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Time Warner Cable corporate office headquarters location, phone number, address and feedback

Please find details for the Time Warner Cable corporate office below. We do our best to keep this information current, but if you are aware of any updates to the Time Warner Cable corporate office headquarters information we have, please feel free to submit an update.

Corporate Office Address:
Time Warner Cable Inc.
60 Columbus Circle
New York, NY 10023
United States

Phone: 212-364-8200
Fax: 203-328-0604

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They are undoubetedly very disorganized and inefficient.
I cancelled service November 8, 2013 and paid bill in full. I just had to return box which I tried to twice but office was closed the first time and the second time closed due to power outage. I finally returned 3 weeks later. I then was told I may get a bill, I said why, but lady at store was like well, that's just how it is. You will have to call customer service... I said, arent you that? No, cant help you was the response. I then get a collection bill for $110. I called and talked to a rep for quite some time. He said well I try to get it fixed but cant make any promises since it went to collections. Ugh! Since then I have gotten daily calls and hangups for this bill. I have sent them the info and included copies of the returned box and they continue. I am filing complaint with FCC and Corporate office. I just dont understand how they can continue to give just terrible customer service and still stay in business.

D.S., Cleveland, Ohio

D.S. 8/20/14 3:21PM

For years, I haven't been able to get On Demand for TNT on Time Warner because they apparently can't come to some agreement with them on fees. Stupid, Stupid, Stupid. I watch more shows on TNT than any other channel, but can't get them On Demand. Unfortunately I don't have any other choice of TV or internet service but I truly resent the Fat Cats buttering up their Stockholders at the expense of their customers. They offer many, many channels I have no earthly interest in, but charge out the wazoo while providing poor service.

Anonymous 8/8/14 1:38PM

Time Warner is the worst company and I really hate them I have been looking for another company and can't wait to change. We have service in Raleigh you have to take a number and wait so long because there are so many people. I don't recommend Time Warner to anyone at all.

dislike 6/19/14 8:07PM

I find it disturbing that a Communications Company fails to communicate with customers. I observe no concept of good customer service, except lip service! They fail to keep appointments (2) and have no regard for a customers time. Gee a call would be nice! It is all about TWC not the customer.

Disappointed 5/3/14 8:33AM

Time Warner Cable would do well to remove out of business locations as I just drove 80 miles round trip on the direction of map quest to a location in Redlands ca that has been a restaurant for years.

Pissed me off until I met "Elesia" at the Banning Ca office who saved T W a customer

Joseph Fenton 2/13/14 12:22PM

This comment is to let everyone know how much trouble I have had with Time Warner Cable and how disgusted I am!!!! When I first moved to my new house we were doing work in our yard and needed the cable to be fed through an underground pipe. Not to hard right? Well we set up an appointment and a guy came out saw where the pipe was and said he wasn't able to feed it through today and he would be back, never came back. We waited about a week for him to come back, called TWC said that it had been "completed" and scheduled for another man to come out. Well he came, asked if he could borrow our tools to do it with because his had been stolen the week before, really? And he couldn't finish the job, said he would be back, NEVER came. SO a 3rd man came out, said that he didnt know we needed the wires to be ran through the pipe, he left, actually came back and fixed the issue, after about a month of living here!!! THEN TODAY, I was on the phone with TWC FOR 3 HOURS!!!! because they cut my cable off last night for no reason!!! I am up to date on bills, no reason it should have happened and they even said they weren't sure why it happened. I get transferred back and forth between billing and sales 4 times, finally the 4th person I talked to tries to help me and finally after 3 hours of explaining my issue to several people its fixed! GEEZ!!! I seriously wish there were there were another Cable option in Lexington because I would use them in a heart beat!!! Cannot.Stand.Time.Warner.Cable!! and after all that they didnt offer to give me a discount but they did offer to "upgrade" me for another $10 a month, seriously???? I already pay enough a month, this company is a joke!!!!
A very very angry customer

Anonymous 2/12/14 2:40PM

TWC is with out doubt the single worst company that I have ever dealt with. The services are overpriced and customer is terrible. You can imagine how frustrated I am to take the time to write this note.

I cancelled my subscription on 1/13/14 and returned, by Fed Ex, the TWC equipment that was in my home. Today I received a call from a collection agency informing me I had an unpaid TWC bill of approximately 355.00. When asked what the amount was for, I was informed for non returned TWC equipment.

I went to the Fed EX website and determined that the equipment was returned and signed for on 1/27/14.

When I called TWC customer service to straighten it out I spoke with a Jessica who looked at my records and said she had to transfer me to collections so I could go through the whole rigamarole again. Of course, the call was dropped. And here I am venting my frustration on this web site.

I didn't receive any call concerning the equipment prior to the call from the collection agency and think this is a petty and vindictive policy for harassing subscribers who cancel their services.

To top it off, I'm owed a refund and no one has even mentioned that.

I will be filing a complaint with the consumer protection agencies located in the state in which I live and for the state in which the TWC service, or lack thereof, was received.

Anonymous 2/6/14 1:41PM


This writing is to file a complaint about a bogus address given to me by one of your employees about where I could drop off TWC equipment after I cancelled service. My ZIP is 90504 in Torrance, California.

The address I was given of the TWC office where I was to return the equipment was: 1799 W. Redondo Beach Blvd., in Gardena, California, the closest, I was told, to my home.

After driving and searching for such an address for 45 minutes, I could not find the address. Why did the person (I did not get his name) mislead me and cause me such problems?

I finally located the address of another office in Torrance where I was able to return the equipment. Was such misleading directions given because I cancelled my subscription with TWC?

I believe you should know about this matter as it affects the reputation of your company.


Ike Hatchimonji

Anonymous 2/3/14 6:18PM

I have been a customer for over 30 years. I have never had a late bill or any problems until now. I got behind on my Dec payment and decided to own grade until I could pay it in full. My past balance was $145.00 and my current is $103.00. This past Friday I down graded to just the phone and the cheap computer of $14.99. My son turned in the box and remote and was told that because of my past balance they would not give me a bill that was currently correct, because of my late bill. The representative was very nasty and actually started yelling at me.... I had no intentions of not paying my back balance. She just didn't want to work with me. After all these years that I have been a faithful customer and after only running into this small financial problem, I was treated like some low life. I am 68 years old and in a wheelchair, TV is the only enjoyment I have. Plus I enjoyed my computer. I can't believe how badly I was treated. I only know that I will be looking for another provider and I will never recommend your company or services to anyone again. You will be able to view it on Facebook.

Anonymous 1/27/14 1:04PM

conversation of 3 hr call with Time Warner(call was lost when phone battery went dead...did they call back no, even though they have my phone #). we have no specials (the one in my hand didnot count) they all ended Monday. I called back and got Jacqueline..oh no we can always do something..ok, with phone you can get yadda yadda. I don't want phone, internet and cable only. Me..ok I'll call ATT. TWC...let me get you to retention. Wendy in retention oh we can take care of you but you need to talk to customer solution. Clarice who says she is in retention (I was on hold from retention to retention) came up with an acceptable package starts to schedule appt and phone dies (I've been on for 2 hrs at this point). She does not call back. I call again and am on hold forever due to call volume. I listen and hear that I have an appt for 8-9 on Thursday..I work. Finally get cust. serv. and tell her I am not home 8-9. I give my work hrs and she offers appt for the time I end work, I explain I can't be there at the time I end work. There are no other 5-6 appts or Sat appts. I told her it did not need to be right away but she just kept saying there are no appointments. I asked EVER and she said there are no appointments. So 3 hrs and absolutely no resolve.

hutch 1/23/14 6:57AM

Very, very disappointed, My parents signed up for signature cable. Told get 500.00 gift card after 3 months. Never recieved, so they called. Were told not 3 months,3 payments. Well they have made 4. Also told sorry your will have it before Christmas. Guess what didn't happen. They been customers for 40 years. And in there 80's. Taken advantage of the elderly? Just asking. I feel like posting this across the internet.Hopefully something will be worked out. 40 year customer how sad to be treated this way.

gary 1/6/14 5:40PM

TWC has the worse phone service ever! My acct. is never noted properly and my checking acct. was drafted over $200 W/O MY PERMISSION!! An automated voice always reminds "all calls are being recorded" and when I stated to them to view the audio for the unauthorized draft and I will be taking legal action....they immediately refunded my money. Let me say I HATE TWC W/ A PASSION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They fall in line w/ VERIZON & AT&T. These companies are so large that ur call gets routed thru an extensive phone system before even speaking to a rep. I always get a name & location of the call center but unfortuntely notes are generally doctored to suit their needs, not the customer's. Little did they realize recorded conversations come back to bite them in the long run.

WILLIAMS 1/2/14 11:36AM

Recently I had several problems with my system and remote. I spoke with Vince Llams in the Philippines who took great time and patience to try and help me.As result of that call I had to have a service tec come to my house. Today service tec Nick Wells came and fixed my problem. I am very pleased.You need to know these two employees represent your company in a most cordial,professional, and caring way. It is good to speak or hear someone who is listening and responding to your problem. Kudos to both men. Be very proud you have them !!!!!

Vaughn 12/31/13 1:05PM

Time Warner Cable's email system is incompatible with Windows 8/8.1, according to their "Tech Support" people over in Asia who speak English rather poorly.

Windows 8/8.1 do not recognize the old Time Warner POP accounts but instead require the more modern IMAP. I guess "modern" is the key problem for TW Cable as they seem to still be relying on the old "two cans and a string" system.

EngineerJohnny 12/25/13 7:13PM

I have been trying unsuccessfully to get the $300.00 reward card I was promised in June, 2013 when I signed up for the Triple Play package. I have pages of notes from calls I made to customer service as well as copies of emails I sent that were not responded to. Everytime I call customer service I am told that the order is still being processed. This has been going on since June 2013! I called again today adn was told by the reward department that they were back-logged and did not know when I would get my reward card! I wonder if that excuse will fly when I refuse to pay my Time Warner Cable bill!

Ugh! 12/24/13 8:56AM

I'm on disability so I'm home most of the day if not at the doctor or out and about so when I come home I want to watch a good movie I like sci fi but lately I hate Syfy I've seen Star Trek more times than I can count I've seen the devil's advocate I'm sick to death of Zombies how many damn vampire movies are you go making are you going to show and keep putting no TV that supposed to have new shows they got no new shows and want you guys coming they suck on your crime show that's the same thing on 52 you've been showing the same murders and murder mysteries from the 70's the 60's really seriously who programs these things I like to watch it Alaska state troopers they show that reruns they don't show one and then another one and then another one they still the same one every day even on the weekend till 3 o'clock in the morning are you seriousand a few more of them I've seen of the reruns up, Law and Order SVU they re sure nose again I don't mind but the new ones should replace the old ones on 31 come on you sure to save movies on 33 of freedom I know them keep it movin really who programmed these things somebody don't know what they do it they need to be fired talk to reprimanded or sit home and somebody new put up in the bed know what the bloody hell they're doing come on now this is what I got cable 4 so I can watch other things instead of saying the same things who's in charge of these places??????????! ! ! ! ! !

nighthawk44 12/22/13 4:07PM

I have had service with TWC for several years. In August of this year I inquired about the bundle and save packages but did not sign up for one. The price was advertised at $99.00/month for all three services. I was not able to keep my same phone # so I did NOT sign up for the bundle package. The next month I attempted to pay my bill and was told I owed $400+. I have spent an average of 3-4 hours every 2 weeks on the phone from 1 dept. to the next w/each one promising to straighten this mess out. It has still not been straightened out and my service was disconnected today. I am writing the corporate office to see if they have any intelligent or competent employees to help with this matter.

Upset in NC 12/17/13 4:01PM

I have two account with Time Warner Cable, I pay both account my Bank on line. Time Warner Cable keep posting the Chestnut account to the Gilliland Road address, and cutting off the Chestnut St. Phone and TV. My son has medical issue and need a phone. This is the Fifth month this has happen. I call in to see what is going on and get cut off, no one return my calls. I put the correct Account # on each check. Today 11/29/2013 I just got off the phone with a Time Warner person still problems not solve. For the fifth time I have to drive 20 miles to the time warner outlet to get this problem solve.

Al 11/29/13 2:43PM

It has now been 12 days since the update and we have not been able to use the whole house DVR. The customer service people and tech have been very understanding and continue to tell us this is being worked on by the engineers. But...... come one TW, you are a big big company and you cannot have your engineers figure out how to fix this. This is a huge inconvenience for the consumers.

heyjude 28 11/18/13 7:07AM

After being a loyal 5 year customer I just had my service shut off today due to a past due balance. The cost of living keeps going up and we are a single income family of 4 and we barely make ends meet as it is. Between my Wife and I we spent much of our day getting the run around by your local customer service dept and the end result was our service is still shut off all for less than 100.00 past due balance. I think its a shame that the people who pay your salaries are treated criminal for not having the ability to pay your inflated prices and fees and interest for past due balances! How about showing some sympathy for those below you who are struggling through this poor economy and having to rob peter to pay paul all because some big shot wants more in his pocket! I didnt deserve to have my service shut off after paying you 150.00 a month for 5 years! In my opinion this is not how you treat a long time customer!

Renee from Racine WI 11/11/13 6:30PM

I ordered TWC on November 5, 2013 and was given several quotes by your sales rep. of $135.00, then $155.00 for the bundle, I told the rep that I needed four boxes for four TV's and he told me that I only needed two boxes and that the other two TV's can just channel throught those two boxes. An appointment was set for November 11, 2013 for 8:30 - 9:00 am to install service. I spoke with a supervisor by the name of Jimmy and he checked the phone recorder and verified my initial conversation with the sales Rep. and he changed the total amount due to $ 144.49. Well, the tech showed up an hour and half late. My husband took off work for this installation along with another company scheduled to come in and install monitoring equipment, which had to be canceled because Time Warner had not installed the service. The tech then told my husband that he did not have an order for WiFi---well, I was informed that the internet was included in the bundle..Then, to top it off the customer service supervisor Leon added salt to the wound and insulted me by telling the tech to tell me that he would take .35 cents off my bill and he would not share his phone number so that I can discuss this whole matter with him.since I am the one that's paying. I have talked with seven different representatives from TWC and still have not received any resolution. I still need two boxes ( which I should not have to pay for).The only resolution that I have come up with is Time Warner Cable delivers POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE!

Pam in Cleveland, OH

Pam 11/11/13 1:52PM

Time Warner Cable should take care of customers that have been with them for a long time and give them the same options on their packages as they do to get a new customer. Every year the price goes up and a person has to deal with it as TWC is the only cable company in the area other than Dish or Direct TV where I live there is no other choice but TWC. If there was another cable company I would go with them for a cable package at better price as we're on a fixed income being retired.

Anonymous 11/7/13 6:50AM

I became a TWC customer on it inception and a phone customer or TRIPLE PLAY customer on 10/24/13. UNFORTUNATELY it has been a VERY BAD EXPERIENCE. Apparently the installer did a poor job of connecting the phone segment to my security system and I have had no phone service or security service since 4am 10/25/13. Yesterday I spent approximately 3 hours using my cell phone to speak to numerous departments to no avail. Last night at 9:12 pm I asked to speak to a manager/supervisor and she was unable to help get a repair worker to my home for today, Saturday, Oct. 26, 2013. I need to speak to someone in authority who can override the ridiculous decision that this problem can't be fixed until Oct. 30. YOU TWC need to call the installation company and have them send a tech to my house to correct the faulty installation of my phone service to my alarm company and get my telephone working again TODAY. This problem could all have been solved if the first person had put a supervisor on the line and they would have stepped up to the plate and fixed this problem. SO FAR, SOOO BADD. So sorry I switched over to your company. So after 15/20 years I will probably pull all services from TWC and switch to the OTHER company.

Maria in Bellerose 10/26/13 5:47AM

TW Cable is the worst and the most incompetent company I have ever dealt with. They misspelled my name 5 month ago and until now, in spite of many e-mails, phones, they still send me mail and bills with the wrong name. I am going to sent them Mavis Beacon teaches typing for free and I am going to switch to DISH. Thank you Tim Warner Cable

lets all of us switch to DISH 10/21/13 11:24AM

Anyone thinking about agreeing to a payment arrangement with TWC better think twice!! I did so (they will only do this if you do a POSTDATED check!) Which I did....agreeing for the 18 and they took it out on the 10th the day after I did the arrangement.talked to SEVRAL cust "service" reps..what a joke....for a week trying to get issue resolved. Today a week later am told that although they see it was their "honest" mistake they cannot do anything to compensate for inconvenience. DO NOT MAKE THE MISTAKE WE DID BY TRUSTING trusting them to follow their word about not being able to change the agreement once arrangement5 was made!! Will start lookin elsewhere for services.

very unhappy customer 10/18/13 10:28AM

On July 2nd Time Warner installed TV/Internet/Phone in my new home. Now 90 days later my name and phone number is not registered correctly with any directory assistance companies. This includes the 411 directory assistance contractor for Time Warner. I contacted Time Warner Customer Service who said there was nothing they could do for me. Sorry they said our obligation ends when we batch feed to directory assistance our revised phone numbers. I could believe maybe a glitch in one or more directory assistance companies but none correct! Adding to further frustration is my new home phone number is still listed to its prior owners and their call keep coming in.

Lou2 10/8/13 1:13PM

Twc is losing it's grip to its customers, people in the customer service department is clueless to the information that they give out. You are automatic sent to another country when you dial them, they have no idea where the correct store is, or which state you are in. ATT has better bundles, so it must be time to switch.

whatever 10/2/13 7:17AM

Please add to your cable line up "The Blaze" tv.

Anonymous 10/1/13 2:26PM

The Time Warner Cable company, should change the name of thier Customer Service Department to something other than Customer Service. They provide NO SERVICE at all.
What a horrible business model, if you had real competition you would be out of business.
I am guessing you used the Post Office as your sevice model, do as little as possible and ignore the customer.
What a sorry state of affair.

Anonymous 9/25/13 9:10AM

This will be short and straight to the point. I was contacted be a supervisor in regards to billing issues, when I returned the phone call another person answered and was very rude, non- professional. The person did not let me explain or get a word in edge wise. That was totally un-called for especially since I did not have an attitude and spoke in a pleasant manner. Because of this incident I will now speak with my other partners and will proceed with canceling "Time Warner Cable" services for approximately 270 corporate accounts spread throughout the city that we currently have which include internet services. We will start negotiating with Direct TV and Hughes Net. It doesn't seem as though Time Warner is in the people business and that's a shame because we, the customers made them what they are today. Thanks for not resolving my issues and for the unsatisfactory customer service. We always thought the customers came first. PS: Someone please remind the unprofessional and rude supervisor that he is also someone else's customer and we are sure that he would express the same concerns that we had to deal with when he's on the phone with a "customer service" representative!

innova 9/23/13 3:18PM

Time Warner has stooped to a new all time low in customer service. Since when does a company call you and keep you on hold waiting? What is that? A Seinfeld episode? I' ve had it.

Limora 9/21/13 4:09PM

DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY!!! They up my rate at the end of my first tow years. They upped my price and locked me into two more years of their service without my consent. I found out when I canceled my service. They said they sent me a letter telling me I had to opt out of the two year extension. I never saw it. NOW they want to charge me a termination fee. Their customer service sucks they are deceitful, rude and they wasted more than an hour of my day on hold. They also refused to give me corporates number. I researched it and NOW I am in corporates unending loop on hold. I moved to direct tv. I wouldn't take TWC if they gave it to me.

Donna 9/6/13 12:31PM

Trying to get my Internet service working since 8/29/13 5 days and 1 tech. comes by on 8/30/13 doesn't do anything not even look at our service leaves within 5 Min. says a Emergency work order was going to be done, I call later in the day and I am being told that order has been closed, and no work order done. Since then I have been lied to about someone coming out and to date no one has shown up I made several calls and have spoken to 7 employees and still nothing I am being told that work orders are being canceled, notation on cancellations saying problem resolved or work orders being changed within the company It almost seems there is a a personal vendetta against us, I have been A loyal customer for years and at this point I am looking for different options since I can not get any type of help from your local offices for the exception of a young lady by the name of Brenda which I am told is A supervisor for Tech Support she has been the only person at this point to want to help but even at that her work orders are being changed by someone within the Company it is A shame that being such a large well known company this could be allowed by your Employees and allow this type of behavior not to say deny a paying customer of his services.

Pete 9/2/13 2:34PM

I want to know how it is a big company such as Time warner corporate office so difficult to reach when trying to get a e-mail sent to the district office? I have tried sending a letter via e-mail but only have the option of calling or chatting with a representatives. Their should always be away to have issue's resolved when your concerns aren't being handled by the customer service department via e-mail. I took the time to write a well inform letter detailing the problem I was having as a valued customer. I finally decided to mail it instead and hopefully someone will take the time to read it if nothing else.

baby doll. 8/29/13 8:48PM

I was waiting for a payment to go through and it will be available for me on the 29th and I was told that my services would not be shut off and guess what?? they are... this is absolutely insane, now im on hold for 20 minutes and there is no end in sight.... I have been with his company for years what the hell?

/dunzo 8/26/13 7:44AM

I'm wondering how - such a big company - can effort to make as much mistake as I do experience for 3 weeks already and I still do not have my full three services but TWC already charge for it!
Poor sales people/costumer service/communication/notation service. Somebody in Corporate should take a look at these comment!!! If you need further info I have my letter prepared about my "story" with TWC.

Marika 8/16/13 2:48PM

What in the world. Just talked with John in the corporate office. Pretty dull conversation letting me know if an agreement had been struck, I'd be watching Showtime. Really??? I'd never have figured that out! Thanks John in the corporate office! I called for details, not the end result! The end result is still my channels being blacked out and feeling like a pawn in this war between CBS/Showtime and TWC. Thanks for all the details and for the warm and fuzzy feeling I was left with. So glad I called and got the latest info...Heads up people, I just tried my TV and sure deal was stuck yet!

Suzy 8/12/13 1:30PM

As the cost of Time Warner Cable services sky-rocket, the level of service plummets. If I had a choice to use another service provider I surely would.
The service is horrible! Agents refuse to provide their name and disconnect calls.
My goodness......don't miss a monthly payment as you will be harassed with daily calls, even though you've spoke with an Agent and mailed payment in as well a get Internet service messages.
Remember the TWC commercials? ...and I AM Time Warner Cable. WOW!! I wonder how much they were paid as the employees truly aren't that caring about their customers.

Unhappy TWC Customer 8/7/13 9:24AM

Why is it that TWC avoids their customers concerns by not allowing them access to corporate personnel, instead we are directed to(do nothing) supervisors?, it's time to seek other sources!

Anonymous 8/6/13 3:23PM

Time Warner is the worst of the worst. They are nothing but bottome dwellers. They so-called "customer service" reps are RUDE and will disconnect you in a heart beat. My internet service was out all of last Thursday as was about 100 other employees and noone could work from home. TWC "customer service" reps kept telling me they didn't know what to tell me. Now, I got a call from a collection agency saying I did not return my equipment when I move last year and also have a past due bill which is being reported on my credit report by 3 different collection agencies. I HAVE TWC SERVICE NOW and THEIR TECH MOVED MY EQUIPMENT TO MY NEW HOUSE. I HAVE THE EQUIPMENT AND AM USING IT! I have explained this to TWC 20 times and they say they have no record of me moving. How DUH can you get! If you have no record of me moving, quit sending me a bill to my new address! My niece is an Attorney so we are now going to move this to a Court and hopefully TWC will be held accountable.

Tired of Time Warner 8/6/13 7:15AM

After the 'CBS This Morning' cackling hens fest Aug 05,2013 just prior to 9:00 am where by the hens had a doctor of science on, they would ask him a question and then never let him answer-he tried several times-because his answers were not what they wanted to hear. He was only on for two minutes. The Doctor should charge CBS a huge fee for the wasted time and trip. After that feline fiasco, my wife and I totally agree with Time Warner and or Time Warner cable to pull and black out CBS broadcasting and should do it all across the country.

Anonymous 8/5/13 8:46AM

I have spent more time calling Time Warner for service issues than watching TV. Every time I ask for a credit I am denied. Now that TW is having negotiation issues with WTMJ and other stations that I pay for why am I still paying 245.00 per month.I have a choice between TW and Charter right now but as soon as ATT Uverse come to our area I am through with TW.Their service is the worst I've experienced and customer service sucks. Dont be fooled by TW ads. They are just like every other business. All they care about is the $$$$$.

shankspk5357 8/3/13 5:56PM

Have been a TWC customer for 15+ years. Seen that they have taken off local channel 4 WTMJ Milwaukee for some dispute. When I signed up for the package this was included. If this dosen't get resolved quickly I will drop my subscription when my contract is up in a couple of months.

300man 8/1/13 9:42AM

TWC has been charging me for Showtime/Demand for over a year that I did not order. Said it was a promotional thing and I did not decline therefore it is my fault. Said it is on my bill which is three pages long and would not refund my account. I have problems with my Internet Connection going out for days at a time as well as my phone and had already investigated getting Verizon Fios and because of your sneaky practices and poor service am now switching. I have been a loyal customer for over 30 yrs and pay over $240/month for services I often don't receive. I saw this on Consumer Reports.. Among the major carriers, the highest proportion of subscribers who said they'd "triple play" again had bundles with Fios, Verizon's fiber-optic-based TV, digital-landline phone, and high-speed Internet service. Fios received standout scores for its broadband speed and reliability, TV picture and reliability, and even phone call quality.

Fran 8/1/13 7:28AM

Now That Time Warner Cable Blacked Out My Favorite Channel Kmir6 Because Of A Dispute, I Should Get A Reduction In My Bill!!!

Anonymous 7/31/13 4:03PM

Time Warner appears to be engaging in age discrimination, for open positions, in it's Texas operation. Extremely well qualified applicants are being tossed aside because of their age. Let's see TW Cable prove that they do not age discriminate!! Let's hear from others on this subject!

2 old for TWC 7/30/13 8:19AM

This company is no better than a common thief.
They charged me franchise fees for months after the village I lived in was disbanded.
Once they stopped charging me they did not give back the money.
They renewed a contract without notice and I was told it was for a year.
Now a year later they are telling me that it is for another year even though I kept the email saying it ended this year.
Now I am being told I am stuck for another year or pay a late fee.
Score Card: They forced a contract renewal without notice...
They took franchise fees for a village that no
longer was in operation and never gave the money
What a bunch of bull crap.

Craig B 7/24/13 6:55PM

TWC sucks starting every day at about 9:am to 2:00 pm or sometimes much later when I try to get on-line I get a message that says no online access. Needless to say when
my payment runs out I will be switching to VERIZON FIOS.

Anonymous 7/18/13 10:14AM

Currently in Chat with TWC. Waiting for someone to chat with. LOL. following is what I started chat with:

I don't have a question, I have a complaint. Which is that I was told that someone would be out today, 7/15/2013 between 9-10 and when I called about it I was told that they would be out tomorrow. This is not what I was told by the customer service representative. I also told her that they were installing new cable in the neighborhood and to relay this information to the technician and there is no note in my account associated with confirmation I looked online at my account and the confirmation #, which I read back to the representative, is not the same.

millerman92 7/15/13 10:03AM

A day after getting service for what I just wanted was the high speed internet and telephone they made me include the TV cable package which I didn't use since I all ready had Direct TV of which there is no way they could match having every Premium Movie Channel, all HD, NFL Ticket (Free), and every channel that they provided for $69 a month. Finally They called me and told me there was an outstanding bill due in the amount of $271 and unless I paid it they would cut me off and apply my deposit towards it. They address they gave me on the account belonged to my ex-wife who had since been remarried an separate. I had paid on her Time Warner Account in the past using a Credit Card and I assume they had got my credit information linked to her account. Nonetheless thinking I was helping her I paid the bill. BIG MISTAKE. She told me she had already paid them and then when I contacted Time Warner they claim to have "No Records" of the transactions (MY BANK DOES) To make matters worse, 6 months later they post it as a default against my credit, (I HAD PERFECT CREDIT) Stating that "Subject has not satisfied debt" adding insult to injury. First Time Warner extorts me to pay a bill I don't owe, I pay that Bill, then they say they have no record of it whatsoever, yet they post it against my credit. And they expect me to keep paying them for service. Ya, right. I'm taking them to court, what I would like to do is a class action suit against them for their billing errors, I cannot be the only one out there getting screwed over by them

Anonymous 7/3/13 4:02PM

I was not a TWC customer because I have always heard negative experiences about their company. I was a customer of Insight Cable whom TWC bought out. When I received the information they were going to be our cable company I'm like "oh no I don't want to deal with them because of all the negativity I heard". My fiancé said to give them a chance so we do. When the techs came to install their boxes they had to come out about three or four times before they got it somewhat right. On the third time out (this is my complaint) the tech changed the old cable out and replaced new cable that reached across my entire deck which is from one side of my yard to practically the other. I have all this long orange cable draped over my deck. They told my fiancé that they couldn't bury it at the time because the ground was to hard to dig because it was in February and that they will be out in the spring. In May we called to have someone come out and they scheduled an appointment 3 times no show. I called the fourth time and asked to speak to a supervisor and a lady named Octavia who was rude and short said that some one would be out. I told her the importance of having the cable buried because I was having a Fourth of July cookout in my yard and that there would be small children running around and I didn't want any one to trip over the cable. Well it's 3:12 p.m. on July 3rd and I doubt if anyone is going to show. I was so frustrated. I was looking for the phone number of the corporate office to complain when I ran across comments from other customers. I finally found peace inside after reading some of the complaints and was horrified at the level of the complaints. The peace came when I realized no matter what TWC had to say to me about my issue I have decided to cancel my services. I choose not to do business with a company that treat me like crap but other hard working human beings that only expect to get what their high monthly bill charge.

Anonymous 7/3/13 12:42PM

Have a package deal with Time Warner - Cable, Internet and Home Phone - Service went out Thursday 6/27/13 - Placed a call on Friday morning to get this issue fixed - Told they could get to our problem on Tuesday July 2, 2013
Suppose to receive a call between 12:00 - 4:00
I arrived at home - asked my husband if they called
The answer was NO - I phoned Time Warner immediately to find out what the problem was and was told someone cancelled our order. WHAT!!!!!!!
The Subcontractor was given our home phone (WHICH DOES NOT WORK) therefore, he canceled our order. I was also told that he placed 3 calls to my cell number as well as my husband
Funny, there was no record of receiving a call nonetheless 3 calls per cell phone

Called again and was informed that there was an outage in our area and even if the contractor came he could not fix our problem due to the outage. FUNNY AGAIN, our neighbors who uses TIME WARNER had Internet, Cable and Phone

So who is correct in this matter

Called again and was told that the earlist they could get to our problem is NOW Monday July 8th.

Tried to speak to a so-called supervisor and waited 57 minutes and was disconnected. Called again and was told there would be a waiting period of one hour.

We are now looking for another provider - I feel that Time Warners practices are highly non-customer friendly
One hand does not know (or care) what the other one is doing.

Telephone operators disconnected us approximately 5 times trying to transfer us to someone with authority last night.

As of today I would not recommend Time Warner Cable

I might consider using them IF THEY CAN GET THEIR HOME IN ORDER

Chris 7/3/13 9:57AM

called corporate headquarters and no answer What kind of corporation doesn't answer their phone during business hours.

feed up 7/3/13 9:35AM

Called June 23 and got appointment for 25th; no show; called to find out why; were told we called & cancelled; absolutely not!; told by one rep.TW cancelled because they had refreshed; if they did nothing changed; told by another rep. we HAD TO HAVE cancelled appt. ourselves and since she didn't talk to me personally and didn't know WHOM I HAD TALKED WITH she had no way to help me; got put at end of line so have to wait until next week for appt. In essence Missy called me a liar, hedging her comments, so she didn't exactly say the word "liar". $259 a month should ensure better service.

Magistra 6/22/13 4:24PM

Hello............. I thought Verizon was bad OMG. TWC is the worst company on the planet....... i was on hold for over 45 minutes waiting for supervisor and than the line was disconnected......There customer services skills are awful..... died air while in a converstion with one of them.......................hold time to speak to them is over 15 minutes.......... that improved it was 45 minutes.............ALL I CAN SAY IS WOW AND DIRECT TV HERE I COME,,,,,,

FED UP 6/18/13 4:36PM

Please train your employees smile, no "hello, how are you?", no "thank you"...the list goes on. The employee I am referring to is Johanna @ the Bellflower, California facility. She should be working at the DMV with that attitude/personality.

Anonymous 6/17/13 8:49PM

I need to contact them as my mother-in-law lives on a fixed income to pay her bills. She is def, old and doesn't understand how technology works. She has had time Warner for 30 years. My niece was living with her to help her financially and moved out over a year ago. She used the Internet and did not realize her grandmother would have had such a difficult time with this company. She called to get the Internet service disconnected and was told it would be cheaper to keep it and so the plot thickens.... Over a year she pays a set amount and does not understand the bill. When she asks for help or when she went into a shop she was told the same thing. It is cheaper to keep everything. The company has shut her phone off twice. She finally had me help her and she can't afford to pay this outrageous bill. They need to look up the service record and see she has not used the services. The right thing is to credit her bill.

Tlcmom 6/17/13 5:11PM

I've been with TWC for 5 years, and lately I dropped my TV services due to not receiving channels within my package deal I've been called a liar, humiliated and discriminated against by their so called Customer Service. My internet service was interrupted due to a past due balance, but I did make an agreement with them and paid the amount we agreed upon.Low and behold was service was interrupted even after my payment But to their misfortune I had a copy of the chat with everything in black & white. Which is going to used against them in court plus the fact I am disabled and they discriminated against me. Plus the fact other corporation including utility companies work with you on payments, TWC does not, I'm surprised they aren't wearing gray uniforms and speaking German. Many corporation forget we the small people helped build their businesses and make them successful. And their are some people like myself who will stand up and fight for our rights as consumers.
TWC is following in the same footsteps as any greedy corporation, forgetting about the small people. If we as small people ban together and become a big force we can change the circumstances as long as we fight together. If I'm not wrong we still have the freedom of choice on our side? So we should exercise that right and fight for our civil rights and our consumer rights. We should record our conversations with TWC, and if they disagree that means they have something to hide. And that being said, who in their right mind would allow a business like TWC to protect our homes, with their new Home Protection service. And seeing how they do business with the small people (us) are discriminated against lied to, over charged for services you do not receive like I did We need to stand tall and make these individual accountable for their incompetence.

Anonymous 6/15/13 1:04PM

my name is Roger P. Jimenez and I have been with Time Warner Cable for 10 years, and I got the biggest disappointment I have ever had with Time Warner Cable. I just move my cable to my address and was not charged for the installation, and I am moving again and was told that I had to pay for the installation. I moved two and a half months ago and now Time Warner Cable wants to charge me for the installation. When I moved to 409 S San Gabriel only had cable TV with FREE INSTALLATION and now Time Warner Cable wants to charge me which I think is wrong. I was told that by the supervisor Gabriel that I had to pay the $20 to move my service. I tried to explain to him that I just moved, and he told me that the change was done 2 weeks ago and he could not do anything about it. I asked him if he was really a supervisor or just another employee telling this. He was not very helpful at all and was very upset with Time Warner Cable and it's employees by not helping me. I don't want to leave Time Warner Cable but if I can't get any help with this installation I will have to leave Time Warner Cable and never come back. I will have to get cable form another source. I may not be happy with the service but will to deal with it. I am on Social Security which means a fixed income and $20 is a lot of money to me. So now all I can ask is for your help in resolving this issue, and if you can't help me thank you for the 10 years I did spend with Time Warner Cable.

Roger P. Jimenez

Anonymous 6/13/13 7:57AM

I stopped Time Warner Cable phone service and downgraded my cable to basic because of price and service in April 2013. After some thought and missing a home phone I decided to give them another shot. However after having to drive down and return a cable box that was not working, and not having an incoming phone working and then not having an incoming phone number.

Anonymous 6/6/13 1:33PM

I have been with TWC for 13 years, with generally reasonable service. I learned long ago, when you know that the conversation (request) is going no-where and you are speaking with the first responder (they are often totally ignorant of civil law (at least California Consumer Code) and violate your rights, it is best always try to go to the TOP. I mean a corporate executive.

I cannot tell you how much assistance I have gotten at that lever from such companies (many of which have 'changed' corporate policy as the result of my informing then, in particular Acer Computer. After refusing to pay return shipping (a code in California demands this) and then made aware of this code, they now don't mess with return shipping in California...That is all I can attest to as fact, but it is true. I am having a very similar complaint with TWC and the first responder Daniel operator 84T (in california) is one more example of this type of ignorant people TWC hires. They follow a 'scripted' response to every call. It is disgusting. You get nothing until you call the office of the President.

fasteddie 5/30/13 8:52AM

I, Sophia call to cancel my service with TIme Warner because their service was extremely to high, Upon doing this today, May 29, 2013, I was asked if I want to cancel everything, I said everything like WHAT, she said your home phone service, I said I don't have home service with you, I have home service with AT&T, she said No, I see on your bill, that you have two phone line with US, I said "NO I DON"T", she she transfer me. Today, I call Tiffany in the CEO Office to file a complaint because this is not right, I mean, How do Time Warner take the times to bundle my service when I have internet and home phone service with AT&T, wow, what FRAUD and rip off. I am requesting a FULL REFUND on ALL My fees that I Have PAID on my account

phiabyrd 5/29/13 2:03PM

Worst company I've ever done business with in my entire life!!! I do not exaggerate. They lost payment on there end, electronic funds were withdrawn from my account, and lost by TWC. I showed proof of TWC withdrawal from my checking acct, and it still took 6 months and countless hours to get resolved; this is obviously b/c they have a ridiculous number of dept that have zero accountability, and just pass you off to the next guy or gal without any actual assistance. Once someone actually helps you resolve the mistake (that they made), the don't follow up properly, and you get to start over again with a new group of 20 odd people giving you the run around. Now 2 years after this horror show, and after I disconnected my acct with a $0.00 balance, I get a notice from a collection agency saying I OWE TWC money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Once again getting the run around for hours and no actual help to resolve issue. No one can show me where this phantom amount of money came from, and what it's for. Worst business ever!!!!!

sarahthegreat 5/28/13 5:07PM

My parents have used Time Warner as their telephone/cable and iternet provider for the past several years in NC.
Following my Dad's death in February,2013 my 82 year old mother purchased a cottage in a retirement community just down the road.
I contacted Time Warner to request her service be transferred to the new address. I specifically requested this so that she could keep the phone number she'd had for the past 23 years. I was very glad to know that, indeed , she could.
We agreed on installation date/time and were told that she needed to be there and return the old box. She waited from 1 p.m. - 5:30 p.m.
When I tried to reach her, of course, I couldn't as her phone was not installed. I frantically called around to neighbors, Time Warner very coldly stated that the installer was running late and had I phoned the police!!!!! Eventually the movers called assuring me she was safe and at the cottage awaiting the installer.
The installer showed up at 7 p.m. but needed to go get "some stuff" for the installation. Needless to say, my elderly mother was frightened,exhausted and told the man she was going home so he needn't come back to her new place that night.
I drove down from VA ( 4 hours!!!!) to help her. We went to the Time Warner office on Pennsylvania Ave in Southern Pines where I waited in line for 30 minutes.....they would send an installer later that day. Sorry for your trouble, $20 credit,ect. Big Deal!!
The installer came and went. Mission accomplished albeit she was unable to keep her old number as promised. Another let down in a long chain of negative events.
I went back home feeling she was safe, phone installed in case of emergency. Upon arriving home I called to let her know I was home. Guess what? Her phone did not work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I called Time Warner,got disconnected. Called again and reached a tech who told me the line was not scheduled to be operational until the following day. WHAT!!!!!!!!?????? AFter an hour on the phone he was able to access the line. I called my mom to let her know.....
I am taking the time to share this nightmare experience because I feel that you are obligated to your customers to provide reliable service.
I spent over 9 hours on the phone, drove 8 hours and spent hours in complete panic and frustration due to the lack of responsibility on the part of Time Warner Cable.
I feel at the very least an apology from corporate headquarters is due addition to compensation for my time, gas, and the extreme worry/fear/anxiety you have so blatantly caused during a time that is already stressful.
My calls were all logged and recorded.
I look forward to hearing from you in the near future.

Susan Brooks

sue brooks 5/6/13 7:34AM

I have been a TWC customer for about three months. Initially I paid for my service in advance. I was sure to ask the rep if this rate I got included everything. He told me yes it included installation as well. I paid it over the phone. The technician never showed up for installation. I called and cancelled the order and asked for my refund. About a week later I received a call from some retention specialist who was at a local office in Raleigh NC. She apologized and said they wanted to make this right. I set up the appointment with her. She assured me that everything would go well. The day arrives no technician shows up I called and was hung up on by the subcontractor who was sending out technicians. I then called TWC. I got the run around they said a technician was coming they gave me a $20.00 credit for the missed appt. Hours laters around 7pm I called TWC back they said that they couldn't send a tech out becuase it was too late. SO there I was I had wasted another day of my life waiting on TWC. They gave me another $20 credit. They sat up another appointment for the next week. Finally the tech arrives installs everything. I get my first bill which was $50 dollars over what I originally paid and guess what that actually included the $60 credit. That bill was due on the April 8 2013. I received another bill that was due on April 17, 2013. That's right nine days later. I paid the original bill that was due on April 8, 2013. Today is May 2,2013. I recieved a phone call from the collections department that told me my service would be cancelled because my bill for April and May is due and in order to avoid service disruption I needed to pay the bill today. IT HAS BEEN 15 DAYS SINCE THE BILL WAS DUE! HE TOLD ME THAT I AM IN COLLECTIONS FOR A BILL THAT IS 15 DAYS LATE AND FOR A BILL THAT HAS NOT EVEN HAPPENED YET, He had an extremely nasty attitude about it. I just cannot believe the type of company TWC is. It blows my mind!I genuinely feel as though this company is purposefully harassing me.

Harassed customer 5/2/13 11:51AM

I returned equipment on 2/16/2013 to the Time Warner in Baldwin Hills,CA. When checking my credit for a law enforcement job they placed it on my credit on 4/25/2013 my credit went down 67points due to a collection for $240.00. Time Warner put the equipment on my credit my first ever collections. I called the collections agency and was informed that I could fax over the receipt but it's still the matter of $17 for a collections fee and they can put it as paid. I called Time Warner and it is on their computer that I turned it in and paid it on 2/16/2013. I spoke to a Patrick and i was told he would send it to their collections department as paid and they should fix the problem 5-7 days.I hope so if not Pre-paid legal here I am. I want this off my credit not just as paid I want the collections off not that I paid this collections. This effects my work and me qualifying for a home.

Anonymous 4/29/13 9:25AM

Time Warner Cable is a company of CROOKS! I had an account with them in my house for over 2 years. Had no problem, until about 8 months ago. My bill was never accurate, and I was never able to use my On Demand services. I had to call into the office each time to have the equipment reset. I finally cancelled the service in Jan 2013. Finding out afterwards that this was one of the only companies who offered internet in the area, I called back last week to get internet only service. They took my money and scheduled an appointment for Friday. However, the service was never connected. When I called on Friday about this, I was hung up on, call back and was transferred to the wrong department 3 times, and was finally told that the service was not connected because of an outstanding balance from 09-10. When i explained that I didnt have TWC at this time, they said they knew that. But it was an outstanding balance from my father- who used to live at my current address. Even after pointing out that 1) my father has no control over my account and vice versa and 2) my father has an open/active account with TWC at his new house, they said it didnt matter. The debt stayed with the house- not the account holder. They admitted that the debt was in no way connected to me, and that it had nothing to do with me at all- but TWC reserved the right to cancel/suspend any services for non payment. I said- then why didnt you suspend HIS service? The answer: the account is not in his name, so we couldnt do that. When i asked AGAIN why they were able to suspend MY service then, they just repeated- the debt is with the house, and not the account holder. I asked for a refund of service. They said they would have to disconnect my service, and schedule a worker to come out, turn off service and pick up equipment. This appointment is in a week. They could not give me a specific time- but said that someone has to be there. So i have to take a day off of work to get this done. THEN the refund could take 24-72 hours before processing. When I asked the supervisors I spoke with about this, speficically asking if they were willing to lose a customer for LIFE over this rather than giving that customer the services they have already paid for- they only reiterated that TWC reserves the right to cancel/suspend services for non payment.Thank you Connie (CWI) and Steve (SGU) for NOT helping your customer at all. Not to mention the 7 people I spoke with about this.

Former Customer 4/8/13 2:33PM

Hi time Warner ,

When will you be getting this app for your live
TV and movies .... It's called hamstream is a
Live streaming app for android phones that allows
You to share your movies and videos live with
Up to 5 people check it out @
Also it doesn't use up ur data it's over wifi

Anonymous 4/1/13 10:58AM

I switched to Time Warner Cable in December 2012 from AT&T b/c of a promotion you guys were offering. I NEVER received my gift card b/c I was told AFTER the fact that the bill had to be in my name and COULD NOT be in my husbands name even though I was a user on the account. When I called in about it the told me that I was not told that the bill had to BE IN MY NAME b/c I DID NOT ASK which is total BULL CRAP. On top of all that my internet services has not been working properly since I got the services in DECEMBER which is a problem for me b/c I work from home and NEED a STEADY internet connection that I HAVE NOT BEEN GETTING. When I called in for the very last time which was today I was told I could not get my money back which is also BULL CRAP b/c they have applied credits. If the credits were never applied then the bill would have gotten paid b/c I HAVE TO HAVE internet b/c of my job and my account is still current. The rep tried to tell me there is no way for me to get my money back b/c of the credits which is A LIE... If someone is paying you for something and it does not work properly and you guys cannot find the issue as to why my services are not working properly then you guys need to refund me my money so that I can take my services else where !!! This is not a good look for an ISP. I am really pissed off with Time Warner Cable and would NOT recommend them to absolutely ANYONE !!

Anonymous 3/30/13 7:09AM

To Customer Service:
I am so disgusted. Once a week I have to reboot and wait. I have called service people 5 times since December. They send service people out. There is a problem with DVR system here. The service men say "it is a glitch in the system and they are working on it. If there is a problem with DVR, and it doesn't work half the time, why am I paying for it? And why don't they not charge for it until they "get it fixed?" And, why do they send people out when they say they can't fix the problem? You advertise all the time but you don't fix this problem. The service man said it does no good for him to come out because he can't fix it and they constantly say "we are working on it?" What a way to do business. The customer service people are all nice but can't do anything to help in this situation so why are they told to send someone out when they know it can't be fixed? So you can continue to charge for DVR services. I am going to write to BBB and consumer services. I am paying extra for DVR and sometimes it works and then about once a week or two no response to remote. The service men recognize it and say they can't do anything because of the system and "they" are working on it. BAD BUSINESS.

Don't know 3/29/13 8:19AM

Worst customer service there is. Please do not believe in the gift cards or promotions because you will not get them.

They make sure you do not receive all the information you need in order to get it and then if something goes wrong they let you know that the gift is not through them but through a 3rd party vender. Read real chat below.

User Sherell has entered room

Analyst Lee has entered room


Thank you for contacting Time Warner Cable. At the end of our chat you will be given the option of taking a brief survey. My name is Lee. Please give me a moment while I access your account.


Ok thanks


.Hello Sherell ,how are you doing today ?


Im fine. How are you?


Am fine, thank you.


How may I assist you today?


I have a question about an promotional item that I never got. When I signed up for services in September I was supposed to receive a Target gift card but I never received it.


I see.


Just to confirm, did you fulfilled all the criteria's to get this gift card ?


Yes. When I relocated here the address in the system was incorrect so they had to redo everything but corporate had fixed everything and eventually got everything straighten out. They even had to compensate me due to some issues that were not handled properly. I forgot all about the gift card until a friend asked did I ever receive it because she never received hers either.


Okay ,so just to confirm you have registered online to upload your bill within 30 days of installation and also kept account current for 90 days after installation ,am I correct?


I registered online when I applied for services and yes to the 90 days current.




So this way you become eligible for this target card and you should have received it .


Let me check details on this.


Can you check to make sure they didn't send it to the incorrect address.


The address they had in system previously was bobwhite.




Not sure the numbers because it wasn't my address.


I will check all the details for you.


Thank you for your patience


I checked details on your account, but there is no detail mentioned as of now for your gift card.


I will need to guide you to our escalation department on this chat, and they will need to investigate for your gift card.


Ok thank you. And also..did I sign a contract with this company for a certain number of years?


Let me confirm this before I transfer.


There is no contract on your account.


Thank you


You are welcome.


I will transfer you now.

Analyst has entered room

Lee>Please wait, while the problem is escalated to another analyst

Analyst Henry C. has entered room

Analyst has left room

Henry C.>

Good morning ,

Analyst Lee has left room

Henry C.>

My name is Henry and I will be more than happy to assist you. Please give me a few moments to review the notes from the previous chat session. Thank you.


Thank you

Henry C.>

Thank you for your patience, please allow me a few more minutes to continue to review the previous chat session.



Henry C.>

Thank you for waiting, I appreciate your patience.

Henry C.>

I see you are inquiring about the target gift card ?


Yes, I was just trying to see why I never received it. That was one of the reasons I chose Time Warner and not direct TV. Target offered a back to school Target card of two different amounts. I can't remember what the difference was.

Henry C.>

you had to have been a college student and had to have sent in a copy of your school and and picture


Ok I am a college student and no one told me about the other information.


Even when I asked about it before I signed one mentioned any of that.

Henry C.>

it is on the online registration requirements


hmmmm ok. Where do you find that informaiton


I am looking at my e-mails and none of it mentions anything about that. Even though I had those items.


I was told that I had to be in good standing within 90 days and have gotten the cable internet bundle service. That is what I was told on the phone when I was signing up.


No one mention anything else.

Henry C.>

and you had to have switched from another provider

Henry C.>


I have switched from another provider. They didn't offer my old provider here.

Henry C.>

provide the proof of current college enrollment current id with your name name and fall 2012 class schedule


How was I supposed to know about that website if noone ever told me about it. I am looking through all of my emails and not a one of them give me a link.

Henry C.>

I am sorry if all that information was not explained


None of it. I am so glad I kept all of my chat communications and emails. I will be contacting corporate again. Is this the correct number.

Henry C.>

it would of been on the call when you called in where the agent would have had to explain the stipulations since it is generated from a 3rd party vendor not Time Warner and if any of those guidelines are not met it would void the gift card

Henry C.>

no it is


Thank you for your help.

Sherel501 3/25/13 7:35AM

Time Warner Cable is the worst cable service I have ever had. I wouldn't recomend it to anyone. There is a proble with our cable which we have had for months. Our TV keeps going on and off at random times, comes back on and the picture is all broken up and sometimes there is no sound. When you are watching TV it also jumps from what you are watching to an announcement that the service is unavailable and then comes back on and of course you've missed part of the program you were watching. This has been going on for months and still they can't find out what the problem is. It's pretty bad when you are paying for cable service and can't watch your TV half of the time. Also there have been times when the channels can't be changed using the remote and you can't even turn off the TV. And every 2 weeks you have to reboot the system to get it to operate again. Get a dish if you are able...We have a lot of trees but we, if necessary, are going to have the tops removed so we can get rid of the cable.

[email protected] 3/24/13 7:56PM

We have been dealing with your cable company for 6 years and from the start we have had problems with the cable. Last year they took the cable box we had and replaced it with a digital one or some kind of different one. We now have problem with our TV going off and on at random times, breaking up and no sound when it comes back on. About every 2 weeks the TV gets stuck and the remote will not make the channels change, and the TV will not go off when you click the off button. I have been having really bad problems for the past few months and many service calls. The technicians try to fix the problem and have done all kinds of things to remedy the problems. I have reached my limit now and the problem is worse than it was a few months ago. I am going to call the better business bureau, go to our board of directors at our office and tell them of all the problems we have been having, ask for a directory of all the people who live here at Cinnamon Lake and contact all the people who are having the same problems and get a petition to see if they will remove your cable company from our homes and try another cable company who might be better. I also personally do not want to have the cable, and I am going to see if the office will let us remove the tree tops in the empty lot next to us removed so we can have a dish. They might want to charge us to do this since they own the lot, but if so I am going to ask an attorney if I can file a motion to have you pay for it since we can't watch out TV due to the service problems we are having. You can check the record and see how many times technicians have been to our house and still can't fix the problem, which I think is unexceptable. Whatever means I have to take and can take I will do it. Tomorrow morning I am starting to see what can be done. I have seen on TV where people who cannot get a problem solved they go to the TV stations and have it made public. I have really reached my limit and am tired of trying to have this solved...

[email protected] 3/24/13 7:49PM

I think its ridiculous that time warner has the right to invaid my privacy laws. your company stuck my at the time boyfriend and his exgirlfriends bill of almost 1200 $ past bill onto my account now i cannot access cable and my credit is ridiculous just because i was with him does notmean i was responsible for his debit let alone hers,she has cable ,phone,internet all because i now am responsible for her past due how about you stick it with her and his name i did not marry the man so it is NOT my bill get it fixed or i will sue you for whatever i can and with invasion of privacy i am sure i will win!

angrycustomer14843 3/22/13 6:46AM

I am closing out my TV after being lied to about my package price and having other prices entered into my account. This is the third or fourth time that they have lied about things like this. After asking for a manager today I was told "we do not lie, I will pull the call and use it for coaching, is there anything else?" They have gotten to be like my local power company, I cannot get any other cable service so why care?

I am going to keep going up to their corporate offices, I am not going to accept the treatment above.

AHorman 3/17/13 12:15PM

I cancelled time warner because they have terrible customer service but the last straw was recieving a bill that got higher and higher every month. When I called to inquire I was told it was for equipment upgrades... First... if you are going to charge me for the upgraded equipment then you sure as hell better make sure I have that so called upgraded equipment.. I questioned further to find out they were also trying to charge me for a wireless router which I didn't even have... Hmm sound fishy to me.. after all this I finally cancelled my service... I asked at that time what my balance was and paid it right there on the phone... Place appointment for them to pick up their equipment within the next 2 days they never showed to pick it up.. I called a second time and again set an appointment for them to pick it up.. Again no show... I called a 3rd time.. this time I insisted they pick it up immediately funny someone showed within the hour.. then... a month later I got a bill for service I had cancelled ... I called they said they would have a supervisor contact me.. NO CALLS imagine that.. I again get a bill this month for services I don't even have anymore.. I called them again... asked for supervisor.. he was a jerk.. asked for his supervisor after being on hold for over 20 min I got disconnected... If you want to fix this I suggest they call me back.


I closed my Time Warner Cable and returned the equipment. I was told that everything was closed. Then I received a bill from the date until the date that I closed the account. After a month, I received another bill for services where the account was already closed, worse, it was more than $100. I called Customer Service to inquire and get a full detail of what the bill covers, I never heard nor received the items that I was inquiring about, then I get a Collector calling me and sending me a bill past due when I have no clue if the bills set on my account were mine because I did not get any information about it except the amount.

UpsetCustomer 3/5/13 4:04PM

I wish that their were other services besides TWC, you continue to get the same channels on HBO,showtime from month to month which also be seen on regular tv channels so you ask your self why do you continue to pay for this hbo, showtime etc. tv. You pay for television now because you really don't get a chose in the matter so you would like to watch something different from month to month and channel to channel, but from month to month you get the same s?@t, from channel to channel as well. If you see a great deal profanity it's because people are sick and tired of spending their hard earn money to a company that's not providing the type of services that should be provided. The only thing that keeps you using these services is due to the season shows such californication, house of lies, and if you miss the show the ability to be able to go back and watch and believe it are not they're not provided sometimes until a week later which does not make sense they should be available the next day. You have people working for you that continue to slack off of the job, they do not provide correct information on your listings like now I'm suppose to be watching house of lies, according to the information listed for shows on showtime I'm watching californication just simple things that could be prevented. Incompetence, thats what it is, I suppose if you all as a corporate office would check up on your offices and the people in these position that sit around and can't or don't care to do their job correctly then your company could provide better services for your over paid customers for tv that really sucks. Shows are so old you don't want to look at them or pay for it and the summary that is given to explain the highlights of the show is written with misspelled words and you can't understand what you may or may not want to watch. Something needs to be done with this crappy, crappy cable. Really if it wasn't for primetime tv you wouldn't have any tv,because most of the tv offered through this serice is crappy and I'm really considering just cancelling this service. This office offers bad customer service in the office as well. These women do not go above and beyond to satisfy their customers, but if the company was concerned about this they would fire a great deal of people and replace them with people that did not have jobs and gave better customer service.

Greensboro, North Carolina

Anonymous 3/3/13 3:32AM

Time warner cable is terrible. I spent 2 days on the phone with their employees and supervisors in order to get service. First, I placed an order online to get their services and received a confirmation email. upon waiting for their technician the day of (a week after i placed the order) it began to get late, so i called to see what the status was. i was informed that my order had been cancelled because the address wasn't verified. so i placed another order as well as had placed in the order an inquiry to speak with a supervisor to get the install done asap. i work on medical equipment in the military and don't have much time on my hands which is why i scheduled for the time i had, because that was the only day i knew i'd have time to do it. so i was told that i'd get a call by the supervisor that night, i did not. this morning i called in regards to the call i never recieved after speaking with an online representative who said my service was in fact to be done today. the representative on the phone informed me that i should be getting a call that morning by a supervisor and to wait, so i did so, alas no call had been made yet again by time warner cable. i called that afternoon and demanded to speak with a supervisor. i got in touch with one and they told me they'd get it rectified and call back with an update, no call yet again had been made to update me. i called just a few moments ago and got another supervisor who finally gave me answers, but too late. apparently i cannot get work done on the weekends because of base policy, i understand that. which is why i originally placed an order for the friday prior, i.e. yesterday. Time Warner Cable does not care for their customers and nor do their employees do their jobs.

Irate Customer 3/2/13 3:23PM

I have recently moved to live in Porth Arthur Texas, and one of my priorities was to have Internet and cable so I contacted a sales representative sitting on his Time Warner Cable Van, outside of a closed office of the same name, on date 12/19/2012

After discussing the type of service that I needed, he got in contact by phone to his office and offered me a packaged of 3 services that was on special at that time, that included a phone service for a total of $89.99 including taxes and I agree, and he promised to be at my house the next day to installed the equipment, and he did come, and brought the equipment needed, unfortunately he said that someone else needed to come to hooked up the equipment but he insisted and said in front of two other people that lived in the same house with me, that there was not going to be any extra charge because the connection was included in the packaged and he promised to be present the next day to explained the new deal and what was needed for the job to be done. My first disappointed was that next day he not only did not come but after trying many times he never answer his cell.

The installer did come on time on 12/20/2012 and he also try to contact the seller many times with no response, so he proceeded to do his job and when he was done, he gave me a bill for $151.93 for his services. I explained to him that, that was not the agreement and explained to him what the agreement was with the seller, but he proposed to me that instead of un-do what was done by him, I could give him a check because he has to probe to his office, that he did the job, and he said that the next day I could go to the Time Warner Cable office, to explained the situation, and afterwards could cancel the check.

I went to the Cable office the next day, explained everything and after a long discussion, the lady said that no taxes where considered on the first deal with the seller, and then a new agreement was made for everything that she offered me for a total off $102.99 for the new deal. So I went to the bank to cancel the given check, because we have a new deal and I was supposed to be charge by mail afterword.

A few weeks later I decided that I didn't need the phone service, because I have a Magic Jack device, so I canceled this service and my new bill was going to be $92.54 but when I got my first bill on 01/21/13 the total balance was $274.92, so I paid the $92.54 that we agree upon, and cancelled the whole deal for disagreement after disagreement. I returned the equipment involved and received a new charge for $298.51 in other words for a total of $391.50 that covers 54 days of service, that is $7.25 a day, which a considered outrageous.

Oscar M. Vilanova.

maywen 2/25/13 10:19AM

Another unhappy customer here. My rates were getting so expensive I finally said "enough is enough." I contacted another cable company (WOW!)whose rep came to my house to discuss their coverage and prices. Couldn't believe the difference and decided to go with them. After they installed everything I called TWC to cancel and it took forever to do that. The rep kept trying to get me to stay, telling me they could lower the $165 I was paying every month (no premium channels)and wanted to know what I was paying the new company. When I told her I wasn't telling her, she put me on hold for a few minutes and came back and told me they would offer me a new price, w/same service, for $116 and no contract! I was shocked and asked her how she could offer me that deal. She replied that they do it all the time, all I had to do was contact them and they could lower my rate and "work with me." I got so frustrated and mad I just told her to cancel my subscription and I was done with TWC. She then proceeded to tell me I was under contract and would have an "early termination" fee to pay. I asked her why she couldn't waive that fee since she could lower my bill so easily. Of course, that wasn't possible. I'm not giving up on talking with someone in Corporate. Will let you know what happens in the future.

sad1952 2/24/13 10:32AM

To whom it may concern,
My name is Ms faison and I have been with Time Warner Cable
for some time and I want to say this although I have had
difficulty with the service I stay because the company was willing to work with me during my hard times. In the past Mr. Seon have always been available to work with me on my account
and made sure that if I had an issue it could be resolved just
make the attempt to stay in contact if something new or problem arised. Now I have been asigned to Mr. Jamal and have given me the impression that the President of Time warner cable could not be reached nor do he or she have time to deal with me as if I was on some low level. I recieved a call from Jamal because I owed $8.00 and I said to him that I was short on cash and that I would try my best to pay the $8.00 next week. I paid $250.00 on my account yesterday. he seemed very hostile today unlike any other day so I asked for the corporate number to call. I have spoken to Jon who is an advocate for the president who was hostile in the past but I did see some results but not by him actually saying so to me.
I have asked Jon several times for me to send an email to the president to explain my situation and I was dismissed as a customer as if I did not matter. I am a women and donot appreciate having males handle my case. even if it was a women my point is the President should recieved comments and not have an advocate that advocates that from listening to him have no respect for women. now I have three sons who are married and six grandchildren and although they may be pist at me for some reason I teach them to respect all. in the past if you check my account I have had more problems with this service outages cable not working internet down outages in the neighborhood and still stay. the least you can do is make sure that representatives are respectful and sensitive to people like my self who are still not employed and is doing the best i can to pay off debts that I have and would just appreciate the tone in ones voice that we are all suffering some kind of hardship. what president of a corporation have no compassion. I have written the President of the United States because my benifits had be deducted and guess what I just recieved a letter from the office that they infestigated on my behalf because of my support so who is Jon to tell me or Jamal that the president of Time Warner Cable is to big for his customers. I feel for $8.00 I am threatned to cut me services well if you want to do that maybe it is time for me to move on to a company that will provide a service and no outages. the only credit a customer recieves is a slap in the face. yes, I know their is an ecomonic issues and companies need to get the customers to pay but I tell you this, this is not the way to harass costomers you loose them. people like Jon, who advocate for the president should be demoted because he clearly have to much power and gave me the impressions that I will never be able to reach the president and if any message came through on my behalf it had to get by him first. well as a certified investigator who is unemployed I know how to jump right over Jon's head and he will never see me coming. so if anyone out thier can get this message to the president that would be great. I am officialy
asking for my account to be investigated.

[email protected] 2/22/13 2:42PM

Now that my "promotional period" is over TWC has decided to show me how much they appreciate me paying my bill on time every time by raising my rates. When I called TWC today, it was the typical call I experience with TWC. Had to call 3 separate times. First time I was hung up on, 2nd time I was blind transferred and the phone kept ringing, after 2 plus minutes I had to hang up and call back AGAIN! 3rd time requested to be transferred to Senior Management. When I explained to her AT&T was going to give me the same internet for 1/3 of TWC price she offered no solution. I told her I was sick and tired of not being appreciated as a current customer. I asked her why TWC was not trying to keep my business????? She had no answer, because the answer is THEY ARE NOT TRYING TO KEEP CURRENT CUSTOMERS, ONLY TRYING TO RECRUIT NEW ONES OR SUCKER OLD ONES IN TO COMING BACK! I am done with TWC and willing to pay twice what I pay to someone who appreciates a customer. Everyone I speak to who has TWC NEVER HAVE A POSITIVE WORD ABOUT TWC! One would think with all the options these days of streaming and bypassing cable that TWC would be more appreciative of their current customers and not JUST potential customers. I have never been so happy to end my relations with a business as I am with TWC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Let me start by saying TWC states satisfaction guaranteed, well I would have to say thats false advertisement. I just had cable installed 1 week ago. First installation was a mess, never got what i ordered. I call back and they send out another tech whom only does half of his job and leaves. I come to find out i have been disconnected, so i call to find out whats going and they are stating i have a bill of $318.00 i ask how if i just got installed, well it so happens they keep charging me for sending a tech out to do a half a** job. So i request to speak to a sup. i get a sup by the name of javier from the san antonio location whom could careless about the situation going on, and then tells me bascily i have made my bed so i should lay in it. How is that when its the techs who have no idea what they are doing. I am just now seeeing why so many people are going back to direct or dish. When you have a csr that treats you like your no one and all they care is about telling you have to pay all this money to be restored. I am sure a bill for 1 week cant run you that high. Am just so upset that nobody at TWC takes the time to check on these techs and on csr services proveded.

hello 2/6/13 10:30AM

I have had Time Warner Cable since 2001. In May of 2012, I had a rate lock that was ending. Due to financial difficulties, I made a request of a TWC Resolution Specialist. I was told that the cheapest they could get my bill was at the rate I just completed. I told them I could not afford that and needed help to make something I can afford. I as told that was the best they could do. I have been struggling ever since. I called today, 1/31/2013 and spoke to 5 people. I found out that I was on ANOTHER price lock and that I would have to pay a fee to get out of the lock. I explained that I never wanted another lock nor was I told I was being put back on one. And I never got a notice about it. I found out that TWC subcontracts out MUCH of their work, in addition to installations, the MANAGER I spoke to said he was NOT A TWC EMPLOYEE. After burning 90+ minutes, this person told me he would help and it would take affect immediately. He stated he was going to send me an email as to our conversation. What did I email that stated he set up an appointment for a TWC service Tech to come to my house on 2/4/13 between 7am and MIDNIGHT!!!! I will be filing a complaint.

Upset in North Carolina 1/31/13 5:19PM

i am a first time customer of time warner. i recently got cable in september of 2012. i got my 1st bill in october and i was billed for someone else modem. i took all my paper work down to my local time warner station and they just keep saying i had an account with them back in 2010. I NEVER had time warner before september 2012.i been dealing with this issue since october 2012 its now going on february 2013 and nothing has been done. i called my local news station for help, i called time warner corporate for help they promised to call me back they never did!!! my next step is to take it to court, i would not recommend a friend to get cable!!!

nick 1/24/13 6:13AM

This is my second time trying to work with Time Warner Cable and it is also the last. After spending months at my old address trying to get cable reception problems fixed I left TWC and went to another carrier.

It was a satellite service and was very good most of the time until it rained. When we moved to our new home they would not give us two more receivers with out me starting the contract all over again.

So when TWC offered me to pay $200 towards the cancelation fee we decided to give them another try. The sales rep offered me TV & Internet service with one DVR and three digital boxes. The service came with Wi-Fi, Roadrunner Hi Speed, free install, and was for a term of 24 months. The only fees were $24.99 to install the fourth TV.

This service was quoted at $108.00 per month and this was back in Oct 2012. The day the install was done the installer did not know it was a new home and had to connect the house to the out side box. Then he came in the installed four boxes. One DVR and three other boxes.

The next day I stared having problems with the service. TWC sent a service technician to look at it and he told me the first tech was a sub-contractor and the cable terminations were done very badly. He showed me that he could pull off the crimped connectors with his bare hands.

I then told him we were unable to play back things we recorded anywhere in the house. So he reinstalled all new connectors and told me that the boxes were the wrong type. They were all standard boxes not digital. So he replaced them all.

Sense that time I have been charged for Oct $234.38, Nov $284.40, and Dec $330.77. So my wife call several times to get it resolved. She stared this in Nov 2012 and got so frustrated having people tell her they will have Customer Retention listen to the sales quote and get back to here, so she had me take over.

I have called that department so far four times. I have spoke to Carlissa ID # 13196, Kim ID # 15440, and their supervisor. That was back between Jan 3 and today. Today I called again because the supervisor told me that the first escalation was inputted improperly and would have to be done again. It was done on Jan 3 and the supervisor told me that it would take up to 10 to 14 business days. So on Jan 23 I called back and spoke to another TWC rep and after a 36min conversation I am now told that I should call back in a few more days.

In my opinion TWC has never cared about helping its customers. All it does is make them wish they had never started the service to begin with. I am going to cancel my service with them and never ever go back no matter what they offer. Because life is too short to spend days trying to get service for something I am paying a lot of money for.

I hope that some day a real company can teach the upper management at TWC why they should care about there customers.

Jim 1/23/13 10:54AM

I have been trying to get cable service for my son and his wife in Bastrop Texas. Who by the way has a two week wait not matter what. Why ??? They called and had to wait 2 weeks to make sure service had been restored. They are living where the fire occurred in Bastrop. They call cable and they need 250 + deposit they are both teachers and they desperately need internet for their jobs, and had just moved into that area. So we helped by requesting it for them. Long story short it is two months later. And despite repeated attempts after waiting two weeks they could not change the appointment to after 5:00 pm, my daughter-in-law calls again the day before to ask to please change it to between 6 - 7 o'clock. They told her they would call back. Both my son and daughter are teachers they don't get out at 2:00 pm and they don't know anyone. They can not leave a key to neighbors they don't know as the cable people in Bastrop suggested. My husband and I made during the two weeks period calls to ask that the change to Saturday or after 5:00 pm no one, no one ever called back. So the day of appointment the TECH shows up at 2:00 leaves note and I suppose goes home at 6:00 or had a very tough day only he knows. Tech left no ID# and made no attempt to let my daughter-in-law know that he was still showing up at 2:00 pm. My daughter in law calls Dec. 4th to talks to a Mayra (no Id#), gets a number #12134022 request to show up on a Saturday Dec. 8th. She waits there was no call to reject her request. She calls Saturday to see what happened, they tell her that she can not call she is not account holder. When we made request for service we told them who it was for we gave their phone #s to call. Why did she have to call why did they not call. She is having a melt down because she gets up at 4:00 am to get to school and do her work early, because the majority of her students email her their work. She is great at her job inspiring students to read at Elgin Junior High. This waiting for service is taking a toll on her, and worst of all no attempt was made on the part of up company to take care of the customer. We are called Saturday 8th to see if we could get them to go on that day, because they gave a # request. We were told that on Wed when tech went they cancelled the request because no one was there (after we made repeated attempts to change it because we told your people repeatedly that no one could be there). So, they tell us we have to wait another 2 weeks and that was the closest date.
We have been customers of your cable company for 30 yrs. After two hours on the phone and being passed on from one person to another only person who said they would try, that is a Doug ID # 15906, and he said he would call back. That is what every Rep from your company said to us in the past two months and no one ever called back. Let us see if Doug will call back.
I can appreciate that everyone has a job to do and granted maybe they are overloaded. Only your people know why they do what they do. It appears that your company that has no apathy for its customers. Belinda Montemayor/ Baldemar Montemayor
1205 Lucksinger Mission, Texas Last 4 of SS# 3521 7960

Next I guess an editorial to newspaper about a cable company who is monopolizing and indifferent to customers, put it on my blog, twitter, email, and local TV station.

Anonymous 12/8/12 11:50AM

I waited on line today with TWC for a total of 1.5hour trying to get my cable service moved.I finally got in touch with one young lady named Alicia, who took the time to help me even though it wasn't her departments job to do so. Prior to finally reaching Alicia I was shuffled back and forth between departments with no one being able to help me. The customer reps are rude and ignorant. when I asked for the manager, he/she was too busy to come to the phone to hear my complaints and when I asked for a regional office I was told that there wasn't one. I am sick of the customer service at TWC. They treat their customers like trash. Hire some decent hard working people who want to work and who will treat the consumer with a little more respect. Really considering Direct or DISH, customer appreciation goes a long way. Think about that TWC.!!!!!!

JR 12/4/12 12:41PM

I am now on the phone with Time Warner Cable, again, because my cable continues to pixelizes after I was told that the problem was at the pole and it would be corrected in 3 days. I have had 10 technicians out here to diagnose the problem and it was my DVR box, then it was my lines, then it was at the pole. Customer service refused to provide the contact information for the corporate office both on the phone and online. Also, I was hung up on by supervisor at the customer service number 2 times.

Anonymous 10/30/12 8:30PM

I've read a comment from: R U KIDDING, and like that customer, My husband and I are also fed up with Time Warner Cable. We have been a customer for about 6 years now, and up until a few years ago, we have been having nothing but problems. Every time we call to have the problem fixed, they tell us its a TV channel issue or the DVR box. We have had technicians come out on many occasions to solve the problem or replace the box and also have drilled a hole on side of our house to run a cable. Still, we have problems, and also when we try and tell the representative about our on going issues, we get hung up on. We are done with Time Warner. They keep raising prices for customers while Time Warner gets richer. WE WANT QUALITY SERVICE!! Is that too much to ask. Get your heads out of your asses and come up with quality service. We are not the only one's who have problems with Time Warner. FIX THIS

Seriously 10/13/12 1:15PM

Who do we complain to about TimeWarner Cable's stranglehold on the Laker games??? How greedy can you get!!! This is ridiculous!!!

Wheresthelakerlove 10/8/12 2:13PM

I have lived in my home in cincinnati for 15 years and have had TIMEWARNER cable for this long.In fact i have had "TIMEWARNER" three services cable , phone, internet service 11years. My cable service is "HORRIBLE". I had a NEW cable box installed 8-10-2012. Since then i have called 7 times and i still have problems. I deserve a CREDIT EVERYTIME that my service goes out. I pay 150 dollars a month. I have been told it is a software problem, REALLY thats your problem timewarner if you know this then fix it. My mother lives 5 minutes from me and she has the same cable box for 12 years and never has had a problem. Not that ANYONE probably will EVER read this or get back to me reguarding this problem . I'll bet money no ones does.

RUKIDDING 9/12/12 8:15AM

Time Warner Cable spent customer money on building a fancy high rise instead of upgrading the speed our internet which slower then Romania's.

South Korea has internet service 200 times faster for half the price Time Warner Cable gouges us for.

Anonymous 9/5/12 9:32AM

recently we had an issue with a payment that had been taken out of a bank account twice which had overdrawn the account. contacted the company,was told it would take 4-5 days for the issue to be settled...4 days later we contacted them again and we were told the form had not even been submitted. at this time we went to the payment center where they did submit the form but now we are having to wait another 4-5 days. we were told that the process is that the company has to investigate the situation even though we had a bank statement that proves the payment was taken out twice. what more ivestigating is needed other than that? in the mean time every day that goes by means the bank charges for an overdraft not to mention there are other things that need to be taken care of but because of this situation they will have to be put on hold. im sure if the cable was scheduled for shut off due to non payment your company would not wait 4-5 days. this is not prompt customer service. this was an error due to the fault of your company and i feel that it should be taken care of immediatley. i also feel that the overdraft fees should be taken care of by your company. very disappointed in this customer service so much so that im thinking we might have to contact another provider. this is just not acceptable.

Anonymous 8/18/12 8:17AM

For several years salesmen have come by my home to offer my cable. When I first moved here, I tried to get cable, but it wasn't offered. Finally my address was listed as a serviceable area. A few weeks ago, I decided to switch all my TV, phone, and internet to cable. The salesman was very helpful, and we completed all the paperwork. Last Friday, the installer came out to put in my services, only to tell me the "tap" was 803ft. away, and he would have to put in a work order. Now the salesman has just called to tell my they are not going to do it. However I am in a "serviceable area". I am very disappointed with this and I will be sure and share my feelings with anyone who asks. My friends knew I was very excited to finally get cable. I guess customer satisfaction, even when it's the company's mistake doesn't matter!

stampgal53 8/9/12 11:06AM

I was promised a $50.00 gift card for subscribing to TWC internet service. To date have not received the gift card. I called 3 times today alone and my last called I was put on hold for 35 minutes exactly. I have no problem disconnecting TWC even tho I don't want to do that. I just need some response time and a good one. It is a shame but a good satisfied customer is a great assest to any company.

cussbox 8/7/12 1:25PM

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