuel charge was cheaper then an outside source per gallon. LYE!!! I was short on time between returns so I agree to have them just charge my card. Well big mistake they had charged me $9.50 per gallon totalling $56.00 .!!! WTF. Then i make a new reservation fir it was cheaper then an extension! I get my total of $209 for the rental and go car. I m driving off and the car is running like trash, it smelt like trash and not 100 Miles away the engine light comes on!! Mind you this car has almost 50,000 Miles on it? Ran so bad i hoped and prayed Id make my destination. upon trying to return the car two days later it dies ob the freeway back to pensacola. So I pull off to the side then my colleages and I have to push the rental into a parking off the freeway or risk fines and a impound tow as told by local sheriff department!! I call roadside assistance and wait in the crazy heat fir the.tow! After 4 hours still no one shows so I call again for a reason. There running behind and if Id like I can leave the vehicle..Again WTF? WE decide to call a cab costing me $75 In fairs to get back to our hotel. Then in the end I see that Thrifty had charged my bank account not $200 As stated but $408 Because the car was towed back and I was charged for it?? They rent me a car and charge me the tow plus a crazy BS amount of fees costing me double. Then I ask for there overall managers contact info and name. Mr Terry is whom they refer me to I.cakl numerous times and leave messages on voicemail pro lem and needing his response. I am not from florida but from Hawaii and wanted this resolved before I left state! Still no contact or response and am dissapointed with how unprofessional Thrifty was and still have no resolve to this problem. If Thrifty could contact my phone or email and save face before I take this to A higher level. My attorney will be in contact with this company if I get mo response. This is a poor way to run such a large cooperation and its sad to see its how they make money off the hard working man!!! M if you could contact me about this where ypur sad repesentative employee could not Id be gratful. IF not expect response from my attorneys to a class action law suit. Thanks again. Mr Merck

mrmerck 7/1/13 1:08PM

Dear Sirs:
Unfortunately, what started out as a good experience took a nasty turn when I checked my car in at Dulles International Airport at apx 4:30pm on 6/24/13. The "gentleman" who checked us in (a man in his 40's who had a accent-not that that has anything to do with it) preceded to extort money from me in the form of a "tip" (which he had the gall to tax with final amount on appearing on the receipt as $9.38). I had filled the car up before bringing it back and admittedly used about a gallon of gas since that time. He said there was a minimum charge of $17.00 for gasoline fill up. I protested that amount as the price quoted at the time of rental was $3.99/gal. He said that didn't matter as he had full control over the amount charged and that if I would pay him an $8.50 tip he would let it go. I didn't have time to argue with with him. I paid the extortion and he was quite gracious about about it.

One thing I know from life is this:

A THIEF IS A THIEF IS A THIEF....... you think I will ever rent a Thrifty car again?....YOU guess........ For $8.50 you done lost me!!!

Whistleblower 6/25/13 4:45AM

I recently went to Thrifty to pick up my van that I reserved months prior. The day of the pick up I received an email reminded. However when I got there I was told "sorry" we do not have a vehicle for you! I was not given any accommodation like 2 vehicles (6 passengers) or even the
courteous email to tell me not to come or they were working to try to help me. Do to Thrifty's inconsideration I was 4 hrs. late leaving for my wedding.

krista 6/24/13 8:43PM

Due to a mishap on the freeway, it became necessary to rent a car while ours is in the shop for repair. Of necessity we must have a mid-size SUV. I shopped rental agencies and settled on "Thrifty". I was assured by the person at the reservation desk that a mid- size SUV would be in my insurance budget of $30.00 per day. In fact she said the fee would be $26.00 per day. I asked about direct billing to the insurance co. and was told to simply present my reservation number and it would be taken care of. The only "Thrifty" location in my area is at the Ontario Airport (Ontario, Calif.). Some thirty miles from my home. At the rental counter I was told the fee would be $28.00 a day and yes my reservation was in the system. When she was done on her computer we were told to go out and pick the SUV of our choice, the car would be scanned at the exit and entered into the system. At that time I asked about direct billing to the Insurance Co. and was told "We don't mess with that." We needed the car, and decided to just be re-reimbursed by the Insurer.
We returned the car thirteen (13) days later, expecting a charge of $364.00 plus tax. We were charged over $800.00. The manager at the agency said no, our arrangement was quoted at $50.00 per day. This is almost twice what we were quoted. We were charged for insurance that I had declined not once but twice. As well as fuel that I showed a receipt for. Your company is corrupt. This type of dis-honest and criminal conduct is a disgrace. I will make it a continuing practice to guide people away from doing business with your Co. And be more than forth coming as to why.
And as to corrupt, our receipt said we drove a total of 3500 miles. We used a total of 12.7 gal. Of fuel, never left town and only ran errands. Someone in that agency is either planning a long trip or is hiding accrued mileage. But then again a corrupt business would hire corrupt employees

thethad 6/18/13 1:48PM

Dear Sir:

Please allow me to vent my frustration with regard to a rental that I had with Thrifty Rental.
Over a month ago I reserved (with my credit card) a car at Catania Airport, in Italy, The reservation had been made for May 28th/13 pick up and June 10/13 return. On May 28th, I arrived at the Thrifty counter at Catania airport, Italy to pick up the rental car. The Thrifty employees made me wait 2 hrs. and 45 minutes in line and when it was my turn, they told me that they could not give me a car as they would not accept my credit card. Now, if your company accepted my credit card for the reservation, why didn't Thrifty accept my payment at Catania airport? I had to hire a taxi to take me home and cost me $300 for the ride and I was without a car for the duration of my two weeks in Italy. No words can explain how upset I am for what happened at the Thrifty office in Catania and I still don't know why they refused to give me the rental. I shall make sure that neither I nor my friends and/or acquaintances will ever use Thrifty Rental Car.Extremely dissatisfied with the service and horrible customer care.

Thank you for your attention to the above matter.

Yours truly,

Customer who will never use your rental again!

Anonymous 6/17/13 9:04AM

Will never use them again! You would be better off WALKING! Our car battery died leaving us stranded in the desert between CA and AZ with a 3 year old. It occurred 3 times before I could get it to the airport at our destination to swap it out which took 6 hours! Upon returning they offered a simple $22 credit -- what a joke. The clerk was a Islamic woman who had NO customer service skills -- they would have been better served by putting a sticky note pad on the chair and simply let customers write their complaints. While I am arguing with the clerk another customer walks up as they are picking up their vehicle and the check engine light is on -- couldn't help but to warn them to check the battery too. We live in AZ where we picked it up but they charged us a CONCFEERECOVERY (for airline passengers) and a FREQUENTFLYER fee. ONLY 12% of our total cost had ANYTHING to do with daily rental fee. 64% of our total cost came from Customer Facility Charge, Facility Maintenance, Energy Recovery Fee, Frequent Flyer Surcharge, Additional Driver, Under 25 Driver, Loss Damage Waiver. 24% of our total cost came from CONCFEERECOVERY, State Tax, Vehicle License Fee, and County Stadium Tax. AVOID DOLLAR AND THRIFTY-- same company -- modern day highway robbery. Should call it THIEVERY instead of Thrifty!

anyonebutthrifty 6/12/13 8:11AM

Thanks to my dishonest experience with Thrifty, I was forced to use Enterprise...yippee!!! They were honest and I received a bigger and better vehicle. My family and I reserved a van with Thrifty and ended up with a Chevy Suburban...fully loaded. Enterprises customer service skills are super!!! I won't waste my time and energy at Thrifty and I will look at ANY other car rental company in the future.

NO Thrifty for me...ENTERPRISE 6/6/13 6:57PM

I can see from the comments I am totally justified in putting this down. I had the demoness from HELL, Marta, at the airport location, I tell you Thrifty should go out of business, they have the worst employee of the year, she is so mean, ugly and unprofessional. She became upset because she was LATE, cancelled my reservation, and then sent emails to other locations to stop me. I thank GOD, that light conquoers darkness, I still p/u a vehicle but it costed more, I will NEVER, EVER use these people, listening to my daughter, she did this to me, I went thru hotwire for mother's day and went to Laughlin, NV, for 3 days had a beautiful 2013 loaded Sienna SUV, which was wonderful, great riding and just fun, had trouble getting back on time because of an accident, but I was going to rent from them this w/e and NO, my daughter said do THRIFTY, let me tell you, never do thrifty, just like the name they hire thrifty employees, like Marta.

HateThrifty 5/20/13 7:38AM

Biggest scam in the car rental business. They should be call Shifty Car Rental.
No matter who you call, they can not do anything to help you except, refer you back to the crooks you are complaining about. This tells me that the thievery goes all the way up to the very top of their Corporate Headquarters which is Hertz Car Rental in Tulsa Oklahoma. These crooks represent Hertz and therefore are an extension of the Hertz Corporation.
I was quoted a price of $136.36 for 7 days and the final bill was $376.46. I was strong armed into getting their insurance, when clearly, I told them I have insurance that covers rentals.
In order to use my insurance I was required to leave my first born and my right arm, which I could not do because I was on vacation and needed them both.
This is thievery on a corporate(Hertz)level, because of their wanton disregard to their clients' complaints.
Their clients are the ones that pay their mortgage, that put food on their table, that pay for their children's education. If no one were to rent from Hertz/Thrifty or any of Hertz's/Thrifty's affiliates, to the point of these corporate theives' lifestyle being affected, then perhaps they would listen to their clientele and hold their representatives(Thifty) accountable for their actions.
In this day and age of information, their complete exposure is just a matter of time, as all good things come to an end.

Pissedoff 5/17/13 11:07AM

I WAS (key word) a frequent Thrifty customer. Back in Sept. 2011, during one of the hurricanes that blew though the Albany area, I rented a car and returned it on time. Apparently, due to the storm confusion, my car was not entered as returned and I was charged for an additional day. The next time I rented a couple months later, Harold, the district manager mentioned I had an outstanding charge, but he'd take care of it. Yesterday I received a note from Thrifty Corporate saying they have attempted many times to collect and now this account is being turned over to collections. I tried to call the NJ office and was hung up on three times (wonderful customer service, which the BBB will also hear about. Now for two days I have been dealing with "Steven" in Albany who says nothing can be done about it and won't give me a number where I can reach someone. I use Thrifty all over this country, but will now find a more honest car rental company who truly cares about Customer Service. After reading the above comments, I can see I'm not alone in receiving poor customer service.

Joanne Cecchini 4/16/13 2:14PM

I had reserved a car from Enterprise rental car on March 31, 2013 at 16:30, to April 1 13:30pm. I reserved this car for a total of $39.00. However, when I arrive Enterprise had run out of cars. The Thrifty car rental booth had no business and the Thrifty Car Representative informed me very politely that he could make me a real good deal thru my ARRP membership. I asked the Thrifty Car Rep what would be the total charge for renting a car from March 31, 1700hrs to April 1, 23:00 hours. He informed me that he could rent me a car for $34.00, for those hours. He then asked if I wanted car insurance. I told him I was covered. He then informed me of the benefits of the car insurance and advised the insurance stating that my credit Card and insurance would not be sufficient if anything happened. The Thrifty Car Rep then informed me that he could make me a real good deal. That he could rent me the car for the indicated time and could include the a Thrifty car insurance for a total of $59.98 complete. I asked the Rep, is this the complete total cost for the total time, since I will not be returning the car until 13:30pm? The Thrifty Rep indicated that it was. I then said okay. And he wrote up the agreement that stated $59.98. Before signing, I asked again would this be the complete and total cost, I stated the check-out time March 1, 17:00hrs to the check in time April 1, 23:00. The Thrifty Rep again very nicely said yes. I said so this would be my complete and total cost? The answer again was yes. The rental car receipt says $59.98. When I checked the car in I was given a bill for $118.81.
Now I have a bill for $118.81. I NEVER WOULD HAVE RENTED A CAR FOR THAT PRICE WHEN I ONLY NEEDED THE CAR FOR A FEW HOURS. I called the local Thrifty Manager and the conversation started off good and went down hill from there. The local Manager kept bringing up a rock chip in the windshield and kept explaining to me how much it will cost to repair the windshield. This is a small rock chip that was already there. I explained the situation very politely and she at first said she would try to address it the next day. Then she regressed and said there was nothing she could do. When I further tried to explain my point she then started to get very abrupt and defensive. I explained that Thrifty should not quote a person a price for time A to time B, write the total cost on the rental agreement and then double the cost when the car is turned in an hour earlier then agreed upon. I feel I was scammed. I also did not appreciate being threatened about a small windshield rock chip that I did not cause. Especially, when I had their car rental insurance that I was talked into. I have never ever had this kind of experience with a car rental before. I would think twice before using Thrifty, read the fine print and do not trust what yu are told by the car rental agency.

Disapointed 4/9/13 11:17PM

My first experience and its horrible
The rental agent at Las Vegas I believe stole the cash from rental then they charged my credit card in top of that
When I had an so called investigation done each customer service agent can't get the story straight and I'm still waiting for the so called video they claim to have taken at the time of my rental purchase
So far I have contacted Las Vegas pd and looking at charging them for theft and credit card fraud
Awesome job thrift way to represent yourself

Pist off 3/30/13 11:27AM

i am very unhappy with the way that i was treated and lied to by one of your managers at one of your locations he was rude and unprofessional he was hollering at me over charged me.He told me that there was somethings wrong with a car that i returned he told me that he charged my account 293.00 dollars for cleaning fee when i know the car was not dirty he said he sent the car out to have it professionally cleaned then he turned around and said the car was in the back locked up so i asked him can i come and see the car and he then told me the car was not there and that nobody touched the car since i brought the car back so i then asked him again if i can come and look at the car and he started hollering at me and hung up in my face.I would appreciate if some one can please contact me back at your earliest convenience at 810 875 8437 thank you and have a good day.

alisha reed 3/20/13 2:34PM

Here we go. The same complaints as most but this time it was me. This was not as terrible some of you, but I still want my money back!

Booked online and was happy to be getting a Charger! My husband was really looking forward to it too. Unfortunately, it wasn't to be.

We arrive to be be greeted by a guy who was obviously not happy to be working for Thrifty Car Rentals. Who could blame him. If Thrifty can treat their customers poorly, they must really be awful to their employees.

I handed my itinerary to the guy and he indicated that we would be getting the Nissan Altima. He mentioned that the fine print states "or comprable". I told him the Altima was NOT a com probable vehicle and he suggest a Mustag Convertable.... for $150.00 more! What a rip! And we told him so.

Ask he was completing the paperwork (and why we stayed to rent with them I don't know), he said, "we don't carry Chargers anyway".

Unhappy Customer 3/10/13 3:01PM

I have never been treated in such a horrible way in my life than when I spoke to a very immature young man named Conner. He answered the phone at the Minneapolis airport behind the rental counter. His customer relation skills put me to tears. He was extremely disrespectful was not willing to help me in any shape or form and I am appalled at the fact he is working when others are so desperately unemployed! So much advertising goes in to the maintenance of your business but yet you allow for such embarrassing customer service manners??? I am shocked and very disappointed and much deserving of an apology from upper management or an acting supervisor!

Anonymous 3/4/13 5:14PM

I am a 60 year old women who decided to rent a car from Thrifty instead of Enterprise It was late at night and I was tired Somehow the bill went from $165 to 413.38. I did not ask for an upgrade. I asked for a GPS but the women behind the counter put in the address and instead of Naples she put Fort Myers I was very lost. I was told it would be MUCH CHEAPER if I returned the car and bought gas from you The gas was 70.11 I returned the car 3/4 full. I will Never use THrifty again

Kathleen 2/19/13 5:02PM

I rented a Thrifty Rental car at the Sea-Tac airport in Seattle on 10/23/2012 and returned it on 10/31/2012,record .Minutes after I left and got on the freeway the GPS froze. Since I was in heavy traffic there was nothing I could do about it.After I got to my rural destination I called the number listed on my paperwork and was put on hold and after waiting some time hung up. This exercise in futility was repeated again with the same result. I gave up.locked the GPS up and never used it. When I checked back in at the airport I told the young lady my story and was told "you should have kept on trying"!I asked to speak to a manager and was told there wouldnt be a manager in until "later".I dont think this is a good way to do business and am asking for a refund of $111.92 which was the charge on my bill for the GPS.I dont feel Thrifty operated in good faith or fulfilled there promise of cusyomer service. Thankyou D. Keel

Dukeaz1 2/9/13 5:14PM

My name is Carolyn Gamble. I had the worst experience with my last rental. The cars was ver dirty and the service was terrible. I had to exchange two cars. The last one was driving terrible too I would not call again. They game me 1 free day and they told me to bring the vehicle back empty. I spen 65.00$ on the second rental to return it. They said I had to fill it up. That was your Hialeah office. They could have done better toward me. I am not happy with what happened. Their is no communication between the divisions. I know that I am just on customer but customer service get you the customers back

Cgamble 2/5/13 9:11AM

Same problem as the previous commenter in Des Moine. I took the wild card for a compact sized car or larger thinking that going in to the weekend that the might upgrade me. Instead, after trying to get me to pay more for an upgrade (because they said they had a lot of larger cars not in use) they gave me a Chevy Aveo (listed in a lower classification on the Thrift website). When I complained that they were not providing a "compact car or higher", they insisted that this was a compact car at this location. You mean each location decides differently than Corporate does??? The agent wouldn't budge & the other customer said he had been stuck with a smaller than described car as well on his last rental that they likewise insisted was a compact. I'm still in process on this one as I intend to return & speak to the manager to try & get this corrected. The difference between good companies & the rest is that when something goes wrong, the good companies make things right. I'll soon find out the outcome on this one. I've used Thrifty in the past without problems. I'll soon know if I will use them in the future.

Anonymous 1/17/13 6:57AM

This rental company is horrific! I reserved a Full Size - Ford Taurus or similar online. I went to pick up my car on 12/23/2012 at the Lubbock Texas airport and was given a Honda Civic instead. They told me they were out of Taurus cars and that a Honda Civic was considered a Full Size by Thrifty. I argued with them and they made me pay an upgrade to a Ford Explorer. They also tried to force the daily insurance on me. I told them that no other rental company does this. They told me that I would have to take care of myself if the care broke down if I denied this daily insurance fee. The printer at this office was not working and my rental agreement could not even be read. They did nothing to accomodate me or apologize. The car that I picked up was filthy! Then, when I returned my rental today on 12/30/2012, I asked to change my credit card and bill it to a different one than the one I reserved it with, they told me that they can't change the credit card on the rental! This place is a joke! I will never rent from them again. I usually rent from National, Enterprise, Avis, or Hertz.... Be Aware of Thrifty and Dollar!!!! Scam....

Anonymous 12/30/12 7:55PM


DetroitStranded 12/28/12 9:30AM

You talk about ripped off..I have been a Thrifty renter for 7 years and rent about 225 days a year,,had a blow out on a major highway and had the emergency service put a doughnout on the car for a 200 mile drive home..then they had the nerve to send me a bill for a new tire...leaving them along with 2000 rental days a year in the company...hello new company

divitie 12/21/12 5:11PM

i rented a car through southwest airline points. car was at orlando airport. my reservation was for a full size ford taurus and never stated or equivalent. needless to say they didn't have one and told me to take a nissan altima, which is listed on thrifty website as a standard size as is ford fusion. when i called customer service at airport i was told they consider the altima (standard size) taurus (full size) equivalent, must be thrifty logic.

been ripped 12/6/12 12:31PM

While Thrifty in Kona, HI had offered the better deal amongst it's competitors and the guys at their depot were very helpful, the customer service reps over the phone are just terrible. They don't care about their customers and were so rude that she said ok well there is nothing we can help you with so I will be ending this call. She even had the nerve to say that the manager wasn't in and therefore she had full autonomy on every decision and refused to escalate my complaint.

Complaint: Guys at the depot lied to me about how payment was made, was charged extra fees from my bank because of it.

Oz_NSW 11/14/12 12:57AM

I called the montclair nj branch to rent a car and was extremely taken back by the unprofessional of the entire staff. The gentlemen was yelling and screaming the information and when I asked if he could lower his voice and not use that tone he screamed some more and hung up the phone. I called back to get the corporate number to issue a complaint and the lady who answered was even rudder. who are they hiring. I looked the number up and called the corporate office and again no help just a transfer to a dead line. obviously they dont care and practice this rude behavior. needless to say i will not be renting from this company and dont advise anyone else too. just plain disrespectful.

unhappycustomer 11/7/12 9:30AM

Went to Thrifty at the Buffalo Niagara airport and was shocked to see anti Obama political stickers on all of the cars. the the political choice was not really the problem. The choice of venue was. I'll never use this company again.TOOK THE TIME AND TROUBLE TO BOOK WITH ANOTHER COMPANY TODAY.

Anonymous 10/28/12 11:00AM

Rented a car in San Juan, P.R. I declined the AutoExpress pass because the personal at the office told me that all tolls in Puerto Rico has a cash toll. Decline the pass, to realize that not all tolls have cash booths. They charged me a $35.00 admin fee, plus $2.95 per day for this feature that I did recline based on their advice. Needless to say, I called Cust. Service spoke to Keisha (very unhelpful and not accomodating as well). I cannot belive that someone that works at a car rental can tell people that all booths have cash lanes when they don't. Upon returning the vehicle, they could of gave 3 craps about the situtation. I'm so discusted with these tricks of some of these rental car company. Remember we are the ones that keep you in business. If we decide to go with the competitor, YOU will be out of business. I filed a complaint in regards to the $35.00. I will pay for the tolls its just fair. This is something that if an attorney gets a hold of he/she could run with it and win. It is just discusting how they do take advantage of customers. I will post this in every blog I get to make the public aware of what is going on.

Angel 10/1/12 9:18AM

Your Denver location has used its knowlege to my disadvantage. If your rep would have said "four 20$ more you will save 200$ what do you think my answer would be?

pissed 8/30/12 5:00PM

I am not happy with Thirfty. I reserved my car rental months in advance. You over booked. I didn't have a car when I arrived. Your company person sent me to another car rental company I had to spend an additional up front cost of 600 dollars plus deposit. You rental agent stated that I could get a refund but it could take 3 to 4 weeks. This is the best you can do? Why can't you arrange payment for the difference without screwing your customers?

Not happy in Vegas 8/16/12 7:44PM

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