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Please find details for the Sears corporate office below. We do our best to keep this information current, but if you are aware of any updates to the Sears corporate office headquarters information we have, please feel free to submit an update.

Corporate Office Address:
Sears Roebuck and Co.

Sears Holdings Corporation
3333 Beverly Road
Hoffman Estates, IL 60179
United States

Phone: 847-286-2500

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I am a female Sears customer that purchased a Sears Craftsman Ride-on mower in 2003. Got it serviced every year for about $150-160 per year. They would change the filter, oil, test the battery and provide new blades. It is a bit expensive, but they did come to the house to do this so I did not mind. The mower still works great. This year 2014, they advertise a special of the ride-on mower tuneup for $139.00. I made an appoint. Yet, when the technician called before he was to come over, he asked me if I knew Sears has stopped replacing the blades and the oil and filter and the costs are on top of the $139.00 special. So what is the $139.00 for? I called Customer Svc re the fact that they never mentioned this when I made the appt. I had been a Sears customer for decades. They could not answer anything and told me that they would have the Corporate office contact me. This was last Friday and no call. Now I will call Corporate. Sears thinks they have a lock on the market re certain home repair, and they don't. I wonder if they know, they are losing customers. I talked to a friend of mine who will show me how to tune up my own mower from now on. Sears has lost me as a customer.

Paris 5/15/14 11:53PM

We purchased a Craftsman 21" lawn mower from the Sears in Batavia, NY April of 2012. We also purchased an additional blade , which the sales person got for us. This year we went to put the extra blade on and found it did not fit( reminding you that the salesperson got it for us) When we explained the issue to the salesperson today They charged us $9.00 and explained it was over the 30 days. That being said the blade was brand new never used and they gave us the wrong oneI'm mnot sure if this will help but the original blade item number was 71 33524 per receipt. I'm very upset with the Seard organization at this point. Now I have the correct blade that has ended up cost us a total of $27.00 I feel that the error was absolutely o the fault of this Sears store and the blade should have been exchanged Thank you for your time and attention to this matter.

Anonymous 4/25/14 10:13AM

In July 2013 I purchase a fridge with extened warranty only after confirming that repair was available on Saturdays & would be able to come out to location that was a 2 1/2 hr drive from the nearest Sears store. When repair was needed I was told Sears only comes out to that location on Thursdays. The fridge is at a vacation home that is a 6 hr drive for me to get to. I scheduled appt with Sears coming between 1-5pm, they left a automated msg onmy home # comfirming appt the day before. I drove the 6 hrs, got into auto accident, proceeded to vacation home & was still there before my appt window. At 4pm I called service center & was told Sears called again to confirm & since no one answered they cancelled the call out. Sears did say I could make another appt for a Thursday.. I have had to take time off work to be here. If I was at work & had planned on Sears coming between 1-5pm & was getting off early to meet them & they didnt have my work # would they also cancel the appt. Calling me at home & leaving msg the day before was all that is needed. Never did msg say I had to call back, just that someone 18 or older had to be there. I hve spoken to over 8 people in service repair but no one can come out in the next 2 days that I will be at our vacation home. No wonder Sears just isnt what it used to be.

Anonymous 4/19/14 7:49AM

I wish Sears could return to the days when its employees actually cared about customer satisfaction. For starters, "customer service" with Sears is an oxymoron!!! In previous years, if I ordered something with defective parts, the representative would order replacement parts. Not so with my recent purchase of a floor cabinet containing damaged items which prevent my assembling the cabinet. Thanks a lot, Sears---you have just lost a customer who's going to destroy his Sears credit card and never shop Sears again.

Carl Adkins 3/19/14 10:07AM

I took 2 sewing machines, Jan 14, 2014, into my local Sears store to be sent out for repair/maintenance. Service orders are for a model 158.19802 problem with bobbin area locking up. The other service order is for a model 158.19460 sn 19133, tune up only, oiling etc.. A couple weeks ago I was told the machines went to the wrong place and were being sent to the correct place so it would take longer for the repairs. All the following calls, were with the people. Yesterday morning, Feb 25, 2014, I had a message on my answering machine that my machine had been damaged and would be replaced and I would have a 199.99 store credit, I would need to call and give my approval to proceed. I called not a half hour later and was told it had already been processed and I had my credit. I said I did not give anyone permission to proceed. I said I wanted a supervisor. I don't have his name but he said he would have someone call. Another message was left, the damaged machine 19802 didn't have parts anymore, couldn't have been fixed anyway and should never have been sent out from my sears store in the first place and that I have a 199.99 store credit. In addition, I have another message on my machine, from yesterday, about an estimate of repair on a machine 19802. When I called again, and had someone look at the service tickets the model number on ticket 1076464 has been changed from 158.19460 to something else. I didn't write down the model I was given. It appears as if I sent in two 19802 machines but that is not correct. I called again, and got a name this time, Candy. She is the only one who seemed to understand what was going on and said she would talk to supervisor when they got out of a meeting. I asked if she could call me back, not some else and she said yes and I gave my cell phone number. She did not call me back but someone else did. I was given a run around and told it didn't matter if the model had been changed. Only the serial number was important..How can one person tell me there is a repair estimate on a 19802 for 101.00 and someone else call and say my 19802 was damaged and could not have been repaired anyway? Something is very, very wrong. I want both my machines back. I have called my store manager and he will be calling too. Thank you for your immediate attention to this matter. At the risk of being redundant, something is very very wrong here.

Mat2Hue 2/26/14 3:57AM

kmart in the u.s. virgin islands store
employee name franchesca worse kmart employee ever! has horrible customer service and has no respect for Kmart members! she needs to be removed!

melissa 2/25/14 7:22AM

I will NEVER shop at Sears again!! They got my order wrong and act like it's no big deal and like it's my fault! Well let me tell you, 815.00 IS A Big Deal!! They can Take your money right away but sure Can't refund it back right away.

Laurie 2/14/14 10:01AM

No wonder Sears is going out of business. I purchased a maintenance agreement for my range. I set up an appt for them to come out. When I made the appt I told the girl there was a problem with the led light indicating how many rings on the burner were activated. She says no problem. Day of appt I waited around for four hours, finally got a call from Carl. He asked me about the problem, said he would order the part and reschedule the appt when it came in. Are you freaking kidding me? He should have called me immediately after I made the appt and ordered the part then. Poor, poor customer service. And the people at the call center, worthless.

Anonymous 2/10/14 9:25AM

On 03-16-2013 i bought a Kenmore Elite side by side refrigerator from Sears witch unfortunate for me, the refrigerator has same manufacturer problems and defects.In less than 6 months it turned off by itself (had to wait a week until the technician came and he did not now to fix it), stop making ice and the worst part is that the water line and the valve broke three times(in less than a year ) and i have hardwood floor damage from the water.I called the store manager(very mean person). I called Customer solutions so many times asking for a replacement because the refrigerator was purchased less than a year ago and IS STILL UNDER MANUFACTURER WARRANTY.I will appreciate if the problem will be solved, before seeking help from a Consumer protection agency or the Better business Bureau. Please contact me by . I look forward to your reply and a speedy resolution to my problem .Sincerely, Emilia Chalikian

Emilia 2/8/14 4:28PM

On 02/05/2014 I went on line to payoff my Layawayfor the E 6.3 Elliptical I purchased on line on January 11, 2014. I went through manage my layaway Like I did before when I made other payments except I changed the total to the balance which is 218.17 then clicked on continue to cart. Then the page with the new payment comes up I then press continue to check out. A pop up box appears " do you want to open or save: from I tried to open it and it was some kind of security scan which I canceled.thinking it would take me to the page to confirm payment.But it didn't it returned me to the page to go to checkout. I called to see if a payment did go through which it didn't. So I asked if I could make a final payment over the phone the person told me no that I could go to any sears and make a payment. Ok no problem right? WRONG!!I took my copies of my payments at 2:50 pm to the Meadows Mall in Las Vegas, Nevada went to the Men's apparel sales person at the register, gave him my papers and told him I would like to pay the balance and schedule for delivery of the installation of the Elliptical machine. He could not pull up my information. I gave him the contract number, the order number, my phone number. nothing worked. He called his supervisor, he came, he tried, he failed. the supervisor goes to get someone, he tries,he fails. Meanwhile I ask to see the manager, she comes down. She fails. She calls someone, I am showing her on the kiosk through my account sign in, what it is doing. and she sees for herself that I cannot make a payment. The manager apologizes and proceeds to tell me she has never experienced anything like that before. Now I'm running late for work that is why I didn't think to get her name sorry. I get off work try to make a payment when I get home to see if they corrected the problem and guess what? nothing has changed. Just more frustrated and angry. a number I got of my bank statement I printed up told them I would like to make a final payment they tell me to go online and to go under my profile and manage my layaway button. told them I did that and they already sent a web error report. and that I went to sears in person and was still having difficulties making the payment. from there she hung up. Called another and spoke to Carrie and she sent out another web error report reference to wait another 24 hours. Why is it you can take the other payments but not a final payment. then on the on-line cart it is written no refunds on online purchases. what kind of deal is this. you can buy it on line but you don't get merchandise and you don't get your money either. All I want is the Elliptical machine in my house and ready to go. Why must it be so difficult to purchase something on line with sears. where do I go from here. I am so disgusted with this ordeal. Please Help.

Anonymous 2/7/14 7:18AM

Title: Will somebody please address the employee issues going on at the Prices Corner store in Wilmington DE.

Comment: Your store manager (Jim) seems to be working hard to address issues but these personnel issues are killing productivity and he may not be aware that they are going on. His few good workers are extremely frustrated and some may leave which will just cause the store to deteriorate even more.

1. PT Crystle, hours increased and this woman is walking around the store shopping, going to McDonalds on company time and not doing any work. This is stealing money from Sears.

2. Lead Stephanie is pulling the wool over managements eyes (not the ASM Trich). Stephanie has a history of not doing any work as a lead in any area of the store, only doing work when the store manager is around for optics and delegating most of her job to the good workers then taking credit. The store manager should pop in, look at the tapes and he will see that Stephanie is not doing any work. She has been dubbed The Slacker by the good workers in the store. In my company, leads were in charge of sites, areas but also had to do the same work as the full/PT employees. Stephanie does neither and she is totally supported by the ASM Trish.

3. Your ASM Trish is not doing her job and does not seem to have the capability of addressing these personnel issues, totally non confrontational. She allows Stephanie to get away with not doing any work, covers up for her, gives the unproductive workers more hours, gives the outstanding workers more work that the unproductive workers aren't doing, doesn't give support to the excellent workers, makes excuses for the poor workers, on and on and on. She is one of your biggest issues that needs to be addressed.

4. Carolyn Jones, a lead who was demoted because of her inability to get the job done in any area of the store is now sabotaging everything in her area to get out of work, and this person is still getting lead pay but less than 10% productive versus the excellent workers. They are taking work away from her and giving it to other workers mostly the excellent workers but she is still getting 40 hours a week. I hope there is a plan to eliminated her job because she is killing the morale of the very good workers in the store.

Lastly, your excellent workers are not being recognized or rewarded. They have not received a raise in 5 years and I know one for sure who is getting so frustrated that she is considering leaving, not retiring because of how the unproductive workers are being rewarded and the good workers are being neglected.

I have a relative who works in the store so I want my name to remain confidential. I worked for a major company in the area for 35 years and when I hear what is going from a personnel point in the store I scratch my head as to why this kind of behavior is allowed to continue. I was a productivity expert and you guys are getting killed on productivity. You are driving some good improvement metrics but these personnel issues will keep you from getting to where you need to be.

Again, your store manager is a breath of fresh air from the past few managers that you have had. He is trying to improve the store but he will had a very difficult challenge unless the above issues are addressed.


Anonymous 2/7/14 5:37AM

we have made 2 payements on items we still have not received, and new dates, messed up delivery dates, and we still are unsure when we will get what was purchased ... customer service is a waste of time they do not call back. If items do not come this week ... we will cancel the order, and never shop sears again.

bo 2/5/14 10:13AM

I have called 3 different numbers to talk to someone about when my repair person would be here. It is now 4:03 pm. I was told my appt. would be between 12 and 4. I am closing my business for the day so you might want to stop the repairman. I will call someone else for repair. Sears, I have shopped with you for many years. All the appliances in my home are from sears. I refuse to deal with foreigners answering your phone. I cannot understand them and when I ask for an American Representative they get nasty. I'm done! Sears is becoming a joke and I see why your not doing so well.

KRB 1/24/14 3:05PM

I wish to congratulate Sears Holding Company for having such an outstanding customer service rep. I have been a Sears customer for at least 40 years. I purchased an expensive chainsaw and only had the manufactures warrenty not sears warrenty. I brought it into sears for repair 2 days before the warrenty expired. Your service technicians worked on it and it took several weeks before they called me to pick it up. The Chainsaw would still not start. I again returned to sears for repair. They took several weeks before they phoned me to say it was fixed but that I would have to pay #68.00. I was furious,I told them to hold onto the saw until I spoke with someone from Sears customer service. I reached an SMADVISOR via email and I was promptly answerd by email and by my home phone from your Advisor.

Her name is Ms Jessica White, Senior Case Manager for sears holding. Ms White told me she would make certain that my chainsaw was returned to me in working order and no charge to me. She followed through with a phone call asking if sears had called me to pick it up. They had not, so she called the service center and I received a call that my saw was ready for pick up. It is a 32 mile round trip each time I have to visit your store located in Santa Rosa CA. When I returned home the saw still would not start. Ms White was outstanding. She said that I would be given a new Chainsaw and return the one I had. She was able to locate the only one left and it was in the Sears Santa Rosa Store. She contacted the Store Manager and set it up so that I could speak to her personally and the manager gave me a new chainsaw and took back the old one. This time I purchased a two year Sears warrenty so if I encounter any problems they will be covered.

In all my years of dealing with Department Stores I have never encountered such a kind and understanding customer Service rep as Ms Jessica White. I do hope that a corporate officer calls her and congratulates her for saving a 40 year customer.

Sincerely a satisfied customer.

stansturfclub 1/23/14 8:48PM

I placed an online order for a water softener to be installed at my home, including applicable permits. I was given a delivery date and was told to call that morning for a time window. When I called, I was told the order had been cancelled. After the usual Sears runaround of several hours on the phone being confidently, and repeatedly, referred to another phone number and department, which always turned out to be wrong on both counts, I finally reached a supervisor who said he would personally solve the problem. Turns out Sears online had sent the order to a store in the wrong county, which doesn't serve my town. Instead of contacting me, Sears simply cancelled the installation (not the order.) The Sears supervisor then assigned someone to follow up; her fix was to cancel the first order and re-order from the right store. She guaranteed I wouldn't be charged for the cancelled item. (The second one was cheaper due to lower sales tax in the correct county.)Long story short: Sears charged me for Both water softeners, has repeatedly promised a refund, but only for the lower amount, never refunded either amount or credited anything to my credit card. Good thing I used Amex, where a dispute is pending. I did actually get the second softener installed -- but they didn't obtain a permit (required and paid for) and never told me. I found out by accident when talking to the building department about an unrelated matter. Almost every Sears promise has been broken, and every inquiry ignored. I will Never buy anything from Sears again.

fsfields 1/13/14 9:07PM

A Service Tech Has Been To My Home 3x To Repair My Washer And Now Needs To Do The Same Repair Over Again. I Have Taken Time From My Job To Be Home To Have Them Do The Repair And I Do Not Feel That The Job Shouild Be Done Again. The Machine Is 4 Years Old And They Took The Machine All Apart For An Overhall, Now The Motor Is Shot And They Need To Do The Overhall Again And Change The Motor.two Servicemen Worked On The Machine For Over 3 Hours And I Think It Should Be Replaced It Is Never Going To Be Right

MARY ANN 1/11/14 5:14PM

I have a dishwasher still under warranty that suddenly stopped working. I called the repair number and spoke with the representative and it was determined over the phone that it was a control panel issue. She said she would order the part for the model number which I gave to her. The appointment was scheduled for December 18, 2013. The technician arrived an hour late. I took the day off work. Within five minutes he confirmed it was the control panel, but he did not have the part. He said he would order it and have it mailed to the house. The first available appointment he had was Dec. 30 to return to install it. When I questioned him about this late appointment, he said it was due to the holidays. So now I am going through the holiday entertaining season without a dishwasher. He assured me that Dec. 30 was the earliest appointment.

I was not pleased that I took a day off work and hung around for 5 hours and the technician did not have the part as promised and expected.

Then this morning, December 30, when I was told I had an appointment, I once again stayed home to await the repair. I called at 7:45 AM and heard an automated recording that a technician would be here between 8 and 12:00 today. They never came and when I called again they said it was scheduled for January 30. I fail to see how that makes any sense, as being the first available appointment after the holidays. I also verified it at 7:45AM with the automated recording from my house phone. It was then 11:40 AM when now they are telling me it is January 30 ????

I called and tried to get this corrected and asked to speak to a supervisor. I was disconnected 4 times and had to retell the story to 4 different agents. I did get the names of two: Gail and Joy. Joy promised me that a "Mr. Sean", her supervisor would call me back within an hour. He has not called me back the entire afternoon.

I called and spoke with Patrick, appliance manager, at the Sears in Modesto. He put me in contact with a customer service department number. I spoke with Louis and was disconnected, making this 5 times my call was dropped. I called back and finally Angelo was very helpful.He put me in contact with Linda who also told me that the earliest available appointment is January 7. I was not pleased with this delayed date and having to arrange yet another day off of work to be there. I have no confidence that the appointment will occur or that the issue will be resolved. Experience has proven that.

Linda suggested that I contact your department. I have lost two days of work and have had absolutely no work done on my dishwasher. I have spent the entire afternoon trying to bring about a resolution and expedite this ordeal I have been put through. I was on the phone for 3 hours with various service departments of Sears. I strongly feel that Sears should do everything in its power to send out a technician immediately and repair the dishwasher. I have been greatly inconvenienced.

Typically I purchase all my appliances from Sears and have so for the past 30 years. But this experience has led me to consider other options when I am looking to replace or update any appliances. The customer service I have received has been very poor and this experience has been beyond frustrating.

I would appreciate a response in detailing how this matter is being handled, including whose attention this being drawn to. I also would like to plead for a sooner repair appointment. This matter should have been fixed on the first scheduled appointment of December 18. January 7 is not acceptable.

I look forward to an expedient response.

No response has been forthcoming since I emailed the number I was given to file my complaint. I was promised an extended term on my service agreement and a gift card. None of this has been forthcoming. All I wanted was the service appointments to be honored. Taking off now 3 days of work and nothing to show for it is very poor service. Sears should have paid a repair person overtime if they had to, to correct this problem and maintain a customer base. I have lost all confidence in this company. I will no longer be shopping here with such poor customer service and lack of follow through from this company.

Anonymous 1/4/14 2:27PM


I am SO glad to see that it is not just a woman that receives crap service from Sears. I purchased a dishwasher an paid for install. It looks like crap! It is not the dishwasher, it is the installation. It protrudes out farther than the base of the cabinets and you can see all down the side and you are looking at the insulation on the side of the dishwasher. I have called all different numbers, went to a different store for help....nothing works. Everyone wants to bounce me back to the original store and they just want to sell me a different, $300 more model! No one will even come out and look at it. I am not used to such inferior work, and I won't accept it. I have asked my credit card company to get involved and I am waiting for someone to come and get it!

Anonymous 12/6/13 7:12PM

Like many others our family has long been Sears customers. I go all the way back to my childhood on the farm looking forward to the Sears catalog. Throughout adulthood always went to Sears. All of our houses have been populated with Sears products and appliances. Our trouble began when we had Sears install a central ac system and had trouble with it from the beginning and absolutely no cooperation from Sears management. After several visits a technician finally found the problem and I then found Sears would not honor the warranty. Stupid me,. when we needed a new boiler I went back to Sears. Before installation we got overwhelming attention from the salesperson, but the day after installation when the boiler sprung a leak, despite numerous calls to the salesperson and project director voice mail we never received a call back, until someone called to find out if we received a manual and instructions on use. Because I was in the basement my wife brought the phone down to me at which time we found the caller had hung up and did not bother to call us back. When this same person called back to solicit feedback and I provided am list of our problems with this installation the caller promised a call back from the sales manager which we never received. Finally after all this the contractors took care of our problems, I say the contractors. We have not received one word of apology or concern from Sears. Need I say this, NEVER AGAIN SEARS. I have kept a catalog of all this with dates and times. SEARS gets a negative rating on Facebook and friends and extended family. NEVER AGAIN.

Disgusted 12/6/13 6:55PM

As a loyal, "valued (?), Sears customer I have relied on their major home appliances for 32 yrs.This includes having to furnish major appliances for 4 households due to required moves of military service. On 29 Nov the latest of these, (dishwasher, 4 mos old, under warrenty. I have been routed all over the Lower 48,recieved vague and flippant answers, from reps who cannot understand time zones and their work hours apparently pertain only to their location. NOT where the product-problem is located! And apparently the local retail store in Anchorage, AK no longer has service personnel. Poor response from an iconic American business name to say the least.

Anonymous 12/4/13 5:54PM

I had attempted to place an order for 2 appliances last night at approximately 11:00 PM EST on the Sears website for item at $779.99 and at $1335.59 with a coupon of $35.00 dollars off for purchases $300.00 or more (coupon code: ) plus required parts of $10.98 and 18.99 an installation cost of $10.00 and deliver of $69.00 which brought the pre-tax total to $2190.54. As I proceeded to "checkout" the prices changed and I am not sure why as these prices were still stated on your website past 3:00 AM EST (of which I have copies). When I called customer service this afternoon (The office is closed in the evening so I couldn't get through to anyone at the time the incident occurred. unbelievable.) I was given the run around by a Case Manager by the name of Maggie who refused to honor the price and instead tried to have me purchase them at a higher price telling me it is still a sale, even though the prices I stated were still on their site, of which I have the screen prints. I have dealt with other companies in the past both big and small and they have always honored their prices, so I can't understand how a big corporation like Sears does not. What they pulled tried to pull this afternoon was a type of "Bait and Switch" as they Nickel and Dime their customers. I have been a loyal customer of Sears all my life (I am 50) and never has the customer service been worse. For the few dollars they are trying to save they have lost a loyal customer willing to spend $2000.00 on this purchase, not to mention future purchases. I will make sure that this gets posted to all the major sites (twitter, Facebook, etc.) as well as well as verbally to friends and family. These companies need to know that the consumers come first and not the other way around. Without customers there is no company. You have lost a number of customers today (which equates to revenue). I hope you are happy.

Will Never Buy from Sears again 12/3/13 4:04PM

I am totally unhappy with Sears Home Service. My Craftsman tractor's deck belt slipped off this afternoon (10/25) as I was starting to bag leaves. Called Service, the soonest they can send someone out is 11/8 from noon to 5! I cannot wait 2 weeks to get my tractor back up and running. The girl(from an offshore call center)told me I could look at the manual and try to fix it myself!! I told her I didn't have service agreements on all my Craftsman equipment to be rolling on the ground trying to fix it myself. I called the Sears Holdings number - at least the guy was American, he couldn't do any better. I asked him to send email to service mgr for my zone, tell him I need an earlier appointment and I want a phone call. The guy told me the service mgr won't call me unless he can better the date. Absolutely amazing. This summer, the tractor wouldn't move, took them 3 weeks to get to me - my grass was up to my knees! I live in the country on over 1/2 an acre! I've been a Sears customer since 1977, I have NEVER had such a poor customer experience in my life as I've had this past year. People are crying for jobs - hire them! If you are unwilling to hire additional service techs, then stop selling the equipment. I had a John Deere for 20 years before it finally died, ran like a champ. I should have paid the $8K and bought another one -take that cost out over 20 years, the cost of owning and my bloodpressure make it a bargain. I feel like borrowing my brother's truck and trailer, loading this piece of crap and depositing it in front of Sears with a sign saying DO NOT BUY ONE OF THESE, SEARS CAN'T SERVICE IT. I want a phone call from a decision maker that can get a technician out here week of 10/28 - preferably the first part of the week.

Anonymous 10/25/13 1:53PM

My glass top stove oven went out, The oven which I was using at the time wouldn't go off. When the oven reaches the temp. it should stop heating, mine was set for 350, I timed my two dishes for 10 min.and set the timer. The timer went off but the oven did not. My food was burnt and had I not been close by the situation could have elevated to a fire.
The situation was reported to sears service dept wwho could not respond before 11 days forward. Service man came on Oct. 11 but said he didn't have the part to fix the problem. The part has now been received but I am told it will be another week before my problem can be addressed. Meanwhile we could not use out stove at all, had to disconnect it completely. Why do you sell service contracts if you cannot deliver the service in a timely fashion.

Dolores 10/16/13 1:52PM

4 weeks ago scheduled service for lawn tractor on Thursday 10/17/2013 at our Fla I get a call from tech saying he will be there in 20 min--no one at the Fla address to allow tech in..thats why we booked it for THURSDAY 10/17/ now they are telling me it will be another 2-3 weeks before they can schedule wasnot my error...but I will suffer because of the incompetent scheduler I talked to on 9/16/2013..NOW WHAT SEARS ????

Stranded Again 10/16/13 11:36AM

I put a refridgeraton on layaway September 24,2013. I had no idea that I would have to deal with Sears about my checking account because I used my bankcard to make the first payment. The next day my husband call and told me that over $2000.00 had been taking out of our account along with the first payment of the refridgerator. So I called Sears custom Service and at first she only saw the first payment not the $2099.00. She said I would have to called my bank. I call my bank explain it to the person in charge and she told me if they didn't have an authorized number for the $2000.00 that she could return the money to my account so she called Sears back with me on the phone but when we start talking to this lady she said oh I do see the $2099.00. She said this had never happen before could we hold on. We held on for about 20 to 30 minutes back and forth. At last she said it will be 24 to 48 hours before I will get my money back. Oh they said sorry so many time. The next day I called back and that sales person said she didn't know how long it will take and I ask to talk to someone else higher and she said the same thing she didn't know how long and right then they had did anything and it may take longer to get my money and that they couldn't help me receive my money and they didn't have a number for headquarter they could only email headquarter. Well I have learn one thing never use Sears layaway anymore and think twice before I use my card at sears. Right now Sears have gotten my checking account screwed up and they don't care. Sorry do not help you when it comes to paying your bills and feeding your family. You wonder what kind of people would hurt people like that. What kind of customer service are they teaching. I work for customer service at another store and I know what you have to do and it doesn't take a week this is 2013 not the 70.

Jackie 9/28/13 4:55PM

September 27, 2013

Thomas Brown

Sears Headquarters & Corporate Offices

RE: Kenmore 25 cu. Ft Freench Door

Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator

White Energy Star 0- Sears

item#04670322000 l Model # 70322

Dear Customer Service:

This is a formal complaint in reference to the purchase of your product as described above.

� 9/17/2013: I shopped online and purchased a refrigerator. The item was in stock at your South Point, Durham, NC location. I traveled 52 miles to pick the item up.

� 9/17 -9/21/13: I plugged and allowed the item to run, trying to make sure it was okay before putting food in it.

� 9/21/13: Stocked refrigerator with food

� 9/24/13: At some point refrigerator stopped working. Called back to Sears, South Point. Was directed to customer service. I was offered an October 14, 2013 repair date. This was unacceptable. I called back to the store and spoke with Shannon. She was to assist with finding the replacement and was to call me back. Did not hear from her.

Spoke with Tony. He found the same refrigerator at the Northgate, Durham location. It was listed as new.
I had to return the refrigerator and received the supposedly new one . At this point I am working with Darrell. When I returned home, again after a 52 mile trip, plugged the refrigerator in and it immediately started knocking. I called Tony, who told me to inspect it. Upon doing so I found corroded copper lines, copper lines broken from compressor. I called Sears Northgate, spoke with Darrell. Who indicated that he was calling Jason (another manager), and call me back. I never heard from either of them. Tony called me today (9/27/13). He offered to have the refrigerator repaired. I informed him that at this point with the wrong information given about the second one and the poor customer service, the miles, gas, lost food and time I have spent on this, my wife does not want any product from Sears.

Tony Sawyer, did an outstanding job trying to assist me. He gave me his business card and wrote his personal cell number. He indicated that upon return of the refrigerator, if there are any problems to call him. Thanks to Tony.

I am still in disbelief of how awful this ordeal has been for both myself and my wife. I am still trying to replace the refrigerator and will not be able to do so until I receive my money back. I am currently using coolers until this ordeal is over. I would appreciate compensation for my time and financial loss.

I desperately await to hear from you with a resolution. Thank you in advance

Thomas 9/27/13 10:31AM

Last night, my Kenmore Microwave caught on fire. I have spent much of the morning trying to get through to someone who can help me, to no avail. I have been hung up on by two customer service reps, and a third put me on an endless hold when I asked for a supervisor to deal with this problem.

Until this issue I have been pleased with Sears products, and currently have 4 Sears appliances in my home

F.M. 9/24/13 8:32AM

I have been without ac all summer...praying they fix those brand new heat pump before winter!! Terrible service..terrible product..very disappointed

angrymom 9/19/13 5:51AM

Ok. to all of you deal with sears tire department please reconsider.the worst service I haver rec'd in my life was from sears tire dept in Thornton Colorado, there customer service was horrible and when a customer tries to complain I got kissed off by the store mgr and also there corporate office......please stop and reconsider shopping at sears....

Lou_48m 8/27/13 5:18PM

Since 8/22/13, I have been on the phone with Sears and transferred to many different departments with no resolution. I paid $3,562.96 for a washer and dryer and now that my dryer needs service Sears and A&E are both telling me I have warranty but its not their problem it's the others. I am a 100% Iraq war veteran and am unable to wait 3 weeks for service. When Sears sold me this protection plan they never mentioned that I would have to wait 3 weeks for service. Nor did they tell me I was going to have this hassle. I work very hard for my money and have sacrificed very much to be treated this way. My money is green just like everyone else's and I cannot comprehend what the problem is. Here is the list of phone numbers both Sears and A&E Warranty Protection Plan have told me to call. Not to include that each 800# has their own departments and I have been transferred repeatedly within the 800#'s.

Iraqvet 8/27/13 9:01AM

I am very sad to say I will no longer be shopping at Sears or purchasing appliances from them again.Sears has lost its Customer Service. I had a refrigerator that Sears repair man came to fix,once I started to store my items the freezer drawer wasn't working correctly that was not my issue, my issue was calling the 8004myhome phone number after being on hold for 25min I was told call back tomorrow because they couldn't make a appointment for me since my order was same date, your kidding callback again.The representative Lauren was very rude, I explained that I had already called twice today and each time was on hold 25min and I asked to speak to a supervisor, she put me on hold again 15min more and said supervisor is still busy and she said soonest appointment would be September28 then she changed it to August28. I Find it very hard to believe if was being honest with me especially since my original appointments were giving to me with 5 days, I explained I had been without my freezer already for over 2 weeks and I already had purchased freezer items, now my food would go bad again, I simply could not wait 8 more days. I asked to speak to a supervisor again, Lauren then said I would have to wait 10 more minutes because supervisor was busy. I agreed to wait.I was kept on hold for 44min only to be hung up on.I could tell customer service was definitely outsourced to another country and hanging up on a customer or leaving them on hold is acceptable and Supervisor are protecting there workers not the customers.I wanted to speak to supervisor because in the past in a emergency situation I was double booked because of my children Insulin. To be hung up on shows me I was not a valued customer merely a disturbance a JOKE,VERY DISAPPOINTED in the lack of customer service. I WILL NO LONGER PURCHASE FROM SEARS.

Anonymous 8/20/13 7:50PM

I agree I will never deal with Sears again. When you call they give you the runaround and waste your time. I spent a great deal of time on the phone in the span of two different days. They call on Wednesday and say someone will be there in the time span of 8-12. I was told on the phone it would be a more consistent time. When I called today to complain I was "disconnected" (more like hung up on) then immediately received a call saying they would be here soon that they were in Greece. Needless to say I wasted my morning getting up early as to make sure I didn't miss them.:( Then I read up on all these negative reviews and am whole heartedly disgusted. To all of you who have the same shoddy service....been there done that

thirstyttrtll 8/15/13 7:49AM

My ice box went out on July 17, went to the Antioch Store in Kansas City, bought a new one, they told me I had to wait a full week before delivery date, living at out of coolers for a week is not a picnic. Had to throw away of lot food that would not last in coolers. Delivery date finally arrived, although the men who delivered it were nice enough, they screwed it up, the doors do not close probably (they were put on crooked) thus the seal does not work and nothing stays cold or frozen, the ice maker barely makes ice, went back to Sears to get someone out to repair the doors, instead of repairs they said they would make an even exchange, (that should tell you something)wait another week, delivery time in the first email between 7:30 AM and 9, now it's after 4:00 in the afternoon and still no delivery.. Every appliance I have in my home is from Sears, my husbands tools, his lawn tractor, even his work boots are sewn crooked, my clothes are from sears, my shoes are from Sears, I take my granddaughters shopping at Sears, trust me I will not spend another dime at Sears, this experience is beyond reasonable. I DO NOT and WILL NOT recommend Sears to anyone, ever again.. You really need to get your act together. After reading all of the complaints against your store, I'm surprised you are still in business.

Anonymous 8/2/13 2:18PM

I found that the communciation with the customer service representative is the worst I have ever experience first they never follow instructions to call my friends for he was going to be in the area to received the appliance and in purchasing the appliance of both the stove and the hood i was given a price out the door including tax delivery charge hauling the old appliance out and installation of both the hood and the stove. I later received a phone called 3days later that the hood was an additional charge to installed . This is not except able I will never shop at sears again

Sandy Wong 7/29/13 7:41AM

We bought a Sears washing machine and called for repair. We have a service protection plan. We called on the 16th for service and was told that we would have a repair person on the 18th.ther repair department called and said they could not get to us do to over booking until the 22 or 23. They never showed. We have gone a week with no washing machine and now they say they will be here on the 27th. 11 days with no washer and we pay $1600 every 2 years for the service protection plan. We built a house and bought all 5 appliances from SEARS. NEVER AGAIN. I will never do business with them again. Once they get your money you are no longer of value to them. I plan to tell every person I know not to buy from SEARS. And guess what, STILL NO WASHING MACHINE. Terrible company!

FRUSTRATED 7/23/13 3:58PM

I happened to be getting the address to write sears...reading all your comments makes my heart drop! Sears has $2,146.73 of mine since April of 2013 for brand new kitchen appliances for my new home which were never ordered and HAS NOT RETURNED IT! Why you all ask? Well the order for all new appliances transpired, they (Sears) took my money, then didn't order the appliances which in return were NEVER DELIVERED..hence why I am crying! Went to the store, they supposedly returned it to my account...NOPE! when the credit didn't happen went back a second time. I am still waiting for a check to come to my mailbox. One customer service rep told me 7-10 coming from America...longer if from India...WTF India?! still no money. second customer rep said check was released will be there by Wed 07/10/13. Still no check. Called today 07-11-13 talked to another customer rep said that she saw the receipt and that I received a cash refund and that no check would be issued! I was beyond words at this point! I told her that the Regional manager guided the salesperson thru the transaction. She said they did it wrong at the store. I said had the actual paperwork for the steps to take for "point of sale transaction steps" and that Step #10 says to: "complete the transaction. at the TYPE OF PAYMENT screen, select CASH and press ACCEPT. This ladies and gentlemen is from the 2011 Sears Holdings Corporation for HTS Point of Sale Transaction Steps Revised October 20, 2011! Where did I get that...the internet is fun...wish I could hack my own money back to tell you the truth. Sears call me today...hung up which I see is par. I called back and their resolution for this was for ME, yes ME to file a Help Ticket with the store! Are you people sucking (use your imagination people) serious, really!! Because of you I am out thousands of dollars that I will never see again. And I can tell you this...YOU (Sears) have ended me up in the confessional more times that I can count! So at this point swearing doesn't matter! Mr. CEO of the Sears Roebuck Company, I am 47 yrs old and worked hard for my FIRST EVER new home, work hard everyday for $8.50/hr...Why, why would you NEED MY $2,146.73...WHY!

Margaret Laski 7/11/13 5:55PM

I finally came back to Sears About ten years ago. Your company did not have such a good reputation as it did when I was grew up. Then you put in your store the Kardashians. They have alleged reputations for: doing sex tapes, and are just plain obnoxious, plus their clothes are more for street women on Sunset Blvd. If you drop Paula Deen and her pots and pans and other products then I will drop your store and tell all my friends as well. Before the sixties their was a lot of prejudice talk like she said . People were stooped and did not know better, they do know now. Please give her a chance and do not drop her. You are,I hope a bigger, better company then that.

rosie 6/24/13 7:40PM

I ordered an air compressor recently and when it arrived at my home it had a damaged gauge. I immediately got on my computer and initiated a chat with a Sears Representative. Although this person was trying his best to resolve the problem, in the end he couldn't do anything to help. I assured him that the machine was usable but that I would need a new gauge sent. He stated that either I would need to return the air compressor and re-order another one or he could credit my account with 10% of my purchase price. This is where it gets stupid. I am 30 miles away from a store and with the size of the compressor I would need to load it into my truck. Gas is over $4.00 per gallon and my truck gets about 12 to 15 miles per gallon. So, it's going to cost ME somewhere around $16.00 to $20.00 to return an item that arrived damaged at my residence? Understandably I was upset!! This was not my fault and I am expected to take care of it? Hmmm doesn't seem quite right does it? The rep then offered that he could go ahead and begin the re-order process and offered me a "wonderful opportunity" to purchase a protection policy on my new air compressor when I place the order? NO I do not want to give any more money over to Sears for something like that and I told him so.
While he began the order process I realized that I had used reward points for the 1st purchase and asked about using them for this new purchase. He said since the air compressor was not taken back and the refund had not been taken care of - I was out of luck?!! Hmmm so now I get to pay for lots of gas and an additional $15.00 for an item that was damaged?!! I should have asked him if I could just bend over and allow him to kick my butt again!!
My husband and I both decided that it was totally ridiculous to pursue the matter. If Sears has NO SHAME and enjoys giving shoddy treatment to their customers - well the best thing is to stop spending my hard earned money there!
I told the rep that I have shopped with Sears for over 20 years and in fact in the past 2 1/2 years I have purchased a stove, microwave, refrigerator, washer, air purifier/humidifier and now the air compressor. I have also purchased a washer and stove for my daughter - ALL FROM SEARS. Guess what? I am in need of a dryer but can you understand it when I say - I am not buying from Sears this time? I am appalled that they would treat myself or anybody else this way. It would have cost them less than $25.00 to resolve the problem - they could have and should have sent a new gauge and my husband was willing to put it on himself - they refused!!
We have a small appliance store in our town and I guess perhaps that will be where I am going to start shopping now. I am deeply saddened as I have always liked my Kenmore appliances but I do not like being taken for a fool.
Incidentally - the 10% that was to be credited to my account? Haha - they took off a little over 3 dollars!! The 10% should have been over 18 dollars!! Do you suppose the people working in that department once worked for the IRS? I am still shaking my head on that one. Ooohhhh and one more thing - my husband called them and talked to a rep and was promised a return email - HAH it never came!!
SEARS - shame on you!! I am certain you will not contact me and resolve this issue - you do not care. In the meantime I will probably have to order the replacement gauge from you but that will be my last purchase. If I had the financial means to do so I would continue this fight with you. Since I don't I guess I am just another sucker!!
Sincerely, Linda

Linda 6/2/13 1:04PM

Graham: Jordan, I see that the order for the did not processed.

Jordan Klein: Yes Graham I know that. I waited 8 days for you people to figure that out.

Jordan Klein: I was told (in writing) that order will not ship and to place a new order which I did last night. I placed the new order and paid extra for overnight shipping. I was told (in writing) that it will be delivered tomorrow. Where is the item now and when will it arrive? Please provide tracking numbers.

Graham: I do understand your concern and it must be frustrating for you.

Jordan Klein: Your comments are only making me more angry. Where is the item? When will it arrive? What is the tracking number?

Graham: I apologize you for the delay in the shipment of the item.

Jordan Klein: Where is the item? When will it arrive? What is the tracking number?

Jordan Klein: Can you give me that information? Yes or no?

Graham: I am sorry to inform you that there is no tracking number in the order details as the tracking numbers are not generated.

Jordan Klein: Ok, then since you promised me last night when I ordered this that it will arrive tomorrow, please cancel the order and refund my credit card.

Graham: I am unable to cancel your order. Once you receive your order you can return it to any Sears(Kmart) retail store for an immediate credit or you can follow the return instructions on the packing slip included with your order. You will receive credit once we receive the item.

Jordan Klein: That is not acceptable.

Jordan Klein: Either tell me when the item will arrive or refund my order. Otherwise, you have stolen my money and I will report this to the FBI

Graham: I agree that the problem you have had is not acceptable, however, these are not examples of what is experienced by most of our customers.

Jordan Klein: Are you kidding me? This is the 4th TIME IN 2 WEESK THAT I HAD THIS PROBLEM WITH SEARS!

Jordan Klein: Either provide a tracking number or refund my credit card.

Graham: I understand this experience was less than perfect, however, I hope you will give us another chance to demonstrate our commitment to customer service.


Graham: I am really sorry for the trouble you are facing with your orders.

Graham: We owe you an apology

Jordan Klein: Sears is committing an act of internet fraud and theft. You have a choice: refund my credit card now or tell me when this item will ship. If you can't do either I will be filing a report with the US FBI, Better Business Bureau, New York State Attorney General, Sears Corporate headquarters, your CEO, and local and national news media.

Graham: I have checked the details for you and see that we do not have an option to cancel the order and there is no tracking details updated yet.

Jordan Klein: Ok so Sears has now committed internet fraud and theft which are both crimes in the United States.

Graham: I would request you to wait because I see that shipping date of the item is tomorrow.


Graham: Yes, you are correct.

Jordan Klein: By the way I am posting this entire chat on Facebook as we speak for the rest of the American public to read

Jordan Klein: hello? please provide the tracking number, a time this will ship to arrive for tomorrow, or provide a refund.

Jordan Klein: The entire world is watching

Graham: I am really sorry there is no tracking information available with us.

Jordan Klein: Ok so refund my money

Jordan Klein: Failure to do so is a crime in the United States

Graham: I see that we do not have an option to cancel the order and provide you the refund because your order comes under the fulfillment channel where you cannot cancel any order.

Jordan Klein: So fix it.

Jordan Klein: I am demanding a refund since you cannot tell me where this item is. If you cannot provide a refund, Sears is committing an act of internet fraud and theft. You have a choice: refund my credit card now or tell me when this item will ship. If you can't do either I will be filing a report with the US FBI, Better Business Bureau, New York State Attorney General, Sears Corporate headquarters, your CEO, and local and national news media.

Graham: I understand your concern regarding our order and I also know that you have paid the money in advance to get the items and you have not received the order yet and currently we are not able to cancel the order and provide you the refund right now.

Jordan Klein: Ok well that is fraud and theft

Jordan Klein: I will be publishing this entire conversation across the internet to show how Sears treats its customers and have proven that sears will commit crimes of fraud and theft

Graham: I will issue you the 5% off on your order and you will be able to view the refund amount back to your credit card within 3 to 5 business days.

Jordan Klein: If you read your notes I already got 10% off this order

Jordan Klein: I want a refund or a tracking number. Failure to do so is fraud.

Graham: Jordan, I agree with you that currently there is no information available with, I request you to provide us the 8 business days to resolve the issue.






Graham: Jordan, we need 8 business days to resolve the issue and see what best can be done in your ase.

Jordan Klein: You people are unreal. I cannot wait until sears finally goes out of business

Graham: *case.

Jordan Klein: So you cannot refund me for a purchase that you cannot ship?

Graham: Jordan, I do not have an option available with me to provide you the immediate refund.

Jordan Klein: Ok so you are committing a crime

Graham: I apologize to you. Please allow us 24 to 48 for the tracking number.

Jordan Klein: What are you telling me? You just told me to wait 8 days. Now its 24 to 48 hours?

Jordan Klein: Why would I wait 48 hours if the item should arrive tomorrorw

Jordan Klein: *tomorrorw

Jordan Klein: *tomorrow

Graham: Jordan, I would like you to wait 24 to 48 hours for the tracking number to get updated.


Jordan Klein: Why would I wait 24-48 hours

Graham: Yes, you are correct. One of the order will be shipped tomorrow.


Graham: The order "501730882" will be shipped tomorrow.

Jordan Klein: How do you know that

Jordan Klein: It is supposed to arrive tomorrow

Jordan Klein: Arrival Date: May 15

Graham: As per the order details the arrival date is on 05/15/2013.




Graham: Yes, you are correct.

Jordan Klein: OK, you obviously have no clue. How can the item ship TOMORROW (5/15) IF IT IS SUPPOSED TO ARRIVE TOMORROW?

jordanklein 5/14/13 6:19PM

I recieved a letter from Sears indicating that my application for credit was refused and Experian was notified. I did not apply for MasterCard credit and respectfully request you correct this situation immediately. Please see that my credit report is not negatively affected.

Nancy 4/19/13 4:25PM

My is Dellare Bryant-I recently called Sears because my Kenmore Elite Washer Locked when it started a load of towels and bath mats.The machine beeped that the load was not balanced, so I pushed the button to open the machine and rearrange the load even though nothing was unbalanced and it would not unlock. I tried several times, called the 1-800 number and was told that there was no appointments until 4/17 btwn 8a-12p. In the mean time my towels and bath mats are stuck inside for over 3 wks.

The repairman arrives, pries the top open, my laundry room reeks of crap from the soak & wet towels locked inside. The repairman was very courteous- he took all the towels/bath mats and placed them in a extra large garbage bag outside beside my garbage. My washer has a rusted cover top, requires a new lock switch and also a recall on it. The repairman can not return until May 7th, my laundry room and living room smell like a cow pasture and I would like my ruined towels and bath returned. About $200 worth and a replacement washer. I do not want to fix a washer that has been sitting over a month smelling like cow manure and put my clothes in it. I do not appreciate spending $999 for a washer to smell like hell and not be able to use it for almost 2 months. I would ask that you please, put yourself in my shoes and replace my washer and towels. Treat me as you would like to be treated and stand up to your quality service reputation!

gayzmin 4/17/13 3:07PM

Do Not Order From Others Like Etc Placed Order Come To Find Other Merchants Dnw In Case Of Return Want To Go To Store. Wanted Cancel Order Call No Help At All Not Even In Usa Calling Solilia??? 3rd Party Order Can't Help You Omg What Horrible, Misleading And Awful Customer Service...shame On You Sears...lost Me As Customer Avoid For Your Peace Of Mind No Corporte 800 Number They Don't Want To Be Bothered

hnybrry 3/29/13 8:26AM

I think that the ceo of sears needs to take a look at why the parts department overships most of the parts orders this is probably why sears is losing so much money ,then when an honest person wants to send those parts back its virtualy impossible i will bet parts dept loses millions every year!

jrc1 3/27/13 1:55PM

No wonder I keep hearing about Sears and K-mart going down hill in their sales. Five CEO's in the last seven years and now a new one. It is really ashame after many years of dependable service that Sears is going to be a thing of the past if they don't shape up their customer service. The Sears Auto Center got $3,000.00 from me, my car is ruined and they won't help me. The only way I can recoup some of my money is to let my excellent credit go down by not paying the bill. Really a shame that we can't get the word out to everyone to warn them. Shame, shame, shame on Sears!

Anonymous 2/28/13 2:47PM

So disappointed in Sears, for the first time. I bought a gas range and they delivered it Monday afternoon and by Tuesday night it had stop working. On Wednesday morning I had called around with no help. I started calling them at 8 am it wasn't until 5 pm that they decided to refund me my money. They wanted to repair a less than two day old stove. The could replace it but I would have to wait til the 7th, oh and the repair would come out til the 6th, nothing. How do you let such a dangerous device come into someones home. I am so disappointed. Sears has lost a customer for over 20 years no longer will I buy big ticket items from them. I was passed from dept to dept with no regard just we can't help you frustrating

PamYNG 2/27/13 9:02PM

I am writing in regards to the worst customer service I have ever experienced in my life. The level of mistreatment from Sears has set a gurantee that I will NEVER purchase (or let anyone I know) Purchase another item from you or any of your subsidiaries. I purchased a matresss and box spring set on 02/17/2013 from Sears online. I set a delivery date of 02/25/2013 believing that this would be more than enough time to get the items delivered. I never received a follow up email from Sears and had to continue to check the Sears site myself for updated information. I was finally notifed that the items would be delivered between 3:45 and 5:45 on 02/25/2013. I left work early and came home not wanting to be rude and leave the delivery drivers out in the rain. When the delivery drivers failed to arrive at 7:15 I finally began to call numbers from the Sear's website. I spoke with several people from call centers who I could tell had absoultuly no interest in my issue. I finally recieved a call from the delivery driver at 8:17 telling me that they were leaving there last stop and would be at my residence in 20-30 minutes. At 8:40 I received a second call from the delivery driver who explained that it was late and he was tired and he was going to drive back to Indianapolis. Had I been waiting on television I might of understood but I was waiting on a mattress that had been promised for delivery. I had already completley removed my bed in preperation for a matress removal. After he refused to provide a telephone number for his supervisor he hung up. I never recieved a call today and when I checked my order it is no longer in the system. I again started making phone calls and spoke with several more of Sear's horrible call centers who again treated me like a moron and provide me with no information. I was finally told that my items had been removed from the truck and I could schedule another delivery date if I liked. It is obvious that Sears has more problems that they know what to do with but the level of customer service is obviously one of there biggest issues. All I can say is Shop elsewhere if you want what you paid for.


Anonymous 2/26/13 8:53AM

Wow this company does not know what customer servic is, I too have had a bad experience with Sears repairs, customer service and above all Corporate. When corporate does not give a crap, you can forget it!!!!! I am getting ready to
build a house, Sears, Kenmore and anyone associated with
Sears would be the last appliance Company I would choose
to put into my new home, You Suck big time and your employees suck and Corporate people Suck even more. You have no respect for your customers, nor do you care!!!! So from me to you Sears, go straight to hell with all of
your appliances!!!!!!!! I amalso making a report to the attorney Genereals office here in Columbus, Ohio.....Your repair man did not even come out to my home but quoted me a ridiculous price, but when I called Kenmore parts, it was a big difference!!!!!!!! Big big ripoff!!!!! Called corporate, some guy who thinks he is the president of the
company was nothing but a smart ass!!! I have been in retail for 17 years, I always tried to make things right
for the customer not Sears, are you doing so well in this
economy that you give a crap about all the issues you have????? I think not, there is never anyone shopping in
the sears store in our mall, wonder why????? You are the
last store I would go to for anything at this point.....
I told this wanna be vice president that I spoke to yesterday that I thouhgt he should someone out just to see what is really going on with my stove, free of charge and he said absolutely not, but it ok that I waited all day long for a service teck, who calls me on the phone and tells me it would be $750 to fix my stove so I cancelled, hell I could go to HH Gregg and get a new one, with better customer service thats for sure!!!! So Sears as far as I am concerned, you Suck!!!!!! Cant say that enough, that usually is not my language, but I am so mad at the way I was treated by your company I cannot see straight.....Kenmore put me on hold three times yeaterday, for a total of almost an hour, and each time
I was disconnected, how convenient............Never never
never will I buy even a kitchen towel from this company
but I will make it my quest through Facebook or whatever' means I can to tell the world how rotten you, your customer service and most of all your Corporate people are!!!!!!!

Schirtz 2/26/13 5:10AM

THIS IS NOT MY FIRST SITUATION WITH SEARS SERVICE AND SUPPORT...Yesterday a technician arrived to perform service on an out-of-warranty Kitchenaid over the range microwave oven. The technician quoted a repair price of $719.24 (parts and service). He didn't have the parts in his van, and thinking the repair price may be high, I declined service which he said I could do, but still have 90 days to change my mind. He told me that if I decided to change my mind, I should call (800)4MY-HOME to order parts and then schedule service. So I called the (800) 4MY-HOME to place the order for parts. That is when the fun began. I was told they would need to schedule another service call (which they did for 03/02/13) to install the parts. Then they told me to call the number again to order the parts. So I did. There were 3 parts which needed to be ordered and as I talked with the parts agent they informed me that 2 parts could be ordered, but the other part had to be ordered by a technician. The agent took my credit card number to order the parts and transferred me to a technician. The technician said he couldn't order the part for me. So he forwarded me to customer service to get my part ordered. They said I needed to have a technician service call and the tech would order the part at that time. Which meant that I will have two parts that I ordered for the 03/02/13 service call and 1 part the technician will have to order when he gets here. Which means I will still be without the use of the microwave until the part arrives and the technician is rescheduled to return for the install. Seems like a lot of wasted effort and costs on Sears part. Not to mention the waste of my time. NOTE: Everyone in the process was friendly and courteous (and apologetic for not being able to help me), except for the customer service agent's supervisor.

Rick Crabtree 2/22/13 1:11PM

Last week I had an appointment to have a Sears technician come to my house and do a tune-up on my Sears lawn tractor. He was to show up between 1:00 and 5:00. He did not show up nor did he or anyone else at Sears call me to let me know that he was not coming. (I wasted 4 hours waiting, even though I had confirmed the appointment the day before with a Sears rep). The next day after several attempts I finally got to talk with a real person at Sears, who could not give me a reason why the tech had not called me.

Against my better judjement I let him talk me into re-scheduling another appointment for today. It was for the same 4 hour window (1:00-5:00) with a promise of a call to alert me that the tech was on his way. (I confirmed the appointment this morning) Guess what? I waited 4 hours again-the tech did not show up nor did he call to say he was running late, was not coming, etc,. After 2 tries I got through to a lady in customer service. Again, she did not know why the tech had not showed up or why he had not called. I told her I was going to file a complaint and asked for his name, but she would not give it to me. She did give me a number which she said was his employee ID 0570937. She must have contacted the tech after she hung up with me, because at exactly 5:56 the tech called me from phone number (915-543-1190). He offered no excuse for not calling me to let me know he was not coming. He then had the gall to try to talk me into re-scheduling an appointment for the end of the week, which I refused. So here I sit with a Sears tractor that needs a tune-up and 8 hours of wasted time and lost wages (I had to take time off from work). I am extremely disappointed (to say the least), especially since I up to now have been a loyal and long, long time Sears customer (lawn equipment, tools, appliances, automotive, clothing, electronics, clothing, and most everything else that Sears sells). In my book it's (one strike-it's bad) but (two strikes-you're out)...Since I did not hear from my local tech, I hardly expect to hear from Sears Corporate. Next time I'll buy a Kubota or anything else, but Sears.

Anonymous 2/11/13 9:02PM

2 or 3 weeks ago I ordered a treadmill via the chat feature on The reason why I chose Sears was because the rep assured me that my request of removing my old treadmill and setting up my new treadmill would be fulfilled. Today one driver showed up and - although he was very nice - told us that all he was authorized to do is to drop it off in front of our garage! He went above and beyond in offering to bring it inside our house, to our basement, but he wouldn't set it up, nor haul our old one away. We had a concern about him bringing down a 240 pound treadmill, on a slippery muddy hill, so we declined his offer.

I got a call back this afternoon from the delivery company, and was again told that all they could do was deliver it curbside. After a little conversation I was transferred to a rep at She told me that what I was told was in error, and that she would send a "coaching" message to the rep. I wish someone would pull the transcript of the conversation! The rep also told me that I could pay extra for the treadmill to be delivered inside my house, but it still wouldn't be set up.

I am time poor and not handy at all, which is why I specifically asked for my old treadmill to be removed, and for the new one to be set up. 3 weeks later, and now I am finding out that I was misinformed. I asked about a full refund, and was told that I would have to refuse the treadmill, and that once it was back in Sear's warehouse, then I would be refunded my money. Really? This is how a good company behaves? I understand mistakes, but my resolution would have been to have the original freight company drop it off into my garage, then have Sears send two employess to haul my old one away, and install my new one.

I am not a happy customers, and I will take my business elsewhere, as this has been a complete waste of time, energy, and money. I bought my old treadmill from Dick's Sporting Goods, and unlike Sears, they delivered on our agreement.

Dennis Koulatsos 1/31/13 5:39PM

I Recived A Recall On My Sears Dehumidifier Because Of A Fire Problum. I Filled Out The Proper Paper Work And Returned The Parts And Lables;i Was Told It Would Be Seven To Ten Days To Get A Check For One Hundre Dollars Thay Recived It On Dec.8,2012 I Have Called Many Times And No One Knows What Going On. So I Called Your Customer Service He Was No Help At All I Asked To Speak To A Manager He Would Not Transfer Me To One. If This Is What Sears Has Come To After Deaing With Them For Over Fifty Years I Do Not Want Anything More To Do With You.

Anonymous 1/29/13 12:39PM

My snowblower needs a new engine and the manufacturer of the engine is out of business since 2008. I am told that it takes between 5 and 12 days to research if a new engine can be found. It is the middle of winter.I complained that in this day of automation, this is a ridiculous timeline. I called corporate and was promised a definitive answer by today. I was told to call customer service if a call had not been received by noon. I called and was told that I never spoke to the person I named because there was no notation in the file. So, now I am delusional. Upon further investigation with other Sears officials, it became apparent that corporate comments are not available to customer service.Shouldn't the representative I spoke to have been aware of this especially since I gave her the facts. The Sears rep insisted that I was making things up. I have her name if Sears is interested. She was very rude.

Now, I still have no answer and I am told to call again on Monday. The run around continues.

The new CEO of Sears needs to reach out to consumers before and after purchases.

Anonymous 1/18/13 4:10PM

Greetings. I hope someone can help

In October 20012. My wife and I purchased a new double oven because our old model was no longer serviceable, no longer made parts for, anyway we have had nothing but trouble getting the new one installed. We finally git the first oven installed in December on the 16th. Well that one was defective. Now it is January 16th and we still do not have the replacement installed yet. I received a call from sears and was told I have a date picked for Thursday for the oven to be installed and I would get a call Wednesday for a time for the install. Well it us Wednesday night 10:52 pm and no call. Do you know how disappointed, frustrated and angry I am. I can no longer trust Sears. The run around that I've gotten is so unnecessary. Please can you help? Thanks in advance. Chris Chase.

Anonymous 1/16/13 10:04PM

To whom it may concern,

We have had numerous dealings with Sears in Spokane, WA, and I have to say it has always been pleasant. One manager went out of his way to deliver a freezer on his way home because there was a mixup at some level. We just had a repair gentleman come out for our tractor, which we had purchased from Sears, his name is Wyatt, and he was promtp, very friendly, courteous and knowledgeable. We just moved into the area and have bought lots of things at Sears, and when we need appliances in the future, it will be our first stop.

Good job, guys!

Roberta Casale
Deer Park, WA

Anonymous 1/11/13 10:42AM

My name is Julia Gregory and recently I purchased the Big Mans Chair as a Christmas present for my elderly mother.. The chair was delivered on the 28th of December and once the delivered and set up we realized she could not work the chair due to the weakness in her legs.. Once the chair is reclined you have to lower it using your legs and her legs aren't strong enough so I call in on the 30th to see about exchanging the chair out for another one with a handle on the side to recline and lower the chair. At this time I went through a number of departments before someone decided that they would be able to assist me, supposedly the order and the exchange was done and all I would have to do is to wait for a call from the processing and delivery team withing 24 to 48 hours well that never happened. I called in to check on the status of the order and was informed that there was no order and that I would have to replace the chair with the same model I explained the situation and was told that they would have to contact the processing department, once they contacted the processing department they came back and said that they would be able to go ahead and replace the chair but the one I wanted was a Kmart only item so I chose another chair. Everything was set.. Called in to check the status once again and there was no order or exchange that had been processed I was then transferred to different department including the appliance department..Then I was disconnected. I called back in again and requested to speak with management and upon speaking to him he informed me that I would receive a call within 24 to 48 hours again this never happened so I called back again once again I got the run around switched from department because no one knew what was going on and no order had been placed. Finally I spoke with some one in processing who assisted me in doing the return because we could not find a recliner that was in stock. Well I continued my search on line and found a chair and immediately called back in the same night and requested to cancel the return and have the exchange processed well the gentleman that I spoke with assured me the return was canceled (which it was) and the request for the exchange was processed and just wait 24 to 48 hours for a call from processing and delivery team I insisted on speaking with someone in processing so I will be assured that the order was placed the rep transferred me and after 20mins I was disconnected. I decided to wait the 24 to 48 hours and still no call so of course I called in and once again there is no record of the exchange I asked to speak with a manager because at this point I am so aggravated I am about to explode. Once the manager came on the line after about 20mins or so He informed me that I would not be able to do the exchange unless it was the same Item at this point I began to yell and tell him I did not want to hear that after everything that I have been thru and I was informed that I would be able to do the exchange, at this point the manager place me on hold for another 20 to 30mins and transferred me to another department his whole attitude was one of no concern and he wanted to know why I was exchanging the chair when I had already explained the reason and it should have been in the notes. So I am transferred to exchanges which is the department I asked to be transferred to each time I called and the customer service reps insured me they would be able to handle it and they didn't. I spoke with a rep there who made my experience so seamless that I couldn't believe that I went through everything I went thru with all the other reps. She came on pulled up my order number and I explained my situation and gave her the number of the chair I wanted to exchange and it was done and complete in no time she even explained to my what my refund would be because of the price difference in the two chairs she was pleasant and showed a genuine concern for all that I had been thru. Her name is Mickey ID#250197 from Round Rock Texas. Most of the reps I spoke with I could hardly understand them and they had difficulty understanding me.. This experience was the most horrific thing I have ever been thru... I would never recommend anyone to do online shopping at Sears or Kmart. My experience with Kmart was with the Layaway in the past two years I have utilized this service and each time left the store angry and saying I would never return... during the holiday seasons it is the worst shopping experience anyone could go thru. I have had all my items lost or the reps in the store gave them to other customers when I go to pick up my layaway I have to wait until the management and reps search the store to find my items eventually we have to revert to going on the floor and retrieving the Items because they are no longer in layaway.. The Kmart store in reference is in Pleasantville, NJ on the Black Horse Pike.. At this time an point I am so aggravated and frustrated with both of your stores that for me to do anymore business would be suicidal.

The reps that I spoke with concerning the recliner are as follows:

December 30th


ID# 20991 Chadree H

I know there were more reps but if you review the notes if they are there you will see everyone that I was in contact with along with 3 Managers/Supervisors.. The customer service I feel left a bad taste in my mouth and I will think twice about doing business online or making a substantial purchase again..

My order account number is The original chair that was purchased was I actually ordered it thru Kmart website the replacement chair that I am to receive is I hope all goes well from this point forward and I will not have to call any of your reps again.. This was definitely the worst shopping experience of my life.

I would love to hear back from someone in the Corporate office my number is

gregoryjulia 1/8/13 6:09PM

On 12/05/12 we had a Kenmore refrigerator delivered to our home. The "team" that delivered the refrigerator consisted of a young man who was training a recent hire. Kenny failed to completely shut the water off under the sink and we had a flood of water in our kitchen. We have harwood floors over cement slab. After a friend of ours finally shut the water off completely and Kenny finished installing the fridge, water was bubbling up between the boards and oozed up between the boards even more when it was stepped on. We called the company that installed the hardwood floors in our home and documented the damage. The floor has to be replaced because not only we had a flood in the kitchen but they also gauged and scraped the hardwood. The delivery Co. won't return our numerous calls and Sears has basically washed their hands off. They tell us that they cannot do anything besides leaving messages to the owner of the delivery company and he won't return their calls either. They told us that we must deal with the delivery company directly. What Sears fails to understand is that we did NOT purchase the appliance from the delivery company. We purchase it from Sears, Sears hired or contracted the delivery Co.,but yet Sears won't get involved. They have left us on our own. It has been the worst experience. Sears managed to ruin our Christmas. Instead of preparing for Christmas we had to do a lot of phone calling, waiting, getting estimates, etc. We have always been loyal Sears customers, we made the mistake of paying the fridge in full-maybe if we Aowed money Sears would do something to help us. We feel that we have not been treated fairly; therefore we will never do business with Sears again.

Appliance Installer Nightmare 1/7/13 10:33AM

On Jan 4, 2013 at 9:23pm I was at the sears store in wayne nj. I was looking at a ten piece set of pots and pan. So I told my husband open it to see if everything inside.cause I bought a set and there was parts missing. And a guy that was wearing glasses and he was skinnny he was very racist toward me. And he was very nasty ...I don't apreicate to be treated that way.

chicky74 1/4/13 7:54PM

I will never purchase an appliance from Sears. I have a warranty on a range and Sears has had 3 service calls, a no show on the 4th one. They have not been able to fix it. I want a refund for the warranty and the price of the range.I have called and gotten transferred around and continually asked to speak with a supervisor. I keep getting "senior customer advocates" who are not helpful. Spoke with Latoya,Anthony Luis and lastly Isaac, none of whom helped and I am hoping to write a formal complaint about Isaac who should be fired as he was horribly rude. I hope that anyone thinking of purchasing anything from Sears will think twice about doing so.

Donna 12/28/12 3:33AM

On November 24, I got on Kmart's website to create a layaway. Unknown to me, one of the items, a tea kettle, was not availible at the kmart store so it was ordered to be shipped from SEARS. My credit card was charged for the full amount of $24.34. I wasnt aware of this until AFTER the layaway was completed. I didnt want the tea kettle especially for that price, and I assumed it was apart of the layaway. On November 25th , I called Sears to cancel the purchase of the teakettle.....but was told i couldnt and I would have to receive it and THEN return it. I was told that I could refuse the item from the deliverer and have it sent back and receive a full Refund of the 25.34. So that is exactly what i did. I never had possession of the teakettle and it was sent back by the postal service on the 30th of November. As of today,December 23, I have spoken with 6 service reps that were rude, hung up on me and promised a credit to my account. I have yet to see any MONEY credited to my account. All I want is my MONEY BACK!!!!!!!!!!! Sears has truly lefy a bad taste in my mouth......never will i patronize this store again.

Disappointed ex-customer 12/23/12 6:46AM

I contacted Sears on 11/24/12 to request a service technician to come & repair my front load washer. The technician came out & had to order the parts needed to repair my appliance. We set a repair date of 12/5/12 between 1 & 5. My appliance needed the metal & plastic drum, & pulley replaced. Let me add the total amount of repairs costed more than I paid for my appliance. Two technicians came out on 12/5/12, and put the new parts on, and supposedly tested my appliance. When I got home that evening my son said my appliance was repaired. I put a load of laundry in, and my washer starts leaking water. I called the repair department to get someone to come back out, and was told I needed to schedule another repair appointment,and the earliest someone could come back out was 12/10/12. The customer service said we could trouble shoot the problem over the phone, and I told him "absolutely not there is no way I can move that washer by myself. I told him I didn't have anyone to help me move it either. My son has an injured knee, and is in a knee brace, with the possibility of surgery,& my husband is sick from chemo treatments. I was not happy with that, and requested someone to come out sooner. After being transferred to about a half a dozen people they still could not get someone out sooner. I had wet laundry that sat in my washer for several days until I could borrow a washer. I called the next morning to see if I could get someone out sooner, and spent several hours on the phone, disconnected,and was transferred to several more customer service reps only to be told I apologize ,but that is the soonest we can get someone out. To say the least I was very mad at this point, and very displeased with the customer service I had received. I will say at that point I wasn't very nice. The customer service I received was UNACCEPTABLE. The technician that came out on 12/10/12 to repair my appliance a second time just shook his head. The first technicians didn't put the drain hose on, so that is why water leaked all on my floor. The technicians that said they repaired, and tested my washer didn't do their job. They also left the old parts that took over a week after the second repair appointment to get someone to come pick them up. I was asked if I would purchase products from Sears in the future. I'm pretty sure you can guess that answer. Really!! They've lost their minds. I will never buy any Sears appliances again.

Upset customer in Memphis 12/22/12 10:45AM

i have been calling about a return to express deals. six people i talked with and no results in fact i have been cut off three times this morning. all i want to do is a return. i tried to call express deals but no avail. 139.99 is on my charge and i have the item but can't return it to sears they tell me it is from a 3rd company you deal with. all my efforts started the being of dec. and as of right now nothing. i have been with sears for 40 years and never have been through any thing like this.

Anonymous 12/19/12 7:34AM

I'm still fuming, what type of a company has Sears become? Isn't it better to maintain the customers you have rather than to try and lure more gullable individuals into the fold? Horrible employes, no customer service skills. Why do you want to force me to take a store credit why would I ever purchase anything from sears when i'm treated as if I'm an idiot. You are going to take my money and offer me a store credit. Is it that serious for you to forced your customers to let you hold their money just in case there is something else they may want to purchase, well with the kind of service I received I sereously doubt that I will ever purchase anything from sears.

FUMING 12/14/12 7:35PM

OMG. I purchased several bracelets on friends and family night from sears on 6100 south western Chicago. The clasp did not work on three of them. I was able to get a replacement on two and the other one was out of stock. I attempted to find another with a price comparable to that piece, when I couldn't I asked for my credit card to be credited only to be told because the tag was not attached i could only get a store credit of which I did not want. I had the tag, but it was not attached.This is absolutely unbelievable.I was told by Melody the asst store manager that they must be able to return it to the case for sale. Really are you knowingly selling defective jewelry? Now you want to hold my money hostage. How horrible. Well this is the very last time I will enter A Sear store and anyone I have any influence over. Is this how you plan to up your bottom line. Good customer service is better then any advertising.

Fuming 12/14/12 7:14PM

how does a Company have so many complaints and doesnt even care.... Sears sucks!!!!

yyy 12/13/12 7:25AM

I Bought a piece of jewelry for wife on black Friday.She wore for three or four days and the little latch broke on it plus she was not really happy with it.So we take back to get money back,paid cash.They say price tag was not on the piece so they can only give us store credit which i did not want.I want cash back like i paid.WE Brought back the same box and everything with price tag in box and Sears tells me i can only get store credit?? So i guess you are suppose to walk around with price tag on for a week in public to return it. SERIOUSLY SEARS??? SO we bring back a piece of jewelry and just because price tag is not on it but in box with it i can not get back my hard earn cash that i worked for? Sears you are wrong for this.This store is in Baton Rouge La..

JW 12/8/12 5:51PM

Hi my name is Debora Kerr, I would like some Valadation that corporate has recived my E-mail, as I hope as a valued customer since 1985 and also as an employee in your store in Livoina MI, In George Oaks was my boss then. At the Livoina store then . My problem was i went to your store in Troy MI, On Nov. 19-th to buy a shirt on a clearnce rack it was marked down from 24.00$ to 14.40 it was a double knit sweater made from Wolverine when i took it to the register it didn't ring up the sales clerk tried like 3 times then she called someone to come help her. When the man scanned the tag he said it was no longer for sale and that it was suppouse to be sent back, I question this answer because it waswn't the only one there which i let him know he didn't respond, nor did i ever recive any apology for the inconvience my husband had just spent 80.00 $ on pants at the same time, I would like to know what your policy is for item with a price tag on clearnce is but doesn't ring up? I've had this problem before,I would of rang as micellionus then put the price in then sold it the customer is happy the store made money it seems a win win solution to me so why didn't your employee's do this for me quit pissed, so what will you do for me?

Anonymous 12/3/12 1:46PM

I was appalled by the way I was treated by Sears. I purchased a pair of faux leather leggings on a website that belonged to sears because sears is the only store that carries the Kardashian line. I purchased the item on Nov. 20 because I needed those leggings for personal reason for a specific day. I decided to call and check status because I never received confirmation or tracking number. I was told by the representative that my order was being processed and that I would receive my item by the Nov. 29. The item didn't arrive, so I called them back and they told me that the item was shipped to the store. I told them that item should've been shipped to my house so they gave me the number to contact the store. I called the store and the store referred me back to sears internet. I called back and the representative told me that they had already delivered them to me, which I didn't receive. I told her I never received the item so she launched an investigation on 11/30. I was suppose to have been contacted by email or a phone call, I received neither so I called back on 12/2 and the first representative that helped me hung up on me, so I called back and the representative told me once again that the pants were at the sears store in Mcallen ready for me to pick up. I told her those pants should've been delivered to my door and not the store. I then told her this is such and inconvenience to me and that I wanted those pants delivered to my door by 12/3. I then thought about it and I told her better yet Sears should deliver those pants by tomorrow and refund my money for those pants for all the hassle and inconvenience. She placed me on hold and shortly came back to tell me that she couldn't give me those pants that cost $16.00 what she could do is place another order for me. I then told her would you deal with a company that treats you like that they are willing to lose a customer that has shopped at sears for appliances,baby furniture,clothes,shoes etc. for many years for a pair of pants. I am in dismay that Sears would ever treat their customers in this manner. I will never ever shop at Sears again. I will also comment on this on facebook and all over the internet as well. I work at a hospital where I have heard my coworkers mention that they buy all their appliances at Sears be sure that many people will find out about this. You have lost a very loyal customer over a pair of pants.


I had a refrigerator deleived in August, 2012. It was scratched on the front. Initially I asked for a new one, but the delivery guys were so unpleasant and made me feel as though I was asking for too much. So after speaking with a Sears rep, from the delivery man's phone in my driveway, I agreed to a $160.00 credit on my Sears card if I would keep the fridge. I did not opt for a gift card. I have since spoken with five Sears employees in Customer Relations regarding the credit that has yet to be applied to my account. The follow through by Sears employees in nonexistent. It is disgraceful how they treat customers.

anne 11/28/12 6:36PM

I bought and paid cash for a beautful california king brooklym Pillow top mattress and box springs, paid $3062.16 on 4 November 2012 with a delivery date set up for 17 November 2012. On 17 November, the mattress ONLY was brought to my house, which I was told by the delivery men (one with a broken arm with a full cask from shoulder to hand) that they forgot to put the box springs into the truck so off they went. No mattress or box springs. Reset a delivery date for for 21 November, get a automated phone call on 20 November saying my baed will be delivery tomorrow the 21st and I will be getting a call within a few hours to tell me the times. I get that call, telling me my bed will be delivered between 3:15 and 5:15 on the 21st. Guess what, I take the afternoon off off work, I get another call just before lunch that day telling me the delivery has been delayed to call 1-800-732-7747, which I call. Made yet another delivery date, 21 November, same thing happens AGAIN. I also went to the store I bought it from, spoke with the store manager. Make yet another delivery date, 24 November, happens for the THIRD time. Go to the store again, spoke to the same store manager. I am willing, like a fool, to reschedule one more time for today, 28 November. Go through the whole thing again, a recording calls me yesterday evening around 5:00 P.M. telling me that 3 pieces, 1 cal. king mattress and 2 box springs will be delivered to my home today and that I will be getting a call later to inform of the time of delivery. I get a call before I go to bed (delivery will be between 9:15 and 11:15 A.M.) and I'm thinking, cool, finally, I will be getting my beautiful new bed. My husband takes the morning off work to be at the house. I go off to work, a get a call at 8:30 this morning informing me that my delivery has been cancelled to call 1-888-567-3452 to reschuedule. Not on your live I will. I went to the Sears store during my lunch. I asked for a full refund. Which the clerk was helpful with that. Never again will I buy anything I cannot carry out of the store over my arm from Sears. This 1-800 number I was always told to call was answered by a woman by the name of Katy I couldn't understand and was hung up on when I requested to speak with a supervisor. Unbelieveable how rude Sears customer service are. If I did at my work I would e fired on the spot!

ANGRY 11/28/12 12:34PM

I recently participated in the black fri door busters for the first time and had a experience that was to say the least was not pleasant. Not because of lines and waiting but because of false advertising! Sears had ads for 8:00pm thanksgiving day door busters and 4 am black fri deals. I picked my items a 32" tv for $97 and a and a 50" for $299 and a craftman garage door opener.I then began my long wait for the 8pm deal at my sears home store in Belton Mo. I was # 2 out of about 40 waiting in anticipation. When 8:00 hit, there was no opening or any activity inside. Someone notice a sign saying will not open till blk fri. With disappointment everyone still decided to stay and wait for the 4am with the assumption that sears would honor the 8pm deal since they chose not to open. So from 6:30 to 4am myself and about 40 others wait with the no doubt that a reputable name like sears would honor their ads. At opening we were informed that the 8pm deals were for thurs when they did not open. To say the least people were angry and feeling defeated after a long wait in freezing cold for nothing. Your ads do not say only at participating locations but only where law permits. I know for a fact the law permits early openings in belton. That is false advertising. I work for part of the ascena retail group and can only imagine what kind of impact this type of mistake could do to a company. You cannot have people running home store with sears name if they cannot uphold the standards for which sears has built its name. I am unsure of my next step in this complaint, but it has not ended and I expect action to be taken to resolve my individual issue and any future issue with myself or others.

Anonymous 11/23/12 8:28PM

Sears customer is deporable. Onhold for thirty minutes by someone who did not understand me nor did I definitelhy understand her Even in being transferred to a SUPERVISOR did not help. She sounded like she just returned from lunch, since I has beeng waiting from 11:20 to 11:55.
Initially my repair dated given was to wait for seven day for refrigerator repair.We finall got someone for today for 2:00 p.m No deadline. 11/23/12 1:44PM

Sears repair /service representatives in New York are very rude o their customers. Some of them do hang up the phones on the customers. To get an appointment for repair or service takes weeks for a technician to be sent to the customer's house which is ridiculous.

Hak228 11/20/12 6:39PM

I had a gift card for Sears and went to the Avon, IN store to buy a replacement work light for my workbench. Although the store was aesthetically pleasing, that was the only positive thing I can say about my shopping experience. No one asked if they could help me. When I found the work lights, there was only one of the kind I wanted and it was bent. I decided to pick the next higher-priced model, which was in a crushed box. I took out the light to ensure it was in good condition, noted the price on the box and went to the cashier to pay for it. After waiting for a couple of minutes, someone came to the cash register to wait on me. The item rang up several dollars more than the price noted on the display; when I mentioned this to the cashier, he went back to verify the price, came back, said nothing and then corrected the price and took my gift card in payment. I taught customer service techniques for many years and must say that all the negative actions that I talk about in training were demonstrated in that one transaction.
Tonight I saw on the national news that an adjustable wrench designed, developed and made in the USA and exclusively sold by Sears until this year has been replaced by one selling for the same price that is made in China. Because of this, 31 employees in the American plant have been laid off. Poor judgment, Sears. Not only have I seen Sears demonstrate inferior customer service, but also I've now seen Sears failure to support "made in America". I have a small amount of money left on my Sears gift card, but have decided that I no longer want to do business with Sears or its affiliates and will give the card to someone who doesn't mind inferior customer service. As for me, I will spend my money at Sear's competitors' stores where I'm greeted at the door, ask me if they can be of service, and sell American whenever possible.

Anonymous 11/14/12 5:21PM

I was in the Sears Alpharetta store in Atlanta,Ga. and was assisted by the most helpful young lady. Her name is Layana George and I wanted to tell Sears management of how she went above and beyond to handle my needs. Wish there were more of her in department stores.

Mrs Stewart 11/12/12 2:23PM

Customer service representatives are jerks. First I got someone on the phone who barely spoke English (call probably routed outside the US). Like the first rep, I had to be transferred. The third rep., the jerk, resolved my problem by hanging up. Hung up! Can you get to that? After paying my hard earned money for a major appliance and not being totally satisfied with the delivery process, this jerk hung up. I know at least two dozen people who would love to have that job. Corporate better get a handle on who they hire. Customer Service training should be next on the list. Had stopped shopping at Sears, decided to go back, and look what happened.

Anonymous 11/9/12 8:49PM

Customer service representative (on-line order) was rude. Spoke to me as though he were reprimanding a child - "you listen to me." I merely wanted assistance with a problem encountered with the delivery of a stove (I have purchased $4,000 in appliances within the past three weeks). When I asked if he could assist me with resolving my problem, he hung up. I have worked with the public for over 42 years and was perplexed by the attitude of this individual. With the number of perope out of work, I am sure there is someone who could fill the shoes of this jerk. If this is the best Sears has to offer, in terms of employees, we all all screwed. I had to call my salesperson to get the advice I needed to resolve my problem. Rest assured, this is not the first time this employee has pulled this stunt and it will not be the last time. If this is the way Sears allowed their employees to treat paying customers, I surprised they have not gone out-of-business years ago.

Anonymous 11/9/12 8:40PM

Worst service ever! I was just told by a customer solutions specialist that they have no manager. Was spoken to like a child and hung up on. I paid serious money for a service contract and have received anything but service! Never again!

NeverBuySearsAgain 11/8/12 1:48PM

I am very frustrated with the responses I have gotten in an attempt to trouble shoot a problem with my kenmore electric stove model 790; all anyone wants to do is send a service person to my house for 75.00. I go online and do a google search and find out that there is a common problem with a clock/timer switch and suggestions on repair from 3rd party vendors but no one from Sears will try and help me unless I first pay them 75.00 to come to my house.I've always had good experiences with kenmore appliances in the past,
but it seems that in this new disposable culture that you don't stand behind your products anymore.

Anonymous 10/27/12 8:40AM

I have always had both wonderful and quick service from Sears Blue Team.

HOWEVER, I called to get a quote to disconnect my Kenmore Elite washer, dryer and refrigerator and was given a quote of over $575 for disconnect and the same amount on the reconnect! I could buy new appliances for that! That is absolutely ridiculous and that alone would keep me from buying Sears appliances in the future.

CCarrillo 10/26/12 10:02AM

(see previous comment)
Mr. Sears CEO, do you read these complaints and take steps to resolve them? Or do you just blow us off as whiners because we actually expect our appliances to work and we expect Customer Service to treat us as something other than morons?
If that's the case, you have the wrong job.

Screwed 10/23/12 4:17PM

Kenmore Bottom Freezer Refrigerator, Model 79571309012,
purchased 04/11/2011. During the first year, the ice-maker, both French door gaskets, upper latches, and freezer pull-out drawer runners had to be replaced (under warranty). Shortly after that, the freezer fan froze up when the fan temperature control sensor failed. $216 for repairs. It was time to buy the extended warranty! This unit has been the noisiest refrigerator we've ever owned. House guests invariably ask, "What's that noise?" Sears Customer Service tells us, "Well, you know you have a high efficiency refrigerator!" Say what??! The average person would think that "high efficiency" means that the compressor works less, not more! Mr. Serviceman tells us, "You probably leave the refrigerator doors open." We've been Sears appliance buyers for fifty years. Not sure If I'll buy from them again. Mr. Sears CEO, if this is an indicator of things to come from Sears, then some day you'll be selling nothing but imported Craftsman tools.

Screwed 10/21/12 7:50AM

i have a washer that i purchased from sears. The warranty is supposed to be good till next month. My washer broke down 24 days ago. Since then i have had 4 different repair appointments & 2 different techs. The 1st appointment, the tech said he could not fix the washer because he needed to order a new backplate (washer's computer). After the part arrived at my house days later, i had to make a 2nd appointment, the tech could not fix it because he had to break the faceplate to get to the backplate. he had to order a new faceplate which i had to pay $177.12 out of pocket. when that came, i had to make a 3rd appointment. the tech said he could not fix it because the backplate ordered was wrong. after that arrived, i made a 4th appointment. the guy said he fixed it. the washer does not turn & stops before a cycle ends. now i have a 5th appointment in 3 days. I have spent over $80 at the laundrymat. and 2 out of the 4 times the techs are late and dont even call to let me know.

Raquelibarra56 9/26/12 5:24PM

I have been a Sears customer since 1966. I recently purchased a billiard table online (9-7-12), and received a confirmation for delivery to be 9-18-12, and that I would be contacted by an installer on 9-14-12. An installer called me on 9-12-12 and asked if the table had been delivered and that she would make arrangements to install once it was delivered. On the 15th I received a call from the local Sears appliance dept. asking if I was satisfied with the delivery/pickup of my new appliance, and I explained that I ordered a Billiard table and that it wasn't yet delivered. Was given the name Mark at the Enfield Sears and the store number and told to call if there was any problem with delivery. I wrote to customer service that same day via email regarding the confusion at Sears, and received an apology and email stating my order was in processing and scheduled to be installed on 9-18 as originally stated, and given the number for your installation dept. which I called on the 17th (today) at 5 PM and was told someone would call this evening with a time for delivery and install. When I returned home at 8 pm and hadn't received a call I called the installer whose name and number I was given and he told me he only installed and his agreement with Sears was only to install not to pickup and deliver items. I called the install dept. number again several times, and the customer service number also, and was told they would make a report and promised someone would contact me before 11 pm tonight. It is now 10:45 pm and still not answer. What is the problem. I need this item to be delivered and installed as promised tomorrow as I have made arrangements to take the day off so I could be here. I need an answer. The runaround is getting old and not at all acceptable. Is this how you treat your loyal customers? 9/17/12 7:46PM

My customer service at ross park mall tod aywas the worst i have EVER encountered i would love to tell you about it but i am not able to do so in this amount of space i did try and call and spoke with a girl who name was annie i believe i made her aware of how upset i was and she connected me to someone voice mail SEARS you need to train your people in customer service all it would have taken was someone to care i was given bad info and find the store that had the item they did not steve was the associate joyce was the manager and ethan was the associate who gave me the bad info LAST listen apolgize solve thank customer service 101 you need to use it

Anonymous 9/13/12 2:51PM

I hired Sears in July to do a total bathroom remodel. From the beginning it was a total joke. It is now Sept and still no bathroom. I was never given a breakdown of the costs until I asked for it. The prices I was quoted and finally given did not match. I was told I was getting all these discounts, but that did not happen. I was given an install date which changed three times. I was told the installers would be here by 7AM and that didn't happen. These people lie and tell you whatever they want to tell you. They are rude and I would never buy anthing else from this company again. I am still waiting for the installers to arrive.

PI 9/12/12 5:24AM

Sears quality,product and service. My out look on Sears goes back about two years. My wife and kids bought me a sears 32cc weed tool the only use I have for it is our own yard we don't use it for commerical use. This summer the pull string started to hang up and finally would not pull at all. I tore itdown to find the roller bushing was made out of plastic causing the pull string to cut into the roller. This in turn cuased the spring to come out of line which would require the purchased of a complete head assembly, which was close to what the unit was bought for. I ended setting it out to the curb for recycle. This year Sears ran a add for appliances"This is you wake up call" stating noboby beat Sears prices. we needed a new Refrig.and starting to shop around a local Maytag shop was about $40.00 higher but could not deliver for about two weeks. we stop at sears for a 32ci frigeadair about the same price the only thing holding the purchase back was the sales person would not include the ice maker. wanted $50.00 more. sales persons stated "The price was a set price" I ask to speak to someone who could auth it, The sale person stated"there was no one who could change the price" I replied you know there is a ABC less than 500Yards
behind sears. The sales pearson stated the price was firm I went to ABC purchased a Maytag 32ci about $60.00 cheaper and the ice maker was thrown in.
Togay I went to replace two deep socket a 7/8 deep 1/2 drive impact socket and a 3/8 drive deep 7/8 crome socket.
Sears had moved all socket to a bottom display hard to rear and unorganized. I mention this to the sales person who had little concern about the product condition. I can say I purchased very little from Sears. Your refund policy is a all or nothing in store refund,product quality lacks and so a shopper will look elsewhere. I one time any thing you bought from sears was backed a 100% the product and name spoke for it's self.
14mile Madison Ht's sears "This is your wakeup calling"


Mike 9/6/12 8:45PM

I purchased a refrigerator for my 84 yr old mother and requested that it be delivered on 9/1/12. The timeframe for delivery was 8:45 A.M.-10:00 A.M. The delivery people showed up at 8:10 a.m. and was VERY RUDE! They did not allow her to clean up the area where the old refrigerator was. This is unexceptable!!!!! Also the way they talk to a 84 years old women (my mother) was very, I mean very disrespectful!!!!! Any respectable person would allow anyone to clean up the area. They did not explain even how to use the refrigerator or when to change the filters. I tried calling the customer service for the delivery dept. and was given the runaround! I was not allowed to speak with a supervisor. The number I called was 18007327747, Brooks was the lady I talk too, if she gave me her correct name.She transfer me to several employee's, Sherry, Marvin the warehouse personnel, but never a manager that I requested. I finally got a manger name from her John, she said she could not give a last name and that I would have to wait to talk with him, because he was busy with other customer. I never talk with John and he never gave me a call back. I have enjoyed buying items from Sears, but never again. I will find other company to buy from, no one likes poor customer service!!!!!!! Especially to a 84 years MOTHER that for years brought clothing for her kids, grandchildrens, and all of her appliances from Sears. NEVER AGAIN!

George Richardson 9/1/12 10:14AM

I have always bought SEARs appliances because my parents had always bought them and sears had always stood behind their products. I'v also bought the extened warranties each year for dryer,washers,and microwaves. T'v never had a problem, they came out and fixed whatever was wrong. But this time my Whirlpool washer that i had paid for warranties for year after year had the transmission go out. When I called for and appointment because my warranty was about to be up, we set an appointment because I stated that it was smelling like it was burning and oil was underneath the washer on the floor.The tech said the smell was probably from the trans running dry from the loss of gear oil. So he replaced the part, everything was good. A month later same problem, was a defective part, which I didn't know they use recond. parts so a tech came out today,replaced same part again and said oh the burning smell is not from that part but the motor itself so you;ll need to pay 400.00 dollars for that. So I got on the phone and said it should have been diagnosed the very first time when I said it smelled like something was burning. So after making multiple phone calls I've gotten nowhere yet.I am very disappointed with sears right now. I could totally understand if I hadn't mention the burning smell when the first tech was out, but then to have 3 appt. cancelled because they were afternoon appts. and the tech always seemed to get stuck at other service calls and me having to wait around allday to find out no one was coming, and now to have to deal with sears not wanting to cover the just seems like it is not worth buying these warranties anymore.If anything changes and the motor gets fixed under the warranty I had I will post it./

LKelley 8/14/12 12:55PM

I had a flat tire in Elizabethtown KY on my way to Florida. We went to the Sears automotive there who replaced my tire. Since then the flat tire sensor is on all the time. I went to Sears in Bloomingdale IL and they won't fix it, they tell me I need to go to the dealer. Do they think that I am stupid enough to believe that it is a coincidence that the sensor happened to break when they changed my tire?
Thanks Susan Smith

Susan Smith 7/30/12 6:54AM

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